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Forum - General - Errors found on these charts

It has been brought to my attention that there is an error with the Whitney Houston self titled album.
this album hit #1 in New Zealand, not #3 as stated on these charts.
I have just found another error.
Nona Gaye's song: I'm Overjoyed.
According to this website it did not chart. However, it did chart, and hit #39 in November 1992.
Bodyrockers - I Like the Way You Move (2005) and Modjo - Lady (2000) are both not searchable songs even though both tracks did chart.
To Alex T Modjo does come up in the searchable songs it's under Lady (Hear Me Tonight
I found that there was a Mari Wilson & a Meri Wilson both had a song telephone line...When i googled Mari Wilson i did not get The song Telephone Line having anything to do with her this come out in 1977
Also, for a few weeks around spring in 2000 there is an entry on the chart which is completely blank (this is also shown on the offical RIANZ website) which alters the position of many songs which would actually be 1 position higher than they are. Because of this there are '51' positions rather than 50.





it is not blank that is where bodymovers should be
Bodyrockers and others are fixed.

What shall we do with the blank positions? Is it also blank on the print outs?
Yes it does come up on the print out.....But everyone should know that the charts only went too 50 any way...Are you able too delete them and move the other ones backwards too wipe out the 51
Yes, but there are only 50 positions on 22/10/2000.
The solution to the problem is Modjo with 'Lady (Hear Me Tonight)'.
It enters 2000-10-15 at #40 and moves up to 30 the following week.
But this position is now blank.
Trouble really starts on 2000-10-29 when the actual leap to #11 is recorded as a new/re-entry. The blank space moves up to #12 and follows Modjo in the next few weeks up to #5 (#6 respectively), thus forcing the rest of the titles to go one place down. This is of course incorrect as the chart then appears to contain 51 titles. The Modjo problem is solved on 2000-11-19.
But in that chart another blank position appears at #43 and spooks around in the next few weeks.. I will have to go into my printed archives to see if there is an answer to that. It might take a couple of days before I find it.
After consulting the original chartprintouts from 2000, it can be concluded that Darude and 'Sandstorm' entered the NZ charts at # 43 on 2000-11-19 and moved 46-30-35 before dropping out by 2000-12-17. The blank/Various Artist place following Darude must be omitted to give the following positions their right place, thus resulting in the charts again only containing 50 hits. Also essential is that the number of weeks in the chart are adjusted for Darude as well as Modjo.

Charts say it's only been on 2weeks but has actually been on 3 weeks
Why is the last Charts of 2009 on twice? Can you please put up the first charts of 2010
Jason P: The actual charts is fixed now.
I have to correct my information on the chart run of Darude and 'Sandstorm'. It continued of course it's run in the NZ charts on and after 2000-12-17. What fooled me was the fact that on the originally published charts it was recorded as a NEW (now double-sided) entry on 2000-12-17 b/w 'Feel The Beat'.
Another thing that has baffled me (and there may be a perfectly legitimate reason for this) is the chart run for DJ Sammy's - Boys of Summer. When this was initially released it came out as DJ Sammy - Heaven and charted for a while on this name, then changed to Boys Of Summer/Heaven, and then to Boys of Summer.

I have a physical chart that shows this, but just wondering if anyone has any further information on this, because I truly don't know why that has happened.

I've just checked the RIANZ chart website, and it seems that for the whole chart run it is now showing as Boys of Summer
When DJ Sammy put out Heaven////Boys of summer was a b-side track...but for some reason boys of summer hit the charts better than heaven that's why it kept changing
But what I don't understand is why it didn't chart as Heaven/Boys of Summer, like Stand Up/Not Many. When Not Many became more successful it didn't only chart under the name Not Many.

