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Walter Egan Magnet And Steel 1978 08/10/1978 7 11
Gemma Hayes & Richard Egan The Christmas Song        
Joe Egan A Little Bit Of Magic 1981      
Joe Egan Ask For No Favors 1979      
Joe Egan Back On The Road 1979      
Joe Egan Diamonds 1981      
Joe Egan Freeze 1979      
Joe Egan Frontline 1981      
Joe Egan Heat Of The Moment 1981      
Joe Egan Leaving It All Behind 1979      
Joe Egan Maker On The Make 1981      
Joe Egan Miss Match 1981      
Joe Egan My Mama Told Me 1979      
Joe Egan Natural High 1979      
Joe Egan No Time For Sorrow 1979      
Joe Egan Out Of Nowhere 1979      
Joe Egan Price Of Love 1981      
Joe Egan Pride 1979      
Joe Egan Stay As You Are 1981      
Joe Egan Suvivor 1981      
Joe Egan Tell Me All About It 1981      
Joe Egan The Last Farewell 1979      
Joe Egan Why Let It Bother You 1979      
Jordan Egan Easy For An Angel        
Kian Egan Here Without You 2014      
Kian Egan Home 2014      
Kian Egan I'll Be 2014      
Kian Egan I'm Ready 2014      
Kian Egan Not A Day Goes By 2014      
Kian Egan Run To You 2014      
Kian Egan The Reason 2014      
Kian Egan Waiting For Superman 2014      
Kian Egan Wanted 2014      
Kian Egan What Hurts The Most 2014      
Kian Egan & Jodi Albert I Run To You 2014      
Louise Egan The One More Song        
Niamh Egan You're The One        
Ronski Speed feat. Elisabeth Egan Reflection 2017      
Ryan Egan Finest Hour        
Ryan Egan Restoration        
Susan Egan and Cheryl Freeman, LaChanze, Vaneese Thomas and Lillias White I Won't Say (I'm In Love) 1997      
Walter Egan Animal Lovers 1983      
Walter Egan Baby, Let's Runaway 1980      
Walter Egan Bad Attitude 1980      
Walter Egan Bad News T.F. 1979      
Walter Egan Bad News Travels Fast 1980      
Walter Egan Chaminade 1980      
Walter Egan Drive Away 1979      
Walter Egan Fall For You 1980      
Walter Egan Feel So Good 1977      
Walter Egan Finally Find A Girlfriend 1978      
Walter Egan First Date, Last Date 1980      
Walter Egan Fool Moon Fire 1983      
Walter Egan Girl Next Door 1983      
Walter Egan Heart 1980      
Walter Egan HiFi Love 1979      
Walter Egan Hot Summer Nights 1978      
Walter Egan Hurt Again 1979      
Walter Egan I Can't Wait 1979      
Walter Egan I Do 1979      
Walter Egan I Wannit 1978      
Walter Egan I'd Rather Have Fun 1977      
Walter Egan I'll Be There 1983      
Walter Egan Just The Wanting 1978      
Walter Egan Like No Other One 1983      
Walter Egan Like You Do 1979      
Walter Egan Little Miss, It's You 1979      
Walter Egan Love At Last 1979      
Walter Egan Make It Alone 1978      
Walter Egan Man B. Goode 1979      
Walter Egan Maybe, Maybe 1983      
Walter Egan Motel Broken Hearts 1980      
Walter Egan Only The Lucky 1977      
Walter Egan She's So Tough 1977      
Walter Egan Star In The Dust 1978      
Walter Egan Star Of My Heart 1983      
Walter Egan Stay All Night 1983      
Walter Egan Such A Shame 1983      
Walter Egan Surfin' And Drivin' 1977      
Walter Egan Sweet South 1978      
Walter Egan Tammy Ann 1983      
Walter Egan That's That 1979      
Walter Egan The Blonde In The Blue T-Bird 1978      
Walter Egan Too Much Love 1983      
Walter Egan Tuesday Weld 1980      
Walter Egan Tunnel O' Love 1977      
Walter Egan Unloved 1978      
Walter Egan Waitin' 1977      
Walter Egan Waitin' For The Rain 1980      
Walter Egan When I Get My Wheels 1977      
Walter Egan Where's The Party 1977      
Walter Egan Won't You say You Will 1977      
Walter Egan Y Me? (The Last Stroll) 1980      
Walter Egan Yes I Guess I Am 1977      
Walter Egan You're The One 1979      

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