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Powderfinger My Happiness 2000 21/01/2001 7 23
Powderfinger My Kinda Scene 2000 22/07/2001 41 5
Powderfinger Sunsets 2003 15/02/2004 38 6
Cowboy Junkies Powderfinger 1990      
Neil Young Powderfinger 2017      
Neil Young & Crazy Horse Powderfinger 1979      
Powderfinger (Return Of) The Electric Horseman 1996      
Powderfinger A Fight About Money 2009      
Powderfinger A Song Called Everything 2003      
Powderfinger All Of The Dreamers 2009      
Powderfinger Already Gone 1998      
Powderfinger Awake 2009      
Powderfinger Ballad Of A Dead Man 2007      
Powderfinger Belter 1998      
Powderfinger Black Tears 2007      
Powderfinger Blanket        
Powderfinger Bless My Soul 2004      
Powderfinger Blue EP        
Powderfinger Boing Boing 1996      
Powderfinger Bridle You        
Powderfinger Burn Your Name 2009      
Powderfinger Capoicity 1998      
Powderfinger Celebrity Head 1998      
Powderfinger Change The Ride        
Powderfinger Citadel        
Powderfinger Come Away 1996      
Powderfinger Corner Boy 1998      
Powderfinger D.A.F. 1996      
Powderfinger Don't Panic 2003      
Powderfinger Don't Wanna Be Left Out 1998      
Powderfinger Don't Wanna Be Left Out / Good-Day Ray 1998      
Powderfinger Down By The Dam 2007      
Powderfinger DPS (Everbody's Cool) 1998      
Powderfinger Drake        
Powderfinger Drifting Further Away 2007      
Powderfinger El camino de la muerte 2009      
Powderfinger Empty Space        
Powderfinger Fathers' Pyramid        
Powderfinger Give 1996      
Powderfinger Glimpse 1996      
Powderfinger Glory Box        
Powderfinger Golden Rule 2009      
Powderfinger Good-Day Ray 1998      
Powderfinger Grave Concern        
Powderfinger Hard Luck Dave 2004      
Powderfinger Head Up In The Clouds 2007      
Powderfinger Here Comes The Sadist        
Powderfinger Hindley Street 1998      
Powderfinger How Far Have We Really Come 2003      
Powderfinger Hurried Bloom        
Powderfinger I Don't Remember 2007      
Powderfinger Iberian Dream 2009      
Powderfinger I'm On Your Side        
Powderfinger Ironical 1998      
Powderfinger JC 1996      
Powderfinger Jewel 2009      
Powderfinger Lemon Sunrise 1998      
Powderfinger Like A Dog 2000      
Powderfinger Living Type 1996      
Powderfinger Long Way To Go 2007      
Powderfinger Lost And Running 2007      
Powderfinger Love Your Way 2003      
Powderfinger Maxwell's Great Mistake 1999      
Powderfinger Mr. Kneebone (EP)        
Powderfinger Namaste        
Powderfinger Nature Boy 2000      
Powderfinger Nobody Sees 2007      
Powderfinger Number Of The Beast 2001      
Powderfinger Odyssey #3 2001      
Powderfinger Odyssey #5 2000      
Powderfinger Oipic 1996      
Powderfinger On My Mind 2003      
Powderfinger One More Kiss As You Fly Away        
Powderfinger Over My Head 1998      
Powderfinger Passenger 1998      
Powderfinger Paul's Theme 1998      
Powderfinger Pick You Up 1996      
Powderfinger Pockets 2003      
Powderfinger Poison In Your Mind 2009      
Powderfinger Polley 1998      
Powderfinger Private Man 1998      
Powderfinger Process This 2004      
Powderfinger Reap What You Sow        
Powderfinger Rocket Reducer No.62 (Rama Lama Fa Fa Fa) 2004      
Powderfinger Rockin' Rocks 2003      
Powderfinger Roll Right By You 2003      
Powderfinger Sacrifice (Black Jack)        
Powderfinger Sail The Wildest Stretch 2009      
Powderfinger Save Your Skin        
Powderfinger See Me Coming 2009      
Powderfinger See You Again 2009      
Powderfinger Silver Bullet        
Powderfinger Since You've Been Gone 2003      
Powderfinger Sink Low 2004      
Powderfinger Skinny Jean 1996      
Powderfinger Solution        
Powderfinger Sorrow        
Powderfinger SS 1996      
Powderfinger Stand Yourself 2009      
Powderfinger Stitches        
Powderfinger Stumblin' 2003      
Powderfinger Surviving 2007      
Powderfinger Swollen Tongue        

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