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AFI17 Crimes2013Producer
AfiA Deep Slow Panic2013Producer
AfiGreater Than 842013Producer
AfiHeart Stops2013Producer
AFII Hope You Suffer2013Producer
AfiNo Resurrection2013Producer
AfiThe Conductor2013Producer
AfiThe Embrace2013Producer
AfiThe Face Beneath The Waves2013Producer
AfiThe Sinking Night2013Producer
Band Of SkullsBack Of Beyond2016Producer
Band Of SkullsBlack Magic2016Producer
Band Of SkullsBodies2016Producer
Band Of SkullsEmbers2016Producer
Band Of SkullsErounds2016Producer
Band Of SkullsIn Love By Default2016Producer
Band Of SkullsKiller2016Producer
Band Of SkullsLittle Mamma2016Producer
Band Of SkullsSo Good2016Producer
Band Of SkullsSomething2016Producer
Band Of SkullsThis Is My Fix2016Producer
Band Of SkullsTropical Disease2016Producer
BaysideAlready Gone2011Producer
BaysideIt's Not A Bad Little War2011Producer
BaysideKilling Time2011Producer
BaysideMona Lisa2011Producer
BaysideOn Love, On Life2011Producer
BaysideSeeing Sound2011Producer
BaysideSick, Sick, Sick2011Producer
BaysideSinking And Swimming On Long Island2011Producer
BaysideThe New Flesh2011Producer
BaysideThe Wrong Way2011Producer
BellyFeed The Tree1993Producer
BustedAll My Friends2019Producer
BustedIt Happens2019Producer
BustedRace To Mars2019Producer
BustedShipwrecked In Atlantis2019Producer
BustedWhat Happened To Your Band2019Producer
CastBeat Mama1999Producer
China CrisisA Golden Handshake For Every Daughter1983Producer
China CrisisAre We A Worker1982Producer
China CrisisBe Suspicious1981Producer
China CrisisDockland1983Producer
China CrisisForever I And I1983Producer
China CrisisPerforming Seals1982Producer
China CrisisRed Sails1982Producer
China CrisisWatching Over Burning Fields1982Producer
Counting Crows14922008Producer
Counting CrowsA Long December1996Producer
Counting CrowsAngels Of The Silences1996Producer
Counting CrowsAnother Horsedreamer's Blues1996Producer
Counting CrowsCatapult1996Producer
Counting CrowsChildren In Bloom1996Producer
Counting CrowsCome Around2008Producer
Counting CrowsCowboys2008Producer
Counting CrowsDaylight Fading1996Producer
Counting CrowsGoodnight Elisabeth1996Producer
Counting CrowsHanging Tree2008Producer
Counting CrowsHave You Seen Me Lately?1996Producer
Counting CrowsI'm Not Sleeping1996Producer
Counting CrowsInsignificant2008Producer
Counting CrowsLos Angeles2008Producer
Counting CrowsMercury1996Producer
Counting CrowsMonkey1996Producer
Counting CrowsRecovering The Satellites1996Producer
Counting CrowsSundays2008Producer
Counting CrowsWalkaways1996Producer
Dashboard ConfessionalAm I Missing2003Producer
Dashboard ConfessionalAs Lovers Go2003Producer
Dashboard ConfessionalBend And Not Break2003Producer
Dashboard ConfessionalCarry This Picture2003Producer
Dashboard ConfessionalCarve Your Heart Out Yourself2003Producer
Dashboard ConfessionalHands Down2001Producer
Dashboard ConfessionalHey Girl2003Producer
Dashboard ConfessionalMorning Calls2003Producer
Dashboard ConfessionalRapid Hope Loss2003Producer
Dashboard ConfessionalSeveral Ways To Die Trying2003Producer
Dashboard ConfessionalSo Beautiful2003Producer
Del AmitriAlways The Last To Know1992Producer
Del AmitriAs Soon As The Tide Comes In1992Producer
Del AmitriBe My Downfall1992Producer
