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Pseudonyms / Alternative spellings: Albert Louis Hammond
Ace Of BaseDon't Turn Around1993Music/Lyrics
Adam und die Micky'sDenn es regnet jeden Tag in Sachsehause1974Music/Lyrics
Agnetha FältskogAre You Gonna Throw It All Away1987Music/Lyrics
Agnetha FältskogIf You Need Somebody Tonight1987Music/Lyrics
Air SupplyLonely Is The Night1986Music/Lyrics
Alain Morisod / Sweet People avec Julien Laurence et John StarrTo All The Girls I've Loved Before2013Music/Lyrics
AlbatrosWenn mir nichts hilft1977Music/Lyrics
Albert & RichardEl mundo1964Music/Lyrics
Albert & RichardFool In Love1960Music/Lyrics
Albert & RichardHas roto tú mi corazón1964Music/Lyrics
Albert & RichardI'll Do It To You1964Music/Lyrics
Albert & RichardNew Orleans1960Music/Lyrics
Albert & RichardRosy1964Music/Lyrics
Albert & RichardTu gran amor1963Music/Lyrics
Albert Hammond99 Miles From L.A.1975Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondA Job Is A Home To A Homeless Man1975Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondA la feria de Graná1996Producer
Albert HammondAdiós a España1996Producer
Albert HammondAl otro lado del sol1979Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondAlejate2016Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondAll Alone Am I1976Producer
Albert HammondAll I Desire1989Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondAmor no me quieras tanto1978Producer
Albert HammondAnsiedad1976Producer
Albert HammondAnyone Here In The Audience1972Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondAnyone With Eyes1981Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondAsk Me How I Feel2012Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondAunque me cueste la vida1978Producer
Albert HammondAy pena, penita, pena1996Producer
Albert HammondBe Tender With My Baby2012Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondBefore You Change The World1982Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondBrand New Day1972Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondBy The Night1981Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondCada corazón1979Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondCalabasas, California, 913021978Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondCamino verde1996Producer
Albert HammondCandle Light, Sweet Candle Light1974Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondCantaré cantarás2012Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondCaray que pena1978Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondCareless Heart2013Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondCeniza en el mar1979Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondCerca del río1975Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondComprenderte1981Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondCry Baby1976Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondDame un beso (si llego a besarte)1976Producer
Albert HammondDaniela1977Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondDetrás del sueño1979Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondDime Queen Of Nevada1974Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondDoe Was The Loving Kind1982Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondDon't Turn Around1989Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondDon't You Love Me Anymore2012Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondDown By The River1972Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondDown By The River [Newly Recorded Version]1975Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondDream2005Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondÉchame a mi la culpa1976Producer
Albert HammondEl adiós1996Producer
Albert HammondElla1977Producer
Albert HammondEn mi mundo1997Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondEnredao1977Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondEres toda una mujer1977Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondEres todo para mí1976Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondEs fácil amar1979Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondEspérame en el cielo1976Producer
Albert HammondEspinita1978Producer
Albert HammondEverything I Want To Do1973Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondExperience1981Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondFallaste corazón1976Producer
Albert HammondFantasma1978Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondFor The Peace Of All Mankind1973Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondFountain Avenue1974Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondFreedom Come Freedom Go2010Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondFrom Great Britain To L.A.1972Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondGive A Little Love2016Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondGood Old Days1975Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondHalf A Million Miles From Home1973Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondHero On Parade1982Producer
