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May is here again and that brings another New Zealand Music Month.
As I've done in previous years, I'll be tabulating a special chart based on points for singles and albums. There won't be a compilation chart this year as that found its demise last year. In place of that I will post a Te Reo Singles chart instead.
Leading up to that, here's some historic charts with only kiwis left in the mix.
September 15, 1972
This WeekLast Week# WeeksTitle/ArtistPeak
118Holy Morning - The Rumour1(7)
2213Carolina - Creation1(4)
323Don't Let Me Lose You - Ray Woolf2
4NEW1Love Is Bigger Than The Whole Wide World - Hearband4

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Here's a couple of archived charts from 1982:

SINGLES CHART May 23, 1982
This WeekLast Week# WeeksTitle/ArtistPeak
115Dirty Creature - Split Enz1(5)
2NEW1Great Sounds Great (EP) - The Clean2
3NEW1Maoris On 45 - The Consorts3
434No Fool Like A Old Fool - Jodi Vaughan & Brendan Dugan3
5219How Great Thou Art - Howard Morrison1(13)
657Heading For The Top - Ray Woolf and the World Cup Squad3
7621Boodle Boodle Boodle (EP) - The Clean1(2)
843Devil Or Angel - John Rowles4
973The Devil You Know - DD Smash5
1082May God Go With You - Eddie Low8

ALBUMS CHART August 1, 1982
This WeekLast Week# WeeksTitle/ArtistPeak
1114Time And Tide - Split Enz1(13)
235So You Wanna Be A Rock'N'Roll Star - Th' Dudes2
325Serenade - Anthony Benfell2
4512Fairweather Friends - Brendan Dugan & Jodi Vaughan3
5612Another Chapter - John Rowles2
6RE14Cool Bananas - DD Smash1(1)

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Here's a couple of charts from 1992:

SINGLES CHART June 28, 1992
This WeekLast Week# WeeksTitle/ArtistPeak
116Donda Esta La Polle - Headless Chickens1(2)
2NEW1Male Monster From The Id - The Chills2
346Fish Across Face - Head Like A Hole1(3)
422Sink Like A Stone - The Exponents2
5NEW1Isabelle - Greg Johnson Set5
6NEW1Get Down Tonight - David Parker6
762Dominion Road - The Mutton Birds6

ALBUMS CHART October 25, 1992
This WeekLast Week# WeeksTitle/ArtistPeak
1NEW1Moonlight And Roses - Patsy Riggir1(1)
219The Mutton Birds - The Mutton Birds1(8)
325It's My Sin - Jan Hellriegel2
434Chameleon Dreams - Margaret Urlich3
5415Kantuta - Kantuta2
6NEW1Music Of The Night - Sir Howard Morrison6

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Here's a couple of charts from 2002:

SINGLES CHART October 25, 2002
This WeekLast Week# WeeksTitle/ArtistPeak
1113Get Some Sleep - Bic Runga1(7)
237Alright With Me (Taking It Easy) - Carly Binding2
3215Falling In Love Again - Anika Moa1(2)
4NEW1Giddy Up - Katchafire4
568Comfort Me - Pacifier5
654A Lifetime Left To Wait - K'Lee5

ALBUMS CHART September 8, 2002
This WeekLast Week# WeeksTitle/ArtistPeak
129Beautiful Collision - Bic Runga1(8)
212Pacifier - Pacifier1(1)
3314The Greatest - Prince Tui Teka1(5)
443Outside The Dub Plates - Salmonella Dub2
5644Navigator - Che Fu1(4)
6538Thinking Room - Anika Moa1(4)
7834Good - Goodshirt1(1)
81033Communicate - The Feelers1(2)
994Primary - Rubicon3
10748Inside The Dub Plates - Salmonella Dub 1(4)
7413Fishing For Lisa - The Feelers3

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