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Pseudonyms / Alternative spellings: Elmore James Jr.
Albert KingSky Is Crying1969Music/Lyrics
Andr HazesVolgens mij ben ik getrouwd1989Music/Lyrics
BlackfootRollin' And Tumblin'1982Music/Lyrics
Canned HeatDust My Broom1967Music/Lyrics
Canned HeatI'd Rather Be The Devil1969Music/Lyrics
Canned HeatStranger1997Music/Lyrics
Caroline HendersonIt Hurts Me Too2011Music/Lyrics
Cuby + BlizzardsThe Sky Is Crying1968Music/Lyrics
Curtis JonesDust My Broom1963Music/Lyrics
Dave EdmundsSo Unkind1968Music/Lyrics
Dr. FeelgoodDust My Broom1985Music/Lyrics
Eddie Boyd And His Blues Band feat. Peter GreenDust My Broom1967Music/Lyrics
Eddy Dugosh and The Ah-Ha PlayboysStrange Kinda Feeling1956Music/Lyrics
Elmer JamesGotta Find My Baby1966Music/Lyrics
Elmo JamesDone Somebody Wrong1960Music/Lyrics
Elmo JamesFine Little Mama1961Music/Lyrics
Elmo James And His BroomdustersHeld My Baby Last Night1960Music/Lyrics
Elmo James And His BroomdustersThe Sky Is Crying1960Music/Lyrics
Elmore James1839 Blues1954Music/Lyrics
Elmore JamesAnna Lee1962Music/Lyrics
Elmore JamesBaby Please Set A Date1965Music/Lyrics
Elmore JamesBaby, What's Wrong1953Music/Lyrics
Elmore JamesBleeding Heart1965Music/Lyrics
Elmore JamesBobby's Rock1959Music/Lyrics
Elmore JamesCountry Boogie1953Music/Lyrics
Elmore JamesDust My Broom1951Music/Lyrics
Elmore JamesEarly One Morning1966Music/Lyrics
Elmore JamesGot To Move1966Music/Lyrics
Elmore JamesI Believe1952Music/Lyrics
Elmore JamesI Believe My Time Ain't Long1955Music/Lyrics
Elmore JamesI Can't Hold Out1960Music/Lyrics
Elmore JamesI Need You1965Music/Lyrics
Elmore JamesI See My Baby1953Music/Lyrics
Elmore JamesI Wish I Was A Catfish1955Music/Lyrics
Elmore JamesI'm Worried1960Music/Lyrics
Elmore JamesKnocking At Your Door1960Music/Lyrics
Elmore JamesLook On Yonder Wall1961Music/Lyrics
Elmore JamesMadison Blues1960Music/Lyrics
Elmore JamesMy Best Friend1953Music/Lyrics
Elmore JamesOne Way Out1965Music/Lyrics
Elmore JamesShake Your Moneymaker1961Music/Lyrics
Elmore JamesShe Done Move1966Music/Lyrics
Elmore JamesShe Just Won't Do Right1953Music/Lyrics
Elmore JamesSho'nuff, I Do1954Music/Lyrics
Elmore JamesSomething Inside Me1965Music/Lyrics
Elmore JamesStrange Angels1966Music/Lyrics
Elmore JamesStranger Blues1962Music/Lyrics
Elmore JamesThe Sun Is Shining1960Music/Lyrics
Elmore JamesTool Bag Boogie1953Music/Lyrics
Elmore JamesWhose Muddy Shoes1953Music/Lyrics
Elmore JamesWild About You1956Music/Lyrics
Elmore James & His BroomdustersElmore's Contribution To Jazz1957Music/Lyrics
Elmore James & The BroomdustersDust My Blues1955Music/Lyrics
Elmore James & The BroomdustersHand In Hand1954Music/Lyrics
Elmore James & The BroomdustersI Was A Fool1955Music/Lyrics
Elmore James & The BroomdustersMake My Dreams Come True1954Music/Lyrics
Elmore James & The BroomdustersSunny Land1954Music/Lyrics
Elmore James / John BrimThe Sun Is Shining1960Music/Lyrics
Elmore James And His Broom DustersComing Home1957Music/Lyrics
Elmore James And His BroomdustersStanding At The Crossroads1954Music/Lyrics
Elmore James And His BroomdustersTake Me Where You Go1957Music/Lyrics