Albert HammondHistory Will Be My Judge2005Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondHot Kisses On A Hot Night1989Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondI Don't Wanna Die In An Air Disaster1974Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondI Don't Wanna Live Without Your Love2012Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondI Don't Wanna Lose You2012Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondI Guess I Really Had It Coming2013Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondI Need To Be In Love2012Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondI Think I'll Go That Way1973Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondI Want You Back Here With Me1981Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondI Was Blue2005Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondIf You Gotta Break Another Heart1972Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondI'll Be Here For You2005Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondI'm A Camera1981Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondI'm A Train1973Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondI'm A Train [2016]2016Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondIt Never Rains In Southern California1972Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondKaleidoscope1976Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondLa libre banda eléctrica1973Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondLa paloma1978Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondLay The Music Down1975Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondLife Is For The Living1975Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondListen To The World1972Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondLittle Arrows2010Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondLos campanilleros1996Producer
Albert HammondLove Isn't Love Till You Give It Away1975Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondLuna de miel1978Producer
Albert HammondMaría de la O1996Producer
Albert HammondMaría Dolores1996Producer
Albert HammondMary Hot Lips Arizona1974Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondMe hace falta que me quieras1977Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondMe voy pa' Chile1978Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondMemories1981Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondMi álbum de recuerdos1977Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondMi Andalucía1996Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondMoonlight Lady1975Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondMujer de promesas1979Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondMy Heart Is Failing Me2010Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondNames, Tags, Numbers And Labels1972Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondNecesito poder espirar1976Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondNew York City Here I Come1974Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondNiño de palo1979Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondNosotros1976Producer
Albert HammondNot In My Name2005Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondNothing's Gonna Stop Us Now1989Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondOh, What A Time1982Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondOjos verdes1996Producer
Albert HammondOne Life1975Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondOne Moment In Time1989Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondPhotograph2005Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondPíntame con besos1979Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondPlantada en mi cabeza2012Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondPor un poco de tu amor1979Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondPorque te quiero2012Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondPut A Hold On Your Heart1989Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondQue seas felíz1976Producer
Albert HammondQuiéreme mucho1976Producer
Albert HammondRebeca1975Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondRebecca1973Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondRendezvous1982Producer
Albert HammondRestless Years2005Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondRevolution Of The Heart2005Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondRío de amor1977Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondRivers Are For Boats1975Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondRock 'N' Roll Hero2005Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondRoom In Your Heart2013Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondRuega por nosotros1976Producer
Albert HammondSatisfy Me2005Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondShoot 'Em Up, Shoot 'Em Down1982Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondSi me amaras1977Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondSi vas a romper mi corazón1976Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondSmokey Factory Blues1973Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondSol sólo tú1979Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondSolamente una vez1978Producer
Albert HammondSólo1996Producer
