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A couple of statistics to watch at the moment. If Now That's What I Call Music 31 can stay at the top for one more week, they will tie for the most weeks at number one on the compilations chart. It will also set a new record for most consecutive weeks at the top. Meanwhile, Susan Boyle goes to 9 consecutive weeks at number one on the album list. If she can stay there one more week, it'll be the longest consecutive run at the top since 1987's Revenge by The Eurythmics. For the record, the most weeks for an album to stay at number one is Shania Twains' 1999 album Come On Over which stayed at numero uno for a total of 23 weeks. The longest consecutive run was set all the way back in 1976 with The Best Of Abba. They stayed there for 15 consecutive weeks.
15 weeks in a row! Too much Abba for me
Single Ladies has charted over three consecutive years (2008,09 and 2010). Besides Blue Monday, have any other songs charted over three consecutive years?
poker face has alleyt, and right round has as well i belive, im pretty sure it debuted late december '08
I know Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol was on for 3 years or so in the UK...
It's Abba again.I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do charted in 1975, 1976 and 1977
Top this if you can Alicia Bridges ''I Love The NightLife"" charted in 1979 then 1988 then 1995 don't many other songs have done that
Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol first charted in the UK in 2006 and has charted every year since. (5 years in total)
Single Ladies charted over 2 years, not 3 (It had not charted this year, but that can change), spending 5 weeks in 2008 and the rest were last year. Poker Face charted over 2 years, Right Round charted in one year only.

Dancing Queen charted in 1976, 1977 and 1992 (and was top 20 in each)
Chasing Cars only charted here for 2 years, but charted in the top 200 airplay for 4 consecutive years.

Beat this one:
Snoopy's Christmas first charted in 1967 and 1968, it then charted in 1987, 1988 and 1989. (Top 10 in 3 of those years)
Just remembered:
Joy Division:
Love Will Tear Us Apart: 1981, 1984, 1989
Atmosphere: 1981, 1984, 1989
Transmission: 1981, 1984.
Every entry made the top 40. With all but the last entry for Love Will Tear Us Apart hitting the top 25.
But getting back to the question asked:
Only Blue Monday and I Do I Do I Do I Do I Do have charted for 3 consecutive years, and in the latter's case, was in the top 60 singles for each of them.
Single Ladies charted on the first two charts this year so it has charted over three consecutive years.

Any other songs in New Zealand that have charted over three consecutive years - we've got Blue Monday and I Do, I do, I Do, I Do, I Do (just checked that one and it has only charted 1975-1976)?
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My mistake, singles Ladies has charted this year, don't know why my stats didn't pick it up.
Must have forgotten to change the excel page from albums to singles!

I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do first charted in July 1975, charted for most of 1976, and at the end of 1976 recharted as a double A-Side with Rock Me (same single though). Each time spending more than 15 weeks on the chart each year, a feat no other single has ever done.
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And Snoopy's Christmas. (re-issue)
charted in 1987, 1988 and 1989.
Top 40, Top 10, Top 50.
Having already hit #1 in 1967.
That's three songs, that's awesome!!! So does that mean in total I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do spent a total of 68 weeks in the chart?? That's Incredible!
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I do I do I do I do by Abba only charted 48 wks
I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do charted 48 weeks by itself, it charted another 20 weeks as the double A-Side with Rock Me.
A total of 68 weeks, beaten only by New Order's Blue Monday.
Alley T, that's 4 songs to chart in 3 successive years:
Blue Monday 1983-1985
I Do x5/Rock Me 1975-1977
Single Ladies 2008-2010
Snoopy's Christmas [re-issue] 1987-1989 (with an additional two in 1967/1968 on its original release)
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Great debate!! Here's some more.

Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen charted in 1976 and 1992. They reached number one for 2 weeks in 1976 and then in 1992 number 16.
Relax by Frankie Goes To Hollywood did the same, charting in 1984 (#10) and then again in 1993 and 1994 (#27).
Phil Collins had the longest climb to the top (27 years and 4 months) by charting in two years (#6 in 1981 and finally reaching the top in 2008 for two weeks).
Daddy Cool took 19 years and 8 months. They first charted in 1971 reaching #17, then in 1986 (#19) and finally in 1990 they reached number one.
I'm sure there's allot more.
yeah there is Fred Dagg charted in 1975 with Don't know how lucky we are for 4wks on the charts peaked at no 17..23 years later hit the number 1 spot and stayed on the charts for another 6 wks
Blue Monday by New Order first charted in 1983. It stayed there for a total of 74 weeks charting in 1983, 1984 and 1985. In 1988 a remix of the song reached number one and charted a further 12 weeks
Darn both Now That's What I Call Music AND I Dreamed a Dream fall from number one this week. A bit unfortunate for Stan Walker , who regains his number two position. With SuBo's strong sales over Xmas, Stan only managed a number two peak, now with SuBo's sales weakening (as well as Stan's), Glee Cast pick up their first number one album.
glee i cant stand that show
I LOVE IT! Although granted this week is probably an incredibly slow sales week for it to ascend to number one.
Shame NOW 31 and Susan Boyle cannot stay at the top to extend their lead. It's not over yet though, they may go back there. Stan Walker however looks set to become the third single in a year to reach double figures at the top. The other two were Lady Gaga with Poker Face (10) and Brother by SmashProof (11). Maybe the record of 14 set all the way back in 1978 by Boney M (Rivers Of Babylon) could finally be under threat
My guess is that Jason Derulo will take over next week. Slack song for a number one, but i don't think there's very much threatening it...
I'm hoping JT's Hallelujah does not reach number one though!

There's been some insanely long number ones over the past year though!!!
Heres a good one for ya no other song that i know of charted at new on the number one spot then a week later slides down to 45 and then completely disappears was 65 Roses by the wolverines
Haha shame!!! Yeah I remember that being number one, I think it was a charity single for Cystic Fibrosis, and on the chart show they were saying, here's the number one single, it's probably a song you've never ever hear before haha!!!

Other songs that have slid quickly from number one include, SEE ME GO by the Screaming Mee Mee's falling from number one to number fifteen, ALL OR NOTHING by Milli Vanilli, spending one weeks at number one but only six weeks on the charts, and of course BARBIE GIRL by Aqua, who's chart run went 1-1-2-10, due to the singles being pulled off the shelves.
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That's absolutely correct; 65 Roses by Wolverines is the shortest lived number one on the site. Any guesses for the shortest running time for a number one. How many minutes and seconds do you think???
I know New Zealanders love things such as Schnappi and Crazy Frog, so something along those lines?
Clocking in at only 58 seconds was Sider Pig by Hans Zimmer in 2007 but that didn't hit the top. Reaching the top though, clocking in at 1 minute, 29 seconds is SPCS: A Very Silent Night by The Underdogs. No, not they 60's blues band but a silent sound for only dogs to hear. It reached number one in 2007. How sad is that.
Wow I didn't realise that it was a short song. I remember when that hit number one, that was another short lived number one. Oh and Do They Know It's Christmas Time as well was only on the charts for a little while?
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yip it was only on the charts for 3 weeks.....The highest entry for 1 week on the charts is two NZ bands Betchadupa & Fat Freddy's Drop both entered new at 14 then disappeared
As I (kinda) predicted last week, Susan Boyle and NOW 31 are back at number one. Stan Walker also holds on as he becomes the third artist in just over a year to take the weeks at number one on the singles chart to double figures. He now has his sights set on Brother by Smash Proof feat. Gin who stayed at the top last year for 11 weeks. He is also only 4 weeks from matching the record of 14 weeks set by Boney M in 1978.
Susan Boyle is back with the number one album after one weeks respite at the runner up position. She has now been at the top for 10 non consecutive weeks. You have to go back to 1987's Revenge by The Eurythmics to find that total. Of course she is still a long way off knocking Shania Twain off her perch.
Now That's What I Call Music 31 also returns to the top, now 13 weeks. This matches the most weeks ever at number one with The Rhythm Volume 5 from 1992 and Now That's What I Call Music 17 from 2005. One more week and we have a new record.
The Music DVD and the Airplay number one are also static, although it'll be a while before this record is threatened. The most weeks on top of the Music DVD chart was set by The Eagles in 2004 with Hell Freezes Over which stayed on top for 27 weeks. Whilst I don't have a list of number ones all the way back to 1999 (I'm missing 1999 to 2001) for the Airplay Chart, it's OpShop who hold this record for Maybe which was number one for 16 weeks.
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Boo, thought Timbaland or Jason DeRulo would take over #1.
Can anyone help me out with Pop-O-Meter charts. I am missing a few and want to get a full set so they can go online. Check the Pop-O-Meter forum for dates.
Unvelievable!!! Hopefully Black Box falls from the top (and then leaves the chart fast). That song is good, but nowhere near ten weeks of number one good!

Timbaland and Jason Derulo are hot on the heels of Stan Walker, hopefully they can take number one!

