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Bette MidlerAll I Need To Know1983Producer
Bette MidlerBeast Of Burden1983Producer
Bette MidlerCome Back, Jimmy Dean1983Producer
Bette MidlerFavorite Waste Of Time1983Producer
Bette MidlerHeart Over Head1983Producer
Bette MidlerIs It Love1983Producer
Bette MidlerLet Me Drive1983Producer
Bette MidlerMy Eye On You1983Producer
Bette MidlerOnly In Miami1983Producer
Bette MidlerSoda And A Souvenir1983Producer
Bob DylanDead Man, Dead Man1981Producer
Bob DylanEvery Grain Of Sand1981Producer
Bob DylanHeart Of Mine1981Producer
Bob DylanIn The Summertime1981Producer
Bob DylanLenny Bruce1981Producer
Bob DylanProperty Of Jesus1981Producer
Bob DylanShot Of Love1981Producer
Bob DylanThe Groom's Still Waiting At The Altar1981Producer
Bob DylanTrouble1981Producer
Bob DylanWatered-Down Love1981Producer
Bob DylanYou Changed My Life1991Producer
Bruce Springsteen30 Days Out1992Producer
Bruce Springsteen57 Channels (And Nothin' On)1992Producer
Bruce SpringsteenA Good Man Is Hard To Find (Pittsburgh)1982Producer
Bruce SpringsteenAcross The Border1995Producer
Bruce SpringsteenAin't Got You1987Producer
Bruce SpringsteenAll Or Nothin' At All1992Producer
Bruce SpringsteenAll That Heaven Will Allow1987Producer
Bruce SpringsteenAll The Way Home2005Producer
Bruce SpringsteenBack In Your Arms1995Producer
Bruce SpringsteenBalboa Park1995Producer
Bruce SpringsteenBetter Days1992Producer
Bruce SpringsteenBobby Jean1984Producer
Bruce SpringsteenBook Of Dreams1992Producer
Bruce SpringsteenBorn In The U.S.A.1984Producer
Bruce SpringsteenBrilliant Disguise1987Producer
Bruce SpringsteenBrothers Under The Bridge1995Producer
Bruce SpringsteenBrothers Under The Bridges ('83)1983Producer
Bruce SpringsteenCar Wash1983Producer
Bruce SpringsteenCautious Man1987Producer
Bruce SpringsteenCover Me1984Producer
Bruce SpringsteenCross My Heart1992Producer
Bruce SpringsteenCynthia1983Producer
Bruce SpringsteenDancing In The Dark1984Producer
Bruce SpringsteenDarkness On The Edge Of Town1978Producer
Bruce SpringsteenDarlington County1984Producer
Bruce SpringsteenDownbound Train1984Producer
Bruce SpringsteenDry Lightning1995Producer
Bruce SpringsteenFrankie1982Producer
Bruce SpringsteenGalveston Bay1995Producer
Bruce SpringsteenGave It A Name1998Producer
Bruce SpringsteenGloria's Eyes1992Producer
Bruce SpringsteenGlory Days1984Producer
Bruce SpringsteenGoin' Cali1991Producer
Bruce SpringsteenHappy1992Producer
Bruce SpringsteenHigh Hopes1996Producer
Bruce SpringsteenHighway 291995Producer
Bruce SpringsteenHuman Touch1992Producer
Bruce SpringsteenI Wish I Were Blind1992Producer
Bruce SpringsteenIf I Should Fall Behind1992Producer
Bruce SpringsteenI'm Goin' Down1984Producer
Bruce SpringsteenI'm On Fire1984Producer
Bruce SpringsteenJaney, Don't You Lose Heart1983Producer
Bruce SpringsteenJohnny Bye Bye1983Producer
Bruce SpringsteenLeap Of Faith1992Producer
Bruce SpringsteenLeavin' Train1990Producer
Bruce SpringsteenLion's Den1982Producer
Bruce SpringsteenLiving Proof1992Producer
Bruce SpringsteenLocal Hero1992Producer
Bruce SpringsteenLong Time Comin'2005Producer
Bruce SpringsteenLoose Change1991Producer
Bruce SpringsteenLucky Man1987Producer
Bruce SpringsteenLucky Town1992Producer
Bruce SpringsteenMan At The Top1984Producer
Bruce SpringsteenMan's Job1992Producer
Bruce SpringsteenMissing1996Producer
Bruce SpringsteenMurder Incorporated1995Producer
