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Black Stone CherryAll I'm Dreamin' Of2011Music/Lyrics
Black Stone CherryStay2011Music/Lyrics
Chälly BuebeWhen We Stand Together2015Music/Lyrics
Chris LaneAll About You2016Producer
Chris LaneAll The Right Problems2018Producer
Chris LaneAll The Time2016Producer
Chris LaneBack To Me2016Producer
Chris LaneBad Girl2018Producer
Chris LaneDrunk People2018Producer
Chris LaneFishin'2018Producer
Chris LaneFix2015Producer
Chris LaneFor Her2016Producer
Chris LaneGirl Problems2016Producer
Chris LaneHer Own Knd Of Beautiful2016Producer
Chris LaneHero2018Producer
Chris LaneI Don't Know About You2018Producer
Chris LaneLaps Around The Sun2018Producer
Chris LaneLet Me Love You2016Producer
Chris LaneLife Goes On2018Producer
Chris LaneMaybe2016Producer
Chris LaneNew Phone, Who's This2018Producer
Chris LaneNumber One2018Producer
Chris LaneOld Flame2018Producer
Chris LaneSaturday Night2016Producer
Chris LaneSun Kiss You2018Producer
Chris LaneWho's It Gonna Be2016Producer
Chris Lane feat. Danielle BradberyWithout You2018Producer
Chris Lane feat. Mackenzie PorterCircles2016Producer
Chris Lane feat. Tori KellyTake Back Home Girl2018Producer
Dallas Smith50/502016Producer
Dallas SmithA Girl Like You2014Producer
Dallas SmithAnd Then Some2012Music/Lyrics
Dallas SmithAutograph2016Producer
Dallas SmithCheap Seats2014Producer
Dallas SmithHeat Rises2014Producer
Dallas SmithHoods And Tailgates2016Producer
Dallas SmithIf It Get's You Where You Wanna Go2012Producer
Dallas SmithI'm Already Gone2016Producer
Dallas SmithJumped Right In2012Producer
Dallas SmithJust Say When2014Producer
Dallas SmithKids With Cars2016Producer
Dallas SmithLifted2014Producer
Dallas SmithNever Saw Goodbye2012Producer
Dallas SmithNothing But Summer2012Music/Lyrics
Dallas SmithOne Little Kiss2016Producer
Dallas SmithOnly One You2016Producer
Dallas SmithShotgun2012Producer
Dallas SmithSide Effects2016Producer
Dallas SmithSky Stays This Blue2016Producer
Dallas SmithSleepin' Around2016Producer
Dallas SmithSlow Rollin'2014Producer
Dallas SmithSomebody Somewhere2012Producer
Dallas SmithStone Cold Killer2012Producer
Dallas SmithTab With My Name On It2016Producer
Dallas SmithThe Song That's In My Head2012Producer
Dallas SmithThinkin' 'Bout You2014Producer
Dallas SmithThis Town Ain't A Town2014Producer
Dallas SmithTippin' Point2014Producer
Dallas SmithTwelve Pack Soundtrack2016Producer
Dallas SmithWastin' Gas2014Producer
Dallas SmithWhat Kinda Love2012Music/Lyrics
Dallas SmithWrong About That2014Producer
DaughtryLife After You2009Music/Lyrics
DaughtryNo Surprise2009Music/Lyrics
Diplo presents Thomas Wesley feat. Morgan WallenHeartless2019Producer
Florida Georgia LineAngel2014Producer
Florida Georgia LineAnything Goes2014Producer
Florida Georgia LineBlessings2019Producer
Florida Georgia LineBumpin' The Night2014Producer
Florida Georgia LineCan't Say I Ain't Country2019Producer
Florida Georgia LineColorado2019Producer
Florida Georgia LineConfession2014Producer
Florida Georgia LineCruise2012Music/Lyrics
Florida Georgia LineDance For Me2014Producer
Florida Georgia LineDig Your Roots2016Producer
Florida Georgia LineDirt2014Producer
Florida Georgia LineEvery Night2014Producer
Florida Georgia LineGet Your Shine On2012Producer
Florida Georgia LineGirl On The Radio2014Producer
Florida Georgia LineGood Girl, Bad Boy2016Producer
Florida Georgia LineGood Good2014Producer
Florida Georgia LineGrow Old2016Producer
Florida Georgia LineH.O.L.Y.2016Producer
Florida Georgia LineHeatwave2016Producer
Florida Georgia LineIf I Die Tomorrow2014Producer
Florida Georgia LineInvisible2022Producer
Florida Georgia LineIsland2016Producer
Florida Georgia LineLife2022Producer
Florida Georgia LineLifer2016Producer
