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Forum - General - New Zealand Lever Hit Parade

Hi - has anybody any info from the New Zealand Lever Hit Parade.I'm particularly looking for the Beatles stats.Thanks.
I wonder how Mary Hopkin fared in the New Zealand charts if there were any in those days?
nucks rock man !!!
I have seen (finally) the Lever Hit Parades for Nz from 1960-1965, from 1963 onwards they are unreliable, and there is only one NZ act shown from 1963 onwards, and it isn't #1... Ray Columbus & The invaders: She's A Mod!

Lars, Mary Hopkin charted on official NZ charts, the book is available now (Please refer to other message), but if you just want Mary Hopkin, e-mail me privately.
I would like to know how Mary Hopkin charted in NZ and what singles charted,
best regards Lars Thorén, Sweden
Hi, can anybody tell me where I can find the charts of the 70-ties? I am looking for Mouth & MacNeal. Did they have hits in New Zealand with, 'How do you Do', 'Hello-A', 'I see a Star' or other singles? I hope somebody can help me. Thanks, Roel Smit, Holland.
Lars, as you know, the information has been sent to you privately.
Roel, I have just sent the information to you in the last minute.

If you want information and are going to put it online, you must get permission from the source of the information.
For 1966-1975, this isn't too big a problem. But from 1975, you must get permission from RIANZ.
If you don't have permission but you have published the chart information, RIANZ, and myself, have the right to have it removed.
It is the copyright of the RIANZ (The Charts), and you are taking information from a published book and putting it where everyone can see, this is illegal without my consent.
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There are quite a few Lever Hit Parade charts at http://www.flavourofnz.co.nz/index.php?qpageID=lever%20hit%20parades#n_view_location Does anyone have charts that can fill the gaps and go back before 1960??
Does anyone have any Lever (or Life Buoy) Hit Parades. I am specifically looking for 1960, 1961, 1965 and anything from 1946 - 1959.
If you are in Dunedin, a set of charts are now available at the Hocken Library from 1960 to 1975. These include a full set of charts from 1966 onwards with a few gaps in 1960, 1961 and 1965 due to missing Lever Hit Parade charts. Also missing are charts from 1946 to 1959. If anyone can help, please email me at johnthetempest@gmail.com Ta.
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Missing charts from 1961 - 1964 have become available to me. Can anyone help with 1965???
Hi John - what newspaper,magazines would the Lever Hit Parade have been printed in if any?Thanks.
Hi teenwildlife. I don't think the Lever Hit Parade was ever published so I am relying on people who actually wrote the chart down at the time of broadcast.
Updated Lever Hit Parade charts are now available at flavourofnz,co.nz including the missing charts from 1061. If anyone can help with missing charts from 1960 and 1965 I'll buy you a drink
The updated charts look better - My Bonnie by The Beatles is no longer a No 1 thank God!
Yeah! I thought that was a bit suspect. The new charts have come from a guy who actually listened and wrote them down at the time so they are much more believable.
Good day. Can I ask you, if Jerry Reed and Charlie Rich placed on New Zealandian Charts (cca 1970-3)?
Surprisingly neither charted in the 1970-1973 era.
There were a number of Jerry Reed Songs that appeared in the Forecast section of the charts but failed to make the Top 20. They were:
18 June 70 When You're Hot You're Hot
31 March 71 Another Puff
13 October 72 Alabama Wild Man

Charlie Rich had one hit in 1979. On My Knees reached number 8 in the charts. It was the only song to appear with no songs in the Forecast section either. I find this a bit strange but that's what happened.
Hi there having trouble with the lever parades charts i know it's been awhile but i can't record anything down on my spread sheets as the songs stay the same and the artists names change quite often. One example was the song sixteen reasons it changed from Barbara Saleo too Marion Ryan to elmsie so not too sure is this able too be sorted out TEMPEST let me know thanks
Not sure exactly what your problem is. Sixteen Reasons, wasn't that by Connie Stevens???
1Cathy's ClownBill and Boyd
2Theme from 'a Summer Place'Billy Vaughn
3Do You MindAnthony Newley
4Someone Else's BabyAdam Faith
5Good Timin'Jimmy Jones
6Three Steps to HeavenEddie Cochran
7Everybody's Somebody's FoolConnie Francis
8Burning BridgesJack Scott

