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The The Dogs Of Lust 1993 14/02/1993 16 7
The The Gravitate To Me 1989 27/08/1989 27 1
The The Perfect 1983 27/11/1983 19 3
The The Sweet Bird Of Truth 1986 05/10/1986 19 11
The The The Beat(en) Generation 1989 21/05/1989 4 12
The "The Wall" Company The Tide Is Turning 1990      
The The Angel 1989      
The The Angels Of Deception 1986      
The The Armageddon Days Are Here (Again) 1989      
The The August & September 1989      
The The Beyond Love 1989      
The The Bluer Than Midnight 1993      
The The Born In The New S.A. 1986      
The The Cold Spell Ahead 1992      
The The Controversial Subject 1980      
The The December Sunlight (Cried Out)        
The The Deep Down Truth        
The The Dis-infected EP        
The The Disturbed 1986      
The The Dolphins 1991      
The The Giant 1983      
The The Good Morning Beautiful 1989      
The The Harbour Lights 1986      
The The Heartland 1986      
The The Helpline Operator 1993      
The The Honky Tonkin' 1994      
The The Hot Ice 1992      
The The I Can't Escape From You 1994      
The The I Can't Get You Off Of My Mind 1994      
The The I Saw The Light 1994      
The The If You'll Be A Baby To Me 1994      
The The I'm A Long Gone Daddy 1994      
The The Infected 1986      
The The I've Been Waiting For Tomorrow (All Of My Life) 1983      
The The Jealous Of Youth 1991      
The The Kingdom Of Rain 1989      
The The Lonely Planet 1993      
The The Love Is Stronger Than Death 1993      
The The Lung Shadows 1993      
The The My Heart Would Know 1994      
The The Out Of The Blue 1986      
The The Pillar Box Red        
The The Shades Of Blue 1991      
The The Shades Of Blue (EP)        
The The Shrunken Man        
The The Six More Miles 1994      
The The Slow Emotion Replay 1993      
The The Slow Train To Dawn 1986      
The The Sodium Light Baby 1993      
The The Solitude 1991      
The The Soul Mining 1983      
The The That Was The Day        
The The The Mercy Beat 1986      
The The The Sinking Feeling 1983      
The The The Twilight Hour 1983      
The The The Violence Of Truth 1989      
The The There's A Tear In My Beer 1994      
The The This Is The Day 1983      
The The This Is The Night 1993      
The The Three Orange Kisses From Kazan 1982      
The The True Happiness This Way Lies 1993      
The The Twilight Of A Champion 1986      
The The Uncertain Smile 1982      
The The We Can't Stop What's Coming        
The The Weary Blues From Waitin' 1994      
The The Your Cheatin' Heart 1994      
The Thelonious Monk Quartet Evidence 1948      
The Thelonious Monk Trio Ruby My Dear 1947      
The Thermals A Passing Feeling 2003      
The Thermals A Pillar Of Salt 2006      
The Thermals A Stare Like Yours 2004      
The Thermals An Ear For Baby 2006      
The Thermals An Endless Supply 2003      
The Thermals At The Bottom Of The Sea 2009      
The Thermals Back To Gray 2003      
The Thermals Back To The Sea 2006      
The Thermals Ballad Of Big Nothing        
The Thermals Born Dead 2003      
The Thermals Born To Kill        
The Thermals Brace And Break 2003      
The Thermals Canada        
The Thermals End To Begin 2004      
The Thermals Every Stitch 2004      
The Thermals Forward 2004      
The Thermals God And Country 2004      
The Thermals Goddamn The Light 2003      
The Thermals Here's Your Future 2006      
The Thermals Hey You        
The Thermals How We Fade 2009      
The Thermals How We Know 2004      
The Thermals I Called Out Your Name 2009      
The Thermals I Don't Believe You 2010      
The Thermals I Hold The Sound 2006      
The Thermals I Know The Pattern 2003      
The Thermals I Let It Go 2009      
The Thermals I Need You To Kill 2006      
The Thermals It's Trivia 2003      
The Thermals Keep Time 2004      
The Thermals Let Your Earth Quake, Baby 2004      
The Thermals Liquid In, Liquid Out 2009      
The Thermals My Heart Went Cold        
The Thermals My Little Machine 2003      
The Thermals Never Listen To Me        
The Thermals No Culture Icons 2003      
The Thermals Not Like Any Other Feeling        

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