Del AmitriBehind The Fool1992Producer
Del AmitriI Won't Take The Blame1992Producer
Del AmitriJust Like A Man1992Producer
Del AmitriLearn To Cry1992Producer
Del AmitriMove Away Jimmy Blue1989Producer
Del AmitriSometimes I Just Have To Say Your Name1992Producer
Del AmitriSpit In The Rain1990Producer
Del AmitriSurface Of The Moon1992Producer
Del AmitriThe First Rule Of Love1992Producer
Del AmitriThe Ones That You Love Lead You Nowhere1992Producer
Del AmitriTo Last A Lifetime1992Producer
Del AmitriWhen You Were Young1993Producer
Don BrocoMoney Power Fame2015Producer
Echo & The BunnymenAll My Life1987Producer
Echo & The BunnymenLover I Love You1999Producer
Echo & The BunnymenRollercoaster1987Producer
Echo & The BunnymenSatisfaction1999Producer
Echo & The BunnymenShip Of Fools1987Producer
Ed HarcourtApple Of My Eye2000Producer
Ed HarcourtShe Fell Into My Arms2001Producer
Eskimo JoeChildhood Behaviour2009Producer
Eskimo JoeDon't Let Me Down2009Producer
Eskimo JoeFalling For You2009Producer
Eskimo JoeFalling For You (Intro)2009Producer
Eskimo JoeFalling Too Fast2009Producer
Eskimo JoeForeign Land2009Producer
Eskimo JoeHoneymoon2009Producer
Eskimo JoeInshalla2009Producer
Eskimo JoeLosing Friends Over Love2009Producer
Eskimo JoeLosing My Mind2009Producer
Eskimo JoeMorning Light2009Producer
Eskimo JoePlease Elise2009Producer
Eskimo JoeSinners And Saints2009Producer
Eskimo JoeThe Sound Of Your Heart2009Producer
Eskimo JoeThunderclap2009Producer
Eskimo JoeYour Eyes2009Producer
FeederBuck Rogers2001Producer
FeederChild In You2002Producer
FeederCome Back Around2001Producer
FeederComfort In Sound2002Producer
FeederComfort In Sound (Exclusive Mix)2003Producer
FeederFeeling A Moment2005Producer
FeederFind The Colour2002Producer
FeederForget About Tomorrow2002Producer
FeederJust The Way I'm Feeling2002Producer
FeederLove Pollution2002Producer
FeederMorning Life2005Producer
FeederPiece By Piece2001Producer
FeederPilgrim Soul2005Producer
FeederPushing The Senses2005Producer
FeederQuick Fade2002Producer
FeederSatellite News2001Producer
FeederSeven Days In The Sun2001Producer
FeederSeven Sleepers2009Producer
FeederSummers Gone2002Producer
FeederTell All Your Friends2001Producer
FeederTumble And Fall2005Producer
FeederUnder The Weather2001Producer
FeederWe Can't Rewind2001Producer
Foo FightersBallad Of The Beaconsfield Miners2007Producer
Foo FightersBut, Honestly2007Producer
Foo FightersCheer Up, Boys (Your Make Up Is Running)2007Producer
Foo FightersCome Alive2007Producer
Foo FightersDear Lover1998Producer
Foo FightersDoll1997Producer
Foo FightersEnough Space1997Producer
Foo FightersErase / Replace2007Producer
Foo FightersEverlong1997Producer
Foo FightersFebruary Stars1997Producer
Foo FightersHey, Johnny Park!1997Producer
Foo FightersHome2007Producer
Foo FightersLet It Die2007Producer
Foo FightersLong Road To Ruin2007Producer
Foo FightersMonkey Wrench1997Producer
Foo FightersMy Hero1997Producer
Foo FightersMy Poor Brain1997Producer
Foo FightersNew Way Home1997Producer
Foo FightersOnce And For All2007Producer
Foo FightersSee You1997Producer
Foo FightersSkin And Bones2005Producer
Foo FightersStatues2007Producer
Foo FightersStranger Things Have Happened2007Producer
Foo FightersSummer's End2007Producer