Albert HammondSomebody's Happiness1975Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondSomewhere In America1982Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondSoy como un niño2012Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondSweet Defector1982Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondTake Me Sailing1981Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondTangled Up In Tears1976Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondTerminado1977Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondThe Air That I Breathe1972Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondThe Centre Of The Universe2005Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondThe Day The British Army Lost The War1973Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondThe Face Not The Image1975Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondThe Free Electric Band1973Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondThe Girl They Call The Cool Breeze1974Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondThe Last One To Know1972Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondThe Light At The End Of The Line1982Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondThe Peacemaker1973Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondThe Right Time1982Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondThe Road To Understanding1972Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondThe Snows Of New York2012Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondThe Sweetest Thing2005Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondThe Way Of The World2012Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondThere Ain't No Flies On Me2005Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondThis Side Of Midnight2005Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondThrough The Eyes Of A Child1989Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondThrough The Storm1989Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondTo All The Girls I've Loved Before1975Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondTo Last One To Know1972Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondTu me enseñaste como cantar el blues1973Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondUn día mejor1977Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondUna vez más1979Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondUnder The Christmas Tree1989Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondVolver1978Producer
Albert HammondWe're Running Out1974Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondWhen I Need You1976Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondWhen I'm Gone1981Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondWhen The Starfields Fill Your Eyes1976Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondWhen You Tell Me That You Love Me2012Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondWhen You Tell Me That You Love Me / One Moment In Time (Medley)2016Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondWhere Were You1989Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondWho's For Lunch Today?1973Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondWoman Of The World1973Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondWorld Of Love1981Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondYo creo en el amor1976Producer
Albert HammondYou And I1976Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondYou Taught Me To Sing The Blues1973Music/Lyrics
Albert HammondYour World And My World1981Music/Lyrics
Albert Hammond con Dani MartínEntre mis recuerdos2010Music/Lyrics
Albert Hammond with Al StewartIt Never Rains In Southern California2010Music/Lyrics
Albert Hammond with Albert Hammond Jr.Changing Me2010Music/Lyrics
Albert Hammond with Bonnie TylerNothing Is Gonna Stop Us Now2010Music/Lyrics
Albert Hammond with Claudio Baglioni99 miglia da L.A.2010Music/Lyrics
Albert Hammond with Cliff RichardThe Air That I Breathe2010Music/Lyrics
Albert Hammond with Courtney TaylorThe Free Electric Band2010Music/Lyrics
Albert Hammond with Helena PaparizouTangled Up In Tears2010Music/Lyrics
Albert Hammond with Jeane MansonÀ tous les amours de ma vie2010Music/Lyrics
Albert Hammond with Julio IglesiasÉchame a mi la culpa2010Producer
Albert Hammond with Ron SexsmithWhen I Need You2010Music/Lyrics
Albert WestHave You Ever Been To Heaven1975Music/Lyrics
Albert WestI Don't Wanna Be Blue1988Music/Lyrics
Albert WestIf You Need Somebody1988Music/Lyrics
Albert WestMy Dear Rose1975Music/Lyrics
Albert West feat. NikiThere May Be (de repente el amor)1989Music/Lyrics
AlexisOne Moment In Time1990Music/Lyrics
Ana GonzalezWenn Du hier bist1992Music/Lyrics
André HazesAls jij hier bent1984Music/Lyrics
André Hazes & Rachel HazesAch je bent er maar heel even2004Music/Lyrics
André Hazes Jr.Als je gaat2013Music/Lyrics
Andre SarbibCreep2014Music/Lyrics
Andreas HauffDer Sommer kam1973Music/Lyrics
Andrew WhiteI'm Only Wounded1990Music/Lyrics
Angelika MilsterMein grosser Tag1988Music/Lyrics
Anita MeyerI Don't Wanna Cry Again1996Music/Lyrics
Anita MeyerRock Me Up A Mountain1980Music/Lyrics
Anja-VerouschkaOne Moment In Time2003Music/Lyrics
Anna BookWhen I Need You2006Music/Lyrics
Anne MurrayTonight (I Want To Be In Love)1987Music/Lyrics
AntonyEs regnet nie in Kalifornien1973Music/Lyrics
Aretha & EltonThrough The Storm1989Music/Lyrics
Aretha & WhitneyIt Isn't, It Wasn't, It Ain't Never Gonna Be1989Music/Lyrics
Art Garfunkel99 Miles From L.A.1975Music/Lyrics
Art GarfunkelMary Was An Only Child1973Music/Lyrics
AswadDon't Turn Around1987Music/Lyrics
AswadGive A Little Love1988Music/Lyrics
Axelle RedÀ tâtons1996Music/Lyrics
Axelle RedA tientas1998Music/Lyrics
Axelle RedCe cœur en or2013Music/Lyrics
Axelle RedC'était1996Music/Lyrics
Axelle RedCon solo pensarlo1998Music/Lyrics
Axelle RedEra1998Music/Lyrics
Axelle RedJe te l'avais dit2013Music/Lyrics
Axelle RedMont des regrets2018Music/Lyrics
Axelle RedRien que d'y penser1996Music/Lyrics
Axelle RedSensualidad1998Music/Lyrics
Axelle RedSensualité1993Music/Lyrics
Barry BensonMeet Jacqueline1967Music/Lyrics