Another interesting fact is that if Ke$ha's TiK ToK can remain in the top ten for one more week it would have made twenty consecutive weeks in the top ten! Not many charting hits can boast that...
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Yes there is Freddy Fender with Wasted Days And Wasted Nights had 22 weeks in the top ten 12 of them were at number 1
I Still can't believe how successful Stan Walker is in NZ even
I'm starting to get sick of his Track now and thats saying something. I'm still happy with his success though.
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Some useless information for you guys.....The longest charting song that didn't get into the top was Matchbox 20 - If you're gone 34 weeks and only got to 12
if some other artist does better than matchbox 20 can you say...The longest charting song too not get in the top 20 was Alanis Morrisette- You Oughta Know 25 weeks highest position 25
Well, so much for setting a new record. Last week, NOW 31 reached number one for 13 weeks, a tie with two other compilation albums for the most weeks at the top. This week, a radio compilation of well worn out easy listening tracks takes the top spot. Must be survey time at radio. Now 31 actually drops to number 4 this week so the new record looks less likely to happen. Stan Walker also drops from the top in the singles chart but manages a 9th week on top of the Airplay chart. Susan Boyle also stays at number one.
I Gotta Feeling by Black Eyed Peas racks up a 36th week in the singles chart and goes to number 15 on the longevity list (showing most weeks charted). They now have Fernando by Abba (37 weeks) and three other songs on 38 weeks (Big Girls Don't Cry by Fergie, Sailing Away by All Of Us and Before The Next Teardrop Falls by Freddy Fender) to enter the top 10. That's only three weeks away.
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what about Not Many - The Remix / Stand Up. After being at number 2 for 2 weeks it fell off the chart completely, biggest fall off the charts?
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NZ Artists that only made one week on the charts
Atrist Song weeks yr hp
This week, Susan Boyle drops from the number one spot all the way down to number 29. Is this a new record? The biggest drop from the top spot so far was set all the way back in 1979. Back then, David Bowie with the double live album Stage fell all the way to number 12, the biggest drop so far. The following year, 1980, Fleetwood Mac did the same, also a double album but this time studio album Tusk, dropping to number 12. And so the record was set, that is until this week. Now the new record is Susan Boyles, dropping all the way to number 29 with I dreamed A Dream.
Neil Diamonds Hot August Nights took 39 weeks to hit the number one spot for just one week then continued on the charts for another 61 weeks
Any idea why it has made such a huge drop from number one? For the album to have such strong and constant sales well into the new year, then fall, something must have happened (like the album being sold out at a large amount of places without the reability to reorder).

Does anyone know, on the uphand it is nice to see a new album at number one.
It was to do with discounted retail pricing making the bulkf her actual sales last week ineligible for the chart.
It was to do with discounted retail pricing making the bulkf her actual sales last week ineligible for the chart.
Longest time taken to hit #1 by an album is about 18yrs.
Dark Side Of the Moon has always been a constant seller, although it is considered not to have been big enough to hit #1 prior to 1975. It didn't hit #1 until April 1993.

Tik Tok has lasted so long in the top ten because there are few songs to contest it. there were only 176 songs on the chart last year, one of the lowest figures in a long time. Since 2004 there have been less than 200 singles on the chart each year. This was also the same in the top 40 for 1975-1978, but 1975-1977 have an excuse.

20+ weeks in the top ten, hasn't happened often, and it is noticeable when it does:

Wasted Days and Wasted Nights - 22
Before The Next Teardrop Falls - 27
Fernando - 24
Sailing Away - 30
End Of The Road - 21
Mysterious Girl - 23
Stand Up/Not Many - 20
Bathe In The River - 22
Low - 22
Poker Face - 20
Tik Tok - 20

Nothing else has had 20 or more weeks in the top 10.
The last 5 had the added bonus of strong airplay to strengthen their presence.
Thanks for that Dean, interesting that Sailing Away spent the longest in the top ten.

You're right, the songs have been moving so slowly in the chart over the last year, I mean even a mediocre song like Black Box managed a ten week run at number one, and songs are spending ages in the top five (e.g. Bad Romance, Fireflies).

Good to see several debuts over the past couple of weeks, so hopefully this should shake up the top ten, hopefully...
total number one artist in each year since 1994
Year Amount of artists that went too no 1
Question please

Which single has spent the most consecutive weeks at No 1 in the NZ Charts? My young fella says it's Brother by Smashproof and he knows a thing or two about a thing or two.

Is he right?
the most consecutive weeks at number one was Rivers of babylon by boney m. the track spent 14 straight weeks in the number one spot.

brother is the longest stay at number one consecutively for a local act with 11 weeks.
The tally for most weeks at number one is as follows:

Rivers Of Babylon - Boney M
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So nobody wants to take up my challenge of number one artists
off the top of my head the only one i could do, without really thinking about it would be 2009...

i'll give it a try

smashproof feat gin (brother)
eminem (we made you)
keri hilson/ne-yo/kanye (knock you down)
beyonce (sweet dreams)
jason mraz (i'm yours)
jason derulo (whatcha say)
stan walker (black box)
ke$ha (tik tok)
david guetta/akon (sexy bitch)
black eyed peas (i gotta feeling)

I'll give 2008 a go
lady gaga (poker face)
katy perry (i kissed a girl)
pink (so what)
nesian mystik (nesian 101)
p money/vince harder (everything)
phil collins (in the air tonight)
rihanna (disturbia)
jordin sparks/chris brown (no air)
chris brown (forever)
chris brown (with you)
flo rida feat t-pain (low)
tiki taane (always on my mind)
t.i (whatever you like)
there's one more but i can't think of it.
Usher (love In This Club) 1wk

That makes it 14 for 2008
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for the first 2 weeks of 2009 'Poker Face' was #1
1999 artists that were no 1
Britney spears -Baby One more Time 4wk
MAcy Gray- I Try 1wk
TLC- No Scrubs 2wk
The Backstreet Boys- I Want It That Way 1wk
Ronan Keating- When You Say Nothing At All 1wk
Beth Hart- LA Song 1wk
Ardijah- Silly Love Song 1wk
Shania Twain- Man I feel Like A Woman 1wk
Lou Bega- Mambo No 5 6wks
Blackstreet- Take me there 3wks
britney spears- sometimes 1wk
eiffel 65- blue 1wk
s club 7- bring it all back 1wk
Whitney Houston - My Love Is Your Love 1wk
Westlife- Swear It Again 1wk
Deep Obsession- One And Only 2wks
S Club 7- S Club Party 3wks
Five- If Ya Gettin; Down 1wk
Ricky Martin- Livin La Vida Loca 1wk
Boyzone- I Love the way you love me 2wk
Boyzone -You Needed Me 2wk
Laureen Hill & Bob Marley- Turn The Lights Down Low 2wks
Lutricia McNeal- My Side Of Town 1wk
New Radicals- You get what you give 1wk
Shaft- Mucho Mambo 1wk
Jennifer Lopez- If You Had My Love 1wk
MAriah Carey- Heartbreaker 1wk
Steps - Tragedy 1wk
Truebliss- Tonight 2wks
Deep Obsession - cold 1wk
Shania Twain - That don't impress me much 1wk
Sisqo - Thong Song 1wk
Cher -Believe 1wk
Neil Finn- Can you hear us 1wk
Geri Helliwell- Look At Me 1wk

I'll give 2007 a go ...

19 artists:
Rihanna (Umbrella)
Timbaland/Onerepublic (Apologize)
Leona Lewis (Bleeding Love)
The Underdogs (A Very Silent Night)
Sean Kingston (BEautiful Girls)
Fall out Boy (This Ain't A Scene)
Nelly Furtado (Say It Right)
Akon (Don't Matter)
T-Pain and Akon (Bartender)
Fergie (Big Girls Don't Cry)
Beyonce and Shakira (Beautiful Liar)
Atlas (Crawl)
Gwen Stefani (Sweet Escape)
Ne-Yo (Because Of You)
Avril LAvigne (Girlfriend)
Chris Brown (Kiss Kiss)
Hinder (Lips of an Angel)
50 cent (Ayo Technology)
Kanye West (Stronger)

YAY that's 19!
I have a full list of number ones if anyone wants it, going back to 1957. There are a few gaps in 1960, 1961 and 1965 but besides that, its all there.

An example is below


26 Dec 63
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I Just noticed something with Rod Stewart song Sailing...
It first charted in 1975 for 11 weeks
1976 for 13 weeks
then skipped one whole year came back in 1978 and charted for 14weeks
very odd
Gaaaah, J Williams and Scribe are number one this week

On a happier note, Lady GaGa takes number one on the albums chart - According to RIANZ it is her 65th week on the chart, although this includes the run of the original release - The Fame!

Is this the longest time it's taken for an album to reach number one. I thought the previous record holder was Goldenhorse's 'Riverhead', correct me if i'm wrong.

