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The Cure A Forest 1980 27/07/1980 38 7
The Cure A Letter To Elise 1992 15/11/1992 13 3
The Cure Boys Don't Cry 1979 27/04/1980 10 18
The Cure Charlotte Sometimes 1981 21/03/1982 31 6
The Cure Close To Me 1985 01/12/1985 27 9
The Cure Friday I'm In Love 1992 31/05/1992 7 15
The Cure High 1992 05/04/1992 4 13
The Cure In Between Days 1985 22/09/1985 15 11
The Cure Just Like Heaven 1987 15/11/1987 31 4
The Cure Let's Go To Bed 1982 17/07/1983 17 12
The Cure Lovesong 1989 08/10/1989 39 4
The Cure Lullaby 1989 11/06/1989 7 8
The Cure Never Enough 1990 28/10/1990 11 11
The Cure Primary 1981 03/05/1981 29 13
The Cure The 13th 1996 02/06/1996 37 1
The Cure The Lovecats 1983 12/02/1984 23 10
The Cure Why Can't I Be You? 1987 05/07/1987 16 7
The Cure Wrong Number 1997 07/12/1997 43 1
1, 2, 3 Little Cure        
Aaron Neville Ain't No Cure For Love 1995      
Adem [UK] To Cure A Weakling Child + Boy/Girl Song 2008      
Aimee Mann I'm Cured        
Al Jolson / Sybil Jason / Edward Everett Morton / Allen Jenkins You're The Cure For All That Ails Me        
Ane Brun Ain't No Cure For Love 2009      
Annabel Lamb No Cure 1983      
Annie Cordy La bonne du curé 1974      
Aphex Twin To Cure A Weakling Child 1997      
Ashford & Simpson Found A Cure 1979      
atb and Jes Hard To Cure 2014      
Bananarama Ain't No Cure 1991      
Beacon Cure        
Ben Miller Band Mississippi Cure 2018      
Ben Saunders No Cure 2012      
Bill Black's Combo Sugar Cured        
Billy Talent Cure For The Enemy 2012      
Blank + Jones sung by Bernard Sumner Miracle Cure 2008      
Blind [90] No Day - No Cure 1992      
Blonde Redhead A Cure        
Blue Ruin The Cure        
Bon Jovi Ain't No Cure For Love 2000      
Bonnie Raitt Cure For Love 1998      
Boots C.U.R.E. 2015      
Boots [US] C.U.R.E.        
Boys Don't Cry The Cure 1987      
Bram Tchaikovsky Miracle Cure 1981      
Browning Bryant Cure My Blues 1974      
By The End Of Tonight We Are The Cure For Blinking Lights!        
Cab Calloway You're The Cure For What Ails Me 1936      
Castanets What Kind Of Cure        
Catastrophe & Cure Blank Spots        
Catastrophe & Cure Bones 2015      
Catastrophe & Cure Debbie Debris 2017      
Catastrophe & Cure Like Crazy Doves        
Catastrophe & Cure Shipwreck 2012      
Catastrophe & Cure The Shore        
Catastrophe & Cure Undeniable / Irresistible 2015      
Catatonia I'm Cured 1998      
Ce'Loy feat. Bruno Sanchioni The Cure 2015      
Chambre Choir Miracle Cure 1972      
Children Come On Love Can Cure Me Now        
Christophe Mali Le curé de ma chapelle 2006      
Chuzzlewit Cure For Migraines 1998      
Cinderella Sick For The Cure 1990      
Clawfinger The Cure & The Poison 2007      
Cold Cure My Tragedy (A Letter To God)        
Collin Raye Nothin' A Little Love Won't Cure 1994      
Colonel Reyel feat. Jah Cure Keep It Righteous 2012      
Country Joe McDonald Sure Cure For The Blues 1979      
Cubanate Kill Or Cure        
Dancing With Lucy Cure For Love 1989      
Dangerous Toys Cure The Sane 1995      
Das Ich Curettage        
David Charvet Cure For Love 2002      
Dead Letter Circus The Cure 2013      
Dell Vaughn With The Fortune Aires A Cure For Love        
Dickie Pride Fabulous Cure        
DíSA Cure        
Doctors Of Madness Mitzi's Cure 1976      
Dramarama Swallowed Your Cure        
Eartha Kitt There Is No Cure For L'Amour 1956      
Eels Cancer For The Cure 1998      
El Pino & The Volunteers There's No Cure For Stupidity        
Elisa Jo Something You May Cure 2013      
Emika What's The Cure 2015      
End Of Green Cure My Pain        
Engelbert Nothing A Little Love Won't Cure 2003      
Entwine Bleeding For The Cure        
Explosions In The Sky Catastrophe And The Cure 2006      
Fat Dog "Puppy" & Mister Cosmic "Cosmic Cleaner" La bonne du curé 2006      
Ferdi Lancee No Cure For Rock And Roll 1985      
Fish Go Deep feat. Tracey K The Cure & The Cause 2006      
Florence No Cure No Pay 1988      
FM [UK] Ain't No Cure For Love 1995      
François Deguelt Être curé à la campagne        
Frankie Sal Fabulous Cure        
Fugazi Give Me The Cure 1988      
Gilby Clarke feat. Slash Cure Me... Or Kill Me...        
Golden Smog Cure For This 2006      
Gretchen Peters The Cure For The Pain        
Hardcore Superstar We Don't Need A Cure 2011      
Hardrive No Cure 1995      
Hercules & Love Affair feat. Gustaph My Curse & Cure 2017      
Hills Of Kings Cure 2013      
Hugo [Hugo Chakra] Sweetest Cure 2011      
Idle Cure Where Is The Love        
Idle Cure Who Cries For Me        
Ilanit The Cure 1991      
India.Arie feat. Sezen Aksu The Cure 2008      
Ironhorse There Ain't No Cure 1979      
Jacques Boyer Le petit curé        
Jah Cure All Of Me        
Jah Cure Before I Leave        
Jah Cure Green Grass        
Jah Cure Jah Bless Me        
Jah Cure Life We Live        
Jah Cure Love Is The Solution        
Jah Cure Nothing Is Impossible        
Jah Cure Rasta        

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