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On 13 June 2016 the final Compilations chart was published. Beginning on 1 July 1979 as a Mid Range chart, the chart mainly consisted of albums of previously released material from various artist albums. Initially when it started the chart focused on budget priced albums with the likes of Elvis Presley, Neil Diamond and Dolly Parton in the listings. That all changed on 11 May 1980 when only Various Artists appeared and the chart became The Compilations Chart.
Over the 37 years, two main contenders dominated the chart. The first was a series of current Top 40 hits called 20 Solid Gold Hits. This series started in 1971 so it had been running for several years before the chart was born. Volume 23 was the first to appear. After its demise in 1983 there was no clear series dominating the charts until The Rhythm came on the scene in 1991. Over its 14-year history it produced 25 volumes and 15 number ones, beating the Solid Gold series, which produced 12 number ones. Then came the highly successful Now That’s What I Call Music franchise. This series first came on the scene in 1985 the year the UK equivalent was born. In NZ there was only one album, peaking at #2. Then in 1992 it was reborn with three albums all peaking at the top. The current and third series began its life in 1997. Now with 50 albums in its catalogue, it has gone on to be the most successful compilation series in the charts 37-year history with all 50 volumes topping the chart. A look at the statistics shows almost total domination. Volume 34 from 2010 holds the record for most consecutive weeks at number one, (18), volume 40 from 2012 has the most total weeks at number one (21) and three more statistics show the franchise success with biggest series (50 albums), most weeks charted for series (1071) and most number ones (50).
It’s pleasing to see two kiwi compilations take out top spot for most weeks charted though. The Great New Zealand Songbook from 2009 spent a total of 93 weeks in the chart while Nature’s Best: Out Top 30 spent 81 weeks. Nature’s Best also holds the record for most consecutive weeks in the chart (57).
For the record, throughout the charts history there have been 439 number ones.
It’s with great sadness that the chart has now had its day. Reasons for the charts demise have not been mentioned but there is clearly still a big market for this genre of album. It’s my hope that it won’t be too long before the chart comes back on the scene but in the meantime I don’t think you can overlook the importance of the albums. Australia and England have their version of the chart and so should we. The albums should at least appear in the Top 40 Albums chart.
Here is the first ever chart, published as the Mid Range chart on 1 July 1979:
1.The Diamond Collection – Neil Diamond
2.Sail Along Silv’ry Moon – Billy Vaughan
3.There’s A Hippo In My Tub – Anne Murray
4.Solid Gold Volume 23 – Various Artists
5.20 Favourite Ballads II – Various Artists

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Hi Tempest, just a few mistakes, 1) It's various & 2 It's "Vaughan" not "Vaighn", but I'll let you off this time because your upset as am I about the demise of the "Compilation" chart.

See my previous posting in your "Chart Beat" segment.

Regards John.
Thanx John. I fixed it. I saw your comments and couldn't agree more.
Hi Tempest, No. 5 is still wrong, it's various.

Regards John.

My emails seem to have had some effect on their reevaluation of the Compilation Albums chart, as I just got another email back from Phil Matcham of RMNZ informing me that it now appears under the Albums tab on the official website
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Wow, well done you. That made my day. Thanx. I have been complaining endlessly on their facebook page too, along with others. Sounds like a retraction to me. Great
Hi NxtGen, Congratulations on being able to get the "Compilation Charts" back, it just goes to show that the "Squeaky Wheel, Gets The Grease", congratulations once again.

Tempest sorry for being a pest but I notice that you've spelt "Various" wrongly at No. 5, you have "Varous".

Regards John.
Thanx John - Fixed.
Yes, the squeeky wheel does work. A lot of people have been complaining this week but the work NxtGen did was fantastic. Once again, thanx.
A look at the Heatseeker charts this week proves what I said last week, that they are pointless and show us nothing. Of the 28 entries across the four charts, only three entries continue for a second week. Thats 25 new entries. Forget the one-hit wonder, these charts are for one-week wonders.
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Hi Tempest, thanks for the quick reply, but I've noticed a few more mistakes in your posting dated 19-6-16, the 1st one being at No.2 you have "Solv'ry" it's "Silvery" & at No.3 you have "There'es" it's "There's" you put in to many "E's", but then again you were quite upset.

Regards John.
Flamin' heck! Must be the man flu again. My eyes were all blurry when I wrote that. All fixed. By the way, the actual chart read Silv'ry...... Thanx John, fixed, again!!!!!
Hi Tempest, I've just checked the "Australian Charts" as 45 cat which I referred you to sometime ago and it's listed as "Silvery Moon"

Regards John.
Gees. I was just copying directly off the chart. You said 45 Cat. That's a single. This was a budget priced album. Check out this link:
Hi Tempest, I've just checked "Discogs" and technically were both right the album in question does have "Silvry" but both the original "Australian" and New Zealand" singles on both "Discogs" and "45 Cat" list it as "Silvery" so I guess it's a case of 6 of one and half a dozen of the other.

Regards John.
Guess we need a drink now lol
Make mine a "Coke" on the "Rocks" Ha, Ha, Ha.

Do you know why RIANZ stopped listing the Top selling DVD"s each week
No idea Graeme. I complained about it at the time but unfortunately got no response. At least it would be a real chart which I can't say for these new Heatseeker charts. They have been running now for six weeks and every week most of the entries are new. I have a full list of the DVD charts here which I may post at some stage. Alternately, look up the Australian chart which will be close to ours. You can find it at http://www.ariacharts.com.au/charts/music-dvds-chart

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