Florida Georgia LineLike You Aint Even Gone2014Producer
Florida Georgia LineLike You Never Had It2019Producer
Florida Georgia LineMusic Is Healing2016Producer
Florida Georgia LinePeople Are Different2019Producer
Florida Georgia LineRound Here2013Producer
Florida Georgia LineSimple2019Producer
Florida Georgia LineSippin' On Fire2014Producer
Florida Georgia LineSittin' Pretty2019Producer
Florida Georgia LineSmall Town2019Producer
Florida Georgia LineSmile2014Producer
Florida Georgia LineSmoke2014Producer
Florida Georgia LineSmooth2016Producer
Florida Georgia LineSpeed Of Love2019Producer
Florida Georgia LineStay2013Music/Lyrics
Florida Georgia LineSummerland2016Producer
Florida Georgia LineSun Daze2014Producer
Florida Georgia LineSwerve2019Producer
Florida Georgia LineTalk You Out Of It2019Producer
Florida Georgia LineThat's What's Up2014Producer
Florida Georgia LineTold You2019Producer
Florida Georgia LineWhile He's Still Around2016Producer
Florida Georgia LineWish You Were On It2016Producer
Florida Georgia Line feat. Backstreet BoysGod, Your Mama, And Me2016Producer
Florida Georgia Line feat. HardyY'all Boys2019Producer
Florida Georgia Line feat. Jason AldeanCan't Hide Red2019Producer
Florida Georgia Line feat. Jason DeruloWomen2019Producer
Florida Georgia Line feat. Lele PonsRendezvous2022Producer
Florida Georgia Line feat. Luke BryanThis Is How We Roll2013Producer
Florida Georgia Line feat. NellyCruise2013Music/Lyrics
Florida Georgia Line feat. Tim McGrawMay We All2016Producer
Florida Georgia Line feat. Ziggy MarleyLife Is A Honeymoon2016Producer
Hardy [US]A Rock2020Producer
Hardy [US]Ain't A Bad Day2020Producer
Hardy [US]Boots2020Producer
Hardy [US]Boyfriend2020Producer
Hardy [US]Broke Boy2020Producer
Hardy [US]Give Heaven Some Hell2020Producer
Hardy [US]Hate Your Hometown2020Producer
Hardy [US]Truck2020Producer
Hardy [US]Unapologetically Country As Hell2020Producer
Hardy [US]Where Ya At2020Producer
Hardy feat. Ashland CraftSo Close2020Producer
Hardy feat. Lainey WilsonWait In The Truck2022Producer
Hardy feat. Lauren Alaina and Devin DawsonOne Beer2020Producer
HinderBy The Way2005Music/Lyrics
HinderGet Stoned2005Music/Lyrics
HinderHow Long2005Music/Lyrics
Jake Owen19722013Producer
Jake OwenAlone With You2011Producer
Jake OwenAnywhere With You2011Producer
Jake OwenApple Pie Moonshine2011Producer
Jake OwenBarefoot Blue Jean Night2011Producer
Jake OwenBeachin'2013Producer
Jake OwenDays Of Gold2013Producer
Jake OwenDrivin' All Night2013Producer
Jake OwenGhost Town2013Producer
Jake OwenGood Timing2013Producer
Jake OwenKeepin' It Country2011Producer
Jake OwenLife Of The Party2013Producer
Jake OwenOne Little Kiss (Never Killed Nobody)2013Producer
Jake OwenPass A Beer2012Producer
Jake OwenSteal My Kisses2012Producer
Jake OwenSure Feels Right2013Producer
Jake OwenSurefire Feeling2012Producer
Jake OwenTall Glass Of Something2013Producer
Jake OwenThe One That Got Away2011Producer
Jake OwenTipsy2013Producer
Jake OwenWhat We Ain't Got2013Producer
Jake Owen feat. Florida Georgia LineSummer Jam2012Producer
Keith UrbanPolaroid2020Producer
Morgan Wallen180 (Lifestyle)2023Producer
Morgan Wallen7 Summers2020Producer
Morgan Wallen8652021Producer
Morgan Wallen'98 Braves2023Producer
Morgan WallenAin't That Some2023Producer
Morgan WallenBeer Don't2021Producer
Morgan WallenBlame It On Me2021Producer
Morgan WallenBorn With A Beer In My Hand2023Producer
Morgan WallenChasin' You2018Producer
Morgan WallenCountry A$$ Shit2021Producer
Morgan WallenCover Me Up2021Producer
Morgan WallenDangerous2021Producer
Morgan WallenDays That End In Why2022Producer
Morgan WallenDevil Don't Know2023Producer
Morgan WallenDon't Think Jesus2022Producer
Morgan WallenDying Man2023Producer
Morgan WallenEverything I Love2023Producer