Lady Gaga has just gone to number one on the album chart. It's taken The Fame 65 weeks to peak there. So what is the record for longest climb to reach number one. I'll have the answer tomorrow
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Holy shit there are 13 new albums in the charts this week
Lady Gaga took 65 weeks to reach the top spot but that's not a record. Michael Jacksons HIStory reached number one in 1995 but it took him 66 weeks to get back there. The same thing happened for Thriller where it took 1251 weeks to get back to number one, that's May 1984 to July 2009. That's not what I'm talking about here though. One other album has beaten Gaga. Dark Side Of The Moon by Pink Floyd may have been number one when it first came out in 1973 but there was no album chart until 1975. It took them 271 weeks to finally reach number one for one week in April 1993.
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Riverhead by Goldenhorse took 55 weeks to reach the top.
That is crazy, man my Goldenhorse guess wasn't even close hahaha!

Anyone notice Guru Josh Project going gold this week after four weeks on the chart and a peak of number 13.

Also David Guetta/Kid Cudi's Memories went gold this week after eight weeks on the charts.

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Black Eyed Peas now have the 10th longest running single (in weeks charted) in the history of the chart. Top 10 list is below

1 Blue Monday - New Order (74 weeks)
2 Always On My Mind - Tiki Taane (55 weeks)
3 Wasted Days And Wasted Night - Freddie Fender (54 weeks)
4 I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do - Abba (48 weeks)
5 Strokin' - Clarence Carter (46 weeks)
6 Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen (45 weeks)
7 Maybe - OpShop (42 weeks)
8 Lips Of An Angel - Hinder (41 weeks)
9 November Rain - Guns N Roses (40 weeks)
10 I Gotta Feeling - Black Eyed Peas (39 weeks)
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Kevin Rudolf debuts at number 4 in this weeks singles chart with I Made It (Cash Money Heroes). It caused me to wonder when the last single debuted at the top. The change in chart tabulation has stabilized the chart quite a bit as we haven't had a debut at number one since 2007 when Sean Kingston entered the chart with Beautiful Girls.

This weeks new number one makes an impressive 18 notch jump to the top. That's not the record though. Aaliyah holds that record with Are You That Somebody back in the days when we had a Top 50. She jumped from number 43 to the top in 1998. Inside the Top 40 Hinder jumped from 39 in 2007 to reach the top with Lips Of An Angel. I can't see anything better or matching that at a glance without going over 35 years of charts.
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Absolutely right - that's the biggest jump within the chart - Cocaine by JJ Cale made a reentry into the top forty and shot to number one but Aaliyah takes the cake.

That week saw the biggest jump in the top fifty as well with Mousse T's 'Horny' jumping from number 50 to 2.

IT's good to have a new number one, but IMO it's not that great a song. Shouldn't be at the top too long. COME ON TRAIN!!!!
I agree, COME ON TRAIN!!!!
New Order!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh and Queen!
Hey Tempest you are totally wrong Black Eyed Peas did not get into the top 10 History of the chart you missed one It was Four Seasons December (oh what a night) that was for 43 weeks,, that puts Black eyed peas out of the top 10 yeah yeah yeah
Great work Jason. That one I totally missed, ta for that. That now puts December 1963 from the Four Seasons at number 7 with the Peas at number 11. Incidentally, the Four Seasons charted in 1976 and 1994 with that one totaling 43 weeks.
Gosh but it feels like IGF has been around forever!!! It Still gets frequent plays on the radio and C4
Now this is an interesting one. A re-entry to this weeks singles chart becomes the first time a kiwi act has charted in three separate years with a considerable gap between each listing. In 1984, Patea Maori Club reached number one for four weeks with Poi E. In 2008 they were back on digital sales peaking at number 33. This week they are back again, this time at number 39.

Aussies Daddy Cool had a similar run with Eagle Rock in 1971 (number 17), 1986 (#19) and finally reaching number one in 1990. I'm sure there are a few other examples but I can't think off hand if there has ever been a kiwi act to achieve this. I'm very sure this is a first. Can anyone correct me???
Any idea what has caused this track to resurface in the top fourty. It's one of those songs that seem to always be in the itunes Top 200, often in the Top 50 as well!!!
I really hope it can hit Platinum x2. It's a shame to know that songs like Sexy Bitch and TiK ToK have sold more than this classic!
Check out http://www.radioscope.net.nz/index.php?option=com_content&task=blogsection&id=8&Itemid=9 for more. It's on the chart Bitz page of the radioScope.co.nz website and on the www.rianz.org.nz/rianz/chart.asp website
The current chart is two weeks old guys??
It's updated now, sorry for delay.
Thriller did not return to the top in 2009, the re-issue with the remix album did: Thriller 25.
Dark Side Of the Moon, according to EMI, never sold enough to be #1 prior to 1975.
I Do I Do I Do I Do I Do, as I have said many times, charted for 68 weeks, first 48 by itself, on two separate labels: Family & RCA. The RCA release was re-promoted as a double a-side with Rock Me and charted for another 20 weeks, if there had been charts for those 7 weeks between 1976 and 1977 you would have found it at #1 for 2 weeks.
Poi-E has recharted this year because of its inclusion in the NZ movie 'Boy'
the Wolverines charted with a limited edition charity record.
the same can be said for the Underogs.
Guru Josh has been a constant, but low, seller over the many years since its original release, hence its seemingly early accreditation.

As for singles these days selling more than some classics, remember this: 1. Singles these days refer to ONE song, those days it referred to an actual physical single, which was about $3.50. In 20/30/40 years time, 95% of songs today will have been forgotten, classics like Poi-E will still be there, and selling slowly.

And this week sees the utterly bizarre occurance of an unpromoted song from several years ago finally hitting the top 40: Leave Right Now - Will Young. A classic, whether you like him or not.
i'm so happy to see will young chart it's an excellent track! i believe it was featured on american idol but i might be wrong (i don't actually watch the show). unfortunately i can't access the rianz website so can't see this weeks chart yet.
Check out the chart bitz tab on the left in the RIANZ website, which is now up and running again. You'll find more about Will Young there.
THE NAKED AND THE FAMOUS DEBUT AT NUMBER ONE!!! Brilliant first number one debut since Beautiful Girls and a great pick as well!
chart needs updating
Watch the number one spot next week in the Compilation Chart. The record for most consecutive weeks at number one on this chart is 12 weeks. Now That's What I Call Music volume 32 has just reached week number 12 at the top tying with 20 Solid Gold Hits 30, Solid Gold 87,The Rhythm 5, Now 23 and Now 18 for the most consecutive weeks at number one. If the album can stay one more week, it will stand alone as the most consecutive weeks at the top.
The record for total number of weeks (ie non-consecutive) is 13 set by two albums, Now That's What I Call Music volume 17 in 2005 and The Rhythm volume 5 from 1992.
i can't believe people buy compilations!!! but it would be cool for that to stay at numebr one!
chart needs updating please
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2 new number ones this week! AWESOME!
For the first time in the franchise's history, Now That's What I Call Music 33 fails to debut at number one on the compilation chart. Let's Stay Together, a collection of soul and R'n'B classics, debuts at number one pushing Now 32 off the top spot and avoiding a new record for the most consecutive weeks at the top. Shame. It now ties in first place with 20 Solid Gold Hits 30, Solid Gold 87,The Rhythm 5, Now 23 and Now 18. Messy, man!
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Wow isn't Now 33 released tomorrow? Either things are quiet on the Compilation front or there have been a mammoth amount of pre-orders?
according to radioscope the song somewhere over the rainbow by Israel Kamakawiwo'ole has been certified GOLD. Is this the first non-charting single to be certified? Pretty awesome!!

Also Poi E - Patea Maori Club has been certified Platinum x3, the last single that earned more than a Platinum x2 that I can remember is Without Me by Eminem - correct me if I'm wrong.
chart needs updating please
rianz updates chart at 4.00-4.30 so i'd expect them to take a little while to update the chart! at least two-three hours.

eminem and rihanna take number one this week, the 7th for eminem and the 4th for rihanna
For the first time since 2004 seems to be the subject of this weeks chart. Enrique Iglesias lists his 11th hit single. He has been missing in the chart since 2004 when he reached number 40 with kelis and the single I'm Not In Love. In the album chart, John Denver is back with A Song’s Best Friend: The Very Best Of John Denver. This album reached number 28 back in 2004 when it last charted so this week it reaches a new peak at number 13.

For the record, the biggest gap between artist compilation album re-entries is 28 years, 8 months set by the Bee Gees with the album Greatest.
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RIANZ really needs to have a look into the rules for charting albums. At the moment the rules state:
"an album must have a minimum retail price of $20.00 (inc. GST) for a single physical album and a minimum retail price of $14.95 (inc. GST) for a single digital bundle album."
With the amount of cheap albums that are being sold at top retailers like the Warehouse, it is ridiculous to see albums that are still incredibly popular falling down the chart so quick. Eminem, Opshop and Bruce Springsteen still should be in the top ten but because of the chart rules, have all experienced large falls. It makes the chart look incredibly unstable and doesn't give a proper idea of what is the most popular albums right now.
KATY PERRY scores her fourth number one in New Zealand this week with TEENAGE DREAM moving from 2-1!!! LOVING IT!! This causes Taio Cruz to fall from number one, making his two week run the shortest number one of the year, a record shared with THE NAKED AND FAMOUS's YOUNG BLOOD.