Barry BiggsWhen I Need You1977Music/Lyrics
Barry ManilowIt Never Rains In Southern California2007Music/Lyrics
Barry ManilowThe Air That I Breathe1996Music/Lyrics
Barry ManilowWhen I Need You1996Music/Lyrics
Bernd SpierKeine Macht auf dieser Welt1974Music/Lyrics
BettesThe Free Electric Band2013Music/Lyrics
Billie DavisSomewhere Along The Line1976Music/Lyrics
Billy Vaughn OrchestraWhen I Need You1979Music/Lyrics
Björn SkifsI Already Know2011Music/Lyrics
Bjørn TidmandLille amor1968Music/Lyrics
Blue MinkGood Morning Freedom1969Music/Lyrics
Bobby VintonTo All The Girls I've Loved Before1979Music/Lyrics
Bonnie TylerCareless Heart1991Music/Lyrics
Bonnie TylerDon't Turn Around1988Music/Lyrics
Bonnie TylerSave Me1991Music/Lyrics
Bonnie TylerWhere Were You1991Music/Lyrics
Boule NoireAimer d'amour1990Music/Lyrics
Brenda LeeLittle Arrows1969Music/Lyrics
BrigitteAimer d'amour2018Music/Lyrics
Brotherhood Of ManWhen I Need You1979Music/Lyrics
Bruno BertoneTo All The Girls I've Loved Before1987Music/Lyrics
Bucks FizzGive A Little Love1986Music/Lyrics
CamillaLe mie mani1996Music/Lyrics
Camilo SestoPorque te quiero1977Music/Lyrics
Carol MedinaLove Is On The Way1995Music/Lyrics
Carola [FI]Sirkusprinsessa1968Music/Lyrics
CarpentersI Need To Be In Love1976Music/Lyrics
CashmereLove's What I Want1979Music/Lyrics
Cass ElliotListen To The World1973Music/Lyrics
Caterina ValenteTausend rosarote Pfeile1968Music/Lyrics
Céline DionJust Walk Away1993Music/Lyrics
Céline DionWhen I Need You1997Music/Lyrics
ChampagneThe Air That I Breathe1977Music/Lyrics
Charlie StarrMemphis Tennessee1972Producer
Charlie StarrThat Old American Dream1972Music/Lyrics
ChayanneSoy como un niño1998Music/Lyrics
Chesney HawkesBlack Or White People1993Music/Lyrics
ChicagoI Don't Wanna Live Without Your Love1988Music/Lyrics
Chris De BurghI'm Not Crying Over You1995Music/Lyrics
Chris De BurghLove's Got A Hold On Me1994Music/Lyrics
Chris De BurghThe Snows Of New York1994Music/Lyrics
Christopher BarkerOne Moment In Time2000Music/Lyrics
Cilla BlackLay The Music Down1975Music/Lyrics
Cilla BlackOh Pleasure Man1970Music/Lyrics
Cilla BlackThe Air That I Breathe1974Music/Lyrics
Cilla BlackWhen I Need You1980Music/Lyrics
Claude FrançoisIl fait beau, il fait bon1971Music/Lyrics
Cliff Carpenter und sein OrchesterDown By The River1976Music/Lyrics
Cliff RichardI'm Not Getting Married1969Music/Lyrics
Cliff RichardZum Heiraten bin ich kein Typ1971Music/Lyrics
Colors Of LoveI'm A Train1968Music/Lyrics
Conny VandenbosDe andere kant van de maan1980Music/Lyrics
Conny VandenbosToch dichtbij1976Music/Lyrics
Curtis StigersI Keep Telling Myself1991Music/Lyrics
Daliah LaviDie erste Nacht der Ewigkeit1984Music/Lyrics
Daliah Lavi & Karel GottIch bin da, um Dich zu lieben1994Music/Lyrics
DanaRivers Are For Boats1975Music/Lyrics
Dana WinnerOne Moment In Time (Live)2016Music/Lyrics
Danny de MunkNever So High1995Music/Lyrics
Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & TichTime To Take Off1968Music/Lyrics
David GarrettOne Moment In Time2017Music/Lyrics
David GarrickBake Me A Woman1970Music/Lyrics
David GarrickHouse In The Heather1970Music/Lyrics
David HasselhoffLonely Is The Night1989Music/Lyrics
David SaylorDónde se fue su canto1997Music/Lyrics
David SaylorLos corales1997Music/Lyrics
David SoulCome To Me1997Music/Lyrics
De MarletsIk heb 'n tic van ellentrik!!!1986Music/Lyrics
De StrangersD'r zinge kik dees lieke vuer1984Music/Lyrics
Demis RoussosMary Was An Only Child1976Music/Lyrics
Demis RoussosTake Me Sailing1982Music/Lyrics
Dennie DamaroGa jij maar weer naar die ander2014Music/Lyrics
Des O'ConnorAir That I Breathe1985Music/Lyrics
Diana RossWhen You Tell Me That You Love Me1991Music/Lyrics
Dick RiversMaman n'aime pas ma musique1974Music/Lyrics
Die FlippersAngie1977Music/Lyrics
Die FlippersWenn dein Herz friert1991Music/Lyrics
Diego Luna & Gustavo SantaolallaCreep2014Music/Lyrics
Dionne Warwick & Howard HewettAnother Chance To Love1987Music/Lyrics
DJ Ostkurve feat. Albert HammondEverything I Want To Do2007Music/Lyrics
Dozy, Beaky, Mick & TichFrisco-Annie1970Music/Lyrics
DreamloversTo All The Girls I've Loved Before2002Music/Lyrics
DreamloversWhen I Need You2001Music/Lyrics
DuffyBreath Away2010Music/Lyrics
DuffyDon't Forsake Me2010Music/Lyrics
DuffyHard For The Heart2010Music/Lyrics
DuffyKeeping My Baby2010Music/Lyrics
DuffyMy Boy2010Music/Lyrics
DuffyToo Hurt To Dance2010Music/Lyrics
DuffyWell Well Well2010Music/Lyrics
Dustin & Joe DolanGood Looking Woman1997Music/Lyrics
Eddie MoneyLooking Through The Eyes Of A Child1989Music/Lyrics
El SímboloNo llores más1998Music/Lyrics
Elena PaparizouJust Walk Away2006Music/Lyrics
Eliot SumnerCreep2013Music/Lyrics
Elton JohnGood Morning Freedom1970Music/Lyrics
EngelbertJust For The Love Of You1987Music/Lyrics
EngelbertLove Has Been A Friend To Me1991Music/Lyrics
EngelbertTo All The Girls I've Loved Before1987Music/Lyrics
EngelbertWoman, Woman1991Music/Lyrics
ErnestineTo All The Girls I've Loved Before1985Music/Lyrics
Ewa RoosAmors pilar1967Music/Lyrics
Frances BlackIf Love Had Wings1994Music/Lyrics
Francine JordiJede Härzschlag2015Music/Lyrics
Frank GalanWaarom kwam jij in m'n leven2013Music/Lyrics
Frank ZanderGimme Dat Ding2009Music/Lyrics
Frankie ValliI Could Have Loved You1977Music/Lyrics
Frannie GoldeEverybody's Heart Gets Broken1979Music/Lyrics
Frannie GoldeHere I Go (Fallin' In Love Again)1979Music/Lyrics
Frannie GoldeLovin' You (Is A Way Of Life)1979Music/Lyrics
Frannie GoldeRock Me Up A Mountain1979Music/Lyrics
Frannie GoldeTell Me What's Goin' On1979Music/Lyrics
Frannie GoldeWhat Am I Gonna Do1979Music/Lyrics