Morgan WallenF150-502023Producer
Morgan WallenGone Girl2018Producer
Morgan WallenGood Girl Gone Missin'2023Producer
Morgan WallenHad It2023Producer
Morgan WallenHad Me By Halftime2018Producer
Morgan WallenHappy Hour2018Producer
Morgan WallenHope That's True2023Producer
Morgan WallenI Deserve A Drink2023Producer
Morgan WallenI Wrote The Book2023Producer
Morgan WallenIf I Ever Get You Back2018Producer
Morgan WallenIf I Know Me2018Producer
Morgan WallenKeith Whitley2023Producer
Morgan WallenLast Drive Down Main2023Producer
Morgan WallenLast Night2023Producer
Morgan WallenLittle Rain2018Producer
Morgan WallenLivin' The Dream2021Producer
Morgan WallenMe + All Your Reasons2023Producer
Morgan WallenMe On Whiskey2021Producer
Morgan WallenMe To Me2023Producer
Morgan WallenMoney On Me2023Producer
Morgan WallenMore Surprised Than Me2021Producer
Morgan WallenMore Than My Hometown2020Producer
Morgan WallenNeed A Boat2021Producer
Morgan WallenNeon Eyes2021Producer
Morgan WallenNeon Star (Country Boy Lullaby)2023Producer
Morgan WallenNot Good At Not2018Producer
Morgan WallenOne Thing At A Time2022Producer
Morgan WallenOutlook2023Producer
Morgan WallenQuittin' Time2021Producer
Morgan WallenRedneck Love Song2018Producer
Morgan WallenRednecks, Red Letters, Red Dirt2021Producer
Morgan WallenSand In My Boots2021Producer
Morgan WallenSilverado For Sale2021Producer
Morgan WallenSingle Than She Was2023Producer
Morgan WallenSomebody's Problem2021Producer
Morgan WallenSomethin' Country2021Producer
Morgan WallenStill Goin Down2021Producer
Morgan WallenSunrise2023Producer
Morgan WallenTalkin' Tennessee2018Producer
Morgan WallenTennessee Fan2022Producer
Morgan WallenTennessee Numbers2023Producer
Morgan WallenThe Way I Talk2018Producer
Morgan WallenThinkin' Bout Me2023Producer
Morgan WallenThis Bar2019Producer
Morgan WallenThought You Should Know2022Producer
Morgan WallenWarning2021Producer
Morgan WallenWasted On You2021Producer
Morgan WallenWhatcha Know 'Bout That2018Producer
Morgan WallenWhatcha Think Of Country Now2021Producer
Morgan WallenWhiskey Friends2023Producer
Morgan WallenWhiskey Glasses2018Producer
Morgan WallenWhiskey'd My Way2021Producer
Morgan WallenWine Into Water2023Producer
Morgan WallenWonderin' Bout The Wind2021Producer
Morgan WallenYou Proof2022Producer
Morgan WallenYour Bartender2021Producer
Morgan Wallen feat. Ben BurgessOutlaw2021Producer
Morgan Wallen feat. Chris StapletonOnly Thing That's Gone2021Producer
Morgan Wallen feat. Eric ChurchMan Made A Bar2023Producer
Morgan Wallen feat. ErnestCowgirls2023Producer
Morgan Wallen feat. Florida Georgia LineUp Down2018Producer
Morgan Wallen feat. HardyIn The Bible2023Producer
My Darkest DaysAgain2012Music/Lyrics
My Darkest DaysCan't Forget You2010Producer
My Darkest DaysCasual Sex2012Music/Lyrics
My Darkest DaysCome Undone2010Producer
My Darkest DaysEvery Lie2010Producer
My Darkest DaysGone2012Music/Lyrics
My Darkest DaysGoodbye2010Music/Lyrics
My Darkest DaysLike Nobody Else2010Producer
My Darkest DaysLove Crime2012Producer
My Darkest DaysMove Your Body2010Producer
My Darkest DaysNature Of The Beast2012Music/Lyrics
My Darkest DaysPerfect2012Music/Lyrics
My Darkest DaysSave Me2010Music/Lyrics
My Darkest DaysSave Yourself2012Music/Lyrics
My Darkest DaysSet It On Fire2010Music/Lyrics
My Darkest DaysSick And Twisted Affair2012Music/Lyrics
My Darkest DaysStutter2012Producer
My Darkest DaysThe World Belongs To Me2010Music/Lyrics
My Darkest Days feat. LudacrisPorn Star Dancing2010Music/Lyrics
My Darkest Days feat. Zakk WyldePorn Star Dancing2010Music/Lyrics
NickelbackAnother Hole In The Head2003Producer
NickelbackBecause Of You2003Producer
NickelbackBelieve It Or Not2003Producer
NickelbackBottoms Up2011Music/Lyrics