Bruce SpringsteenMy Beautiful Reward1992Producer
Bruce SpringsteenMy Best Was Never Good Enough1995Producer
Bruce SpringsteenMy Hometown1984Producer
Bruce SpringsteenMy Love Will Not Let You Down1982Producer
Bruce SpringsteenMy Lover Man1990Producer
Bruce SpringsteenNo Surrender1984Producer
Bruce SpringsteenOne Step Up1987Producer
Bruce SpringsteenOver The Rise1990Producer
Bruce SpringsteenPart Man, Part Monkey1990Producer
Bruce SpringsteenPink Cadillac1984Producer
Bruce SpringsteenPony Boy1992Producer
Bruce SpringsteenReal Man1992Producer
Bruce SpringsteenReal World1992Producer
Bruce SpringsteenRockaway The Days1984Producer
Bruce SpringsteenRoll Of The Dice1992Producer
Bruce SpringsteenSad Eyes1998Producer
Bruce SpringsteenSandy (4th Of July, Asbury Park)1973Producer
Bruce SpringsteenSanta Claus Is Comin' To Town1975Producer
Bruce SpringsteenSecret Garden1995Producer
Bruce SpringsteenSeeds1986Producer
Bruce SpringsteenSeven Angels1990Producer
Bruce SpringsteenSinaloa Cowboys1995Producer
Bruce SpringsteenSoul Driver1992Producer
Bruce SpringsteenSouls Of The Departed1992Producer
Bruce SpringsteenSpare Parts1987Producer
Bruce SpringsteenStand On It1983Producer
Bruce SpringsteenStraight Time1995Producer
Bruce SpringsteenStreets Of Philadelphia1993Producer
Bruce SpringsteenThe Big Muddy1992Producer
Bruce SpringsteenThe Ghost Of Tom Joad1995Producer
Bruce SpringsteenThe Honeymooners1987Producer
Bruce SpringsteenThe Line1995Producer
Bruce SpringsteenThe Long Goodbye1992Producer
Bruce SpringsteenThe New Timer1995Producer
Bruce SpringsteenThe Wish1987Producer
Bruce SpringsteenThis Hard Land1982Producer
Bruce SpringsteenThunder Road1975Producer
Bruce SpringsteenTougher Than The Rest1987Producer
Bruce SpringsteenTrouble In Paradise1989Producer
Bruce SpringsteenTunnel Of Love1987Producer
Bruce SpringsteenTV Movie1983Producer
Bruce SpringsteenTwo Faces1987Producer
Bruce SpringsteenTwo For The Road1987Producer
Bruce SpringsteenValentine's Day1987Producer
Bruce SpringsteenWages Of Sin1982Producer
Bruce SpringsteenWalk Like A Man1987Producer
Bruce SpringsteenWhen The Lights Go Out1990Producer
Bruce SpringsteenWhen You Need Me1987Producer
Bruce SpringsteenWhen You're Alone1987Producer
Bruce SpringsteenWith Every Wish1992Producer
Bruce SpringsteenWorking On The Highway1984Producer
Bruce SpringsteenYoungstown1995Producer
Bruce Springsteen & The E Street BandBecause The Night (Live)1980Producer
Bruce Springsteen & The E Street BandBlood Brothers1995Producer
Bruce Springsteen & The E Street BandFire (Live)1986Producer
Bruce Springsteen & The E Street BandJersey Girl1981Producer
Bruce Springsteen & The E Street BandMerry Christmas Baby1986Producer
Bruce Springsteen & The E Street BandTrapped1985Producer
Bruce Springsteen & The E Street BandWar (Live)1986Producer
Dan BernEstelle1997Producer
Dan BernGo To Sleep1997Producer
Dan BernI'm Not The Guy1997Producer
Dan BernJerusalem1997Producer
Dan BernKing Of The World1997Producer
Dan BernMarilyn1997Producer
Dan BernNever Fall In Love1997Producer
Dan BernQueen1997Producer
Dan BernRome1997Producer
Dan BernToo Late To Die Young1997Producer
Dan BernWasteland1997Producer
Harry ChapinDancin' Boy1978Producer
Harry ChapinFlowers Are Red1978Producer
Harry ChapinI Wonder What Would Happen To This World1978Producer
Harry ChapinIf You Want To Feel1978Producer
Harry ChapinIt Seems You Only Love Me When It Rains1978Producer
Harry ChapinJenny1978Producer
Harry ChapinPoor Damned Fool1978Producer