Heaven was a better song as well, Boys of Summer only starting gaining airplay well into the chart run of Heaven.
I'm not too sure why....Maybe because at the end of stand up by Scribe not many started playing and lead into Not manys video clip it never happened with DJ Sammys
Why hasn't this weeks chart been produced on this site yet?
The weekly chart has just been updated.
Sorry for the delay
Thank you very much man it's nice too see Stan walker still at number 1
Nothing has been done about Snoop Dogg's position on the New Zealand charts. According to the chart of 18/01/2010, it's been on 5 weeks, but it has actually been on 6 weeks. Can someone change this. It has already been mentioned but no one seemed to pay this error any attention.
Corrected. Thanks!
Hey another thing, for some reason the tracks off Vanessa Amorosi's most recent album (Hazardous) are not available to search for from this site. This Is Who I Am from the album reached number one in Australia, so it should still come up as a search option for us.
Tracks added! Thank you
Another thing - We Don't Know How Lucky We Are is by Fred Dagg, not Fred Tagg, just a small thing.
Stand Up/Not Many only ever had ONE release, and Stand Up was the A-Side.
Heaven/Boys of Summer is complicated.
When it first charted it it charted as 'Heaven' and by DJ Sammy, on airplay only.
2 Weeks later, the CD CSR 50404 was credited, and the song was credited to DJ Sammy & Yanou ft. Do.
Week 12, Boys of Summer was listed as the A-side and two CDs were listed CSR 50404 and CSR 50412. And just by DJ sammy.
From week 18 Boys Of Summer was listed separately, with both catalogue numbers, and by DJ Sammy.
Week 20, accredited Gold.
Week 32, last week on chart, still both catalogue numbers listed, and by DJ Sammy.
Last chart for 2002 saw Heaven re-chart as by DJ Sammy, without a catalogue number, therefore charted as airplay only. - Just one week.
Jason P:
The act in question is named: MERI WILSON and the song is TELEPHONE MAN.
Another error.
Headless Chickens: Cruise Control was the B-side of the re-issue NOT the A-side, the credited A-side was called 'George' and that hit #1. Cruise Control's highest peak was #6.
Til We Kissed: Herbs ft. Ray Columbus
See What Love Can Do: Annie Crummer ft. Herbs
Parihaka: Tim Finn AND Herbs

First one credits just Herbs, last two don't credit Herbs, on the charts here. The above is the correct credit for each single.
Another Herbs error is Slice of Heaven. Only shows as Dave Dobbyn, I'm not sure if they were officially credited though (do you know Dean?) but yeah...
thanks AlleyT.
The credit for Slice Of Heaven was: Dave Dobbyn
AND Herbs. (Not featuring, but as a fully fledged double act)
I wonder if you are going to correct the errors I pointed out earlier concerning Modjo and Darude in the charts of late 2000. The errors affects peaks of other entries such as Deep Obsession - I Surrender
which peaked for 2 weeks at 25!! But due to the errors herein it appears to have peaked at 26. If you need documentation for this i'll gladly send copies of the original charts. Unfortunately these errors occur on the re-published RIANZ sites as well, which may be the cause of the errors in this site. Im voraus Dank!
Hi Chartwatcher

Can you please send me to info [at] hitparade.ch the copies of the original charts? Then I will make the correction.


To DeanNZ Mari Wilson charted on the 14/08/1977 with telephone man peak 40 for 1 week.... Then a Meri Wilson charted with telephone man on the 28/08/1977 peak 9 weeks 11......So are these the same artists or different artists with the same song
Hi Jason

I have the charts for 1977 in front of me. The artist on both counts was a Meri Wilson. The 14 August entry was a typo as the catalogue numbers are the same (MAS 227). Good spotting.
Jason, it is MERI. I have the single, so I can confirm that.

