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Psychedelic Furs Heartbreak Beat 1986 08/02/1987 23 6
Psychedelic Furs Heaven 1984 24/06/1984 41 1
Psych Onation Livin' Dead        
Psyche 11th Hour        
Psyche 13        
Psyche 15 Minutes        
Psyche Absolute        
Psyche Alone With A Gun        
Psyche Angel Lies Sleeping        
Psyche Belong To You        
Psyche Black Panther        
Psyche Blind        
Psyche Bloodcurse        
Psyche Brain Collapse        
Psyche Broken Heart        
Psyche Buried Alive        
Psyche Cathedral        
Psyche Caught In The Act        
Psyche Children Carry Knives        
Psyche Crucible 28        
Psyche Damaged Soul        
Psyche Defenseless        
Psyche Destiny        
Psyche Disorder        
Psyche Dreaming My World        
Psyche Dreamstreet        
Psyche Drowning Pool        
Psyche Eating Violins        
Psyche Ecstasy        
Psyche Edge Of 17        
Psyche Elements 1990      
Psyche Eleven        
Psyche Equinoxe        
Psyche Eternal        
Psyche Every Kiss I'm Dying        
Psyche Exhale        
Psyche Fallen Star        
Psyche Final Destination        
Psyche Freaks!        
Psyche Ghost        
Psyche Ghost Child        
Psyche Gods And Monsters        
Psyche Goodbye Horses        
Psyche Guilt        
Psyche Haunted        
Psyche Hypnotized        
Psyche If You Believe        
Psyche Illusion        
Psyche Imaginary Life        
Psyche Insatiable        
Psyche Insecurity        
Psyche Justice And Damnation        
Psyche Land Of Broken Promises        
Psyche Lonely One        
Psyche Looking Glass        
Psyche Lord Unleashed        
Psyche Lost Innocence        
Psyche Love Is A Dangerous Game        
Psyche Love Is A Mystery        
Psyche Love Is A Winter        
Psyche Maggots        
Psyche Make No Mistake        
Psyche Memento        
Psyche Misery        
Psyche Misery's Return        
Psyche Murder In Your Love        
Psyche My Eyeball Ooze        
Psyche Nightwalk Theme        
Psyche Nobody Superstar        
Psyche Nocturnal Passenger        
Psyche On The Edge        
Psyche One Last Kiss        
Psyche Peepshow        
Psyche Prisoner To Desire        
Psyche Psyche Theme        
Psyche Remember        
Psyche Renegades        
Psyche Ride On        
Psyche Sacrament        
Psyche Salvation Stranger        
Psyche Sanctuary        
Psyche Screamin' Machine        
Psyche Searching        
Psyche September Moon        
Psyche Silence Was A Melody        
Psyche Skywalking        
Psyche Snow Garden        
Psyche Solitude        
Psyche Sorrow        
Psyche Speak Tex Program        
Psyche Stay By Me        
Psyche Stormtrooper        
Psyche Suspicion        
Psyche Taking Chances        
Psyche Tears        
Psyche Teeth And Claws        
Psyche The Belonging Kind        
Psyche The Beyond        
Psyche The Dark Pool        
Psyche The Game        
Psyche The Hiding Place        
Psyche The Hurting        

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