Harry ChapinSomebody Said1978Producer
Harry ChapinWhy Do Little Girls1978Producer
Stan Van SamangNo Surrender (Live)2015Music/Lyrics
Steve FergusonCharlemagne1973Producer
Steve FergusonChasing The Shadow Of Relief1973Producer
Steve FergusonEnd Of The Album Rag1973Producer
Steve FergusonExcuse Me1973Producer
Steve FergusonGypsy Hollow1973Producer
Steve FergusonIn The Middle Of The Night1973Producer
Steve FergusonLonesome Lover1973Producer
Steve FergusonMama1973Producer
Steve FergusonMaybe I'm In Love With You, Baby1973Producer
Steve FergusonOver And Over1973Producer
Steve FergusonRaven1973Producer
Steve FergusonSometimes It Seems To Wear Me Down1973Producer
Tommy Tutone867-5309 / Jenny1982Producer
Tommy TutoneBaby It's Alright1981Music/Lyrics
Tommy TutoneBernadiah1981Music/Lyrics
Tommy TutoneShadow On The Road Ahead1981Music/Lyrics
Tommy TutoneWhy Baby Why1981Music/Lyrics

867-5309 / Jenny (Tommy Tutone)13/06/1982325
Beast Of Burden (Bette Midler)01/04/1984416
Dancing In The Dark (Bruce Springsteen)01/07/1984230
Cover Me (Bruce Springsteen)21/10/1984714
Born In The U.S.A. (Bruce Springsteen)03/02/1985116
I'm On Fire (Bruce Springsteen)07/04/1985109
Glory Days (Bruce Springsteen)21/07/1985345
My Hometown (Bruce Springsteen)19/01/1986282
War (Live) (Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band)18/01/1987422
Brilliant Disguise (Bruce Springsteen)25/10/1987266
Tunnel Of Love (Bruce Springsteen)14/02/1988481
Human Touch (Bruce Springsteen)05/04/1992128
Streets Of Philadelphia (Bruce Springsteen)03/04/1994312
Dancing In The Dark (Bruce Springsteen)1975.19
Streets Of Philadelphia (Bruce Springsteen)2695.17
My Eye On You (Bette Midler)65.17
I'm On Fire (Bruce Springsteen)2105.1
Downbound Train (Bruce Springsteen)585.03
Book Of Dreams (Bruce Springsteen)185
In The Summertime (Bob Dylan)95
Because The Night (Live) (Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band)214.95
Trapped (Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band)174.94
Come Back, Jimmy Dean (Bette Midler)144.93
Tougher Than The Rest (Bruce Springsteen)1304.92
I Wish I Were Blind (Bruce Springsteen)234.91
No Surrender (Bruce Springsteen)594.88
Darkness On The Edge Of Town (Bruce Springsteen)334.88
Human Touch (Bruce Springsteen)1334.8
Jersey Girl (Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band)324.78
Bobby Jean (Bruce Springsteen)524.77
Beast Of Burden (Bette Midler)954.76
My Hometown (Bruce Springsteen)1104.75
I'm Goin' Down (Bruce Springsteen)724.74
Streets Of Philadelphia (Bruce Springsteen)2695.17
Born In The U.S.A. (Bruce Springsteen)2194.67
I'm On Fire (Bruce Springsteen)2105.1
Dancing In The Dark (Bruce Springsteen)1975.19
Glory Days (Bruce Springsteen)1554.68
Human Touch (Bruce Springsteen)1334.8
Tougher Than The Rest (Bruce Springsteen)1304.92
My Hometown (Bruce Springsteen)1104.75
Beast Of Burden (Bette Midler)954.76
Brilliant Disguise (Bruce Springsteen)944.6
Cover Me (Bruce Springsteen)774.71
Thunder Road (Bruce Springsteen)754.68
Secret Garden (Bruce Springsteen)754.56
I'm Goin' Down (Bruce Springsteen)724.74
Better Days (Bruce Springsteen)694.16
No Surrender (Bruce Springsteen)594.88
Downbound Train (Bruce Springsteen)585.03
Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town (Bruce Springsteen)563.84
Bobby Jean (Bruce Springsteen)524.77
Working On The Highway (Bruce Springsteen)524.62

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