Down the chart there are several big debuts. THE NAKED AND FAMOUS take out biggest debut with their second charting single, entitled PUNCHING IN A DREAM. KID CUDI, OU EST LE SWIMMING POOL and JAY SEAN/NICKI MINAJ all debut this week.

Across on the album chart, STAN WALKER debuts at number one with FROM THE INSIDE OUT, his first number one album after INTRODUCING stalled at number two behind SUSAN BOYLE! The album is certified gold straight out of the box.

ADAM LAMBERT makes a huge re-entry to the top 40 albums, re-entering at number 13, and there is a large number of albums moving down.

The album chart also sees debuts from DIXIE CHICKS (straight in at #3), THE EARLYBIRDS, GRETA BRADMAN and JIMMY BARNES, and more!
The DVD chart sees it's first new entry since 28 June with Andre Rieu's 32nd charter crashing into the top spot. The Compilation chart looks set to lose the latest NOW CD after only 10 weeks. For the record, Now 7 holds the record for the least number of weeks charted when it was in the chart for only 7 weeks back in 2000. Meanwhile, the second installment of the Great New Zealand Songbook debuts at number one. Another DAD compilation is new at number 8. There are two radio promotional CD's in the top three with a third set to debut next week. Must be promotion time. Shame as it upsets the charts.
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Katy Perry manages to hold number one for a second week on the NZ charts! It's the radio that really loves Katy, as her 'Teenage Dream' ascends to the top of the airplay chart only one week after she fell from it with California Gurls. This week she goes up five places to take the top spot, and knock off Eminem feat Rihanna.

The singles chart sees a debut at #5 for Six60 with Rise Up, a single that held number one on the iTunes chart for almost the whole week. There is also a debut from Cee-Lo Green and a re-entry by Shakira.

Disturbed's newie 'Asylum' heads straight in at number one. They have had three number one albums in the past, with all three debuting at number one. Only 'Indestructible' could spend more than one week at number one. Katy Perry's 'Teenage Dream' enters at number two, immediately beating it's predecessor 'One of the Boys'. Can it take out the number one spot??

There is quite a lot of movement in the albums charts, thanks to the re-entries as retailers bring the price of their albums back to the $20.00 value that is required to qualify it for the chart!!!
It's all happened before but this week we nearly had a first. Let me explain. The top 2 albums debuting in the same week has been happening since 29 April 1979 when Don't Walk Boogie (various artists) and Breakfast In America (Supertramp) debuted in the top 2. This week, it nearly happened twice in a row with only one chart in between them, happening on 23 August and this week. The phenomenon has been on the increase since the late 90's. For the record, the top 2 to debut happened three times in the 1970's, once in the 80's, seven times in the 90's and 18 times in the 00's. So far this decade it's happened three times. The most famous time was on 29 September when Guns N Roses took out both spots. The feelers have also been in the top 2 debut (30 August 1998 and 28 October 2001) along with Pearl Jam (8 May 2006 and 21 September 2009) and Shihad (9 May 2005 and 28 April 2008). We nearly had the top two debuting in 2001 with 14 October and 28 October registering the top two debuts.
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I like cheese. And pie. Yeah, pie is good.
LOL how random!!!
I like balls. And dick. Yeah, dick is good.

It looks like they have changed the chart rules, and taken away the stupid $20 rule!
In the new chart rules agreement, they seem to have taken away any allusion to the price of an album or single, which is really good!! At least it means that we should get some more consistency in the chart, and it can really represent what is selling at the moment
What part of the chart rules can I find the amendment Alley??
Section 3.1
Was randomly looking at The Offsprings discography last night and saw that "Pretty Fly (for a white guy)" never charted in New Zealand and checked your site for more. It seems bizarre that their most popular single couldn't chart in the then Top 50 while two subsequent and less popular singles from the same album did quite well.

Surely there is an error here at some stage
it quite possibly didn't get released as a single proper here? i do know some offspring songs charted solely off airplay not too sure about this one though?
Chart rules were very different back then. They were solely based on sales. If a single was not released, it didn't chart which meant if radio picked up on it, that made no difference. It may have charted on the RadioScope 100 back then. I have no idea how well it did though. If you are really keen check out the RadioScope website radioscope.net.nz. The charts don't go back that far but they may be able to help.
The singles they have charted are as follows: Peak and No. wks in brackets

THE OFFSPRING Total 56 weeks

16 Apr 95 Self Esteem (39/ 1)
26 Jan 97 All I Want (27/ 4)
4 May 97 Gone Away (35/ 1)
18 Apr 99 Why Don’t You Get A Job (4/ 7)
20 June 99 Why Don’t You get A Job (re-entry) (46/ 1)
18 July 99 The Kids Aren’t Alright (39/ 4)
19 Nov 00 Original Prankster (34/ 11)
21 Dec 03 Hit That (24/ 9)
20 Sept 04 Spare Me The Details (31/ 4)
1 Sept 08 You’re Gonna Go Far Kid (28/ 14)

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So when did the NZ charts switch to include radio, I thought it was always like that?
i think it was like 1999 or 2000?
Spare Me The details was an airplay only charter
The Official NZ Singles chart first included airplay data from 10 October 1999. Downloads were included from 28 May 2007.
The Offspring song wouldn't have charted on RadioScope as it was released in 1998. RadioScope was born on 5 September 1999. It may have still been charting so it wouldn't hurt to contact RadioScope to find out.

Rihanna equals some of pop music's biggest artists, such as Madonna and UB40 by scoring herself a fifth number one as Only Girl (In The World) lands straight in the top spot. It is the first single from her upcoming fifth studio album, LOUD, which is due to be released soon. Rihanna is set to dominate world charts again with this track, which has already topped the charts in Australia and Canada, which will come as a relief after the relatively disappointing performance of Rated R.

This week on the albums chart, Shihad land straight at number one, making it the sixth number one debut on the albums chart in as many weeks. This is Shihad's eighth studio album (I could have sworn they had more!) and is their fourth number one!

Completing the set of new number ones, Stan Walker's 'Choose You' ascends to number one on the Airplay chart! He manages to maintain his #3 spot on the singles charts, Hopefully he can peak higher, but it looks unlikely due to the popularity of Rihanna's track.
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It's an incredible week for Metallica with two DVD's and six albums in the charts. Both DVD's re-enter the chart (from 2007 it's S&M's 11th re-entry and from 2006 it's The Video's 3rd) while on the surface, it looks like three new entries on the album chart with three re-entries. For the record, the only new material comes in the form of a live set, Six Feet Down Under EP which is new at #6. Ride The Lightening came out in 1984 and Master Of Puppets 1986 but they failed to chart. The other listings are re-entries (Death Magnetic from 2008 - 3rd re-entry; Metallica from 1991 - 11th re-entry & And Justice For All from 1988 - 1st re-entry). With six albums in the chart they go on record as the 5th = artist to have the most albums in the chart in one year, drawing with Elton John (1976), AC/DC (1981) and Dire Straits (1986) who also listed six. For the record, The Beatles hold the record, set last year with 13 albums.
Their full albums tally (not including this week) is below, peak and no. wks in brackets.
It's also the fourth time in six weeks the top two albums have been new to the chart.
14 May 89 And Justice For All (44/1)
25 Aug 91 Metallica (1(1)/28)
31 May 92 Metallica (re-entry)(45/1)
14 June 92 Metallica (2nd re-entry) (10/13)
20 Sept 92 Metallica (3rd re-entry) (46/1)
4 Oct 92 Metallica (4th re-entry) (41/1)
18 Oct 92 Metallica (5th re-entry) (45/2)
15 Nov 92 Metallica (6th re-entry) (43/1)
14 Feb 93 Metallica (7th re-entry) (46/2)
7 Mar 93 Metallica (8th re-entry) (12/9)
16 June 96 Load (1(2)/22)
16 June 96 Metallica (9th re-entry) (41/1)
30 Nov 97 Re-load (1(1)/8)
15 Mar 98 Re-load (re-entry) (6/10)
12 Apr 98 Metallica (10th re-entry) (9/4)
6 Dec 98 Garage Inc. (3/12)
14 Mar 99 Garage Inc. (re-entry) (47/1)
19 Dec 99 S&M (11/9)
26 Mar 00 S&M (re-entry) (27/1)
23 Apr 00 S&M (2nd re-entry) (39/4)
28 May 00 S&M (3rd re-entry) (36/2)
22 June 03 St Anger (1(1)/13)
18 Jan 04 St Anger (re-entry) (21/3)
15 Sept 08 Death Magnetic (1(2)/13)
29 Dec 08 Death Magnetic (re-entry) (39/1)
12 Jan 09 Death Magnetic (2nd re-entry) (39/1)

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He looked like he had lost his chance to reach number one with Rihanna debuting their last week, but BRUNO MARS ascends the final spot and lands his first number one in New Zealand. If Rihanna doesn't return to number one, it will become the first single since EMINEM'S 'WE MADE YOU' to only spend one week at number one.