Foo FightersThe Colour And The Shape1997Producer
Foo FightersThe Pretender2007Producer
Foo FightersUp In Arms1997Producer
Foo FightersWalking After You1997Producer
Foo FightersWind Up1997Producer
Funeral For A FriendInto Oblivion (Reunion)2007Producer
Funeral For A FriendThe Rise And Fall2009Producer
Funeral For A FriendWalk Away2007Producer
General FiascoI'm Not Made Of Eyes2010Producer
GomezGirlShapedLoveDrug Producer
GyroscopeBaby, I'm Gettin' Better2010Producer
GyroscopeDon't Forget Me When I Die2010Producer
GyroscopeI Still Taste Blood2010Producer
GyroscopeLive Without You2010Producer
GyroscopeSome Of The Places I Know2010Producer
GyroscopeTunnel Vision2010Producer
GyroscopeWhat Do I Know About Pain?2010Producer
GyroscopeWhite Dove / Black Crow2010Producer
GyroscopeWorking With Wood2010Producer
Higher PowerDrag The Line2019Producer
Higher PowerIn The Meantime2019Producer
Higher PowerKing Of My Domain2019Producer
Higher PowerLost In Static2019Producer
Higher PowerLow Season2019Producer
Higher PowerPassenger2019Producer
Higher PowerRewire (101)2019Producer
Higher PowerSeamless2019Producer
Higher PowerSelf-Rendered: Lost2019Producer
Higher PowerShedding Skin2019Producer
Higher PowerStaring At The Sun2019Producer
Intergalactic LoversBetween The Lines2017Producer
Intergalactic LoversCoast To Coast2017Producer
Intergalactic LoversEgo Wars2017Producer
Intergalactic LoversFears2017Producer
Intergalactic LoversFor The Young Ones2017Producer
Intergalactic LoversGive It Up2017Producer
Intergalactic LoversLet Go2017Producer
Intergalactic LoversMy I2017Producer
Intergalactic LoversNo Shame2017Producer
Intergalactic LoversRiver2017Producer
Intergalactic LoversTalk! Talk!2017Producer
JamesSit Down1989Producer
Jimmy Eat World232004Producer
Jimmy Eat WorldDrugs Or Me2004Producer
Jimmy Eat WorldFutures2004Producer
Jimmy Eat WorldJust Tonight...2004Producer
Jimmy Eat WorldKill2004Producer
Jimmy Eat WorldNight Drive2004Producer
Jimmy Eat WorldNothingwrong2004Producer
Jimmy Eat WorldPain2004Producer
Jimmy Eat WorldPolaris2004Producer
Jimmy Eat WorldThe World You Love2004Producer
Jimmy Eat WorldWork2004Producer
K's Choice20.000 Seconds1998Producer
K's ChoiceBelieve1998Producer
K's ChoiceButterflies Instead1998Producer
K's ChoiceCocoon Crash1998Producer
K's ChoiceEverything For Free1998Producer
K's ChoiceFreestyle1998Producer
K's ChoiceGod In My Bed1998Producer
K's ChoiceHide1998Producer
K's ChoiceIf You're Not Scared1998Producer
K's ChoiceIn Your Room1998Producer
K's ChoiceNow Is Mine1998Producer
K's ChoiceQuiet Little Place1998Producer
K's ChoiceToo Many Happy Faces1998Producer
K's ChoiceUntil I'm Fine1998Producer
K's ChoiceWinners1998Producer
LongpigsDozen Wicked Words1996Producer
LongpigsYour Face1996Producer
Mallory KnoxDare You2014Producer
Mallory KnoxDying To Survive2014Producer
Mallory KnoxFire2014Producer
Mallory KnoxGetaway2014Producer
Mallory KnoxGhost In The Mirror2014Producer
Mallory KnoxGlimmer2014Producer
Mallory KnoxHeart & Desire2014Producer
Mallory KnoxLonely Hours2014Producer
Mallory KnoxPiece Of My Heart2014Producer
Mallory KnoxQOD II2014Producer
Mallory KnoxShe Took Him To The Lake2014Producer
Mallory KnoxShout At The Moon2014Producer
Mallory KnoxThe Remedy2014Producer
Mallory KnoxWhen Are We Waking Up?2014Producer
