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10 YearsChasing The Rapture2010Producer
10 YearsDead In The Water2010Producer
10 YearsDon't Fight It2010Producer
10 YearsFade Into (The Ocean)2010Producer
10 YearsFix Me2010Producer
10 YearsNow Is The Time (Ravenous)2010Producer
10 YearsOne More Day2010Producer
10 YearsRunning In Place2010Producer
10 YearsShoot It Out2010Producer
10 YearsThe Wicked Ones2010Producer
10 YearsWaking Up The Ghost2010Producer
3 Doors DownBack To Me2011Producer
3 Doors DownBeliever2011Producer
3 Doors DownEvery Time You Go2011Producer
3 Doors DownGoodbyes2012Producer
3 Doors DownHeaven2011Producer
3 Doors DownMy Way2011Producer
3 Doors DownOn The Run2011Producer
3 Doors DownOne Light2012Producer
3 Doors DownRace For The Sun2011Producer
3 Doors DownRound And Round2011Producer
3 Doors DownShe Is Love2011Producer
3 Doors DownThere's A Life2012Producer
3 Doors DownTime Of My Life2011Producer
3 Doors DownWhat's Left2011Producer
3 Doors DownWhen You're Young2010Producer
Adam LambertAftermath2009Producer
All That RemainsBack To You2017Producer
All That RemainsFar From Home2017Producer
All That RemainsHalo2017Producer
All That RemainsIf I'm Honest2017Producer
All That RemainsLouder2017Producer
All That RemainsMadness2017Producer
All That RemainsNever Sorry2017Producer
All That RemainsNothing I Can Do2017Producer
All That RemainsOpen Grave2017Producer
All That RemainsRivercity2017Producer
All That RemainsSafe House2017Producer
All That RemainsThe Thunder Rolls2017Producer
All That RemainsTrust And Believe2017Producer
Apocalyptica feat. Brent Smith of ShinedownNot Strong Enough2010Producer
Apocalyptica feat. Lacey of FlyleafBroken Pieces2010Producer
Art Of AnarchyChanged Man2017Producer
As Fast AsSpecial2006Producer
Bang TangoA Thousand Goodbyes1994Producer
Bang TangoAttack Of Life1989Producer
Bang TangoBreaking Up A Heart Of Stone1989Producer
Bang TangoConversation1994Producer
Bang TangoCrazy1994Producer
Bang TangoDo What You're Told1989Producer
Bang TangoDon't Count Me Out1994Producer
Bang TangoDon't Stop Now1989Producer
Bang TangoFeelin' Nothin'1994Producer
Bang TangoGonna Make You Feel Like1994Producer
Bang TangoJust For You1989Producer
Bang TangoLive On The Moon1994Producer
Bang TangoLove Injection1989Producer
Bang TangoMy Favourite 91994Producer
Bang TangoNew Generation1994Producer
Bang TangoShotgun Man1989Producer
Bang TangoSo Obsessed1994Producer
Bang TangoSomeone Like U1989Producer
Bang TangoSweet Little Razor1989Producer
Bang TangoThe Hell I Gave1994Producer
Bang TangoWrap My Wings1989Producer
Billy TalentChasing The Sun2014Producer
Billy TalentKingdom Of Zod2014Producer
Black Stone CherryAll I'm Dreamin' Of2011Producer
Black Stone CherryBlame It On The Boom Boom2011Producer
Black Stone CherryCan't You See2011Producer
Black Stone CherryChange2011Producer
Black Stone CherryDie For You2011Producer
Black Stone CherryFade Away2011Producer
Black Stone CherryIn My Blood2011Producer
Black Stone CherryKilling Floor2011Producer
Black Stone CherryLet Me See You Shake2011Producer
Black Stone CherryLike I Roll2011Producer
Black Stone CherryStaring At The Mirror2011Producer
Black Stone CherryStay2011Producer
Black Stone CherrySuch A Shame2011Producer
Black Stone CherryWhite Trash Millionaire2011Producer
Black Stone CherryWon't Let Go2011Producer
Body CountBring It To Pain1997Producer
Body CountDead Man Walking1997Producer
Body CountDr. K1997Producer
Body CountI Used To Love Her1997Producer
Body CountLast Days1997Producer
Body CountRoot Of All Evil1997Producer
Body CountStrippers1997Producer
Body CountTruth Or Death1997Producer
Body CountViolent Demise1997Producer
Body CountYou're F**kin' With BC1997Producer