Eric ClaptonI Can't Hold Out1974Music/Lyrics
Eric ClaptonThe Sky Is Crying1974Music/Lyrics
Erja LyytinenBaby Please Set A Date2014Music/Lyrics
Erja LyytinenDust My Broom2014Music/Lyrics
Erja LyytinenGot To Move2014Music/Lyrics
Erja LyytinenHand In Hand2014Music/Lyrics
Erja LyytinenIt Hurts Me Too2006Music/Lyrics
Erja LyytinenSho Nuff2014Music/Lyrics
Erja LyytinenSomething Inside Me2014Music/Lyrics
Erja LyytinenThe Sky Is Crying2014Music/Lyrics
Fleetwood MacCan't Hold On1969Music/Lyrics
Fleetwood MacComing Home1968Music/Lyrics
Fleetwood MacDust My Broom1968Music/Lyrics
Fleetwood MacI Can't Hold Out1969Music/Lyrics
Fleetwood MacI Held My Baby Last Night1969Music/Lyrics
Fleetwood MacI'm Worried1969Music/Lyrics
Fleetwood MacJust The Blues1968Music/Lyrics
Fleetwood MacMadison Blues1969Music/Lyrics
Fleetwood MacShake Your Moneymaker1968Music/Lyrics
Fleetwood MacStranger Blues1970Music/Lyrics
Fleetwood MacThe Sun Is Shining1968Music/Lyrics
Fleetwood MacThe World Keep On Turning1968Music/Lyrics
FoghatShake Your Money Maker2010Music/Lyrics
FoghatTalk To Me Baby1994Music/Lyrics
Freddie KingDust My Broom1971Music/Lyrics
Freddie KingThe Sky Is Crying1972Music/Lyrics
Freddie KingYonder Wall1970Music/Lyrics
Gary Clark Jr.Don't Wait Til Tomorrow2019Music/Lyrics
Gary MooreDone Somebody Wrong2006Music/Lyrics
Gary MooreThe Sky Is Crying1990Music/Lyrics
George ThorogoodGot To Move2017Music/Lyrics
George ThorogoodThe Sky Is Crying2017Music/Lyrics
George Thorogood & The DestroyersCan't Stop Lovin'1977Music/Lyrics
George Thorogood & The DestroyersMadison Blues1977Music/Lyrics
George Thorogood & The DestroyersNew Hawaiian Boogie1978Music/Lyrics
George Thorogood & The DestroyersThe Sky Is Crying1978Music/Lyrics
Gov't MuleLook On Yonder Wall Music/Lyrics
Hamburg Blues Rock SessionDust My Broom1979Music/Lyrics
Hank Williams Jr.The Blues Medley1984Music/Lyrics
Hound Dog Taylor And The HouseRockersHawaiian Boogie1974Music/Lyrics
Hound Dog Taylor And The HouseRockersTalk To My Baby1974Music/Lyrics
Ike & Tina TurnerDust My Broom1966Music/Lyrics
Jaap BleekerI Can't Hold Out2004Music/Lyrics
Jim Suhler And Monkey BeatPickin' The Blues1993Music/Lyrics
Jimi HendrixBleeding Heart1968Music/Lyrics
Jimi Hendrix with Jim Morrison, Johnny Winter & Buddy MilesBleeding Heart1968Music/Lyrics
Joe BonamassaWild About You Baby2003Music/Lyrics
Joe Louis WalkerPickin' The Blues2006Music/Lyrics
John BrimI See My Baby1953Music/Lyrics
John Mayall & The BluesbreakersDust My Blues1967Music/Lyrics
Johnny WinterShake Your Moneymaker1986Music/Lyrics
Johnny WinterStranger Blues1988Music/Lyrics
Johnny Winter with Ben HarperCan't Hold Out (Talk To Me Baby)2014Music/Lyrics
Jon ParisTalk To Me, Baby2004Music/Lyrics
Kenny NealIt Hurts Me Too1994Music/Lyrics
Leslie West(Look Over) Yonder's Wall2005Music/Lyrics
Leslie WestThe Sky Is Crying2005Music/Lyrics
Little MiltonHurts Me Too1998Music/Lyrics
Luther AllisonDust My Broom1972Music/Lyrics
Mick Jagger, Bill Wyman, Charlie Watts, Nicky Hopkins & Ry CooderIt Hurts Me Too1969Music/Lyrics
Misfit [AT]Dust My Broom Music/Lyrics
(Elmore James Jr.)
