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The New Zealand Top 20 singles of the sixties (1960-1969)
Here it is, for the first time in New Zealand a book that takes a comprehensive look at what the New Zealand national charts would have looked like from an era which, as we know, had no official NZ Chart. This book is designed to give you fair indication on the popularity of music in New Zealand from 1960 to 1969. The first official charts only started in New Zealand in March 1966. These few years were based on a voting system, where subscribers would send in their own personal selections, and hence the ‘official’ top 20 was created and published in ‘The Listener’ magazine. Although not perfect, this did give a fairly accurate guide to New Zealand’s favourite songs. Before March 1966 we relied on local radio stations, television, record stores and other sources who compiled their own charts. A few of these charts were published, and in many cases lost, but others were simply written down in scrapbooks by keen listeners as the countdown was played on the radio or TV.
Please read carefully the following on how the pre 1966 charts were compiled.
The charts used in this book for the time leading up to March 1966 are a merger of the NUMEROUS pop charts gathered from the various sources throughout New Zealand during this era. Essentially on a week by week basis from 1960 to early 1966, the charts available were ‘tossed’ into a computer program which utilized a point system to create an overall top 20 for every week. Overall the final outcome appears remarkably consistent, and in line with what was played on the radio during this period.
Book Data:
January 1 1960 - March 10 1966 (Compiled)
March 17 1966 - December 1969 (Official)
Also note:
In order to have a ‘fairness’ in the overall order of many of the categories in the statistics section, the missing two weeks over the Christmas period for the ‘official’ charts from 1966 onwards were created by using a mathematical formula. These are:
The last week of 1966,1967,1968 and 1969 (Compiled)
The First week of 1967,1968 and 1969 (Compiled)

The 216 page book contains:

Artist Order (688 acts)
Song Order (1747 songs)
The Number One Songs of the Sixties
Song: Most weeks at number One
Artist: Most no. 1’s
Artist: Most weeks at number 1
Song: The Top 25 Songs for each year
Song: Top 100 Songs of the Sixties
Song: Most weeks on chart
Artist: The Top 25 Artists for each year
Artist: The Top 50 Artists of the Sixties
Artist: Most Hits
Artist: Most weeks on chart

And a bonus:
A top 5 week by week listing for the whole sixties era (January 7 1960 to December 25 1969 - 521 weeks).

Book cover can be seen on Facebook by searching ‘New Zealand Top 20 Singles of the Sixties’. It will also appear on Trademe soon.

Price $25 + Postage ($5 nationwide).
Wow, that looks amazing Was. Great work!
no sign of the cover of FB, can you provide a link for us overseas'ers to have a look at.
International Packing and postage is:
Australia $NZ10
USA / Canada / Europe $$NZ18.50

The cover looks great Warwick. Congratulations on a great book. Hope it sells well
Hi Warwick, I'm really excited about your new book, I can't wait to buy a copy, I'd be interested to see how it compares to the charts Tempest has been doing for the past 3 or 4 years.


Hello John, My book differs in that it has been created by combining all the charts that I have been able to get my claws on. Each and every week had different charts produced from various sources. These charts were put into a computer (A variety of programs I wrote in Dbase) and given points for each songs positions on each chart to create that week's overall top 20. This was done for every week. I'll do an example without putting in every song and position. Let's say October 3 1963.
For this week I have charts from: Three radio stations, a magazine, The Lever hit parade and a chart called 'Free and Easy'. These varied from top 8 to top 20. Without having to put large amount of details up, I am only showing the top 3 from each, for that particular week:

4 2 1 My Boyfriends Back - ANGELS ( 5 )
6 3 2 Just One Look. - Doris TROY ( 6 )
5 4 3 Wipe Out - SAFARIS ( 5 )

20 10 1 My Boyfriends Back - ANGELS ( 3 )
10 1 2 Wipe Out - SAFARIS ( 4 )
- 17 3 Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah! - Allan SHERMAN ( 2 )

2 1 1 Wipe Out - SAFARIS ( 4 )
4 2 2 Blowin' In The Wind - PETER, PAUL and MARY ( 3 )
- 5 3 Those Lazy-Hazy-Crazy Days Of Summer - Nat 'King' COLE ( 2 )

4 2 1 Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah! - Allan SHERMAN ( 3 )
6 5 2 If I Had A Hammer - Trini LOPEZ ( 3 )
- - 3 She Love's You - BEATLES ( 1 )

12 1 1 Blowin' In The Wind - PETER PAUL and MARY ( 4 )
15 6 2 Wipe Out - SAFARIS ( 3 )
6 4 3 Sweets For My Sweet - SEARCHERS ( 5 )

1 1 1 George The Wild(er) Colonial BOY - Howard MORRISON QUARTET ( 3 )
11 3 2 Blowin' In The Wind - PETER, PAUL and MARY ( 3 )
12 4 3 Wipe Out - SAFARIS ( 3 )