Body Count feat. Raw BreedMy Way1997Producer
Bon JoviWhat Do You Got?2010Producer
CreedA Thousand Faces2009Producer
CreedAway In Silence2009Producer
CreedBread Of Shame2009Producer
CreedFull Circle2009Producer
CreedGood Fight2009Producer
CreedOn My Sleeve2009Producer
CreedThe Song You Sing2009Producer
Daniel PowterBest Of Me [2012]2012Producer
Daniel PowterBirthday Suits2012Producer
Daniel PowterCome Back Home2012Producer
Daniel PowterCrazy All My Life2012Producer
Daniel PowterExcept The Blue2012Producer
Daniel PowterIf Only I Could Cry2012Producer
Daniel PowterSelfish2012Producer
Daniel PowterTell Them Who You Are2012Producer
Daniel PowterThe Day We Never Met2012Producer
Daniel PowterWhat I Meant To Say2012Producer
DaughtryAll These Lives2007Producer
DaughtryBreak The Spell2011Producer
DaughtryCall Your Name2009Producer
DaughtryCrawling Back To You2011Producer
DaughtryEverything But Me2011Producer
DaughtryEverytime You Turn Around2009Producer
DaughtryFeels Like Tonight2007Producer
DaughtryGhost Of Me2009Producer
DaughtryGone Too Soon2011Producer
DaughtryIt's Not Over2007Producer
DaughtryLearn My Lesson2009Producer
DaughtryLife After You2009Producer
DaughtryLosing My Mind2011Producer
DaughtryLouder Than Ever2011Producer
DaughtryMaybe We're Already Gone2011Producer
DaughtryNo Surprise2009Producer
DaughtryOpen Up Your Eyes2009Producer
DaughtryOutta My Head2011Producer
DaughtryOver You2006Producer
DaughtryRescue Me2011Producer
DaughtryStart Of Something Good2011Producer
DaughtryTennessee Line2009Producer
DaughtryThere And Back Again2007Producer
DaughtryUsed To2007Music/Lyrics
DaughtryWe're Not Gonna Fall2011Producer
DaughtryWhat About Now2007Producer
DaughtryWhat I Meant To Say2009Producer
DaughtryWho's They2011Producer
DaughtryYou Don't Belong2009Producer
Daughtry feat. SlashWhat I Want2007Producer
Dead By SunriseCondemned2009Producer
Dead By SunriseCrawl Back In2009Producer
Dead By SunriseEnd Of The World2009Producer
Dead By SunriseFire2009Producer
Dead By SunriseGive Me Your Name2009Producer
Dead By SunriseIn The Darkness2009Producer
Dead By SunriseInside Of Me2009Producer
Dead By SunriseInto You2009Producer
Dead By SunriseLet Down2009Producer
Dead By SunriseMy Suffering2009Producer
Dead By SunriseToo Late2009Producer
Dead By SunriseWalking In Circles2009Producer
Escape The FateAlive2015Music/Lyrics
Escape The FateBreaking Me Down2015Music/Lyrics
Escape The FateEnd Of The World2015Music/Lyrics
Escape The FateGet Up, Get Out2015Music/Lyrics
Escape The FateHate Me2015Music/Lyrics
Escape The FateI Won't Break2015Music/Lyrics
Escape The FateJust A Memory2015Music/Lyrics
Escape The FateLes enfants terribles (The Terrible Children)2015Producer
Escape The FateLet Me Be2015Music/Lyrics
Escape The FateLive For Today2015Music/Lyrics
Escape The FateRedline2015Music/Lyrics
Escape The FateRemember Every Scar2015Music/Lyrics
FlyleafAll Around Me2005Producer
FlyleafBeautiful Bride2009Producer
FlyleafBroken Wings2012Producer
FlyleafBury Your Heart2012Producer
FlyleafCage On The Ground2012Producer
FlyleafCall You Out2012Producer
FlyleafFire Fire2012Producer
FlyleafGreat Love2012Producer
FlyleafGreen Heart2012Producer
FlyleafIn The Dark2009Producer
FlyleafNew Horizons2012Producer
FlyleafSaving Grace2012Producer
FlyleafSet Apart This Dream2009Producer
FlyleafSwept Away2009Producer
FlyleafThe Kind2009Producer
FlyleafThis Close2009Producer
FlyleafTiny Heart2009Producer
Gavin DeGrawCheated On Me2008Producer
Gavin DeGrawCop Stop2008Producer
Gavin DeGrawI Have You To Thank2008Producer
Gavin DeGrawIn Love With A Girl2007Producer
Gavin DeGrawLet It Go2008Producer
Gavin DeGrawMedicate The Kids2008Producer