Frans BauerGa je dromen achterna1994Music/Lyrics
Frans Bauer & Vader AbrahamNu zijn we alle twee artiesten1996Music/Lyrics
Freddie & The DreamersDay By Day1970Music/Lyrics
Freddie & The DreamersGimme Dat Ding1970Music/Lyrics
Freddie & The DreamersHarry The Heater1970Music/Lyrics
Freddie & The DreamersHow D'ya Do1970Music/Lyrics
Freddie & The DreamersI Wanna Go To The Overworld1970Music/Lyrics
Freddie & The DreamersI'll Come Back And See You Again1970Music/Lyrics
Freddie & The DreamersIt Can't Be This1970Music/Lyrics
Freddie & The DreamersThe Overoad1970Music/Lyrics
Freddie & The DreamersThe Underdog Song1970Music/Lyrics
Freddie & The DreamersYou Can't Go Wrong1970Music/Lyrics
Freddie GarrityI Want To Go To The Overworld1971Music/Lyrics
FrediOta ja omista1969Music/Lyrics
Garou feat. LorieAimer d'amour2009Music/Lyrics
Gene PitneyImage1975Music/Lyrics
Gene PitneyWhen I Need You1985Music/Lyrics
Georgio ParreiraTo All The Girls I've Loved Before1992Music/Lyrics
Gerard JolingWhen I Need You1995Music/Lyrics
Gerd Michaelis-ChorI'm A Train1974Music/Lyrics
Giuliano [IT 1960s]Il ballo dei fiori1970Music/Lyrics
Glen CampbellOklahoma Sunday Morning1971Music/Lyrics
Glennis GraceOne Moment In Time1996Music/Lyrics
Graham HaberfieldDon't Underestimate The Undercog1971Music/Lyrics
Graham LyleI Don't Wanna Lose You2003Music/Lyrics
Gunter GabrielIch bin ein Nichts2009Music/Lyrics
Haide HanssonLiebe kommt, Liebe geht1971Music/Lyrics
Hammond & WestA Love Song1986Music/Lyrics
Hammond & WestAir Disaster1986Music/Lyrics
Hammond & WestGive A Little Love1986Music/Lyrics
Hammond & WestLoving You, Loving Me1986Music/Lyrics
Hammond & WestMedley: The Free Electric Band / I'm A Train / Freedom Come Freedom Go / Everything I Want To Do / The Peacemaker1986Music/Lyrics
Hammond & WestSecrets Of The Night1986Music/Lyrics
Hammond & WestSilhouette1986Music/Lyrics
Hammond & WestThe Air That I Breathe1986Music/Lyrics
Hammond & WestWhen I Need You1986Music/Lyrics
Hammond & WestYou're My Lady1986Music/Lyrics
Hana ZagorováJá znám ten balzám1974Music/Lyrics
Harry Holland & Dieter ReithTo All The Girls I've Loved Before1985Music/Lyrics
HeartI Love You1990Music/Lyrics
HeartTall, Dark Handsome Stranger1990Music/Lyrics
Heinz Schachtner und sein OrchesterDown By The River1976Music/Lyrics
Helemaal HollandsBen je vergeten2010Music/Lyrics
Henk Wijngaard & Ben StenekerAan elke vrouw waar 'k eens van hield1984Music/Lyrics
Herbert [BE]Hoelang?2018Music/Lyrics
Hervé VilardUne île de tes bras1969Music/Lyrics
Howard CarpendaleDu bist nicht mehr wie sonst zu mir1992Music/Lyrics
Howard KeelTo All The Girl I Loved Before1988Music/Lyrics
Il DivoTo All The Girls I've Loved Before (A las mujeres que amé)2015Music/Lyrics
Ingrid PetersFünf Stunden noch bis zu dir1976Music/Lyrics
Ireen SheerAnother Place Another Time1971Music/Lyrics
Ireen SheerHey Pleasure Man1970Music/Lyrics
Ireen SheerI Don't Wanna Go To Sleep Again1970Music/Lyrics
Ireen SheerNewton Apple Tree1972Music/Lyrics
Ireen SheerOh Holiday1971Music/Lyrics
Isabel VarellVerträumt1984Music/Lyrics
I've Got The BulletsI'm Only Wounded1988Music/Lyrics
James LastI'm A Train1974Music/Lyrics
James LastThe Air That I Breathe1974Music/Lyrics
Jamie WildeYou're My Baby1977Music/Lyrics
Jan KeizerIt Never Rains In Southern California2004Music/Lyrics
Jan KeizerThe Air That I Breathe2001Music/Lyrics
Jan Smit met Julio IglesiasTo All The Girls I've Loved Before2013Music/Lyrics
Janis IanThe Other Side Of The Sun1979Music/Lyrics
Jeanette [ES]It's Been A Long Night1984Music/Lyrics
Jennifer BrownTake A Piece Of My Heart1994Music/Lyrics
Jennifer RushCrazy 'Bout You1995Music/Lyrics
Jens & PeterNår jeg vågner1977Music/Lyrics
Jerry RixLonely Is The Night1989Music/Lyrics
Jerry RixTo Be Lovers1989Music/Lyrics
Jimmy FreyWaar de zon schijnt1970Music/Lyrics
Joe CockerDon't You Love Me Anymore1985Music/Lyrics
Joe DolanHaz de mi una isla1969Music/Lyrics
Joe DolanMake Me Act The Fool1970Music/Lyrics
Joe DolanMake Me An Island1969Music/Lyrics
Joe DolanOne Way Woman1971Music/Lyrics
Joe DolanTeresa1969Music/Lyrics
Joe DolanThe Air That I Breathe2004Music/Lyrics
Joe DolanWhen I Need You1985Music/Lyrics
Joe DolanYou And The Looking Glass1969Music/Lyrics
Joe DolanYou're Such A Good Looking Woman1970Music/Lyrics
Joe McElderryWhen I Need You2012Music/Lyrics
Johannes KalpersMein grosser Tag2004Music/Lyrics
John Williams [AU UK]Good Morning Freedom1971Music/Lyrics
Johnny CashPraise The Lord And Pass The Soup1973Music/Lyrics
Johnny CashSmokey Factory Blues1975Music/Lyrics
Johnny CashThe Ballad Of Barbara1973Producer
Johnny Mathis99 Miles From L.A.1975Music/Lyrics
Johnny MathisWhen I Need You1977Music/Lyrics
Jonas GrossOne Moment In Time2012Music/Lyrics
(Albert Louis Hammond)
José CarrerasQuando sento che mi ami2006Music/Lyrics
José FelicianoThe Air That I Breathe1976Music/Lyrics
José Feliciano con Lani HallUn amor así1985Music/Lyrics
José Luis RodriguezDame, dame1990Music/Lyrics
José Luis RodriguezDímelo1990Music/Lyrics
José Luis RodriguezPor esa mujer1990Music/Lyrics
José Luis RodriguezQuiero cantarle a la vida1990Music/Lyrics
José Luis RodriguezRecuerdos1990Music/Lyrics
José Luis RodriguezSeñor corazón1990Music/Lyrics
José Luis RodriguezSi pudiera1990Music/Lyrics
José Luis RodriguezSueño contigo1990Music/Lyrics
José Luis RodriguezY tú también llorarás1990Music/Lyrics
José Luis RodriguezYo quiero ser tu amor1990Music/Lyrics
Josh GrobanAléjate2001Music/Lyrics
Julio Iglesias99 Miles From L.A.1990Music/Lyrics
Julio IglesiasAlways On My Mind2006Producer
Julio IglesiasAnd I Love Her1990Producer