Ostbahn-Kurti & die ChefpartieRotz & Wossa1989Music/Lyrics
Otis SpannDust My Broom1964Music/Lyrics
Patti Labelle & The BluebellesI Believe1962Music/Lyrics
Paul Personne / Robben Ford / 'Bumblefoot' Ron Thal with John Jorgenson & Beverly Jo ScottI Can't Hold Out2016Music/Lyrics
Robert CrayThe 12 Year Old Boy2001Music/Lyrics
Savoy BrownIt Hurts Me Too1969Music/Lyrics
SimoStranger Blues2016Music/Lyrics
StackhouseFine Little Mama2013Music/Lyrics
Steve Miller BandStranger Blues1993Music/Lyrics
Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double TroubleThe Sky Is Crying1984Music/Lyrics
StyxOne Way Out2005Music/Lyrics
Tab BenoitI Can't Hold Out2005Music/Lyrics
Taj MahalDust My Broom1968Music/Lyrics
Ten Years AfterStanding At The Crossroad1972Music/Lyrics
The Allman Brothers BandOne Way Out1971Music/Lyrics
The AnimalsGotta Find My Baby1963Music/Lyrics
The Blues BandTalk To Me, Baby1980Music/Lyrics
The Last InternationaleMean Mistreatin' Mama2013Music/Lyrics
The Paul Butterfield Blues BandShake Your Money-Maker1965Music/Lyrics
The RidesTalk To Me Baby2013Music/Lyrics
The Spencer Davis GroupDust My Blues1966Music/Lyrics
The Steepwater BandDust My Broom1999Music/Lyrics
The Steve Miller BandLook On Yonder Wall2010Music/Lyrics
Throttle feat. LunchMoney Lewis & Aston MerrygoldMoney Maker2016Music/Lyrics
Tommy CastroMy Kind Of Woman1999Music/Lyrics
Walter TroutSomething Inside Of Me2019Music/Lyrics
Walter Trout feat. Warren HaynesThe Sky Is Crying2017Music/Lyrics
ZZ TopDust My Broom1979Music/Lyrics
The Sky Is Crying (George Thorogood & The Destroyers)55.4
Dust My Broom (Canned Heat)105.2
Dust My Broom (Dr. Feelgood)55.2
The Sky Is Crying (Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble)95
Dust My Broom (Taj Mahal)85
Madison Blues (George Thorogood & The Destroyers)75
Dust My Broom (Elmore James)234.7
Shake Your Moneymaker (Fleetwood Mac)134.69
The Sky Is Crying (Eric Clapton)94.67
I Can't Hold Out (Jaap Bleeker)64.67
Standing At The Crossroad (Ten Years After)54.6
Dust My Broom (ZZ Top)134.54
Bleeding Heart (Jimi Hendrix)134.54
The Sky Is Crying (Gary Moore)64.5
Coming Home (Fleetwood Mac)124.42
One Way Out (The Allman Brothers Band)174.41
Shake Your Money-Maker (The Paul Butterfield Blues Band)54.4
I Can't Hold Out (Eric Clapton)94.33
The World Keep On Turning (Fleetwood Mac)64.33
The Sky Is Crying (Elmo James And His Broomdusters)94.22
Dust My Broom (Elmore James)234.7
One Way Out (The Allman Brothers Band)174.41
Shake Your Moneymaker (Fleetwood Mac)134.69
Bleeding Heart (Jimi Hendrix)134.54
Dust My Broom (ZZ Top)134.54
Coming Home (Fleetwood Mac)124.42
The Sun Is Shining (Fleetwood Mac)114
Dust My Broom (Canned Heat)105.2
The Sky Is Crying (Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble)95
The Sky Is Crying (Eric Clapton)94.67
I Can't Hold Out (Eric Clapton)94.33
The Sky Is Crying (Elmo James And His Broomdusters)94.22
Dust My Broom (Taj Mahal)85
Madison Blues (George Thorogood & The Destroyers)75
I Can't Hold Out (Jaap Bleeker)64.67
The Sky Is Crying (Gary Moore)64.5
The World Keep On Turning (Fleetwood Mac)64.33
Just The Blues (Fleetwood Mac)64
The Sky Is Crying (George Thorogood & The Destroyers)55.4
Dust My Broom (Dr. Feelgood)55.2

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