Gavin DeGrawNext To Me (Wait A Minute Sister)2008Producer
Gavin DeGrawRelative2008Producer
Gavin DeGrawShe Holds A Key2008Producer
Gavin DeGrawUntamed2008Producer
Gavin DeGrawWe Belong Together2008Producer
Gavin DeGrawYoung Love2008Producer
GrinspoonAngel In The Sand2004Producer
GrinspoonBetter Off Alone2004Producer
GrinspoonHard Act To Follow2004Producer
GrinspoonHold On Me2004Producer
GrinspoonKiss It2004Producer
GrinspoonSold My Soul For Rock'N'Roll2004Producer
HalestormAmerican Boys2012Producer
HalestormBeautiful With You2012Producer
HalestormBet U Wish U Had Me Back2010Producer
HalestormBetter Sorry Than Safe2010Producer
HalestormBreak In2012Producer
HalestormDaughters Of Darkness2012Producer
HalestormDirty Work2010Producer
HalestormDissident Aggressor2013Producer
HalestormDon't Know How To Stop2012Producer
HalestormFamiliar Taste Of Poison2010Producer
HalestormFreak Like Me2012Producer
HalestormGet Lucky2013Producer
HalestormGold Dust Woman2013Producer
HalestormHate It When You See Me Cry2012Producer
HalestormHell Is For Children2013Producer
HalestormHere's To Us2012Producer
HalestormI Get Off2010Producer
HalestormI Miss The Misery2012Producer
HalestormI'm Not An Angel2010Producer
HalestormIn Your Room2012Producer
HalestormIt's Not You2010Producer
HalestormLove Bites (So Do I)2012Producer
HalestormLove/Hate Heartbreak2010Producer
HalestormMz. Hyde2012Producer
HalestormNothing To Do With Love2010Producer
HalestormRock Show2012Producer
HalestormShoot To Thrill2013Producer
HalestormStraight Through The Heart2014Producer
HalestormWhat Were You Expecting?2010Producer
HalestormYou Call Me A Bitch Like It's A Bad Thing2012Producer
Halestorm feat. James Michael of Sixx:A.M.Private Parts2012Producer
Hawthorne HeightsAbandoned Driveways2010Producer
Hawthorne HeightsBoy2010Producer
Hawthorne HeightsBring You Back2010Producer
Hawthorne HeightsBroken Man2010Producer
Hawthorne HeightsDrive2010Producer
Hawthorne HeightsEnd Of The Underground2010Producer
Hawthorne HeightsGravestones2010Producer
Hawthorne HeightsHere I Am2010Producer
Hawthorne HeightsHollywood & Vine2010Producer
Hawthorne HeightsLast Few Words2010Producer
Hawthorne HeightsNervous Breakdown2010Producer
Hawthorne HeightsPicket Fences2010Producer
Hawthorne HeightsUnforgivable2010Producer
Head AutomaticaBeating Heart Baby2004Producer
Head AutomaticaCannibal Girl2006Producer
Head AutomaticaCurious2006Producer
Head AutomaticaDance Party Plus2004Producer
Head AutomaticaEgyptian Musk2006Producer
Head AutomaticaGod2006Producer
Head AutomaticaGraduation Day2006Producer
Head AutomaticaK Horse2006Producer
Head AutomaticaLaughing At You2006Producer
Head AutomaticaLying Through Your Teeth2006Producer
Head AutomaticaMillion Dollar Decision2006Producer
Head AutomaticaNowhere Fast2006Producer
Head AutomaticaScandalous2006Producer
Head AutomaticaShe's Not It2006Producer
Head AutomaticaShot In The Back (The Platypus)2006Producer
Head AutomaticaThe Razor2004Producer
HoobastankAll About You2009Producer
HoobastankBorn To Lead2006Producer
HoobastankDid You2004Producer
HoobastankDon't Tell Me2006Producer
HoobastankFrom The Heart2003Producer
HoobastankGone Gone Gone2009Producer
HoobastankGood Enough2006Producer
HoobastankI Don't Think I Love You2009Producer
HoobastankIf I Were You2006Producer
HoobastankIf Only2006Producer
HoobastankInside Of You2006Producer
HoobastankJust One2003Producer
HoobastankLet It Out2003Producer
HoobastankLook Where We Are2006Producer
HoobastankMeet Hoobastank2004Producer
HoobastankMore Than A Memory2006Producer
HoobastankMoving Forward2006Producer
HoobastankMy Turn2009Producer
HoobastankNever There2003Producer
HoobastankOut Of Control2003Producer