Julio IglesiasBambou Medley1984Music/Lyrics
Julio IglesiasCan't Help Falling In Love1990Producer
Julio IglesiasCareless Whisper2006Producer
Julio IglesiasCaruso1994Producer
Julio IglesiasCrazy1994Producer
Julio IglesiasCryin' Time1990Producer
Julio IglesiasDrive2006Producer
Julio IglesiasEine Rose, die nie welkt1981Music/Lyrics
Julio IglesiasEsse amor1990Music/Lyrics
Julio IglesiasEverybody's Talking2006Producer
Julio IglesiasGuajira / Oye como va1994Producer
Julio IglesiasHow Can You Mend A Broken Heart?2006Producer
Julio IglesiasI Keep Telling Myself1994Music/Lyrics
Julio IglesiasI Want To Know What Love Is2006Producer
Julio IglesiasIf You Go Away1990Producer
Julio IglesiasIt's Impossible2006Producer
Julio IglesiasJ'ai besoin d'un peu d'amour1980Music/Lyrics
Julio IglesiasLove Has Been A Friend To Me1990Music/Lyrics
Julio IglesiasMammy Blue1994Producer
Julio IglesiasMe va, me va1984Music/Lyrics
Julio IglesiasMona Lisa1990Producer
Julio IglesiasMoonlight Lady1984Music/Lyrics
Julio IglesiasPor un poco de tu amor1977Music/Lyrics
Julio IglesiasQuiereme mucho1979Music/Lyrics
Julio IglesiasRight Here Waiting2006Producer
Julio IglesiasThe Air That I Breathe1984Music/Lyrics
Julio IglesiasThe Guy's In Love With You2006Producer
Julio IglesiasThe Most Beautiful Girl2006Producer
Julio IglesiasUn homme fragile2005Music/Lyrics
Julio IglesiasVincent (Starry Starry Night)1990Producer
Julio IglesiasWaiting For A Girl Like You2006Producer
Julio IglesiasWhen I Need You1990Music/Lyrics
Julio IglesiasYesterday When I Was Young1990Producer
Julio Iglesias & Dolly PartonWhen You Tell Me That You Love Me1994Music/Lyrics
Julio Iglesias & Willie NelsonTo All The Girls I've Loved Before1984Music/Lyrics
Julio Iglesias feat. Art GarfunkelLet It Be Me1994Producer
Julio Iglesias feat. Lucio DallaCaruso1994Producer
Julio Iglesias feat. StingFragile1994Producer
Julio Iglesias with the London Symphony Orchestra and the Ambrosian SingersSong Of Joy1994Music/Lyrics
k.d. langThe Air That I Breathe1997Music/Lyrics
(Albert Louis Hammond)
Kai WarnerIt Never Rains In Southern California1973Music/Lyrics
KansasOnce In A Lifetime1988Music/Lyrics
Karel GottAuch Wunder geh'n vorbei1991Music/Lyrics
Karel GottMá první láska se dnes vdává1970Music/Lyrics
Karel GottPoslouchej, amore1971Music/Lyrics
Karel GottStar meines Lebens1970Music/Lyrics
Karel GottSvět je svět, ne ráj1992Music/Lyrics
Karen KamonGive A Little Love1987Music/Lyrics
KarinaLas flechas del amor1968Music/Lyrics
Klaus WunderlichI'm A Train / Take Me High / The Free Electric Band1976Music/Lyrics
Klaus WunderlichRain, Rain, Rain / Love And Rainy Weather / It Never Rains In Southern California1973Music/Lyrics
Lady SafiraSensualité2015Music/Lyrics
Lákis GiordanélliTo plio mas salpari1974Music/Lyrics
Le Grand Orchestre de Paul MauriatIl fait beau, il fait bon1972Music/Lyrics
Leapy LeeGreen Green Trees1970Music/Lyrics
Leapy LeeLittle Arrows1968Music/Lyrics
Leapy LeeTeresa1968Music/Lyrics
Lena ZavaroniThe Air That I Breeze1978Music/Lyrics
Lenny WilliamsWhen I Need You1986Music/Lyrics
Leo SayerEasy To Love1977Music/Lyrics
Leo SayerI Want You Back1977Music/Lyrics
Leo SayerWhen I Need You1976Music/Lyrics
Les TroubadoursLa chaîne1967Music/Lyrics
Libertad FajardoCu-cu-lete1997Music/Lyrics
Libertad FajardoLa canción de los elefantes1997Music/Lyrics
Lill LindforsAll min längtan1984Music/Lyrics
Little Jimmy OsmondLittle Arrows1974Music/Lyrics
Living In A BoxBlow The House Down1989Music/Lyrics
Living In A BoxRoom In Your Heart1989Music/Lyrics
Lory BiancoLonely Is The Night1990Music/Lyrics
Los TrollsViva lcaca1997Music/Lyrics
Lou BegaDon't Turn Around2013Music/Lyrics
Louis DelortCreep2012Music/Lyrics
(Albert Louis Hammond)
Love & PeaceDown By The River1993Music/Lyrics
LovestonedGotta Lot Of Love2010Music/Lyrics
Luc SteenoIk voel me goed2013Music/Lyrics
LuluTake A Piece Of My Heart1998Music/Lyrics
Luz CasalEntre mes souvenirs1998Music/Lyrics
Luz CasalEntre mis recuerdos1995Music/Lyrics
Luz CasalPlantado en mi cabeza1995Music/Lyrics
Macy GrayCreep2012Music/Lyrics
Mama's JasjeHet regent nooit meer2007Music/Lyrics
Mandy & RandyNothing's Gonna Stop Us Now2003Music/Lyrics
(Albert Louis Hammond)
Mandy CapristoOne Moment In Time2012Music/Lyrics
Marcel KauppOne Moment In Time2014Music/Lyrics
Marie LaforêtRio de amor1979Music/Lyrics
Marjan BergerBlijf nog één nacht2001Music/Lyrics
Markku AroHyvännäköinen1970Music/Lyrics
Marlene RicciTonight1984Music/Lyrics
MarquessMe va me va2014Music/Lyrics
Marshall & AlexanderTo All The Girls I've Loved Before2006Music/Lyrics
(Albert Louis Hammond)
Marta SanchezCuida bien1997Music/Lyrics
Marta Sanchez & Albert HammondEn un mundo con más amor1997Music/Lyrics
Marta Sanchez & Albert HammondMini corazón1997Music/Lyrics
Martin MannHeut' woll'n wir leben1972Music/Lyrics
Marty RobbinsThe Air That I Breathe1981Music/Lyrics
Märy KianiI Give It All To You1995Music/Lyrics
Mary O'HaraWhen I Need You1978Music/Lyrics
Massimo RanieriIl mio amore resta sempre Teresa1969Music/Lyrics
Matthews' Southern ComfortFly Pigeon Fly1969Music/Lyrics
Max GregerIt Never Rains In Southern California1974Music/Lyrics
Max GregerThe Free Electric Band1973Music/Lyrics
Max MutzkeCreep2012Music/Lyrics
(Albert Louis Hammond)
Maya WirzOne Moment In Time2011Music/Lyrics
MelanieWhen I Need You2002Music/Lyrics
Merle HaggardTo All The Girls I've Loved Before1984Music/Lyrics
Mia MartiniSe ti voglio1977Music/Lyrics
Michael HeymannDu oder keine1969Music/Lyrics
Michael HirteOne Moment In Time2017Music/Lyrics
(Albert Louis Hammond)
Michael Hirte mit Petruta KüpperOne Moment In Time2018Music/Lyrics