4Theme from 'a Summer Place'Hugo Winterhalter's Orchestra

if you look bill vaughn was singing this song now Hugo Winterhalter's Orchestra

a week later it is percy faith orchestra

on 11th of august
was Barbara Saleo singing sixteen reasons
a week later it's marion ryan
the following week it's esme stephens
next week after that is sheila buxton

sorry just need clarification. I'm doing a spread sheet on all the charts been doing it for a long time trying to find patterns and how long artists have been singing for and all that.
I see what you mean. In the early 1960's there was a trend for many versions of the same song to come out by many artists. The song Alley Oop was a fine example of this (check out Billboard charts: The Dyno-Sores #59, Dante and the Evergreens #15 both had hits with but it was The Hollywood Argyles who had the biggest hit). Unfortunately, the charts from 1960 need some more work. I don't actually have the original information but I am hopeful that this will become available. Watch this space I guess!! I'll see what I can find out for you.
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Thank you for information! But is there any chance to know, which number had songs, which didn't broke Top 20?

according to a colleague of mine who used to listen to the Lever Hit Parade (and wrote allot of the charts down) he says Connie Stevens would have been the only one to chart Sixteen Reasons. Unfortunately, until we find the missing Lever charts there is no way to know too many details. I do have information on charts from 1957 to March 1960 but not the actual charts.
Still looking for missing Lever Hit Parade charts. I am specifically looking for 1960, 1961, 1965 and anything from 1946 - 1959. Can anyone help???
To whet the appetite I have put together a Lever Hit Parade from 1961. I tried to make it sound like it should have back then. The reason for this is to hopefully source the missing charts (1965 and 1946 to 1960). I only want to preserve a piece of history here. Check the link: www.youtube.com/watch?v=-FdUW2fAvcA.
Please let me know if you have any of these charts or know wher I can find them
Does anyone know the NZ #1 on 20 May 1965? Would be very much appreciated. Thanks.
Hi Magpie.

New Zealand did not have any chart of any description between February 1965 (The last month for the Lever Hit Parade) and March 1966, when the first OFFICIAL New Zealand chart was printed.

Hi, Dean. Thanks for that. Not what I was expecting, but a kind of quirky outcome instead. Cheers.
The Lever Hit Parade which was the chart of the day, is missing from February 1965 until the end of the year. The only chart during this time that I know of is a recording of the final one at Radio NZ archives in Christchurch but to get a copy, they want $50. Sorry I can't be of any further help. Lever charts that have been found can be viewed at www.flavourofnz.co.nz
Hi Everyone,
Can anyone remember a top hit in N.Z. called Moo Cow Boogie by Vince Callacher around 1965...
I have a copy. It was called Moo Cow Boogie Blues by Vince Callaher and released on the Prestige label in 1959. It didn't chart though. Shame!
Question for DeanNZ
Would you please correct the NZ chart entries for Abba on their Wikipedia discography? They are missing all info' prior to RIANZ in late 1975…
Maggie (If you're still around), as mentioned there were no NZ Charts in the 65 era. However here is the top 20 I have created from various NZ local area charts for May 20th 1965.

also: Hello Bede, haven't heard from you for 20 years.