HoobastankSame Direction2003Producer
HoobastankSay The Same2006Producer
HoobastankSick Of Hanging On2009Producer
HoobastankSo Close, So Far2009Producer
HoobastankTears Of Yesterday2009Producer
HoobastankThe First Of Me2006Producer
HoobastankThe Reason2003Producer
HoobastankWhat Happened To Us2003Producer
HoobastankWho The Hell Am I?2009Producer
HoobastankWithout A Fight2006Producer
HoobastankYou Need To Be Here2009Producer
HoobastankYou're The One2009Producer
Hoobastank feat. Vanessa AmorosiThe Letter2009Producer
In Flames(This Is Our) House2019Producer
In FlamesAll The Pain2019Producer
In FlamesBattles2016Producer
In FlamesBefore I Fall2016Producer
In FlamesBurn2019Producer
In FlamesCall My Name2019Producer
In FlamesDeep Inside2019Producer
In FlamesDrained2016Producer
In FlamesFollow Me2019Producer
In FlamesGreatest Greed2016Producer
In FlamesHere Until Forever2016Producer
In FlamesI Am Above2019Producer
In FlamesI, The Mask2019Producer
In FlamesIn My Room2016Producer
In FlamesIn This Life2019Producer
In FlamesLike Sand2016Producer
In FlamesNot Alone2019Producer
In FlamesSave Me2016Producer
In FlamesStay With Me2019Producer
In FlamesThe End2016Producer
In FlamesThe Truth2016Producer
In FlamesThrough My Eyes2016Producer
In FlamesUnderneath My Skin2016Producer
In FlamesUs Against The World2016Producer
In FlamesVoices2019Producer
In FlamesWallflower2016Producer
In FlamesWe Will Remember2019Producer
Kelly ClarksonBreaking Your Own Heart2011Producer
Kelly ClarksonCry2009Producer
Kelly ClarksonDon't Let Me Stop You2009Producer
Kelly ClarksonI Do Not Hook Up2009Producer
Kelly ClarksonLong Shot2009Producer
Kelly ClarksonReady2009Producer
Kelly Clarkson feat. Kara DioGuardiThe Sun Will Rise2011Producer
Less Than JakeA Still Life Franchise2006Producer
Less Than JakeD.S. Shock The World2006Producer
Less Than JakeDon't Fall Asleep On The Subway2006Producer
Less Than JakeFall Apart2006Producer
Less Than JakeHopeless Case2006Producer
Less Than JakeIn-Dependence Day2006Producer
Less Than JakeLandmines And Landslides2006Producer
Less Than JakeLet Her Go2006Producer
Less Than JakeMostly Memories2006Producer
Less Than JakeOverrated (Everything Is)2006Producer
Less Than JakeSoundtrack Of My Life2006Producer
Less Than JakeThe Rest Of My Life2006Producer
Mayday ParadeLooks Red, Tastes Blue2018Producer
MęléeBiggest Mistake2007Producer
MęléeBuilt To Last2007Producer
MęléeCan't Hold On2007Producer
MęléeDrive Away2007Producer
MęléeFor A Lifetime2007Producer
MęléeFrequently Baby (She's A Teenage Maniac)2007Producer
MęléeLove Carries On2007Producer
MęléeRhythm Of Rain2007Producer
MęléeShe's Gonna Find Me Here2007Producer
MęléeStand Up2007Producer
MęléeYou Got2007Producer
MęléeYou Make My Dreams2007Producer
MotörheadAll Gone To Hell1995Producer
MotörheadBad Woman1993Producer
MotörheadBetter Off Dead1998Producer
MotörheadBorn To Raise Hell1993Producer
MotörheadCivil War1996Producer
MotörheadCrazy Like A Fox1996Producer
MotörheadDead And Gone1998Producer
MotörheadDeath Or Glory1993Producer
MotörheadDesperate For You1998Producer
MotörheadDog-Face Boy1995Producer
MotörheadDogs Of War1998Producer
MotörheadDon't Let Daddy Kiss Me1993Producer
MotörheadDon't Lie To Me1998Producer
MotörheadDon't Waste Your Time1995Producer
MotörheadEat The Gun1996Producer
MotörheadI Am The Sword1993Producer
MotörheadI Don't Believe A Word1996Producer
MotörheadI'm Your Man1993Producer
MotörheadIn Another Time1995Producer
MotörheadJoy Of Labour1998Producer
MotörheadJumpin' Jack Flash2001Producer
MotörheadListen To Your Heart1996Producer
MotörheadLost In The Ozone1993Producer
MotörheadLove Can't Buy You Money1996Producer
MotörheadLove For Sale1998Producer