Another BIG error.
So Emotional (by the rather useless Whitney) hit #16 not #49.
The Flowers and Icehouse are the same group. Is there some way that all entries for this ONE group can come up when you do a search?
also smokey & Smokie are the one group as well
The label on How Bizarre is wrong, it was on Huh. Universal didn't exist in 1995 and it was only on Polydor in the UK, no other territory
Please upadte this week's NZ charts please
I noticed the Shrek soundtrack charts when it was actually the Shrek 2 soundtrack in 2004. Shrek 2 eventually charts but the next week it's the wrong one again!
30 November 1997. The entry for KRS One is a re-issue of Step Into A World / Heartbeat.
i'm having problems with the site's search
It's fixed.
Hello dear members,

I'm trying to clean up this topic. There are 2 of your reports I don't know what to do with.


"Heaven/Boys of Summer is complicated." (from DeanNZ)

And then you explain which chartruns were for "Heaven" and which ones were for "Boys Of Summer". But what am I supposed to do? To split chartruns? "Heaven" currently has a 1-week run in the charts on our website...


Three items to deal with hum, I'm lost...


"30 November 1997. The entry for KRS One is a re-issue of Step Into A World / Heartbeat." (from DeanNZ)

And what's the problem with these 2 items?


Thank you all for your answers and your precious help!
Laurent, staff member
That was an annoying listing in the charts. It was listed in the charts as follows:

18 Aug 02 Boys Of Summer /Heaven 3 (peak) 32wks
22 Dec 02 Heaven (Candlelight Mix) 41 (peak) 1wk

The Boys Of Summer was only listed from 3 November 2002. The Candlelight Mix is the same song as listed from 18 August 2002 but features a girl talking about her Dad who died in the Twin Towers attack in New York on 11 September 2002. Hope this helps.

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Thanks for your answer!

But chartruns for each of these songs are actually correct in our website, aren't they? If not, how am I supposed to correct it?
Quick question going back to 1979. How is it that The Dudes 'Be Mine Tonight' was single of the year for 1979 but doesn't appear to have charted
The listing for the DJ Sammy song changed as it charted. As mentioned in my note above, it debuted in the chart on 18 August 2002 as Heaven and continued to chart this way until 27 October. On 3 November the entry read Boys Of Summer/Heaven. The 22 December entry of Heaven is an entirely different track. I have the actual charts in front of me so this information is accurate. A look at the RIANZ website shows different with The Boys Of Summer charting only from 18 August and Heaven debuting on 22 December. According to Dean Scapolo's book The Complete NZ Music Charts, my entry is correct. Maybe Dean can shed some light on why the website shows different.

Geoff, The Dudes song Be Mine Tonight reached number 36 in the charts on 18 March 1979 but only spent one week in the chart. Not sure where you found it to be the single of the year as the official number one for 1979 was Heart Of Glass by Blondie.
Thanks Tempest - my mistake - they won the National Music Awards 1979 - 'Top Group' & National Music Awards 1979 - 'Single Of The Year' for "Be Mine Tonight"... so top NZ song according to the National Music Awards. Just found it curious that the top NZ song failed to do well in the charts... may be there wasn't much competition that year for the National Award.
I think there's somehitng funky going on with The Empire Strikes Back soundtrack as it appears on the same chart twice in late December 1981. (I think it's been confused with Emotional Rescue - The Rolling Stones)
Also - Cornershop - When I Was Born For The 7th Time is on the chart twice for 10/05/1998, at #45 and #46.
Firstly, the the chart in question was 21 December 1980. You are right, there is a mistake on this website. The #15 place was The Adventures Of Luke Skywalker - soundtrack and the #44 place The Empire Strikes Back soundtrack
To 1998, Cornershop appeared on 10 May 1998 at #46. The #45 position was the re-entry of International Velvet by Catatonia.
Ta for pointing those out
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Another one that I've come across:
Private Dancer - Tina Turner -- has duplicated entries on each of the 15/12/85, 19/01/86 and 02/02/1986 charts

Westlife - Westlife on 09/07/00 is listed twice. According to the RIANZ website, #31 should be Limited Edition, and #39 the "regular" version.

