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Entry:09/06/2014 (Position 38)
Last week in charts:29/09/2014 (Position 27)
Peak:14 (1 weeks)
Place on best of all time:2795 (396 points)
Music/Lyrics:Nolan Lambroza
Nasri Atweh
Adam Messinger
Solo Tohi
Lukas Bellesini
John Pearce
Samson Andah
Nic Martin
Producer:Nasri Atweh
Nic Martin
Nolan Lambroza
DNA Songs
World wide:
au  Peak: 1 / weeks: 24
nz  Peak: 14 / weeks: 16

Sony -
Sony 88843064522

Digital Sony - (Sony)
1. Que sera
CD-Single Sony 88843064522 (Sony) / EAN 0888430645226
1. Que sera
2. Que sera (Karaoke Mix)

3:30Que seraSony
3:30Que seraSony
Karaoke Mix3:30Que seraSony
3:31So Fresh: The Hits Of Winter 2014Universal
3:32The Dome - Summer 2014Sony
88843 01414 2
Mind Electric Remix4:48Now Fitness 2014Universal
3:31Nova - The Hits Of 2014Sony
3:32Live By The WordsSony
3:33So Fresh - 15 Years Of The Greatest HitsUniversal
Justice CrewJustice Crew: Discography / Become a fan

Boom Boom13/08/2012322
Best Night14/01/2013245
Que sera09/06/20141416
Always Been Real
And Then We Dance
Best Night
Boom Boom
Come Closer
Dance With Me (Justice Crew feat. Flo Rida)
Friday To Sunday
Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now) (Justice Crew feat. Bonnie Anderson)
Good Time
Happy (Justice Crew & The X Factor Top 6)
I Am Australian (Dami Im, Jessica Mauboy, Justice Crew, Nathaniel, Samantha Jade & Taylor Henderson feat. John Foreman)
I Love My Life
Life's A Party
Que sera
Ride Until The Sun
Rise & Fall
Sexy And You Know It
Where You From? (Beau Ryan feat. Justice Crew)
Live By The Words
Average points: 2.48 (Reviews: 27)
Another shocking attempt at music. It's something different from them lyric wise but still pretty shit
Okay so I did like this on first listen and I thought it was their best, but further listens and I realised that it's not good at all. In juxtaposition with their other tracks it's somewhat of a nice change, but it's still generic (albeit in a different way) and "Boom Boom" and "Everybody" (plus maybe one or two others as well) are better. Although the "change" has since been made redundant since the next single is basically the same style and they've hinted at more tracks like this, god help us. The breakdown after the first chorus is bad and the way it's slotted in so awkwardly and haphazard is horrendous. The chorus was very catchy at first, but it gets tiring hearing it 7 times in one sitting. The verses are the definition of filler and the beat is just bland too. I like it more than I should and want to, but it still disgusts me that this spent so long at #1, as it's not very memorable or going to be a classic so it's not at all justifiable for me. Also almost every song that was in the top 5 behind when it was #1 was so much better. Justice Crew are terrible and are not worthy of one #1 hit, let alone two and I wish their music career would just die already.
Last edited: 24.01.2015 11:40
Quite a decent effort this time around.

Still a better theme song for MKR than 'Best Night' though :P
Pittsburgh is filling the role of Written In The Stars for this year JC, so you really could have delivered better verses. That's actually somewhat unfair, since the Que Sera verses are much better than the WITS verses, but they are completely overshadowed by that incredibly catchy and enjoyable chorus which I love.
Justice Crew are a group I've always been indecisive with when deciding whether I like them or not.

They started off with "And Then We Dance", which a lot or reviewers here highly disliked, but in all I didn't mind it.

They followed it up with "Friday To Sunday", by far and away their best for me.

On this high, I thought they'd be a group I would like, despite having no knowledge of their background (other than them really being dancers than singers) or how they came to even achieve exposure to the public eye.

Then came the crappy "Boom Boom". Being their most boring and generic song of all from them for me, this didn't have any appeal. The music was actually more painful than anything to listen to. The fact it hit #1 in the charts further infuriated me, and made me realise how little effort you needed to put into a song for people to buy it and for it to become popular.

Following this up came the somewhat likeable "Best Night" and the extraordinarily average effort "Everybody".

Taking this into consideration, they've been a bit up-and-down for me, and the fact they've experienced their only top 10 hits with their worst charting songs isn't pleasant.

We might as well add this to the list of mediocre top 10 songs as well, as with its outstanding #1 lead on iTunes, it's sure to land a prime chart position, despite its obvious lack of quality.

The production is fine, which is really the only thing holding up most of Justice Crew's music anyway, and the verses are bearable. But the chorus drags down this song significantly. It just sounds like something torn right out of some failed inspirational song that I can see giving me the shits with more listens of it with its inevitable mainstream radio prevalence and constant promotion.

Also, being the song on the "My Kitchen Rules" ad isn't helping its cause either, as I avidly dislike the show.

By the way, the saying isn't "que sera" either. It's "que sera sera", meaning "what will be, will be". You can't just alter the saying for expediency. But it is Justice Crew after all, so I'm sure their care for linguistics in any language is very little.

Despite its average-ness, let's hope for a short chart-run, and a quick exit for this song. We don't need any more of these types of average songs latching on to our #1 position. Let's leave the #1 position for quality songs. It's easier said than done though.