NickelbackBurn It To The Ground2008Music/Lyrics
NickelbackDo This Anymore2003Producer
NickelbackFar Away2005Producer
NickelbackFeelin' Way Too Damn Good2003Producer
NickelbackFight For All The Wrong Reasons2005Producer
NickelbackFigured You Out2003Producer
NickelbackFlat On The Floor2003Producer
NickelbackFollow You Home2005Producer
NickelbackGotta Be Somebody2008Producer
NickelbackGotta Get Me Some2011Music/Lyrics
NickelbackI'd Come For You2008Producer
NickelbackIf Everyone Cared2005Producer
NickelbackIf Today Was Your Last Day2008Producer
NickelbackJust To Get High2008Producer
NickelbackKiss It Goodbye2011Music/Lyrics
NickelbackMidnight Queen2011Music/Lyrics
NickelbackNever Gonna Be Alone2008Producer
NickelbackNext Contestant2005Producer
NickelbackNext Go Round2008Producer
NickelbackSavin' Me2005Producer
NickelbackSee You At The Show2003Producer
NickelbackShakin' Hands2008Producer
NickelbackShould've Listened2003Producer
NickelbackSide Of A Bullet2005Producer
NickelbackSlow Motion2003Producer
NickelbackSomeone That You're With2005Producer
NickelbackSomething In Your Mouth2008Producer
NickelbackThis Afternoon2008Producer
NickelbackThis Means War2011Producer
NickelbackThrow Yourself Away2003Producer
NickelbackTrying Not To Love You2011Producer
NickelbackWe Will Rock You2005Producer
NickelbackWhen We Stand Together2011Music/Lyrics
RaeLynnFor A Boy2015Producer
RaeLynnGod Made Girls2014Producer
Santana feat. Chad KroegerInto The Night2007Producer
Shayne WardGotta Be Somebody2010Music/Lyrics
Theory Of A DeadmanAbove This2002Producer
Theory Of A DeadmanInvisible Man2002Producer
Theory Of A DeadmanMake Up Your Mind2003Producer
Theory Of A DeadmanNothing Could Come Between Us2002Producer
Three Days GraceFallen Angel2015Music/Lyrics
Tim McGrawIt's A Business Doing Pleasure With You2009Music/Lyrics

Someday (Nickelback)14/09/2003920
Photograph (Nickelback)03/10/2005418
Far Away (Nickelback)16/01/2006221
Savin' Me (Nickelback)24/04/2006916
Into The Night (Santana feat. Chad Kroeger)31/12/2007247
Gotta Be Somebody (Nickelback)13/10/2008249
No Surprise (Daughtry)20/07/2009227
Cruise (Florida Georgia Line feat. Nelly)08/07/2013344
Last Night (Morgan Wallen)27/02/2023257
You Proof (Morgan Wallen)27/03/2023372
By The Way (Hinder)55
Midnight Queen (Nickelback)154.87
Get Stoned (Hinder)94.67
This Means War (Nickelback)234.65
Kiss It Goodbye (Nickelback)154.6
Just To Get High (Nickelback)314.55
We Will Rock You (Nickelback)64.5
Somebody's Problem (Morgan Wallen)64.5
Gotta Get Me Some (Nickelback)154.47
Should've Listened (Nickelback)184.44
Burn It To The Ground (Nickelback)694.43
Another Hole In The Head (Nickelback)214.43
Porn Star Dancing (My Darkest Days feat. Zakk Wylde)74.43
Chasin' You (Morgan Wallen)54.4
Savin' Me (Nickelback)1264.38
Flat On The Floor (Nickelback)214.38
Far Away (Nickelback)1624.34
Because Of You (Nickelback)214.33
God, Your Mama, And Me (Florida Georgia Line feat. Backstreet Boys)64.33
If Everyone Cared (Nickelback)1934.32
Rockstar (Nickelback)2393.82
Photograph (Nickelback)1964.04
If Everyone Cared (Nickelback)1934.32
Someday (Nickelback)1664.19
Far Away (Nickelback)1624.34
Gotta Be Somebody (Nickelback)1493.94
When We Stand Together (Nickelback)1293.96
Savin' Me (Nickelback)1264.38
Into The Night (Santana feat. Chad Kroeger)1064.01
I'd Come For You (Nickelback)1043.96
If Today Was Your Last Day (Nickelback)1033.84
This Afternoon (Nickelback)1023.51
Lullaby (Nickelback)864.19
Burn It To The Ground (Nickelback)694.43
Animals (Nickelback)623.77
Feelin' Way Too Damn Good (Nickelback)514.16
Figured You Out (Nickelback)504.1
No Surprise (Daughtry)493.63
Something In Your Mouth (Nickelback)443.91
Never Gonna Be Alone (Nickelback)423.86

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