Which produced the following 'National' chart for that week:
2 1 1 Wipe Out - SAFARIS ( 5 )
8 2 2 My Boyfriend's Back - ANGELS ( 5 )
5 4 3 Blowin' In The Wind - PETER, PAUL and MARY ( 7 )
1 3 4 Sweets For My Sweet - SEARCHERS ( 8 )
18 8 5 If I Had A Hammer - Trini LOPEZ ( 3 )
- 14 6 Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah! - Allan SHERMAN ( 2 )
13 5 7 I Want To Stay Here - Steve LAWRENCE and EYDIE GORME ( 4 )
3 6 8 George The Wild(er) Colonial BOY - Howard MORRISON QUARTET ( 8 )
17 13 9 Bad To Me - Billy J. KRAMER ( 3 )
- - 10 She Love's You - BEATLES ( 1 )
- 10 11 Those Lazy-Hazy-Crazy Days Of Summer - Nat 'King' COLE ( 2 )
10 - 12 Memphis - Lonnie MACK ( 5 )
- 17 13 I'm Telling You Now - FREDDIE and the DREAMERS ( 2 )
7 7 14 55 Days At Peking - Kenny BALL and his JAZZMEN ( 5 )
- - 15 Just One Look - Doris TROY ( 1 )
- 19 16 Bombora - ATLANTICS ( 2 )
- - 17 Surf City - JAN and DEAN ( 7 )
- - 18 Hey Girl - Freddie SCOTT ( 1 )
4 9 19 Lucky Lips - Cliff RICHARD and the SHADOWS ( 10 )
15 16 20 I Love You Because - Al MARTINO ( 8 )

You can probably guess that this took a hell of a long time (and you'd be right). I started this venture way back in 1993 when I found the lever charts. I would hate to guess the hours I have spent on it (It would be over a 1000!). To get this in perspective, at the beginning of 2014 after toiling around for years beforehand, I pledged to have it out by Christmas 2014...yeah right. I'm not in it for the money, I'd be lucky to get my printing costs back (That would be a bonus). Without trying to put in a sales pitch here, I'm sure you'd like it. The statistics (Most hits, top artists etc - see my blurb) are a must.

Orders can be sent to my e-mail address (See my profile). I take cash, bank-transfer and I have Paypal.
To clarify costs
Book $25 (NZ dollars)
Pack and postage (anywhere in NZ via NZ post) $5

International Packing and postage is:
Australia $NZ10
USA / Canada / Europe $$NZ18.50

Others...please ask.


It seems to be a great book, but there are only weekly Top 5 charts inside. So how can we ever get your weekly Top 20 charts from january 1960 - march 1966 ? I think these charts are very important for many music and chartfans, because they might give the best possible overview. The Lever Hitparade is really confusing, not very credible and sometimes different (flavour-steve kohler/tempest).


Yes Johnny the Lever charts are really confusing but that's what we were given back then. That's why we say before 1966 there were no credible charts (with the exception of the short lived Playdate Chart in mid 1960 which was sales based). If nothing else they document what we were listening to at the time. We are all on the same page with you on that one.
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Johnnyguitar..the book is in fact based on top 20 charts. I have only placed the top 5 in the book for a couple of reasons. If I put up these top 20 charts up now , I won't sell many books, but also it uses up a hell of a lot more pages, making the book a lot more expensive to print therefore uneconomical to sell. In time they'll become available.
Just received a copy of Warwick's book. It's very good. Covers the whole of the sixties. Highly recommend it.
Hi Tempest, I'm thinking of buying a copy of Warwick's book, how does it compare to the charts you've been doing and Dean's book?


Hi Tempest, I'm thinking of buying a copy of Warwick's book, how does it compare to the charts you've been doing and Dean's book?


Hi John.
I've just compared a random selection of charts from 1962 and 1968. In answer to your question the harts I have posted don't appear to be the same ones in Warwickshire book. He will be able to tell you more. Having said that, it's still a very good book.
Hi Warwick, thanks for your reply, I'm really looking forward to buying a copy of your book.

As I live in Australia will you except a "Money Order" or "Bank cheque"?


Hi, I have Paypal. That's the easiest if you have it. If not, one of your other options is OK. Which part of Oz are you in. I have a step-son in Parrammatta (Sydney) and a couple of my real sons in Wynnum and Alexandra Hills Brisbane. If close, I can post to them. You can pay them cash and leave me to wrestle it off them. Let me know what is best.
Hi Warwick, everything is up in the air at the moment here as we might be moving in the New Year, I'll let you know when everything settles down.


He is unsure, it seems he don´t trust warwick. And shipping from Nz to Oz will not last months, except using a rubber dinghy
Hi Sissy, I don't want to appear to be rude, It's not that I don't trust Warwick, it's just that I have a some personal issues to deal with at the moment and I can buy the book anytime I want.

Browsing my copy now. A very interesting collection. Thanks, Warwick.
I did a two-hour 'live' interview on a Southern Melbourne Radio station before Christmas on my book. The good thing (for me anyway) was I got to choose the playlist myself!
Download Link: https://www.sendspace.com/file/6xzq88
It's a Zip file in 8 parts.

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