MotörheadMake 'Em Blind1995Producer
MotörheadMurder Show1996Producer
MotörheadNight Side1998Producer
MotörheadOn Your Feet Or On Your Knees1993Producer
MotörheadOrder / Fade To Black1995Producer
MotörheadOut Of The Sun1995Producer
MotörheadOver Your Shoulder1995Producer
MotörheadOvernight Sensation1996Producer
MotörheadSex And Death1995Producer
MotörheadShake The World1996Producer
MotörheadSnake Bite Love1998Producer
MotörheadTake The Blame1998Producer
MotörheadThem Not Me1996Producer
MotörheadWar For War1995Producer
MotörheadWe Bring The Shake1993Producer
Motörhead with Ice-T & Whitfield CraneBorn To Raise Hell1993Producer
My Chemical RomanceCemetery Drive2004Producer
My Chemical RomanceGive 'Em Hell, Kid2004Producer
My Chemical RomanceHang 'Em High2004Producer
My Chemical RomanceHelena2004Producer
My Chemical RomanceI'm Not Okay (I Promise)2004Producer
My Chemical RomanceIt's Not A Fashion Statement, It's A Fucking Death Wish2004Producer
My Chemical RomanceThank You For The Venom2004Producer
My Chemical RomanceThe Ghost Of You2004Producer
My Chemical RomanceThe Jetset Life Is Gonna Kill You2004Producer
My Chemical RomanceTo The End2004Producer
My Chemical RomanceYou Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison2004Producer
My Chemical Romance feat. The UsedUnder Pressure2005Producer
Of Mice & MenBack To Me2018Producer
Of Mice & MenDefy2018Producer
Of Mice & MenForever YDG'n2018Producer
Of Mice & MenHow Will You Live2018Producer
Of Mice & MenIf We Were Ghosts2018Producer
Of Mice & MenInstincts2018Producer
Of Mice & MenMoney2018Producer
Of Mice & MenOn The Inside2018Producer
Of Mice & MenSunflower2018Producer
Of Mice & MenUnbreakable2018Producer
Of Mice & MenVertigo2018Producer
Of Mice & MenWarzone2018Producer
OrianthiAccording To You2009Producer
OrianthiAddicted To Love2010Producer
OrianthiBad News2009Producer
OrianthiDon't Tell Me That It's Over2009Producer
OrianthiDrive Away2009Producer
OrianthiFeels Like Home2009Producer
OrianthiGod Only Knows2009Producer
OrianthiMissing You2010Producer
OrianthiShut Up & Kiss Me2010Producer
OrianthiSunshine Of Your Love2010Producer
OrianthiThink Like A Man2009Producer
OrianthiWhat's It Gonna Be2009Producer
Orianthi feat. Steve VaiHighly Strung2009Producer
OtepEqual Rights, Equal Lefts2016Producer
OtepFeeding Frenzy2016Producer
OtepGeneration Doom2016Producer
OtepGod Is A Gun2016Producer
OtepIn Cold Blood2016Producer
OtepLords Of War2016Producer
OtepNo Color2016Producer
OtepOn The Shore2016Producer
P.O.D.Am I Awake2015Producer
P.O.D.Change The World2003Producer
P.O.D.Execute The Sounds2003Producer
P.O.D.Find My Way2003Producer
P.O.D.Freedom Fighters2003Producer
P.O.D.Get Down2015Producer
P.O.D.Guitarras de amor2001Producer
P.O.D.I And Identify2003Producer
P.O.D.Masterpiece Conspiracy2001Producer
P.O.D.Rise Of NWO2015Producer
P.O.D.Set It Off2001Producer
P.O.D.Sleeping Awake2003Producer
P.O.D.Somebody's Trying To Kill Me2015Producer
P.O.D.Speed Demon2015Producer
P.O.D.The Awakening2015Producer
P.O.D.The Messenjah2001Producer
P.O.D.The Reasons2003Producer
P.O.D.Thinking About Forever2001Producer
P.O.D.This Goes Out To You2015Producer
P.O.D.Truly Amazing2009Producer
P.O.D.Waiting On Today2003Producer
P.O.D.Want It All2015Producer
P.O.D.Whatever It Takes2000Producer
P.O.D.Will You2003Producer
P.O.D.Youth Of The Nation2001Producer
P.O.D. feat. Christian of BlindsideAnything Right2001Producer
P.O.D. feat. Eek-A-MouseRidiculous2001Producer
P.O.D. feat. H.R.Without Jah, Nothin'2001Producer
P.O.D. feat. Lou KollerRevolución2015Producer
P.O.D. feat. Maria BrinkCriminal Conversations2015Producer
PalisadesErase The Pain2019Producer
PalisadesFragile Bones2019Producer
PalisadesShed My Skin2019Producer
