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Forum - General - NZ Charts archive back to 1975 online!

Finally, the complete NZ charts archive is online here on charts.org nz.

Thanks to Nelson providing the charts and thanks to sophieellisbextor and Sportyjohn for synchronizing all the singles and albums!
YAY! Let's party
This has been brought to my attention:

For some reason, you have Whitney Houston's debut album peaking at #3, it hit #1 on 4 July 1986 (chart #527).

I will try and check if there is any other (Unintentional) errors and let you know.
Thanks so much for adding these! Bloody brilliant!!!!!!!!!
Bohemian Rhapsody #9 on best of all time = sweet!
NZ charts between 1960 and 1979 are available online at http://www.flavourofnz.co.nz/index.php?qpageID=home#n_view_location There are a few gaps but its a great start
Hi where can I find the charts by week throughout 80s please?
On this website. Look up the New Zealand chart , either Singles or albums and in the column above on the left. Enter the year and the date above it on the right. This site has charts archived back to 1975. I am working at extending that back to 1966 in the forum. Hope that helps

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Hi Tempest - have sent you a memo requesting some help please!
Hi there does anyone have the year end charts prior to the 2,000's as well as the old bubbling under or coming up charts back when they were printed?
I do. What are you looking for. I have a full set of charts going back to 1966 and most of the charts between 1960-1965.

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I noticed that the Year end charts on Wikipedia only go back to 2001. I know the calculation method changed then from points to sales, but have been trying to find the older year end charts. I have two NZ chart books but they only include the Top 20 and from the 80's at least I know they were Top 50's. It seems a shame they aren't on Wikipedia. I am mainly after All the 80's as well as 94 and 74 if there was one, but I am guessing that due to this being prior to the official charts there may not have been any year end chart?
The current chart began it's life as a Top 40 in 1975 and became a Top 50 between 1979 and 2004. I am currently putting charts online from 1966 to 1975 with the annual chart at the end of each year. The charts you are looking for do exist and I intend to put them on here too. Watch this space.
All Year End Charts issued by RMNZ (formerly RIANZ and before that NZFPI) are based on actual units sold rather than points.
Yes, I have them here and intend to put them on this forum
any chart expert, maybe tempest, can explain the irregularity of the charts in april 2004. After the chart dated 18/04/2004 (a top 50) the next chart was dated only one day later, 19/04/2004 (a top 40). So it seems that the chart was cut to a top 40, but what with the shown dates.How to use them? Are they really correct (before and after). Are they the date the charts were made public or did the survey of the charts change. For example: Is the chart from 18/04/2004 valid from 18/04 to 24/04 or from 12/04 to 18/04 and the chart from 19/04 maybe valid from 13/04 to 19/04 or from 19/04 to 25/04 or so. Did they change the publication date of the charts from a sunday to a monday? I´m confused. Has anyone exact information?
Hi Johnnyguitar. Good spotting. On Monday 19 April the chart went through a big change. The obvious one was a cut down from a Top 50 to a Top 40. This happened for both the album and singles chart. Two new charts began on that day too. A Heatseekers Top 10 which consisted of the next ten albums that have so far not charted on the albums chart and a Top 10 Music DVD chart. Both of these charts are not longer published. The reason two charts came out only one day apart was due to a change in release day. Prior to the change the official release day was a Sunday but this was changed to a Monday. The chart is now released at 5pm on a Friday but the actual date of publication remains a Monday. Chart methodology also changed with a more reliable chart promised. The Top 10 compilation chart remained the same. Hope this answers your question.
thanks tempest
hello chartexperts, I have a question about chart publication dates. I saw a scan of the first nz chart, dated friday 2 may 1975 (but I don´t know if it´s the original list, although it looks so). In the archive of -nz top 40- this chart is dated monday 5 may 1975. In the archive of -charts org nz- this chart is dated friday 2 may 1975. Maybe the charts were compiled on 2 may 1975 but published 3 days later on 5 may 1975 ? Anyone knows ? The chart date in -nz top 40- was at first a monday and changed on 13 february 1977 to a sunday. The chart date in -charts org nz- was at first a friday and changed on 13 february 1977 to a sunday. So which date is correct, how should we handle it ? The next thing are the gaps at the turn of the years (especially 1975-79). The turn of 1975/76 for 5 weeks no charts, 1976/77 for 8 (!!!!!) weeks no charts, 1977/78 for 5 weeks no charts, 1978/79 for 4 weeks no charts. Is this correct ? Did they have such long holidays in the 70´s in nz ?. Nearly unbelievable ? At that time in other countries they stop chart publishing/compiling for one or two weeks. Another thing is, that there were no charts for the sunday after easter sunday from 1976-91. Equally probable holidays. But why no charts one week after easter sunday than on easter sunday ? Anyone has an explanation ? For example: On easter sunday 10 april 1977 there is a chart and on 17 april 1977 there is no chart and that happens every year until 1991. Maybe we have to date those easter sunday charts one week later ?
The first chart is dated 2 May so the scan you have is the original. I have all the original charts here. In 1977 something changed with the chart, I'm not sure what, and the chart was late starting for the year. There was originally no chart over Christmas or Easter. In New Zealand back then the whole country was closed over Christmas, or that's how it appeared. As far as actual dates being correct, I will have to do a check against my original copies and compare them to this website. I will do a random check for you and let you know my findings.
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On a quick random inspection of charts up to 1979 the dates appear to be correct on this website. In 1977 there was no chart until 13 February due to the Christmas Holidays. Hope this helps.
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Hey tempest you wouldn't happen to know anything about the year end charts. The annual year ends have been published for every year back to 1975 on the official chart website (nztop40.co.nz) do you know if these are accurate and original. They're not based on points so I'm not sure if they are based on sales figures or something else. I messaged the official top 40 page on Facebook but no luck with an answer.
Hi Alley.
I have annual charts going back to 1966. I am hoping one day to post them on here once I have finished with the archive charts I'm doing at the mo. The annual charts for 1966 to 1973 are posted at the end of each thread, eg 1967 chart. The charts are sales based as far as I can work out. If you would like me to scan them and email them to you, drop me an email at johnthetempest@gmail.com and let me know which ones you would like.
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I'm looking for a song that was a hit from a kiwi singer/songwriter - clip has him sitting at the kitchen table, asking his teenage son the usual Dad questions, and getting single words and grunts in response. Ring any bells for anyone?
Nothing immediately springs to mind Bauxite1. Any other info? Like year, genre, male/female/group etc

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