Quite a few debuts in the lower parts of the top 40. One debut is FEVER by ADAM LAMBERT, which becomes his fourth hit this year. This debuts as soon as IF I HAD YOU drops out after 17 weeks on. KATY PERRY also lands her fourth charting song from the album TEENAGE DREAM, with FIREWORK debuting at #34. There are also debuts by MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE, DUCK SAUCE and MUMFORD AND SONS.

Across on the albums chart, KATY PERRY finally scores herself a number one album with TEENAGE DREAM! After debuting at number two then falling to number four, she suddenly makes the jump to number one in a week that sees no top ten debuts! Congratulations Katy Perry!!!
Here's an interesting Statistic.
The Beatles are back with an old compilation this week. Originally released as two double albums titled 1962 - 1966 and 1967 - 1970, the two compilations became largely known as the red and blue albums. They were originally released in 1973, two years before our album chart was born yet it wasn't until 1981 when they first appeared on the charts in NZ. In 1993 they were back but now on CD. This year, both double albums are digitally remastered and packaged together as a 4CD set. Interestingly, they appear on the UK charts separately this week.
If you have a copy of these albums in red or blue coloured vinyl you have a collectors item worth a bit of money.
For the books The Beatles 1962 – 1966 peaked at # 5 spending a total of 13 weeks on the chart and The Beatles 1967 – 1970 peaking at #4 with 15 weeks charted.

The record for longest time between re-entries for an artist compilation was set by The Bee Gees with Greatest which spent 28 years, 8 months off the chart before a re-entry so The Beatles come nowhere near setting a new record even if the two albums had charted separately.
This week Lady Gaga reaches 99 weeks with her debut album The Fame. Sitting at the bottom of the chart at number 40, the chances of reaching the ton are limiting so that raises the question, how many albums reached 99 weeks in the chart, missing out on the hundred by one week. Looking back, there has only been one album to reach the 99 week benchmark, the 1981 album Greatest Hits by Queen which reached 99 weeks in 1993. I guess we have to watch the chart next week to see what Lady Gaga does
ohh lady gaga MUST stay in one more week! i hope it does!!!
It's good to see Katy Perry jump to number two this week. If she makes #1 next week it will be her fourth number one of the year!

KATY PERRY gets her fifth number one of all time this week, equalling her with legends like Madonna and UB40 and other hit artists like Rihanna and Black Eyed Peas...although the latter looks like a hot contender for number one next week.

Well done Katy Perry!!!!

Lady GaGa falls out in her 99th week on the album chart ... I eagerly anticipate a re-entry by her in the near future!
I'm not sure if it's a record she will be pleased about but Lady Gaga becomes only the second artist in the history of the chart to miss out in 100 weeks by one. Last week The Fame clocked up 99 weeks, this week it has left the chart. There is a good chance she will re-enter the chart though as a new single, Dance In The Dark, debut's this week at number 99 on the RadioScope 100 chart.
The second edition of Six Feet Down Under gives Metallica a 7th charting album for the year putting them in 3rd equal place with Neil Diamond and Elvis Presley for most albums charted by artist in one year. The Beatles hold the record (13 in 2009) with Michael Jackson second (9 also in 2009). Diamond scored his seven albums in 1976 and Presley in 1977.
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Hey Tempest, do you by any chance have an extended list for the above charts i.e. a top 50?
Can anyone help me out with chart positions for T.REX singles and albums?


Tony, use the artist tab above and it'll give you the info you're after.
Hi Fred,
Unfortunately this site only goes back a limited number of years and the years I'm looking for are the years 1971-1977 - I do have a limited number of these charts but they are very few (gathered from the American Billboard magazine - which always publishes every British chart but only a small selection of other countries and very infrequently) - if you know of any other way of finding this information that would be great.
I'm a huge T.REX fan and have gathered loads of charts if anyone is ever interested.

Hi Tony
Pre 1975 there were no National Album charts in NZ.
There was a Top 20 Singles and T.Rex featured thus:
1971 "Ride A White Swan" (Parlophone) 7 weeks #9 peak
"Hot Love" (Parlophone) 8 wks #7 pk
1972 "Telegram Sam" (T.Rex) 1 wk #19
"Metal Guru" (T.Rex) 6 wks #7
trust this helps
Many thanks- thats really wonderful of you.
Hi alley. Here is the extended lists as requested. I will update with an albums list soon:


 weeksThis yearLast year2 year ago
Michael Jackson521223
Elton John510332
Mariah Carey411444
Janet Jackson371666
The Bee Gees352777
Rihanna3221121 --
Rod Stewart311121110
Red Hot Chili Peppers296131211
David Bowie289151312
Beyonce2861627 --
Robbie Williams276181414
Black Eyed Peas27519 -- --
Cliff Richard268211716
Olivia Newton-John260221817
Paul McCartney258231918
Kylie Minogue256242019
Justin Timberlake2522530 --
Britney Spears251262228
Christina Aguilera237302621
The Feelers230312923
Guns N Roses223333124
Backstreet Boys222343225
The Hollies217353329
George Michael216363430
Stevie Wonder214373531
New Order214383632
The Eurythmics209393734
Whitney Houston209403835
Celine Dion206413936
Chris Brown20142 -- --
Billy Joel200434137


 # SinglesThis yearLast year2 Years ago
Elton John56111
Michael Jackson46333
Cliff Richard40444
Janet Jackson39555
Mariah Carey38888
Bee Gees31999
Rod Stewart30101010
David Bowie29111111
The Hollies29121212
Rolling Stones27141414
Kylie Minogue27151616
Billy Joel26161515
Paul McCartney25171717
The Beatles24181818
Red Hot Chilli Peppers24191919
Whitney Houston23212121
Olivia Newton-John23222222
Robbie Williams23232325
Pink232528 --
Stevie Wonder22272524
R Kelly22282626
Akon222938 --
Eminem2230 -- --
Tina Turner21312928
George Michael21323029
Britney Spears213331 --
Rihanna2134 -- --
Neil Diamond20353230
Kenny Rogers20363331
Duran Duran20373432
Jimmy Barnes20383533
Beyonce2041 -- --

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Hi Tony.

Check out flavourofnz.co.nz for charts dating back as far as 1960. There are still a few years missing but I have the full set from 1966 on. An updated list from 1960 to 1964 is on the way.
Thanks for that - really surprising reading......I've spent many hours looking through old chart positions in every country imaginable and it never ceases to amaze me the differences in tastes between one country and another - you would think for example that the UK,New Zealand,Australia,Canada and South Africa would all be very similar but in the case of my fave band T.Rex are'nt - in the UK they were massive (easily as big as the Beatles in 1971 and 1972) but with varying degrees of success in the other 3 English speaking countries ..... but were hugely popular in Germany,Austria,Switzerland,Singapore,etc.
thx for posting that tempest, mariah needs to release an album with at least three hit singles so that she can get to #4! then i will be happy!!!!
Something to watch for today. At the moment, 20 Solid Gold Hits 30, Solid Gold 87,The Rhythm 5, Now 23, Now 18 and Now 32 hold the record for most consecutive weeks at number one on the Compilations chart. Last week, Now 34 joined the long list of albums to reach 12 weeks. If it can hang on, it will stand alone as the album with the most consecutive weeks at the top, along side Now That's What I Call Music volume 17 in 2005 and The Rhythm volume 5 from 1992 who hold the record for most total weeks at the top.
It's taken 30 years but Now That's What I Call Music 34 has finally broken the record set in 1981 by 20 Original Solid Gold Hits Volume 30. On 30 August 1981, Solid Gold 31 hit the top spot and stayed there for 12 consecutive weeks. Since then Solid Gold 87,The Rhythm 5, Now 23, Now 18 and Now 32 have matched that record but this week, Now 34 reaches 13 consecutive weeks breaking the nearly 30 year old record. It now sits parallel with Now 17 and The Rhythm 5 for most total weeks at number one.

Katy Perry really is turning out to be a huge hit in Kiwiland as the fourth single from 'Teenage Dream' 'E.T.' makes a huge leaps from #17 to #1 in it's second week on the chart. Katy has managed six number ones already on the chart, making her the female artist with the second most number ones, only behind the legendary Mariah Carey!!! Really her year can't get any better over here!!! It is also the fifth number one single in five weeks, the first time this has happened since 2004! And the pattern looks set to continue as Pink leaps into the top five, and looks set to score herself a fifth number one next week.