MAY 20 65
2WA,LW,NowSong (Weeks)
6 3 1It's Not Unusual - Tom JONES ( 5 )
1 1 2Can't You Hear My Heartbeat - HERMAN'S HERMITS ( 7 )
10 8 3Ticket To Ride - BEATLES ( 3 )
7 7 4Ferry Cross The Mersey - GERRY and the PACEMAKERS ( 4 )
4 6 5The Game Of Love - Wayne FONTANA and the MINDBENDERS ( 6 )
5 5 6I Must Be Seeing Things - Gene PITNEY ( 7 )
- 9 7Birds And The Bees - Jewel AKENS ( 3 )
2 2 8I'll Never Find Another You - SEEKERS ( 8 )
19 17 9Do The Clam - Elvis PRESLEY ( 3 )
17 10 10Stop In The Name Of Love - SUPREMES ( 3 )
3 4 11King Of The Road - Roger MILLER ( 6 )
- - 12The Last Time - ROLLING STONES ( 1 )
- 14 13Silhouettes - HERMAN'S HERMITS ( 4 )
- - 14Bright Lights Big City - BYRDS ( 1 )
11 12 15Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood - ANIMALS ( 5 )
- - 16Baby The Rain Must Fall - Glenn YARBROUGH ( 1 )
- - 17Come And Stay With Me - Marianne FAITHFUL ( 1 )
20 19 18Genie With The Light Brown Lamp - SHADOWS ( 7 )
- - 19I Could Easily Fall - Cliff RICHARD ( 1 )
- - 20Concrete And Clay - UNIT FOUR PLUS TWO ( 1 )
 010305TOM JONESIt's Not Unusual 
 020107HERMAN'S HERMITSCan't You Hear My Heartbeat 
 030803THE BEATLESTicket To Ride 
 040704GERRY & THE PACEMAKERSFerry Cross The Mersey 
 060507GENE PITNEYI Must Be Seeing Things 
 080208THE SEEKERSI'll Never Find Another You 
 091703ELVIS PRESLEYDo The Clam 
 101003THE SUPREMESStop! In The Name Of Love 
 110406ROGER MILLERKing Of The Road 
 131404HERMAN'S HERMITSSilhouettes 
 14NE01THE BYRDSBright Lights Big City 
 151205THE ANIMALSDon't Let Me Be Misunderstood 
 16NE01GLENN YARBROUGHBaby The Rain Must Fall 
 17NE01MARIANNE FAITHFULCome And Stay With Me 
 181907THE SHADOWSGenie With The Light Brown Lamp 
 19NE01CLIFF RICHARDI Could Easily (Fall In Love With You) 
 20NE01UNIT FOUR + TWOConcrete & Clay 

Looks a bit neater
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Ta, I rushed it. Although you now have '01' in the column for the songs that weren't on the charts 2 weeks previously. I like the dashes.
Whoops! rushed it again, that column is weeks on the chart.
I'm keen to find out how you compiled that list. Any chart to fill the 1965 gap is better than nothing
hi peeps
Was - thanks a truckload for that! Really, you must have spent ages on it. That completes my list of #1s a special person's birthday. Brilliant. Cheers
A number of rare enemies will have a 12 hours minutter, and some can have a good 8-10 or perhaps a Some hour or so cooking timer.

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What does this last post mean? Unilever?
I thought it appropriate to throw in a (Compiled) NZ chart which is 50 years old today! (July 25 1963)
<Again compiled from many local area charts>

2WALWTWSong / Artist (Weeks)
2 1 1Tamoure - Bill JUSTIS ( 7 )
6 2 2Sukiyaki - Kyu SAKAMOTO ( 3 )
- 7 3Atlantis - SHADOWS ( 2 )
1 3 4It's My Party - Lesley GORE ( 7 )
- 5 5Blue On Blue - Bobby VINTON ( 2 )
- - 6Surf City - JAN and DEAN ( 1 )
9 4 7Surfin' U.S.A. - BEACH BOYS ( 6 )
- 10 8Easier Said Than Done - ESSEX ( 2 )
- - 9Devil In Disguise - Elvis PRESLEY ( 1 )
5 810From Me To You - BEATLES ( 7 )
- 1211Harry The Hairy Ape - Ray STEVENS ( 2 )
12 1712Scarlett O'hara - Jet HARRIS and TONY MEHAN ( 5 )
7 613I Like It - GERRY and the PACEMAKERS ( 3 )
19 1914One Broken Heart For Sale - Elvis PRESLEY ( 6 )
- 1615String Along - Ricky NELSON ( 2 )
- -16So Much In Love - TYMES ( 1 )
- 1517Woe Is Me - Helen SHAPIRO ( 2 )
4 918Do You Want To Know A Secret - Billy J. KRAMER ( 5 )
13 -19This Little Girl - DION ( 3 )
10 2020All I Have To Do Is Dream - Richard CHAMBERLAIN ( 11 )


Thanx Was. A full set of Lever Hit Parade charts from 1961 to February 1965 is available at www.flavourofnz.co.nz/index.php?qpageID=Home#n_view_location along with a few from 1960. I'm curious how you came about this and the other chart you posted in May as I am trying to find a way to bridge the gap in 1960 and 1965. I also have information on chart positions from 1957 to March 1960 if you are interested as well as a full set of charts from 1966 to now.
For your interest, the Lever Chart from the same date you posted above in 1963 is listed below:

