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Forum - General - Any Cher certifications from New Zealand?

Hi everyone, I know there's a book out there called The complete New Zealand music charts, 1966-2006, but it's too expensive. I was wondering if anyone owned the book and could tell me if there are any certifications for either Cher or Sonny and Cher in there? Hope someone can help! Thanks!
I have Dean's book and it's well worth the money you spend on it. Cher has had two gold singles (Shoop Shoop Song from 191 and Believe from 1999. All of her chart albums went platinum. Certifications of Sonny and Cher were not recorded on charts in New Zealand back then. Dean himself who also visits this site might be able to help
Thanks Tempest, I recently found this online, could you please confirm if this is true and say which albums are platinum/2x platinum etc? As well, are there any albums that are in the book that are not in this list? Thanks!

1989 Heart of Stone 7 26
1991 Love Hurts 4 23
1992 Cher’s Greatest Hits: 1965-1992 6 12
1998 Believe 1 37 (2x Platinum?)
1999 The Greatest Hits 15 12 (Platinum?)
2002 Living Proof 26 1

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Full Cher album list is as follows:
1989 Heart Of Stone Peaked at #7 26 weeks 1x Platinum
1991 Love Hurts $4 23 weeks 1x Platinum
1992 Greatest Hits 1965 - 1992 #6 12 weeks 4x Platinum
1998 Believe #1 for 4 weeks 37 weeks 2x Platinum
1999 Greatest Hits #15 12 weeks 1x Platinum
2002 Living Proof #26 1 week No certification.
Thanks Tempest for those! Isn't it strange that the Greatest Hits album is 4x platinum although it only reached #6, yet the Believe album reached #1 but is only 2x platinum?
You have to remember that even though it is not charting it is still generating sales. The certification is based on sales not chart position. It is a bit unusual though.
Tempest, do you think you could please post all of Sonny and Cher's chart positions (albums/singles) with weeks on chart? I found this for Cher, could you confirm if this is correct, and complete the discograhy if any is missing. As well, could you please tell me if You Better Sit Down Kids did in fact chart in New Zealand? Thanks!

1966 Bang, Bang 2 7
1968 You Better Sit Down, Kids Coming Up
1971 Gypsys, Tramps and Thieves 2 11
1973 Half Breed 1 9
1974 Dark Lady 11 3
1979 Take Me Home 49 2
1989 It I Could Turn Back Time 3 18
1990 Just like Jesse James 16 8
1991 Shoop Shoop Song 3 23 Gold
1991 Love And Understanding 25 11
1999 Believe 1 7 Gold
1999 Strong Enough 6 8
1999 All or Nothing 28 6
i would like to appreciate you for sharing such a great info with us


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Thanx alton
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