PalisadesWays To Disappear2019Producer
Papa Roach...To Be Loved2006Producer
Papa RoachAlive (N' Out Of Control)2006Producer
Papa RoachBe Free2004Producer
Papa RoachBlanket Of Fear2004Producer
Papa RoachBlood (Empty Promises)2004Producer
Papa RoachCrash2006Producer
Papa RoachDo Or Die2004Producer
Papa RoachDone With You2004Producer
Papa RoachForever2006Producer
Papa RoachGetting Away With Murder2004Producer
Papa RoachI Devise My Own Demise2006Producer
Papa RoachJust Go (Never Look Back)2004Producer
Papa RoachMy Heart Is A Fist2006Producer
Papa RoachNo More Secrets2006Producer
Papa RoachNot Listening2004Producer
Papa RoachReckless2006Producer
Papa RoachRoses On My Grave2006Producer
Papa RoachScars2004Producer
Papa RoachSometimes2004Producer
Papa RoachStop Looking Start Seeing2004Producer
Papa RoachTake Me2004Producer
Papa RoachThe Fire2006Producer
Papa RoachThe World Around You2006Producer
Papa RoachTime Is Running Out2006Producer
Papa RoachTyranny Of Normality2004Producer
Papa RoachWhat Do You Do?2006Producer
Pretty Boy Floyd48 Hours Producer
Pretty Boy FloydI Wanna Be With You Producer
Pretty Boy FloydLeather Boyz With Electric Toyz Producer
Pretty Boy FloydOnly The Young Producer
Pretty Boy FloydRock And Roll (Is Gonna Set The Night On Fire)1989Producer
Pretty Boy FloydRock And Roll Outlaws Producer
Pretty Boy FloydSlam Dunk1992Producer
Pretty Boy FloydThe Last Kiss Producer
Pretty Boy FloydToast Of The Town Producer
Pretty Boy FloydWild Angels Producer
Pretty Boy FloydYour Mama Won't Know Producer
Puddle Of MuddPsycho2007Producer
RedSo Far Away Producer
SalivaBetter Days2011Producer
SalivaBurn It Up2011Producer
SalivaHate Me2011Producer
SalivaNever Should've Let You Go2011Producer
SalivaProve Me Wrong2011Producer
SalivaToxic Suicide2011Producer
SalivaTurn The Lights On2011Producer
Santana feat. Andy VargasUnder The Bridge2010Producer
Santana feat. Chester Bennington & Ray ManzarekRiders On The Storm2010Producer
Santana feat. Chris CornellWhole Lotta Love2010Producer
Santana feat. Chris DaughtryPhotograph2010Producer
Santana feat. Gavin RossdaleBang A Gong2010Producer
Santana feat. Jacoby ShaddixSmoke On The Water2010Producer
Santana feat. Jonny LangI Ain't Superstitious2010Producer
Santana feat. P.O.D.America2002Producer
Santana feat. Scott StappFortunate Son2010Producer
Scott StappBreak Out2014Producer
Scott StappCrash2014Producer
Scott StappDying To Live2014Producer
Scott StappHit Me More2014Producer
Scott StappJesus Was A RockStar2014Producer
Scott StappNew Day Coming2014Producer
Scott StappOnly One2014Producer
Scott StappProof Of Life2014Producer
Scott StappSlow Suicide2014Producer
Scott StappWhat Would Love Do2014Producer
Scott StappWho I Am2014Producer
SeetherCareless Whisper2009Producer
SeetherDon't Believe2007Producer
SeetherEyes Of The Devil2007Producer
SeetherFake It2007Producer
SeetherLike Suicide2007Producer
SeetherNo Jesus Christ2007Producer
SeetherRise Above This2007Producer
SeetherSix Gun Quota2007Producer
SeetherWalk Away From The Sun2007Producer
Simple PlanBoom!2016Producer
Simple PlanEverything Sucks2016Producer
Simple PlanI Don't Wanna Be Sad2016Producer
Simple PlanI Refuse2016Producer
Simple PlanKiss Me Like Nobody's Watching2016Producer
Simple PlanNostalgic2016Producer
Simple PlanOpinion Overload2016Producer
Simple PlanP.S. I Hate You2016Producer
Simple PlanPerfectly Perfect2016Producer
Simple PlanProblem Child2016Producer
Simple Plan feat. Jordan PundikFarewell2016Producer
Simple Plan feat. Juliet SimmsI Dream About You2016Producer
Simple Plan feat. NellyI Don't Wanna Go To Bed2015Producer
Simple Plan feat. R. CitySinging In The Rain2016Producer
SkilletAmerican Noise2013Producer