This week's album charts sees a number of debuts, largely due to Parachute festival (I think, tbh none of the bands are ones I've heard of bar a couple of them)... Adele rolls into the #1 spot though getting a much quicker start than her debut LP 19, which failed to chart at all! Well done Adele!
As promised, here are a coulple of statistics from the album chart, updated to the end of 2010:


  WeeksThis yearLast year2 Years Ago
U2 660113
Elton John 657221
Pink Floyd 650332
Rod Stewart 609455
Dire Straits 601544
Michael Jackson 542668
Queen 494776
UB40 463887
Madonna 4469910
Neil Diamond 44310109
The Eagles 422111111
Billy Joel 405121212
Bob Dylan 404131421
Supertramp 402141313
Talking Heads 379151514
David Bowie 377161615
Eric Clapton 376171816
Abba 372181719
Van Morrison 368191917
Rolling Stones 368202118
Pearl Jam 365212022
Celine Dion 354222220
Genesis 333232323
Fleetwood Mac 326242424
Mariah Carey 320252525
Red Hot Chili Peppers 311262626
Split Enz 309272727
Neil Young 304282828
Phil Collins 289293231
Guns n Roses 288302929
Bee Gees 284313030
Bruce Springsteen 280323134
John Denver 271333636
Bob Marley & The Wailers 269343332
Eminem 268354650
Prince 265363433
REM 264373535
AC/DC 264384447
Simply Red 262393737
The Cars 258403838
Tina Turner 258413939
Robbie Williams 258424142
The Cure 257434040
Inxs 253444241
Barbra Streisand 252454343
Smashing Pumpkins 242464544
The Eurythmics 238474745
Linkin Park 237485151
Coldplay 233494857
Icehouse 232504946
Santana 232516262
Bic Runga 231525048
Jimmy Barnes 226535249
Pat Benetar 219545352
The Police 219555453
Joe Cocker 216565554
Duran Duran 214575655
Crowded House 214586160
Led Zeppelin 213595756
Elvis Presley 213605858
Whitney Houston 209615961
Paul McCartney 207626059
Sting 20563 -- --
Billy Idol 204646363
Dave Dobbyn 20365 -- --
Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers 20366 -- --


  AlbumsThis yearLast year2 Years Ago
Elton John 33111
The Beatles 322214
Van Morrison 30334
Neil Young 30453
David Bowie 29542
Bob Dylan 28666
Eric Clapton 28775
Rod Stewart 28887
Elvis Presley 27998
Cliff Richard 26101010
Rolling Stones 2511119
Queen 23121211
Neil Diamond 22131312
UB40 21141415
Madonna 21151617
The Cure 20161513
Foster And Allen 20171719
Bruce Springsteen 19182124
Joe Cocker 18191816
Barbra Streisand 18202422
REM 17211918
Prince 17222020
Mariah Carey 17232234
Paul McCartney 16242321
Billy Joel 16252523
U2 16262627
Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers 16272826
AC/DC 16283039
Michael Jackson 16293163
Celine Dion 16303836
Bob Marley & The Wailers 15312725
Abba 15322928
Santana 15334038
Elvis Costello 14343229
Lou Reed 14353330
Split Enz 14363431
Kiri Te Kanawa 14373532
Genesis 14383633
Bryan Ferry 14393735
Luciano Pavarotti 14403937
Pearl Jam 14414144
Andrea Bocelli 14424254
Kenny Rogers 14434643
Iron Maiden 14445451
Bee Gees 13454340
The Commodores 13464441
Doobie Brothers 13474542
The Eagles 13484745
Bon Jovi 13494853
Jimmy Barnes 13505350
Fleetwood Mac 12514946
Pink Floyd 12525047
Talking Heads 12535148
George Thorogood & The Destroyers 12545249
Led Zeppelin 12555552
Dave Dobbyn 125656 --
Robbie Williams 12577382
Sting 12588280
Metallica 1259 -- --
Pat Benetar 11605755
Richard Clayderman 11615856
John Denver 11625957
Olivia Newton-John 11636058
Tina Turner 11646159
Deep Purple 11656260
Dire Straits 11666361
New Order 11676462
Simple Minds 11686564
Ozzy Osbourne 11696665
Alan Parsons Project 11706766
The Police 11716867
George Benson 11726968
Paul Simon 11737069
Boney M 11747170
KoRn 11757271
Kylie Minogue 11768483
Phil Collins 1177 -- --
kd Lang 1178 -- --
Andre Rieu 1179 -- --
Hunters And Collectors 10807472
Paul Kelly 10817573
Little River Band 10827674
Roxy Music 10837775
Bryan Adams 10847876
Joan Armatrading 10857977
Blondie 10868078
Steely Dan 10878179
Red Hot Chili Peppers 10888381
Robert Plant 10898584
Stevie Wonder 10908685
Enya 109187 --
Greg Johnson 1092 -- --
We have a new record in this weeks Compilation chart. Since the record was first set in 1995 by The Rhythm Volume 5, there have been many attempts to match the record of most weeks at number one. Last week, Now 34 matched The Rhythm 5 and Now 17 at 13 straight weeks at the top, now, the compilation stands alone at 14 week at number one.
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As expected, Guy Sebastian takes over the #1 spot, that's six number one songs in six weeks, and it doesn't look like the cycle is going to stop anytime soon!!! F**king Perfect is right up behind Guy at #2 and S&M a hot pick for next week's #1 debuts at #6. For The First Time by The Script debuts at #22 becoming their second chart hit and high debut. Expect a big jump for these boys next week!

Also, a great well done to BROOKE FRASER's 'Something In The Water' for making it into the top 100 of all time! It is her first song to make it this high, her previous top entry being her first hit 'Better' at #378. Brooke spent 1 week at #1 and has been in the charts for 27 weeks, currently sitting pretty at #40.

Another chart statistic that i forgot to mention last week is the accreditation of Bruno Mars's 'Just The Way You Are' to Platinum x2. Platinum 2 is quite rare (although is becoming more and more common), recent chart entries to achieve this include Stan Walker's 'Black Box' and Ke$ha's 'TiK ToK'. Awesome work! Currently with his 28th week in the chart, he sits at #42 in the best of all time chart and #31 in the official RIANZ chart this week!

On the album chart, Adele holds strong at #1 but P!nk is really rearing for #1 spending her third non-consecutive week at #2. She has previously been behind Ronan Keating's 'Duet' and Mumford and Sons' 'Little Lion Man'. I hope she can score at least 1 week at #1.
Yes it is rare for a song to go 2x Platinum. haha yes i'm a new one to post. If you noticed in other countries it's quite common to get a single 2x Platinum or over! Love The Way You Lie by Eminem and Rihanna only went Platinum here yet it went like 4 or 5 Platinum in Australia if I remeber correctly. It shows evidence that our certifictaions (or accreditations) needs to be less or the other countries have to be more.

Less for New Zealand:

Gold: 5,000

Platinum: 10,000

More for Australia:

Gold: 50,000

Platinum: 100,000

hope I made sense to you guys because before I posted this i look at the posts that were already posted and I thought woah! these guys are hell smart. I mean you guys were having this huge discussion! In fact I might not even make sense of what you're saying as I'm 11. Anyone else younger or around my age? haha take care
There is a 12 Year Old on Aus-Charts.com
Cool but im only interested in following us NZ'ers! oh and uh so how old are you guys?
New chart updated on RIANZ, Born This Way debuts at #1 after being released for only 4 days
the cutoff for submissions for the charts is Sunday night, which means Born This Way would have only been available for less than two days, making her accomplishment even more impressive!!! Well done GaGa!!! She may even manage to score herself a gold certification in her second week (and first full week) of availability - we'll have to see what happens!

It's a shame Rihanna couldn't make #1!!! NOT!!! I'm glad the horrible piece of junk will only manage to peak at #2!!! (fingers crossed)

There's very few high jumps but another massive fall for Britney (who was #1 just five weeks ago) and Xtina! Hope Britney can rebound soon!

A full set of charts statistics up to 31 December 2010 is available. If you want a copy, email me at johnthetempest@gmail.com. It's an excel file and quite large so broadband is a must.
Can you please mention which stats are included in the file Tempest? Thanks.
GaGa continues her run at #1 with her second week on the chart!! Finally, she has broken the continuous streak of one week chart toppers, holding off competition from Rihanna. It looks like RiRi might have lost her chance at scoring a sixth #1 in Kiwiland!

Elsewhere we see a huge jump of 23 places for popstar Alexis Jordan with her current hit 'Happiness'. The track has already made waves in the UK and Australia and looks set to break into the top ten next week!

Three debuts this week in the form of Diddy-Dirty Money's 'Coming Home', The Script's 'Nothing' (their second debut in two weeks), and Neon Trees' 'Animal' which has been floating around below the top forty for a little while now. Additionally, there are two re-entries. The first is from Florence + The Machine with their hit 'Dog Days Are Over'. It is the FOURTH time she has re-entered the singles chart, making it her tenth cumulative week, after her debut back in June last year!! The resurgence is likely to it's use in Glee, although there must be other reasons for it's rise! Interestingly the track was certified gold late last year despite it's lowly #27 peak, a testament to the consistency of it's sales below the top forty. The other re-entry is Rihanna's former #1 'Only Girl (In The World)'.