(Albert Louis Hammond)
Michael SchulteCreep2012Music/Lyrics
(Albert Louis Hammond)
Michel ChevalierC'est un peu de pluie1972Music/Lyrics
Michèle TorrOù est ton étoile1988Music/Lyrics
Miguel BoséNiño de palo1978Music/Lyrics
Mike BauhausGive A Little Love2006Music/Lyrics
Mike FrancisRoom In Your Heart1999Music/Lyrics
Mike WinterOh wie gut bei dir zu sein1974Music/Lyrics
MilowDon't Turn Around2017Music/Lyrics
(Albert Louis Hammond)
Miryam FultzEs la hora1997Music/Lyrics
Miryam FultzPanda panda1997Music/Lyrics
Monika MartinManchmal2009Music/Lyrics
Mrs. GreenbirdCreep2012Music/Lyrics
(Albert Louis Hammond)
Munich Symphonic Sound OrchestraOne Moment In Time1989Music/Lyrics
Myriam HernandezSentimental1994Music/Lyrics
Myriam HernandezY vete ya1994Music/Lyrics
Nana MouskouriWenn ich glaube, du liebst mich nicht mehr1976Music/Lyrics
Neil DiamondDon't Turn Around1991Music/Lyrics
Norbert Rier & Karel GottDas wirklich wahre Leben2009Music/Lyrics
(Albert Louis Hammond)
Northern KingsCreep2008Music/Lyrics
Olivia Newton-JohnThe Air That I Breathe1975Music/Lyrics
Orchester Paul MauriatWhen I Need You1977Music/Lyrics
Orchestra And Chorus Les HumphriesRuby, Don't Take Your Love To Town / You're Such A Good Looking Woman / In The Summertime1971Music/Lyrics
Our KidCalifornia Feeling1976Music/Lyrics
P.J. ProbyEmpty Bottles1969Music/Lyrics
P.J. ProbyNew Directions1969Music/Lyrics
Pancho & CiscoTime Of Your Life1969Music/Lyrics
PaolaFür uns beide1970Music/Lyrics
PaolaSanta Marguerita1983Music/Lyrics
Patrick LindnerFang dir die Sonne2009Music/Lyrics
Paul NicholasThe Air That I Breathe1986Music/Lyrics
Pavel BobekVzduch, který dýchám1977Music/Lyrics
Peggy [BE]Happy hippie baby1969Music/Lyrics
Perry ComoWhen I Need You1978Music/Lyrics
Peter AlexanderDu oder keine1970Music/Lyrics
Peter HofmannOne Moment In Time1998Music/Lyrics
Peter HofmannThe Air That I Breathe1987Music/Lyrics
Peter NeroWoman Of The World1973Music/Lyrics
Peters & LeeGood Mornin' Freedom1973Music/Lyrics
Petra FreyFlieg mit mir nach Kalifornien2000Music/Lyrics
Petra Schwerdt & Dirk ZöllnerNothing's Gonna Stop Us Now1988Music/Lyrics
Phil EverlyThe Air That I Breathe1973Music/Lyrics
Phil EverlyWe're Running Out1974Music/Lyrics
Philip RayClockword And Music1971Music/Lyrics
Randy CrawfordI Get A Little Burned2000Music/Lyrics
Randy Crawford & Joe SampleWhen I Need You2006Music/Lyrics
Ray Conniff And The SingersIt Never Rains In Southern California1973Music/Lyrics
Rene FrogerUnder The Christmas Tree1992Music/Lyrics
Rene FrogerWoman, Woman1992Music/Lyrics
Richard AnthonyLes ballons1968Music/Lyrics
Richard AnthonyRegarde sous ton balcon1969Music/Lyrics
Richard DarbyshireNothing Can Keep Me Away1994Music/Lyrics
Richard DarbyshireStand In My Shoes1994Music/Lyrics
RiffMy Heart Is Failing Me1991Music/Lyrics
Robert LeroyLoop nu maar weg van mij1996Music/Lyrics
RockellWhen I'm Gone1998Music/Lyrics
Rod StewartWhen I Need You1996Music/Lyrics
Roger WhittakerWhen I Need You1978Music/Lyrics
Roland KaiserLebenslänglich du1992Music/Lyrics
Rondo ClassicoWhen I Need You2005Music/Lyrics
Roxeanne & André jr. HazesAch je bent er maar heel even2012Music/Lyrics
Roy BlackManchmal braucht der Mensch einfach mehr1988Music/Lyrics
Roy OrbisonCareless Heart1988Music/Lyrics
Russell HitchcockI Come Alive1988Music/Lyrics
Salim SeghersMet een beetje liefde2016Music/Lyrics
Same DifferenceNothing's Gonna Stop Us Now2008Music/Lyrics
Sandra KimEen teken van jou1998Music/Lyrics
Sandra Kim & Frank GalanAl camino de la vida1997Music/Lyrics
Sandra Kim & Frank GalanDoor veel van mij te houden1997Music/Lyrics
Sandra SchwarzhauptWritten In The Stars1994Music/Lyrics
Sarah KreuzOne Moment In Time2009Music/Lyrics
Sarah-JaneOne Moment In Time2013Music/Lyrics
Saskia & SergeAls je zachtjes zegt 'ik hou van jou'1992Music/Lyrics
Scala & Kolacny BrothersCreep2002Music/Lyrics
Scott Bradlee's Postmodern Jukebox starring Haley ReinhartCreep2016Music/Lyrics
Scott CainWhen I Need You2002Music/Lyrics
Semino RossiWenn dein Herz friert2011Music/Lyrics
(Albert Louis Hammond)
Severine DoréIk ben bij je2003Music/Lyrics
Sha-Na-NaLittle Arrows1981Music/Lyrics
Shari BelafonteGive A Little Love1989Music/Lyrics
Shirley BasseyI Need To Be In Love1977Music/Lyrics
Shirley BasseyTo All The Men I've Loved Before1984Music/Lyrics
Shirley BasseyWhen I Need You1996Music/Lyrics
Shirley ClampJag kan nå dig2006Music/Lyrics
Shuky & AvivaComme si1976Music/Lyrics
Simon Dupree & The Big SoundReservations1967Music/Lyrics
Simply RedThe Air That I Breathe1998Music/Lyrics
Siw IngerJag ska gå nu1977Music/Lyrics
SmokieIt Never Rains In Southern California2000Music/Lyrics
Solar FakeCreep2008Music/Lyrics
Sonny & CherIt Never Rains In Southern California1973Music/Lyrics
StarshipNothing's Gonna Stop Us Now1987Music/Lyrics
Stein IngebrigtsenSolen skinner alltid der du helst vil være1973Music/Lyrics
Stein IngersenEs regnet nie in Kalifornien1973Music/Lyrics
SteppenwolfSmokey Factory Blues1974Music/Lyrics
Steve & AlbertFollow The Bouncing Ball1970Music/Lyrics
Steve & AlbertI Don't Wanna Go To Sleep Again1970Music/Lyrics
Steve Rowland & The Family DoggMoonshine Mary1969Music/Lyrics
Steve Rowland And The Family DoggRikers Island1972Music/Lyrics
Steve TielensBen je vergeten2012Music/Lyrics
Steve Tielens & Robin VissenaekensBen je vergeten2012Music/Lyrics
Steven HoughtonThe Air That I Breathe1997Music/Lyrics
Stimmen der BergeFang dir die Sonne2019Music/Lyrics
(Albert Louis Hammond)
SuzanneEverything I Want To Do1973Music/Lyrics
Sylvie VartanJe pardonne1977Music/Lyrics
Terry SylvesterFor The Peace Of All Mankind1974Music/Lyrics