SkilletAwake And Alive2014Producer
SkilletCircus For A Psycho2013Producer
SkilletFire And Fury2013Producer
SkilletGood To Be Alive2013Producer
SkilletHard To Find2013Producer
SkilletMadness In Me2013Producer
SkilletMy Religion2013Producer
SkilletNot Gonna Die2013Producer
SkilletSick Of It2013Producer
SkilletWhat I Believe2013Producer
SkilletWhispers In The Dark2014Producer
The All-American Rejects11:11 PM2005Producer
The All-American RejectsCan't Take It2005Producer
The All-American RejectsChange Your Mind2005Producer
The All-American RejectsDance Inside2005Producer
The All-American RejectsDirty Little Secret2006Producer
The All-American RejectsI'm Waiting2005Producer
The All-American RejectsIt Ends Tonight2005Producer
The All-American RejectsMove Along2005Producer
The All-American RejectsNight Drive2005Producer
The All-American RejectsStab My Back2005Producer
The All-American RejectsStraightjacket Feeling2005Producer
The All-American RejectsTop Of The World2005Producer
The MaineBook Of Me & You2011Producer
The MaineColor2011Producer
The MaineDon't Stop Now2011Producer
The MaineEvery Road2011Producer
The MaineFree2011Producer
The MaineFuel To The Fire2011Producer
The MaineGive It To Me2011Producer
The MaineGrowing Up2011Producer
The MaineInside Of You2011Producer
The MaineListen To Your Heart2011Producer
The MaineRight Girl2011Producer
The MaineSaving Grace2011Producer
The MaineUntangle Me2011Producer
The MaineWhoever She Is2011Producer
The Panic ChannelWhy Cry2006Music/Lyrics
Theory Of A DeadmanAll Or Nothing2009Producer
Theory Of A DeadmanAngel2014Producer
Theory Of A DeadmanBad Girlfriend2008Producer
Theory Of A DeadmanBetter Or Worse2011Producer
Theory Of A DeadmanBitch Came Back2011Producer
Theory Of A DeadmanBlow2014Producer
Theory Of A DeadmanBy The Way2009Producer
Theory Of A DeadmanCareless2011Producer
Theory Of A DeadmanCrutch2009Producer
Theory Of A DeadmanDoes It Really Matter2011Producer
Theory Of A DeadmanDrag Me To Hell2011Producer
Theory Of A DeadmanDrown2014Producer
Theory Of A DeadmanEasy To Love You2011Producer
Theory Of A DeadmanEnd Of The Summer2009Producer
Theory Of A DeadmanGentleman2011Producer
Theory Of A DeadmanGot It Made2009Producer
Theory Of A DeadmanHate My Life2009Producer
Theory Of A DeadmanHead Above Water2011Producer
Theory Of A DeadmanHeaven (Little By Little)2009Producer
Theory Of A DeadmanHeavy2014Producer
Theory Of A DeadmanHurricane2011Producer
Theory Of A DeadmanIn Ruins2014Producer
Theory Of A DeadmanLittle Smirk2009Producer
Theory Of A DeadmanLove Is Hell2011Producer
Theory Of A DeadmanLowlife2011Producer
Theory Of A DeadmanMisery Of Mankind2014Producer
Theory Of A DeadmanNot Meant To Be2009Producer
Theory Of A DeadmanOut Of My Head2011Producer
Theory Of A DeadmanPanic Room2014Producer
Theory Of A DeadmanSacrifice2009Producer
Theory Of A DeadmanSalt In The Wound2014Producer
Theory Of A DeadmanSanta Monica2010Producer
Theory Of A DeadmanSo Happy2009Producer
Theory Of A DeadmanThe One2014Producer
Theory Of A DeadmanThe Sun Has Set On Me2014Producer
Theory Of A DeadmanThe Truth Is ... (I Lied About Everything)2011Producer
Theory Of A DeadmanVillain2011Producer
Theory Of A DeadmanWait For Me2009Producer
Theory Of A DeadmanWe Were Men2011Producer
Theory Of A DeadmanWhat Was I Thinking2011Producer
Theory Of A DeadmanWorld War Me2014Producer
Theory Of A Deadman feat. Alice CooperSavages2014Producer
Theory Of A Deadman feat. Joe Rooney Of Rascal FlattsLivin' My Life Like A Country Song2014Producer
Three Days GraceAnimal I Have Become2006Producer
Three Days GraceBitter Taste2009Producer
Three Days GraceBreak2009Producer
Three Days GraceBully2009Producer