1SukiyakiKyu Sakamoto
2Easier Said Than DoneEssex
3Surf CityJan and Dean
4AtlantisThe Shadows
5Devil In DisguiseElvis Presley
6So Much In LoveThe Tymes
7If You Gotta Make a Fool of SomebodyFreddie and the Dreamers
8Blue on BlueBobby Vinton

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I know the Lever charts are there, because it was I that found them originally, typed them out and sent them to the Library 15 years ago (or so). I still have not been acknowledged for this (On Flavour) despite sending Steve a few e-mails a few years ago (According to his e-mails was alway tired and would update when he wasn't so busy). The only difference with his published Lever charts is the addition of charts from 1960. I had originally supplied 1961 on, and I believe my data is still the only info found for this era? I believe that about 30 years ago Radio NZ advertised for someone that may have written these down and got no response.
Ta Was, I just made the connection (I think). I consider the charts you supplied for the lever Parade are the genuine product so thank you once again for your input. I have forwarded all the Listener charts to Flavour as well but note to date that they are not all online. I am the same as you, I just supplied the data. Shame you were not acknowledged although there is an acknowledgement to Ashley McLaughlin. Is that you?
I am still interested in how you compiled the above charts so I can fill in the 1960 and 1965 gaps.
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Hi, no I'm not Ashley. I thought he may have been the one that supplied the 1960's data, hence it probably appears to the readers like he supplied the lot. Also if you supplied the data then you must have acquired My lot from the library or from someone else? The original charts Lever charts I typed out has my name of the front cover. As I have said in the previous message, a bit annoyed at the lack of recognition. From memory I may have dropped a copy to Radio NZ and others? As for the above compiled charts, as mentioned these were done over a (long) period of time using numerous local charts (I used to hunt for these, most were people writing them down, just like the Lever chart), a fair bit of reasonably complicated programming in DBase III, along with a passion to see what the charts may have looked like. In most cases it seems to come out pretty good.
Oh, that explains allot. The Lever charts on the Flavour website from 1961 to 1964 came from Ashey. He supplied them to both me and Steve and the charts were changed on the website. Ashley claimed to have written them down too but some of them differ from your charts. If only Radio NZ had kept the originals eh? I have hard copies of the charts you supplied. I too want to preserve this part of our musical history.
Sounds like allot of work has gone into the charts you listed above. Good on you. Maybe this is the only way to fill the gaps
Hi, the LEVER information 1961 to 1964 would have come originally from me, and I can prove that in a least one instance it hasn't been changed. Just take a look at Feb 14 1963 for example. The number one song by the Shadows still has MY EXACT typing in it. Namely: "BOY'S, THE + B SIDE ??". Also if the two sources of the charts differ in some respect how do we really know which one is correct? Here's just another random sample, I looked up a song that I typed "Surrender my love" where I have Bill and Boyd with a question mark. This is Late Nov-Dec 1961 charting at 8 then 7. The Flavour-Lever chart has been changed to "Surrender", by Elvis and only one week on at no.. This change has to be wrong. Elvis's song Charted March-April earlier in the year. I have this on four different local charts in this precise date frame. I always put in a lot of time to make sure certain songs have the right artist. It has to match the correct time frame.
On the subject of two people typing in different charts I have had the same problem with two sources of the another chart (1YA), where for some reason a few songs in a few weeks differ, why? I have no idea.
Ta for that. If you hadn't written down the charts then they would be forever lost. Please remember though that I have nothing to do with the website. I just gave him some Listener charts.
I tried to put one together as a broadcast to generate interest and hopefully draw out the missing charts. It's been unsuccessful so far but at least I had fun doing it. There is actually a sound recording in Christchurch of the final chart in December 1965 but they wanted $50 for me to get a copy. If you want to hear the one I put together, look up www.youtube.com/watch?v=-FdUW2fAvcA. I'd be interested if it sounded anything like the actual recording as I have never heard any of them. Probably not.

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I have that tape.
The December 1965 broadcast. Wow. Id love to hear it. What was the chart?
I can only remember too much. I haven't heard it for years. I do remember A Lover's Concerto - TOYS , being in there and from memory they don't actually mention what number the songs are on the chart. There's a lot of Reminiscing and looking into the past. I will en devour to convert it to CD and send you a copy. Just keep nagging me.
Thank you for the offer of the CD but I don't want to nag you.
Here are the songs. No numbers given, but mayb

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