The AnimalsGonna Send You Back To Walker1964Music/Lyrics
The ArborsThe Air That I Breeze1977Music/Lyrics
The AssociationNames, Tags, Numbers And Labels1972Music/Lyrics
The Diamond BoysHey, Little Girl1963Music/Lyrics
The DixiesKatie's Kisses1968Music/Lyrics
The DixiesLittle Arrows1968Music/Lyrics
The Family DoggCouldn't Help It1968Music/Lyrics
The Family DoggLet It Rain1968Music/Lyrics
The Family DoggThe House In The Heather1969Music/Lyrics
The Family DoggThis Unhappy Heart Of Mine1969Music/Lyrics
The FantasticsJust A Little Bit Harder1972Music/Lyrics
The FantasticsOklahoma Sunday Morning1972Music/Lyrics
The Flying PicketsDon't Turn Around1990Music/Lyrics
The FortunesFreedom Come, Freedom Go1971Music/Lyrics
The FortunesWhen I'm Gone1993Music/Lyrics
The Four TopsI'm Only Wounded1988Music/Lyrics
The Four TopsThe Sun Ain't Gonna Shine1988Music/Lyrics
The Grass RootsAll Good Things Come To An End1968Music/Lyrics
The HerdI Don't Wanna Go To Sleep Again1971Music/Lyrics
The HerdThe Game1969Music/Lyrics
The HolliesThe Air That I Breathe1974Music/Lyrics
The HondellsFollow The Bouncing Ball1969Music/Lyrics
The King's SingersI'm A Train1975Music/Lyrics
The LettermenIt Never Rains In Southern California1973Music/Lyrics
The LootMeet Jacqueline1967Music/Lyrics
The LordsFrisco Annie1971Music/Lyrics
The Magic LanternsAnother Place, Another Time1971Music/Lyrics
The Magic LanternsFrisco Annie1970Music/Lyrics
The Magic LanternsLet The Sunshine In1970Music/Lyrics
The Magic LanternsMama Sure Could Swing A Deal1971Music/Lyrics
The Magic LanternsOne Night Stand1970Music/Lyrics
The MavericksThe Air That I Breathe2003Music/Lyrics
The New SeekersDown By The River1972Music/Lyrics
The New SeekersI'm A Train1970Music/Lyrics
The Outer LimitsDark Side Of The Moon1971Music/Lyrics
The PipkinsAre You Cookin' Goose?1970Music/Lyrics
The PipkinsGimme Dat Ding1970Music/Lyrics
The PipkinsThe People That You Wanna Phone Ya1970Music/Lyrics
The PipkinsYou Can't Go Wrong1970Music/Lyrics
The SandpipersDown By The River1977Music/Lyrics
The SeekersLove Isn't Love Until You Give It Away1975Music/Lyrics
The ShadowsNothing's Gonna Stop Us Now1990Music/Lyrics
The ShadowsOne Moment In Time1989Music/Lyrics
The ShadowsThe Air That I Breathe1992Music/Lyrics
The SweetLollipop Man1969Music/Lyrics
The Three DegreesBrand New Day1980Music/Lyrics
The TroggsMeet Jacqueline1966Music/Lyrics
Tina TurnerAsk Me How I Feel1989Music/Lyrics
Tina TurnerBe Tender With Me Baby1989Music/Lyrics
Tina TurnerDon't Turn Around1986Music/Lyrics
Tina TurnerI Don't Wanna Lose You1989Music/Lyrics
Tina TurnerLove Thing1991Music/Lyrics
Tina TurnerSomething Special2004Music/Lyrics
Tina TurnerWay Of The World1991Music/Lyrics
Tina TurnerYou Can't Stop Me Loving You1989Music/Lyrics
Tineke SchoutenVoor elke man1998Music/Lyrics
Tom JonesCouldn't Say Goodbye1991Music/Lyrics
Tom JonesDime Queen Of Nevada1981Music/Lyrics
Tom JonesTo All The Girls I Loved Before1994Music/Lyrics
Tom JonesZip It Up1991Music/Lyrics
TonyTausend rosarote Pfeile1968Music/Lyrics
Tony HolidayGeh doch1980Music/Lyrics
Tony ServiIt Never Rains In Southern California2007Music/Lyrics
Trinidad Oil CompanyDown By The River1975Music/Lyrics
Trude HerrNä, ich dunn et jetz nit mieh1987Music/Lyrics
Udo JürgensAnd Then We'll Say Goodbye1967Music/Lyrics
Ute FreudenbergEin Tag wie heut'1990Music/Lyrics
Věra ŠpinarováStěží mi teď dᚠmat2004Music/Lyrics
Vasco RossiAd ogni costo2009Music/Lyrics
Viktor LazloC'est magique1996Music/Lyrics
Viktor LazloHave Mercy1996Music/Lyrics
Viktor LazloLove Is On The Way1996Music/Lyrics
Volker RosinHerzlichen Glückwunsch (Du bist das Geburtstagskind)2000Music/Lyrics
Wendy MotenThe Way That You Love Me Music/Lyrics
Wendy Van WantenWhen I Need You2006Music/Lyrics
Wess & Dori GhezziNon piove mai in California1973Music/Lyrics
Westlife with Diana RossWhen You Tell Me That You Love Me2005Music/Lyrics
Whitney HoustonOne Moment In Time1988Music/Lyrics
Willy SommersCalifornia2015Music/Lyrics
Wolfgang BahroUnder The Christmas Tree2003Music/Lyrics
Wyclef JeanTo All The Girls1997Music/Lyrics
YazzHave Mercy1994Music/Lyrics
Ziggy Marley And The Melody MakersGive A Little Love1986Music/Lyrics

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Easy To Love (Leo Sayer)16/04/19781910
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Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now (Starship)10/05/19872111
Don't Turn Around (Aswad)15/05/1988115
Give A Little Love (Aswad)07/08/1988255
One Moment In Time (Whitney Houston)13/11/1988343
My Heart Is Failing Me (Riff)20/10/1991414
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The Air That I Breathe (Albert Hammond)494.9
Don't You Love Me Anymore (Joe Cocker)1014.86
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Fünf Stunden noch bis zu dir (Ingrid Peters)74.86
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When I Need You (Rod Stewart)114.82
Ask Me How I Feel (Tina Turner)214.81
The Centre Of The Universe (Albert Hammond)54.8
Auch Wunder geh'n vorbei (Karel Gott)54.8
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I Don't Wanna Lose You (Tina Turner)1014.33
Down By The River [Newly Recorded Version] (Albert Hammond)984.83
I'm A Train (Albert Hammond)974.74
Don't Turn Around (Aswad)934.01
To All The Girls I've Loved Before (Julio Iglesias & Willie Nelson)753.59
Freedom Come, Freedom Go (The Fortunes)714.44
Little Arrows (Leapy Lee)714.3
Room In Your Heart (Living In A Box)704.29
Everything I Want To Do (Albert Hammond)604.55
When I'm Gone (Albert Hammond)554.25

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