Max´mo ParkA Fortnight's Time2007Producer
Max´mo ParkBanlieue2012Producer
Max´mo ParkBooks From Boxes2007Producer
Max´mo ParkBy The Monument2007Producer
Max´mo ParkGirls Who Play Guitars2007Producer
Max´mo ParkHips And Lips2012Producer
Max´mo ParkKaraoke Plays2007Producer
Max´mo ParkNosebleed2007Producer
Max´mo ParkOur Velocity2007Producer
Max´mo ParkParisian Skies2007Producer
Max´mo ParkReluctant Love2012Producer
Max´mo ParkRussian Literature2007Producer
Max´mo ParkSandblasted And Set Free2007Producer
Max´mo ParkTake Me Home2012Producer
Max´mo ParkThe National Health2012Producer
Max´mo ParkThe Undercurrents2012Producer
Max´mo ParkThe Unshockable2007Producer
Max´mo ParkThis Is What Becomes Of The Brokenhearted2012Producer
Max´mo ParkUnfamiliar Places2012Producer
Max´mo ParkUntil The Earth Would Open2012Producer
Max´mo ParkWaves Of Fear2012Producer
Max´mo ParkWhen I Was Wild2012Producer
Max´mo ParkWolf Among Men2012Producer
Max´mo ParkWrite This Down2012Producer
Max´mo ParkYour Urge2007Producer
Milltown BrothersTurn Off1993Producer
MorningwoodBody 212006Producer
MorningwoodEverybody Rules2006Producer
MorningwoodNew York Girls2006Producer
MorningwoodNth Degree2006Producer
MorningwoodNŘ Rock2006Producer
MorningwoodRide The Lights2006Producer
MorningwoodTake Off Your Clothes2006Producer
Patti SmithBoy Cried Wolf2000Producer
Patti SmithChina Bird2000Producer
Patti SmithGlitter In Their Eyes2000Producer
Patti SmithGone Pie2000Producer
Patti SmithGrateful2000Producer
Patti SmithGung Ho2000Producer
Patti SmithLibbie's Song2000Producer
Patti SmithLo And Beholden2000Producer
Patti SmithNew Party2000Producer
Patti SmithOne Voice2000Producer
Patti SmithPersuasion2000Producer
Patti SmithStrange Messengers2000Producer
Patti SmithUpright Come2000Producer
Pere UbuCry, Cry, Cry1991Producer
Pere UbuDon't Look Back1991Producer
Pere UbuGoodnite Irene1991Producer
Pere UbuI Hear They Smoke The Barbeque1991Producer
Pere UbuLife Of Riley1991Producer
Pere UbuMirror Man1991Producer
Pere UbuNobody Knows1991Producer
Pere UbuOh Catherine1991Producer
Pere UbuOver The Moon1991Producer
Pere UbuPayback1991Producer
Pere UbuTurpentine1991Producer
Pere UbuWinter In The Firelands1991Producer
Pere UbuWorlds In Collision1991Producer
PixiesAlec Eiffel1991Producer
PixiesAll Over The World1990Producer
PixiesAndro Queen2014Producer
PixiesAnother Toe In The Ocean2014Producer
PixiesBird Dream Of The Olympus Mons1991Producer
PixiesBlown Away1990Producer
PixiesBlue Eyed Hexe2014Producer
PixiesBone Machine1988Producer
PixiesBreak My Body1988Producer
PixiesBrick Is Red1988Producer
PixiesBroken Face1988Producer
PixiesCecilia Ann1990Producer
PixiesCrackity Jones1989Producer
PixiesDig For Fire1990Producer
PixiesDistance Equals Rate Times Time1991Producer
PixiesDown To The Well1990Producer
PixiesGouge Away1989Producer
PixiesGreens And Blues2014Producer
PixiesHang Wire1990Producer
PixiesHead On1991Producer
PixiesHere Comes Your Man1989Producer
PixiesI Bleed1989Producer
PixiesI'm Amazed1988Producer
PixiesIndie Cindy2013Producer
PixiesIs She Weird1990Producer
PixiesJaime Bravo2014Producer
PixiesLa La Love You1989Producer
PixiesLetter To Memphis1991Producer
PixiesLovely Day1991Producer
PixiesMagdalena 3182014Producer
PixiesMonkey Gone To Heaven1989Producer