Three Days GraceChasing The First Time2018Producer
Three Days GraceGet Out Alive2006Producer
Three Days GraceGoin' Down2009Producer
Three Days GraceGone Forever2006Producer
Three Days GraceI Am An Outsider2018Producer
Three Days GraceInfra-Red2018Producer
Three Days GraceIt's All Over2006Producer
Three Days GraceLast To Know2009Producer
Three Days GraceLet It Die2006Producer
Three Days GraceLife Starts Now2009Producer
Three Days GraceLost In You2009Producer
Three Days GraceLove Me Or Leave Me2018Producer
Three Days GraceMe Against You2018Producer
Three Days GraceNever Too Late2006Producer
Three Days GraceNo More2009Producer
Three Days GraceNothing To Lose But You2018Producer
Three Days GraceOn My Own2006Producer
Three Days GraceOne-X2006Producer
Three Days GraceOver And Over2006Producer
Three Days GracePain2006Producer
Three Days GraceRight Left Wrong2018Producer
Three Days GraceRiot2006Producer
Three Days GraceRunning Away2008Producer
Three Days GraceSomeone Who Cares2009Producer
Three Days GraceStrange Days2018Producer
Three Days GraceThe Abyss2018Producer
Three Days GraceThe Good Life2009Producer
Three Days GraceThe Mountain2018Producer
Three Days GraceThe New Real2018Producer
Three Days GraceTime Of Dying2006Producer
Three Days GraceVillain I'm Not2018Producer
Three Days GraceWithout You2009Producer
Three Days GraceWorld So Cold2009Producer
Thriving IvoryHey Lady Producer
Thriving IvoryLight Up Mississippi Producer
Thriving IvoryLong Hallway With A Broken Light Producer
Thriving IvoryRunaway Producer
Thriving IvorySecret Life Producer
Thriving IvoryTwilight Producer
Thriving IvoryUnhappy Producer
Vamps feat. Chris MotionlessInside Of Me2017Music/Lyrics
Vamps feat. Richard Z. KruspeRise Or Die2017Music/Lyrics

Alive (P.O.D.)23/12/2001421
The Reason (Hoobastank)03/05/2004520
Beating Heart Baby (Head Automatica)25/04/2005362
I'm Not Okay (I Promise) (My Chemical Romance)18/07/2005381
Helena (My Chemical Romance)05/12/2005279
It's Not Over (Daughtry)19/02/2007816
It Ends Tonight (The All-American Rejects)30/04/2007391
Home (Daughtry)28/05/20072312
Over You (Daughtry)08/10/2007269
Fake It (Seether)11/02/20081412
I Do Not Hook Up (Kelly Clarkson)11/05/2009314
No Surprise (Daughtry)20/07/2009227
According To You (Orianthi)08/02/2010391
Lost In The Ozone (Motörhead)65.33
Bad Woman (Motörhead)75.29
Can't Hold On (Męlée)75.29
Psycho (Puddle Of Mudd)85.25
I Miss The Misery (Halestorm)95.22
Open Up Your Eyes (Daughtry)65.17
The Sun Will Rise (Kelly Clarkson feat. Kara DioGuardi)85.12
We Belong Together (Gavin DeGraw)95.11
Breaking Your Own Heart (Kelly Clarkson)115
Better Off Alone (Grinspoon)105
Don't Let Daddy Kiss Me (Motörhead)95
Top Of The World (The All-American Rejects)75
Cheated On Me (Gavin DeGraw)75
Over And Over (Three Days Grace)65
Jumpin' Jack Flash (Motörhead)65
Reckless (Papa Roach)65
Riot (Three Days Grace)55
Walking In Circles (Dead By Sunrise)55
Let Down (Dead By Sunrise)134.92
Hero (Skillet)64.83
The Reason (Hoobastank)2614.52
Youth Of The Nation (P.O.D.)964.4
I Do Not Hook Up (Kelly Clarkson)953.94
It's Not Over (Daughtry)923.89
Built To Last (Męlée)894.48
Over You (Daughtry)594.17
Alive (P.O.D.)573.93
Helena (My Chemical Romance)564.73
What Do You Got? (Bon Jovi)563.54
Feels Like Tonight (Daughtry)524.08
If I Were You (Hoobastank)504.54
No Surprise (Daughtry)473.66
Getting Away With Murder (Papa Roach)434.44
Cry (Kelly Clarkson)424.5
Home (Daughtry)414.24
I'm Not Okay (I Promise) (My Chemical Romance)404.72
Don't Let Me Stop You (Kelly Clarkson)394.23
Disappear (Hoobastank)374.32
According To You (Orianthi)374.27
In Love With A Girl (Gavin DeGraw)374.08

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