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Entry:25/10/1992 (Position 36)
Last week in charts:15/11/1992 (Position 47)
Peak:36 (2 weeks)
Place on best of all time:7112 (34 points)
World wide:
ch  Peak: 21 / weeks: 4
de  Peak: 42 / weeks: 10
at  Peak: 22 / weeks: 7
nl  Peak: 31 / weeks: 8
se  Peak: 38 / weeks: 1
no  Peak: 15 / weeks: 3
au  Peak: 41 / weeks: 1
nz  Peak: 36 / weeks: 3

Island 74321 10351 2

CD Island 74321 10351 2 (BMG) / EAN 0743211035125
1. Earth Died Screaming
2. Dirt In The Ground
3. Such A Scream
4. All Stripped Down
5. Who Are You
6. The Ocean Doesn't Want Me
7. Jesus Gonna Be Here
8. Little Rain (For Clyde)
9. In The Colosseum
10. Goin' Out West
11. Murder In The Red Barn
12. Black Wings
13. Whistle Down The Wind
14. I Don't Wanna Grow Up
15. Let Me Get Up On It
16. Tom Waits & Keith Richards - That Feel

25/10/1992: N 36.
01/11/1992: 36.
15/11/1992: R 47.
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Bounced Checks04/10/1981243
Rain Dogs02/02/1986177
Franks Wild Years22/11/1987423
Bone Machine25/10/1992363
Mule Variations16/05/1999364
Bad As Me31/10/2011142
(Looking For) The Heart Of Saturday Night
(Meet Me In) Paradise Alley
16 Shells From A 30.6
9th And Hennepin
A Good Man Is Hard To Find
A Little Rain
A Sight for Sore Eyes
A Sweet Little Bullet From A Pretty Blue Gun
Adios Lounge (Thelonious Monster with Tom Waits)
After You Die
Ain't Goin' Down To The Well
All Stripped Down
All The Time
All The World Is Green
Altar Boy
Annie's Back In Town
Another Man's Vine
Anywhere I Lay My Head
Army Ants
Baby Gonna Leave Me
Baby I'm Not A Baby Anymore (Beatrice Theme)
Back In The Crowd
Back In The Good Old World (Gypsy)
Back In The Old World
Bad As Me
Bad Liver And A Broken Heart
Barber Shop
Bella ciao (Marc Ribot / Tom Waits)
Bend Down The Branches
Better Off Without A Wife
Big Black Mariah
Big Face Money
Big In Japan
Big Joe And Phantom 309
Black Box Theme
Black Market Baby
Black Wings
Blind Love
Blow Wind Blow
Blue Valentines
Bone Chain
Books Of Moses
Bottom Of The World
Bride Of Rain Dog
Broken Bicycles (Tom Waits & Crystal Gayle)
Burma Shave
Buzz Fledderjohn
Candy Apple Red (Tom Waits & Crystal Gayle)
Carnival (Brunello del montalcino)
Carnival Bob's Confession
Cemetery Polka
Chick A Boom
Children's Story
Chocolate Jesus
Christmas Card From A Hooker In Minneapolis
Cinny's Waltz
Circus Girl (Tom Waits & Crystal Gayle)
Clang Boom Steam
Clap Hands
Closing Time
Cold Cold Ground
Cold Water
Come On Up To The House
Coney Island Baby
Crazy About My Baby
Danny Says
Dave The Butcher
Day After Tomorrow
Dead And Lovely
Depot, Depot
Diamonds And Gold
Diamonds On My Windshield
Dirt In The Ground
Dog Door
Dog Treat
Don't Go Into The Barn
Down There By The Train
Down, Down, Down
Downtown Train
Dragging A Dead Priest
Drunk On The Moon
Earth Died Screaming
Eggs And Sausage (In A Cadillac ) (Tom Waits With Susan Michelson)
Eggs And Sausage (In A Cadillac With Susan Michelson)
Emotional Weather Report
Everything Goes To Hell
Everything You Can Think
Eyeball Kid
Face To The Highway
Falling Down
Fannin Street
Filipino Box Spring Hog
First Kiss
Fish & Bird
Fish In The Jailhouse
Flash Pan Hunter
Flash Pan Hunter (Intro)
Flower's Grave
Foreign Affair
Frank's Song
Franks Theme
Frank's Wild Years
Fumblin' With The Blues
Georgia Lee
Get Behind The Mule
Get Lost
Gin Soaked Boy
God's Away On Business
Goin' Out West
Good Old World
Good Old World (Gypsy)
Good Old World (Waltz)
Goodnight Irene
Gospel Train
Gospel Train (Orchestra)
Grapefruit Moon
Green Grass
Gun Street Girl
Hang Down Your Head
Hang On St. Christopher
Heartattack And Vine
Heigh Ho
Hell Broke Luce
Helsinki Mood
Hoist That Rag
Hold On
Home I'll Never Be
House Where Nobody Lives
How's It Gonna End
I Beg You Pardon (Tom Waits & Crystal Gayle)
I Beg Your Pardon
I Can't Wait To Get Off Work
I Don't Wanna Grow Up
I Hope That I Don't Fall In Love With You