In the end, though, "que sera sera", and unfortunately, there's little I can do about it.
Yuck. I can't believe this overplayed piece of dirt had the run it had, especially when it had "Problem" sitting behind it at #2.
Last edited: 21.05.2016 04:23
war doch ein wenig überrascht als ich sah das dieser Song in Down under auf der #1 der itunes steht!

So schlecht ists sicherlich nicht, aber auch nichts was Bäume ausreisst und die #1 hätten sie, meiner Meinung nach nciht verdient, nicht mit diesem Song...4*-
This is awfully familiar sounding to another song but I can't remember what song that was. Anyway, it's decent and actually catchy!
Last edited: 23.11.2014 08:14
Even the shoddy production doesn't really play too much of a part here. It's definitely better than just another tedious party track at least, and if it does anything right, it makes it subtle and inoffensive. That's a start.

Edit: no no it's shoddy
Last edited: 03.11.2014 06:29
TRASH! Only hit #1 because of the promotion of House Rules :@

I don't like how Justice Crew have become singers, because they won Australia's Got Talent simply by doing one thing and that one thing was not singing, it was dancing, and they were bloody good at it! I did like Boom Boom and that was a very good #1 whereas this sounds absolutely atrocious.
Last edited: 29.10.2014 05:38
"Singing la la la la"

der derzeitige Renner an australischen Flatrate-Parties – abgerundete 2.5…
Nette Melodie, gibt eine 4.
Hey Nasri, maybe if you stop writing terrible watered down versions of "Some Nights", then you can see my daughter.
A 3 for now and that's being generous.
The verses aren't great but they are becoming familiar. The chorus is quite strong, but could have been even better with some pitch variation late in the song, which failed to occur. Still enough for a four and their best so far.
I really like the chorus and the beat but the verses (particularly the first verse) are particularly awful.
Last edited: 13.06.2014 00:13
There really is no need to sing the chorus 7 times especially if it's not very interesting. Quite a poor #1 for AUS, it sounds like something you could hear on Eurovision.
1 star
It really isn't that bad, but 9 weeks at the top of the charts might be a stretch for such a failed-inspirational kid's song.
Die Typen sind schon optisch anstrengend - musikalisch dann lieber Doris Day ...
It should be noted that it's mammoth run at the top of the Australian chart was only because of the massive exposure this song had being performed on any and every television show and sporting event and then having it's own TV commercial dedicated to the song itself and to download it on iTunes.

If you take away all the exposure and promotion it probably would have had no more than 4 weeks at the top which would have been reasonable rather than having the honour of being the longest running Australian #1.

I would have given this a better score as I do find it somewhat catchy but the over exposure it got affects the actual score I will give it.
I decided to delete this and then redo my review of this because I don't think what my previous review said reflected my whole opinion of the song.

I instantly hated this and did so quite irrationally. "Happy" and this were the two major blockages of two songs I adore from getting to number one. As soon as this debuted at #1 upon release it pushed "Problem" down from #1 and from there it just got worse. "Problem", "Stolen Dance", then "Waves" (which technically peaked at #3 but had a fair chance of getting to #2), then "Stay High" (same scenario as "Waves") and finally "Chandelier", all songs I love that could have all been the first chart toppers for each artist (for Ariana Grande and Sia I am most disappointed) so obviously that was a major low for it.

Then another thing which has certainly impacted upon this year's number ones and top ten singles, TELEVISION. This would have had two or three weeks at number one tops, but after the advertisements with it obviously that made quite a difference to its chart run. I'm hoping that it continues to drop fast (which would have been its fate in the first place). It's quite ironic actually that it only escaped another fall due to a television performance (which I presume they held off until the finale as they couldn't afford another more expensive artist :o).

But I've decided to be rational on this matter and give positive and negative points on this to justify my opinion. So here goes:

- it's got an okay chorus
- it has a chorus
- kind of okay production
- they don't sound shit (for DANCERS)
- it's the artist's second best after "Boom Boom"

- all stated in the second and third paragraphs
- the chorus is repeated three times (after the bridge which is essentially just the chorus)
- shit video(s, apparently there's two versions {in case it takes off in America [s]which it most certainly won't :P[/s]})
- the verses are basic af, with shitty, overused cliches (it does better at this than "Roar" imo)
- the bridge is the chorus, oh wait I already said that
- "Problem" :(

I think I'll leave it at a 2* anyways. It's still the weakest Australian number one of this year.

Sorry for the long review if you're still reading it :P
Last edited: 18.08.2014 06:14
...Shaalala Down Under - Happy Time for Kids -...
Don't see what you all find so redeemable about this!?!

It's a poor song with cringeworthy lyrics that got 90% of it's sales from 5-11 year old kids that got itunes giftcards for their birthdays. Seeing that it was to bland and unoriginal, the DNA team decided that incorporating some Spanish lyrics will make it more interesting.

Already a poor excuse for music in 2011, Justice Crew have done nothing but go downhill.
What a piece of utter crap
Another No 1 that I can only explain as this. The teens liked them & the Mum's liked them. Hence a shocking song that went to No 1. Problem by Ariane Grande was way better but Mum's probably didn't like her so it got stuck behind this crap.
Fluffiger substanzloser Pop.
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