There are several certification changes this week, with E.T., Tommy and Krista, F**king Perfect and Hello all being certified gold. At the moment, 22 of the top 40 tracks are certified gold or higher! That is a huge proportion.

Until next week...
Too many to mention them all ChartGuru. Most hits, most weeks, most number ones, most re-entries, most week charted for album, most new entries in a single year... the list goes on. Email me if you want a copy. I'm only too happy to send it to you.

Jessie J debuts straight at the top on the RIANZ Singles Chart this week, ousting GaGa from the spot she's held for the past two weeks!!! New Zealand is the first country outside of the UK and Ireland to put her at #1, and I think this is going to turn out to be one of the big hits of 2011. The great summer feel and happy positive vibe of the track makes it really appealing across the board, and I think that radio may begin thrashing this one (if they're not already?)

The big debut drops GaGa to #2 and Rihanna down to #3. There are three further entries into the top ten with Happiness moving up #12 to #8, becoming Alexis Jordan's first top ten hit. Cee-Lo Green also scores his second top ten single as Cee-Lo Green with 'Bright Lights Bigger City' leaping from #19 to #9. But the biggest jump comes from Diddy, who's track 'Coming Home' as Diddy-Dirty Money goes up from #28 to #6! It has been just under five years since he last made the top ten, collaborating with several artists on Notorious B.I.G.'s 'Nasty Girl' which made #7 in 2006.

There are five debuts in the lower reaches of the chart. This week we see Bruno Mars debut with the third charting track from 'Doo-Wops and Hooligans' entitled 'The Lazy Song'. Grenade and Just The Way You Are are both still charting at #15 and #29 respectively, the latter being in it's 31st week on the chart. I wouldn't be surprised if Grenade was certified Platinum x2 soon!! Black and Yellow by Wiz Khalifa makes #30, this track recently hit #1 in the States! J-Lo makes a hot return to the chart at #31 with 'On The Floor' feat Pitbull! It's probably a great relief for her after the failure of her last single 'Do It Well' in 2007! Just Can't Get Enough by The Black Eyed Peas and The Cave debut at #38 and #39 respectively.

Pitbull's Hey Baby which has only peaked at #23 is certified Gold this week, as is Lady GaGa's 'Born This Way'. I'm surprised that Adele's 'Rolling In The Deep' and Britney's 'Hold It Against Me' has not been certified yet, this should change in the coming weeks...

Adele returns to #1 on the album chart with 21, in a week where there are a lot of big jumps and massive falls. The albums chart, to be honest, is beginning to look incredibly stale. I suppose we'll just have to wait for some big profile releases over the next few months...

This week, Jessie J smooths into her second week at #1 on the singles chart! Strong competition during the end of the week, though has meant, that it is likely to be her last week atop the chart. It's still feeling and sounding fresh to me so I'm surprised it's dropping already on iTunes tbh, how is everyone else feeling about it? Just below, Rihanna swaps places with Lady GaGa to take #2, becoming her third non-consecutive week at the #2 position. Expect a drop from that next week!

Two re-entries into the top ten and one massive jump from #31. Adele jumps up five to #7, possibly due to the ads for her album and for the film 'I Am Number Four' as well as more airplay! I hope it can continue it's rise, it's a great track! Do It Like A Dude ascends two to #9 and On The Floor, J-Lo's new track lunges up 21 spots to #10, and is a hot contender for next weeks #1!

The biggest debut is 'Party Rock Anthem' by LMFAO at #13, while, just below, Bruce Springsteen scores his first hit in 18/19 years with 'My City of Ruins'. It'll probably only be in the charts for one week but still nice to see Bruce charting! The track has apparently been used for earthquake coverage on the news and is taken from his 2002 #12 album 'The Rising'. #25 is another debut with Opshop and 'Love Will Always Win', expect a big jump next week! The final debut is down at #33 which is 'I Need A Doctor'.

I can only see three certification changes to Gold this week - S&M (#2 peak), Good Life (#22 peak) and More (#13 peak). Dropouts include Animal (Neon Trees), Plans (Birds of Tokyo), Pretty Girl Rock (Keri Hilson) and F**k You (Cee-Lo Green).

Also, for the record, we have another Platinum x2! Lady GaGa's huge hit Bad Romance becomes her second P2 single!!!! It charted in two consecutive year end charts, making #29 in 2009 and #31 in 2010! It's the first P2 in a long time not to have peaked at #1 (since The Millennium Prayer in 2000). Awesome!
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Nooooo Birds of Tokyo dropped out

Am I right in saying that if we counted the weeks with no charts, then ABBA's I Do I Do/Rock Me would have been NZ's longest charting single ever? Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think 14 weeks with no charts can be accredited to that single (5 in xmas 1975-76, one in easter 76, 7 in xmas 76-77, and 1 in easter 77) making 82 weeks on the chart in total (68 + 14 = 82). Wheras Blue Monday by New Order would only have 3 weeks with no charts accredited to it? (xmas 1983/84?) bringing it to a total of 77 weeks? Or am I wrong about that.
You are correct, however, we don't know if those songs charted at all during those missing weeks so we have to just go with available charts for statistics.
Wow there is so much for me to be excited about in this week's chart!!!

While Avalanche City hold onto the top spot with 'Love Love Love', J-Lo inches one place closer to the top with 'On The Floor', which now sits at #3. Much of the top ten is stable except for a massive jump into the top ten by The Black Eyed Peas, with Just Can't Get Enough leaping 15 spots to sit at #9 this week.

The biggest debut of the week sees a return to the chart for Lionel Richie with a 2011 remix of his 1983 hit 'All Night Long'. The original peaked at #4, so it will be interesting to see where this one will peak, as it enters the chart at #12. By scoring a chart entry, he pushes his career into it's fifth decade, charting singles with the Commodores in the 1970's, and solo in the 1980's, 1990's and 2000's (his last chart entry being 2000's 'My Angel').

The #33 debut shows that any publicity is good publicity, as we see 13 year old Rebecca Black entering with her heavily derided song 'Friday'. She has featured on news websites and on TV for having 'the worst song ever', but even so she has still managed to sell enough to make the top fourty and has become a youtube sensation!

In at #38 is the Glee Cast with 'Thriller/Heads Will Roll'. Isn't it great to see Glee back in the chart? Despite their overwhelming success on the album chart, this is only their second single to make the top 40, the first being 'Don't Stop Believin' back in 2009. The track was used in last Friday's episode 'The Sue Sylvester Shuffle', and is featured on the shows most recent album 'Glee: The Music Vol. 5' (which rockets from #35 to #3 on the Album Chart).

The final debut is by Chris Brown, with a song entitled 'Beautiful People'. A couple of weeks ago I thought his track Look At Me Now would debut but it seems that that might have been dumped by radio for this one instead. The four debuts mean four drop-outs, the most interesting being Opshop's charity single from Christchurch 'Love Will Always Win'. The song was #11 last week but falls right out of the top fourty in what would have been it's third week in the chart. Other dropouts include F**k You by Cee-Lo Green, Hey Baby by Pitbull (finally) and Invincible by Tinie Tempah feat Kelly Rowland.
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New singles chart stat for you:

There were 9 in a row in 1999 and seven in a row in 1982 and 2002. Recently we saw the year start off with one-weekers but that total only reached 4.
i just checked 1982 and i can only see one one week number one (it's my party)????, also there were five at the start of this year. 1999 was an epic year for #1;s though!
Can I please have a list of all the NZ artists to have topped the NZ singles charts? Thank you.
That's a big list. Email me at johnthetempest@gmail.com and I'll send you my number one lists. It's a complete lists of number ones complete with commentary from 1960, so if it will take a while to send to you.
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Andre Rieu breaks his own record this week. In June 2007 and February 2009 he set the record over five weeks for the most entries in the DVD chart at once with six of his DVD's. This week he makes it seven. Watch out next week too for a new record on the compilations chart. The Great NZ Songbook volume 1 has drawn first equal to Nature's Best: Our Top 30 for the most weeks in the chart, 81. Natures Best stays at #1 due to 11 weeks at number one while ...Songbook spent 10.
We have a new record in the Compilations chart. The Great NZ Songbook volume 1 has now been in the chart for 81 weeks, pushing Natures Best into the number two slot at 80 weeks.
Glee lodge their third hit single this week with Loser Like Me! Go GLEE!!!!!! And Price Tag has spent eight consecutive weeks at #2, I wonder if this is the longest?!?!
Go Kiwis!
It's the return of John Rowles
omg LMFAO have scored their tenth week at #1!!! WTF!!! It doesn't look like it's going to stop anytime soon as well, with it still being #2 on the itunes chart. This week sees debuts from Coldplay, Nicole Scherzinger (her first solo chart entry), The Potbelleez and Pitbull feat Chris Brown.
Hello Tempest,

Do you know how Queen's "Sheer Heart Attack2 did on the albums charts in early 1975? Was there a chart back then at all?