PixiesMotorway To Roswell1991Producer
PixiesMr. Grieves1989Producer
PixiesNo. 13 Baby1989Producer
PixiesOh My Golly!1988Producer
PixiesPalace Of The Brine1991Producer
PixiesPlanet Of Sound1991Producer
PixiesRing The Bell2014Producer
PixiesRiver Euphrates1988Producer
PixiesRock Music1990Producer
PixiesSilver Snail2014Producer
PixiesSomething Against You1988Producer
PixiesSpace (I Believe In)1991Producer
PixiesStormy Weather1990Producer
PixiesThe Happening1990Producer
PixiesThe Navajo Know1991Producer
PixiesThe Sad Punk1991Producer
PixiesThere Goes My Gun1989Producer
PixiesTony's Theme1988Producer
PixiesTrompe le monde1991Producer
PixiesWave Of Mutilation1989Producer
PixiesWhat Goes Boom2014Producer
PixiesWhere Is My Mind?1988Producer
Pulled Apart By HorsesBromance Ain't Dead2012Producer
Pulled Apart By HorsesDegeneration Game2012Producer
Pulled Apart By HorsesEpic Myth2012Producer
Pulled Apart By HorsesEverything Dipped In Gold2012Producer
Pulled Apart By HorsesGive Me A Reason2012Producer
Pulled Apart By HorsesNight Of The Living (I'm Scared Of People)2012Producer
Pulled Apart By HorsesShake Off The Curse2012Producer
Pulled Apart By HorsesSome Mothers2012Producer
Pulled Apart By HorsesV.E.N.O.M2012Producer
Pulled Apart By HorsesWildfire, Smoke & Doom2012Producer
Pulled Apart By HorsesWolf Hand2012Producer
Pure LoveAnthem2013Producer
Pure LoveBeach Of Diamonds2013Producer
Pure LoveBurning Love2013Producer
Pure LoveBury My Bones2013Producer
Pure LoveHandsome Devils Club2012Producer
Pure LoveHeavy Kind Of Chain2013Producer
Pure LoveMarch Of The Pilgrims2013Producer
Pure LoveRiot Song2013Producer
Pure LoveScared To Death2013Producer
Pure LoveShe2013Producer
Pure LoveThe Hits2013Producer
RoachfordLay Your Love On Me1994Producer
Robyne DunnMy Spark And Me1989Producer
Son Of DorkTicket Outta Loserville2005Producer
Span [NO]Don't Think The Way They Do2004Producer
Surfer BloodBlair Witch2013Producer
Surfer BloodDemon Dance2013Producer
Surfer BloodGravity2013Producer
Surfer BloodI Was Wrong2013Producer
Surfer BloodNeedles And Pins2013Producer
Surfer BloodProm Song2013Producer
Surfer BloodSay Yes To Me2013Producer
Surfer BloodSlow Six2013Producer
Surfer BloodSqueezing Blood2013Producer
Surfer BloodWeird Shapes2013Producer
The Blue AeroplanesJacket Hangs1990Producer
The Blue AeroplanesRazor Walk1990Producer
The DistillersBeat Your Heart Out2003Producer
The DistillersDie On A Rope2003Producer
The DistillersDismantle Me2003Producer
The DistillersDrain The Blood2003Producer
The DistillersHall Of Mirrors2003Producer
The DistillersLove Is Paranoid2003Producer
The DistillersThe Hunger2003Producer
The FeelersCommunicate2002Producer
The TriffidsBlinder By The Hour1987Producer
The TriffidsBury Me Deep In Love1987Producer
The TriffidsCalenture1987Producer
The TriffidsChicken Killer1985Producer
The TriffidsEstuary Bed1985Producer
The TriffidsHoly Water1987Music/Lyrics
The TriffidsHometown Farewell Kiss1987Producer
The TriffidsJerdacuttup Man1987Producer
The TriffidsKelly's Blues1987Producer
The TriffidsLife Of Crime1985Producer
The TriffidsLonely Stretch1985Producer
The TriffidsOpen For You1987Producer
The TriffidsPersonal Things1985Producer
The TriffidsSave What You Can1987Producer
The TriffidsStolen Property1985Producer