I Never Talk To Strangers (Tom Waits with Bette Midler)
I Wish I Was In New Orleans
Ice Cream Man
If I Have To Go
I'll Be Gone
I'll Shoot The Moon
I'll Take New York
I'm Still Here
I'm Your Late Night Evening Prostitute
In Between Love
In Shades
In The Colosseum
In The Neighborhood
Innocent When You Dream
Innocent When You Dream (Barroom)
Instrumental Montage: The Tango / Circus Girl (Tom Waits & Crystal Gayle)
Invitation To The Blues
Is There Any Way Out of This Dream? (Tom Waits & Crystal Gayle)
It's All Right With Me
It's Over
Jack And Neal/California, Here I Come
Jayne's Blue Wish
Jersey Girl
Jesus' Blood Never Failed Me Yet (Gavin Bryars with Tom Waits)
Jesus Gonna Be Here
Jitterbug Boy
Jockey Full Of Bourbon
John The Revelator
Johnsburg, Illinois
Just Another Sucker On The Vine
Just The Right Bullets
Kentucky Avenue
King Kong
Kiss Me
Knife Chase
Last Leaf
Let Me Get Up On It
Lie To Me
Little Boy Blue (Tom Waits & Crystal Gayle)
Little Drop Of Poison
Little Man
Little Rain (For Clyde)
Little Trip To Heaven (On The Wing Of Your Love)
Long Way Home
Lord I've Been Changed
Los Angeles Mood (Chromium Descensions)
Los Angeles Theme (Another Private Dick)
Lost In The Harbour
Lowside Of The Road
Lucky Day
Lucky Day (Overture)
Make It Rain
Metropolitan Glide
Midnight Lullaby
Misery Is The River Of The World
Missing My Son
More Than Rain
Mr. Henry
Mr. Siegal
Murder In The Red Barn
Never Let Go
New Coat Of Paint
New Year's Eve
New York Mood (A New Haircut A Busted Lip)
New York Theme (Hey, You Can Have That Heartattack Outside Buddy)
Nighthawk Postcards (From Easy Street)
No One Knows I'm Gone
Oily Night
Ol' 55
Old Boyfriends (Tom Waits & Crystal Gayle)
Old Shoes (& Picture Postcards)
On A Foggy Night
On The Nickel
On The Other Side Of The World
On The Road
Once Upon A Town/Empty Pockets (Tom Waits & Crystal Gayle)
Opening Montage: Tom's Piano Intro / Once Upon A Town (Tom Waits & Crystal Gayle)
Paris Mood (Un de fromage)
Pasties And A G-String
Pay Me
Picking Up After You (Tom Waits & Crystal Gayle)
Picture In A Frame
Please Call Me, Baby
Please Wake Me Up
Poor Edward
Poor Little Lamb
Potter's Field
Presents (Tom Waits & Crystal Gayle)
Putnam County
Puttin' On The Dog
Rain Dogs
Rains On Me
Raised Right Men
Red Shoes By The Drugstore
Return Of Jackie & Judy
Road To Peace
Romeo Is Bleeding
Ruby's Arms
Russian Dance
San Diego Serenade
Saving All My Love For You
Sea Of Love
Semi Suite
Shake It
She Stole The Blush
Shenandoah (Tom Waits w/Keith Richards)
Shiny Things
Shiver Me Timbers
Shore Leave
Silent Night
Sins Of My Father
Small Change
Soldier's Things
Spare Parts I (A Nocturnal Emission)
Spare Parts II
Spidey's Wild Ride
Starving In The Belly Of A Whale
Step Right Up
Straight To The Top (Vegas)
Straight To The Top [Rhumba]
Strange Weather
Such A Scream
Table Top Joe
'T'Ain't No Sin
Take Care Of All My Children
Take It With Me
Take Me Home (Tom Waits & Crystal Gayle)
Talking At The Same Time
Tango Till They're Sore
Telephone Call From Istanbul
Tell It To Me
Tell Me
That Feel (Tom Waits & Keith Richards)
That's The Way
The Black Rider
The Briar And The Rose
The Fall Of Troy
The Ghost Of Saturday Night (After Hours At Napoleone's Pizza House)
The Last Rose Of Summer
The Ocean Doesn't Want Me
The One That Got Away
The Part You Throw Away
The Piano Has Been Drinking
The Pontiac
The Soul Of A Man
The Tango (Tom Waits & Crystal Gayle)
This One's From The Heart (Tom Waits & Crystal Gayle)
'Til The Money Runs Out
Tom Traubert's Blues (Four Sheets To The Wind In Copenhagen)
Top Of The Hill
Town With No Cheer
Train Song
Trampled Rose
Trouble's Braids
Two Sisters
Union Square
Virginia Avenue
Walk Away
Walking Spanish
Warm Beer And Cold Women
Watch Her Disappear
Way Down In The Hole
We're All Mad Here
What Keeps Mankind Alive
What's He Building
When The Saints Go Marching In
Whistle Down The Wind
Whistlin' Past The Graveyard
Who Are You
Who Are You This Time
Widow's Grove