By the way, I have most of Queen's EMI sales in New Zealand from 1984 to 2003 and I can confirm that they sold at least 594,000 albums during those 19 years; although with other albums I don't have the sales of, they would easily have passed the 600,000 copies.

Their sales before 1984 were very good, especially for "A Night At The Opera".

Queen's "Sheer Heart Attack" did not chart in NZ.
Adele v LMFAO for #1 this week! Go Adele!
Had a look at the statistics that were posted 7.2.11,have done some research of my own and taking the official NZ charts web site as a guide to all the artists who have charted over the years on both the singles and albums the artist with the most weeks is Elton John 1235 next U2 1044 Micheal Jackson 1028 Madonna 1013 round out the top4 Elton may not be hot any more but he,s still the King of pop
Party Rock Anthem still #1

I rage.
As do I. Poor Adele stuck at #3 despite being #1 on iTunes all week. Is it gonna be another #3 peak on RIANZ like Rolling In The Deep?
LMFAO match UB40's (I Can't Help) Falling In Love With You (1993), Crazy Frogs Axel F (2005), Whitney Houston's I Will Always Love You (1992) and Smash Proof feat. Gin's Brother (2009) at 11 weeks at number one. The record is Boney M's Rivers Of Babylon who spent 14 consecutive weeks at the top in 1978.
Do you know what the market share for iTunes is in NZ? I noticed that Adele wasn't even in the top ten last week on Digirama.
OMFG Adele is #1 this week!!!! SO AWESOME!!!! It has ended the disgustingly long run of Party Rock Anthem, I really hope it doesn't have the juice to return to the top!!! I'm so happy to see such a great track (possibly my favourite of the year so far) overtake what is one of the worst imo.

Katy Perry's Last Friday Night jumps up to #4!!! Awesome!!! It's her fifth top five single from Teenage Dream. I do hope it can score at least one week at #1, that will be a fantastic feat. Does anyone know what other albums have spawned five or more top five singles? Michael Jackson has done it twice with Bad (although the album scored no #1 singles), and Dangerous (which scored Michael 3 number one singles). I can't think of any others but there must be more...

15/16 for Black Eyed Peas as Don't Stop the Party moves into the top ten. The only one of their singles to miss the top ten is Rock That Body. Super Bass also jumps to #14 which is brilliant to see! A very unexpected debut for Bounce at #40, a track that pairs up Calvin Harris and Kelis. Nice to see, but I hope it can better the #40 peak of I'm Not Alone, Calvin's only other charter.
Someone Like You is #1. Party Rock Anthem is not.

Nationwide celebration.
The longest run at #2 is 8 weeks. It has been done twice, and both times it was done by a #1 hit.
In 1976 Dancing Queen got stuck at #2 for 8 weeks behind 'Don't Go Breaking My Heart' and others, and spent 4 separate weeks at #1. Spending about 18 weeks in the top 10.
And now Pricer Tag, 2 weeks at #1, 8 weeks at #2, then one more week in the top 10.
If 1976 has proper charts Dancing Queen would have been at #1 for most of those weeks, selling in excess of 30,000 that year alone. For a single, that is an amazing amount in NZ, not many have done that since 1975. That we know of.
Can anybody explain why,in comparison to other countries,Joy Division/New Order have done so well in the New Zealand charts.Can't believe Atmosphere reached No 1 - - maybe it's just good taste.
Six new entries in this weeks Top 10 albums. The record for the most new entries in the chart is 13 set on 7 December 2003 and matched on 14 September 2009 and 15 March 2010. The record was broken from 21 December 1986 when there were 11 new entries. As far as the Top 10 is concerned, there were 6 new entries on 2 December 2001 so the Top 10 newbies this week matches the current record
I'm surprised that besides the top three, Adele's '19' manages to stay in the top ten, although I think the fact that it's real cheap at JB Hi-Fi could be helping it (besides, of course, the success of '21'). So much movement in the albums chart though!!!!

Sad to see Nicki Minaj drop out after a sole week at #39. It deserves to chart much higher.

Sales must be really low this year for albums though, Ladi6's album has charted for 28 weeks and still hasn't been certified gold

Album sales are at an alltime low, even lower than when albums first came into being in the 40s and 50s.
Ladi6, Katy Perry, Rihanna, Justin Bieber, Bruno Mars, Lady Gaga are all proof of this.
Any album that, in the past, has been as successful as Lady Gaga's The Fame, on the chart, has sold at least 3 times that amount.
Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, Bruno Mars. are all 2xPlatinum only, in comparing chart success any album that has that kind of success on the charts would be at least double in sales in any other decade. Rihanna is the same, but only single platinum.
Ladi6's album has spent most of its chart run below #20, and has only just gone gold this week. That's an average sales week of 258 copies while on the chart, then there were the weeks when the album was off the chart, add to that the few weeks the album was top 20. I'd hazard a guess that the album was selling about 200 copies (Physical and download) a week at the most.
The aforementioned double platinum albums have been selling about 750 copies a week, a pretty low amount for a top 2 album. And Rihanna's album is at about 455 a week, for an album that's been almost continuous top 20, that's almost shameful.
Meanwhile, 21 by Adele has been selling a respectable 2,050 or so per week, slightly above average for a #1 album, and in this day and age, almost unheard of.
Lady Gaga's The Fame/Monster has sold about 650 a week, not including time off the chart. Compare that with The Best Of ABBA (The #6 best charting album in NZ, just overtaken by The Fame/Monster this year), and that sold about 4,500 per week in 1976, a feat unheard of these days. Or how about ABBA Arrival, 37,500 per week at the end of 1976. No album had done that before, or since.
We now have 101 new singles in the chart this year. Maroon 5 and Christina Aguilera take the 100th crown
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You're right with the 21 info! In the past this would have way more platinum's but sadly let down.

Thanks for the interesting information there Dean.
Adele tops the album list again this week and in doing so, ties with Shania Twain at 23 weeks for the longest run at number one for an album. It took Shania 30 weeks and five visits to the top to achieve the title with her 1999 album Come On Over. Adele took 36 weeks and seven separate visits. Next week we may have a new record. Another surprise is the return of 1 from The Beatles. The album spent 22 weeks in the chart on first release selling over 225,000 copies here. Now the last of The Beatles remasters returns flying in at #7 after 10 years, 3 months away from the chart.
Will Rihanna and Calvin Harris be #1 next week?
Not this week for Rihanna, maybe next.
Who'll stop Gotye?
And will Six60 end Adele's albums domination?
More info in 7 days...
Six60 oust Adele in the albums while Rihanna almost topples Gotye...
Six60 make it 2 from 2 on the Albums, with Coldplay odds on for next week's #1! Rihanna with Clavin Harris end Gotye and Kimbra's 6-week singles streak. "We Found Love" is the nation's new #1 song...
AWESOME RIHANNA!!!! So excited and it's her sixth number one in New Zealand, once again equalling her with Chris Brown and Katy Perry (and one behind the leading female artist of all time), Mariah Carey!
For the fourth time in the history of the chart the record is struck for the least number of new entries/re-entries in the singles chart. Only one debut was also struck on 10 June 01, 7 August 06 and 22 June 09. For the record that single is What Makes You Beautiful by One Direction
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For only the fourth time in the history of the chart a single reaches 50 weeks. LMFAO hang around another week with Party Rock Anthem. The last time that happened was in 2008 when Tiki Taane reached 55 weeks with Always On My Mind. That single reached #2 on the longevity chart. The record is still a long way off. New Order hold that one with Blue Monday charting 74 weeks back in 1983. Next on the list to beat is Freddy Fender who charted 54 weeks from 1975.
Ooh, can it get that extra six weeks?? I say (and hope) the answer is no.

I'm so happy. 'Part Of Me' debuts straight at #1, it is her seventh #1 single, which equals her with Mariah Carey as the female artist with the most #1's in New Zealand. It took Mariah Carey ten years to come up with the figure, it has take Katy under four. Awesome Stuff!
5th Time. Tempest. I Do I Do I Do I Do I Do/Rock Me (It's the same single) charted for 68 weeks from 1975 to 1977.

Comparing Number One singles to Number One Downloads is not really logical as they are two completely difference sources, and these days most acts sell by name, not by talent.
A #1 is a #1 as far as the chart is concerned. And I don't think songs like Young Blood or Party Rock Anthem made #1 off name. Granted, Part Of Me probably did, but it's a #1 nonetheless.
I believe Adele's album has made 11 visits to #1 spot to amass her 35 weeks on top. Is that a record? Or has someone else done similar?
Possent, you're correct, that is a record
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