The TriffidsTarrilup Bridge1985Producer
The TriffidsTender Is The Night (The Long Fidelity)1985Producer
The TriffidsThe Seabirds1985Producer
The TriffidsTrick Of The Light1987Producer
The TriffidsUnmade Love1987Producer
The TriffidsVagabond Holes1987Producer
The TriffidsWide Open Road1986Producer
The Upper RoomAll Over This Town2004Producer
The VirginmarysFalling Down2016Producer
The VirginmarysFor You My Love2016Producer
The VirginmarysFree To Do Whatever They Say2016Producer
The VirginmarysHalo In Her Silhouette2016Producer
The VirginmarysI Wanna Take You Home2016Producer
The VirginmarysInto Dust2016Producer
The VirginmarysKill The Messenger2016Producer
The VirginmarysLiving In My Peace2016Producer
The VirginmarysMotherless Land2016Producer
The VirginmarysMoths To A Flame2016Producer
The VirginmarysPush The Pedal2016Producer
The VirginmarysWalk In My Shoes2016Producer
Twin AtlanticActions That Echo2014Producer
Twin AtlanticBe A Kid2014Producer
Twin AtlanticCell Mate2014Producer
Twin AtlanticEdit Me2011Producer
Twin AtlanticFall Into The Party2014Producer
Twin AtlanticFree2011Producer
Twin AtlanticGlobalisolation2014Producer
Twin AtlanticI Am An Animal2014Producer
Twin AtlanticIt's Not Dead2014Producer
Twin AtlanticOceans2014Producer
Twin AtlanticRaise A Symphony2014Producer
Twin AtlanticRest In Pieces2014Producer
Twin AtlanticThe Ones That I Love (Intro)2014Producer
Twin AtlanticWhy Won't We Change?2014Producer

Bury Me Deep In Love (The Triffids)03/04/1988344
Velouria (Pixies)12/08/1990295
Planet Of Sound (Pixies)11/08/1991356
Lay Your Love On Me (Roachford)29/01/1995715
Everlong (Foo Fighters)07/09/1997316
Walking After You (Foo Fighters)26/07/1998482
Communicate (The Feelers)20/01/20021320
Nth Degree (Morningwood)03/04/2006314
The Pretender (Foo Fighters)20/08/2007920
Long Road To Ruin (Foo Fighters)19/11/20072113
Polaris (Jimmy Eat World)95.22
Night Drive (Jimmy Eat World)55.2
Sandblasted And Set Free (Max´mo Park)125.17
Beat Your Heart Out (The Distillers)145.14
Hey (Pixies)175.06
Where Is My Mind? (Pixies)905.04
Gouge Away (Pixies)125
Surface Of The Moon (Del Amitri)55
Glitter In Their Eyes (Patti Smith)55
Butterflies Instead (K's Choice)55
Drain The Blood (The Distillers)104.9
Everlong (Foo Fighters)964.88
A Long December (Counting Crows)284.86
A Fortnight's Time (Max´mo Park)144.86
Nosebleed (Max´mo Park)144.86
Pushing The Senses (Feeder)74.86
No. 13 Baby (Pixies)74.86
Forget About Tomorrow (Feeder)64.83
Hey, Johnny Park! (Foo Fighters)154.8
Losing Friends Over Love (Eskimo Joe)104.8
The Pretender (Foo Fighters)1264.48
Everlong (Foo Fighters)964.88
Where Is My Mind? (Pixies)905.04
Books From Boxes (Max´mo Park)684.37
Long Road To Ruin (Foo Fighters)664.08
Sit Down (James)644.58
My Hero (Foo Fighters)604.57
Monkey Wrench (Foo Fighters)574.74
Always The Last To Know (Del Amitri)424.4
Our Velocity (Max´mo Park)364.67
Monkey Gone To Heaven (Pixies)344.59
Lay Your Love On Me (Roachford)334.55
Here Comes Your Man (Pixies)314.58
Feeling A Moment (Feeder)304.73
Debaser (Pixies)304.5
Let It Die (Foo Fighters)304.47
Girls Who Play Guitars (Max´mo Park)304.4
Buck Rogers (Feeder)304.17
A Long December (Counting Crows)284.86
Foreign Land (Eskimo Joe)284.43

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