World Keeps Turning
Wrong Side Of The Road
Yesterday Is Here
You Can Never Hold Back Spring
You Can't Unring A Bell (Tom Waits & Crystal Gayle)
Young At Heart
Asylum Years
Bad As Me
Beautiful Maladies : The Island Years
Big Time
Blood Money
Blue Valentine
Bone Machine
Bounced Checks
Closing Time
Cold Beer On A Hot Night - Sydney Broadcast 1979
Foreign Affairs
Franks Wild Years
Glitter And Doom Live
Heartattack And Vine
Jesus' Blood Never Failed Me Yet (Gavin Bryars with Tom Waits)
Live - My Father's Place, Roslyn 1977
Live At The Bottom Line In New York 1976
Minneapolis - December 16, 1975
Mule Variations
New York 1979
Night On Earth (Soundtrack / Tom Waits)
Nighthawks At The Diner
On The Line In '89 - Volume One
On The Line In '89 - Volume Two
One From The Heart (Tom Waits & Crystal Gayle)
Orphans - Brawlers, Bawlers & Bastards
Rain Dogs
Real Gone
Romeo Bleeding - Live From Austin
'Round Midnight - The Minnieapolis Broadcast 1975
Shadows Of Intolerance
Small Change
Son Of Orange County - Radio Broadcast 1974 (Frank Zappa feat. Tom Waits)
Tales From The Underground 2
The Black Rider
The Heart Of Saturday Night
The Voiced Piano Man
Under The Covers
Unplugged Live At KPFK Folkscene Studios
Used Songs (1973-1980)
Virginia Avenue
Virginia Avenue - Live
One Star Shining - The First Decade
Average points: 4.75 (Reviews: 4)
Ein Enfant terribel der Rockmusik hat wieder zugeschlagen - und zwar im wahrsten Sinn des Wortes. Denn in den 16 Songs seines neuen Studioalbums, dem ersten seit "Frank's Wild Years" (1987), schlägt Tom Waits nicht nur häufig und mit Wucht aufs Schlagzeug, sondern auch auf diverse andere Gerätschaften, mit denen sich polternde Geräusche machen lassen. Dabei scheint es ihm weniger um High Fidelity als vielmehr um Atmosphäre und Originalität zu gehen - offenkundig schert er sich einen Dreck um eine ausgefeilte Produktion. So wirken die meisten Songs nach konventionellen Hörgewohnheiten unfertig, gleichzeitig aber faszinierend in der fast duchweg düsteren Thematik und ihrer genial abwechslungsreichen melodischen und gesanglichen Umsetzung. Mit krächzendem Flüstern stellt Waits fest, daß wir alle "Dirt In The Ground" sind, und seine abgrundtiefe Stimme ruft eine Gänsehaut hervor, wenn sie die Gedanken eines Selbstmörders nur rezitiert ("The Ocean"). Mehr gesprochen denn gesungen wird auch "Black Wings", um so lauter poltert Waits dafür durch die groteske Gospel-Parodie "Jesus Gonna Be Here", an anderer Stelle grölt er sich mit Gusto druch die minimalistischen Rock'n'Roll-Nummern "Goin' Out West" und "I Don't Wanna Grow Up". Hinreißend in jeder Hinsicht geriet auch das mit Keith Richards gemeinsam verfaßte "That Feel". Daß unter der raunen interpretatorischen Oberfläche Waitsscher Kompositionen nicht selten ein wunderbar melodischer Kern steckt, belegen die meisten der angeführten Songs, insbesondere aber die Balladen "Who Are You" und "Whistle Down The Wind".
Schön kopiert..<br>Sein 70er Vagabundenzeugs und sein facettenreicheres 80er wird hier zwar gut zusammen kombiniert, denoch klingt es nach einer Tortur.<br>Der Titel kommt übrigens von Waits' Konzept "Knochenmusik", was soviel bedeutet wie Musik auf ein Minimum zu reduzieren, und das gelingt ihm absolut.<br>Interessant dass Violine und Akkordeon von Los Lobos stammen - die ja wohl (Gott sei dank) ganz andere Musik machen..<br>Erstaunlich: es gab sogar dafür den Grammy, trotz dunklen und rauhen Deliriumszustand..
Last edited: 05.04.2011 21:46
Ich konnte lange nichts mit dieser kaputten Geschichte anfangen. Verstaubte jahrelang im Regal. Inzwischen mag ich das Album ganz gut. Ich hör mir aber trotzdem 10x lieber "Swordfishtrombones" oder "Rain Dogs" an. Aber weniger als ne 5 ist auf keinen Fall drin!
Die meisten Sachen hier sehe ich zwar nur im 4er Bereich, aber wegen einiger hinreißender Balladen ist es insgesamt schon 5.
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