On the 15 December 1985 #16 is Private Dancer by Tina Turner and #41 is Private Dance Mixes by Tina Turner. The same happened on the 19 January chart with Private Dancer at #24 and Private Dance Mixes at #50. On 2 February 1986 #27 was Private Dancer with #47 Private Dance Mixes.
You’re right about the Westlife albums on 9 July 2000. # 31 should read Westlife: Limited Edition and #39 Westlife. Good spotting!!
The chart entry for Heaven/Boys of Summer is complicated, but as long as it has been addressed, even if it is just here, the issue will remain known. I doubt it can be fixed.

Bad News: Bohemian Rhapsody. Charted for 2 WEEKS at the end of 1987, it didn't not go on to chart the next year. The positions accredited to it were actually for So Emotional by Whitney Houston (47-21-16-25-18-28-28-36)
Dean, are you saying the chart on this site was wrong or the actual chart was wrong when it was first published?
Thanks to all of you for having reported the mistakes you've come across. Everything will be fixed over the next few months

I'll let you know here if I need some help (again!).
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Error: Deceptikonz - Elimination album debuted at #2 on the RIANZ official NZ album chart - so that is the peak - Not #4 as stated here and on Wikipedia.
The charts on this site are wrong for the Bad News track. In 1988 the song that charted in these positions was Whitney Houston's So Emotional.
Elimination by the Deceptikonz peaked at #4, not #2.
Thanks Dean. I have the original charts going all the way back to 1975 and they confirm this.
Pauly, Elimination by Deceptikonz actually debuted on 24 March 2002 at number 41, peaked at 4 and spent a total of 7 weeks in the chart, including a #43 peak as a re-entry for one week. The chart run was 41 - 4 - 8 - 14 - 18 - 41 - missing for 3 weeks then 43 on 26 May 2002.

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This might be fixed in the near future but Kelly Clarkson's 'Stronger' is appearing twice on the album chart. The higher entry is supposed to be Wasting Light by Foo Fighters. Can this be updated please? Thanks.
That's correct. On the 2 January chart, #19 should be Wasting Light - Foo Fighters and #35 Stronger - Kelly Clarkson
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Smashproof's Brother is from "2009" not "2013"
I noticed as I was going through the charts for 1988, that you had "RUN TO PARADISE" listed as being Nick Skitz vs The Choirboys. That version wasn't released until 2004!!!!

Regards John.
Engelbert Humperdinck's Love Unchained, an album released in 1995, appears on NZ charts for 1 week on 4 December 1994 at #22. Does this have the wrong date, the wrong album, or if it's correct, was NZ a special "early test market" for this album?
All data from 17 September 2018 is missing too except the actual chart.
Love Unchained by Engelbert Humperdink reached #22 and spent one week in the chart on 4 December 1994 so the details are correct. I looked back at the actual chart.
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A weeks worth of ARIA Top 50 data is missing; the week starting 10/03/2019.

Also, it's a minor problem, but when adding multiple paragraphs if writing reviews or editing your profile, the phrase "

" appears instead of the standard gap between paragraphs. Could someone please fix this if possible, it's an eyesore

EDIT: It won't let me type the phrase, but if you look at a multi-paragraph review, say for example Hijinx's review of the Ariana Grande single "Thank U, Next", it shows up. It's a real nuisance.
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FYI this is an NZ thread (threads from charts.org.nz show on aus-charts too) There's a(t least one) similar thread for errors on the Australian charts: https://australian-charts.com/forum.asp?todo=viewthread&id=45348

However these aren't errors in the charts (eg positions being wrong) as much as site errors. The FeedBack! thread is probably the... least unlikely place for someone to notice.

The < br > thing provides some entertainment with ASCII 'art' reviews, at least (click 'show all languages') https://australian-charts.com/showitem.asp?interpret=Kendrick+Lamar&titel=DNA%2E&cat=s
Okay thanks 392414. I'll comment on that thread instead
Another error I found: The self titled album by Dua Lipa has spent 74 weeks in the chart, not 91.
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