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Pseudonyms / Alternative spellings: Leroy "Sugarfoot" Bonner
Ace JuiceI Want To Be Free1989Music/Lyrics
Charles BrownHoney1994Music/Lyrics
(Leroy "Sugarfoot" Bonner)
DJ Tomekk feat. Fler intr. G-HotJump Jump (DJ Tomekk kommt)2005Music/Lyrics
Drake feat. Jay-ZTalk Up2018Music/Lyrics
Faze-OFunky Reputation1977Music/Lyrics
Faze-OToe Jam1977Music/Lyrics
Faze-OTrue Love1977Music/Lyrics
Faze-OYou And I (Belong Together)1977Music/Lyrics
French Montana feat. Blueface & Lil TjaySlide2019Music/Lyrics
Herbie HancockBeat Wise1988Music/Lyrics
Herbie HancockObsession1988Music/Lyrics
Herbie HancockPerfect Machine1988Music/Lyrics
Herbie HancockVibe Alive1988Music/Lyrics
Jay-Z feat. Notorious B.I.G.Brooklyns Finest1996Music/Lyrics
Jessica SimpsonPush Your Tush2006Music/Lyrics
King ErrissonSleep Talk1976Music/Lyrics
Missy Elliott feat. Mary J Blige & Grand PubaMy Struggles2005Music/Lyrics
Mother's FinestFire1976Music/Lyrics
N.W.A.Gangsta Gangsta1988Music/Lyrics
Ohio Players(I Wanna Know) Do Do You Feel it1973Music/Lyrics
Ohio PlayersA Little Soul Party (A Woman And Some Soul)1968Music/Lyrics
Ohio PlayersA Thing Called Love1967Music/Lyrics
Ohio PlayersAin't Givin' Up No Ground1975Music/Lyrics
Ohio PlayersAin't That Lovin' You (For More Reasons Than One)1972Music/Lyrics
Ohio PlayersAlabama Soupbone1968Music/Lyrics
Ohio PlayersAlone1975Music/Lyrics
Ohio PlayersAngel1977Music/Lyrics
Ohio PlayersBad Bargain1968Music/Lyrics
Ohio PlayersBi-Centennial1976Music/Lyrics
Ohio PlayersBlack Cat1973Music/Lyrics
Ohio PlayersBoardwalkin'1981Producer
Ohio PlayersBody Vibes1977Music/Lyrics
Ohio PlayersCall Me1981Producer
Ohio PlayersCan You Still Love Me1977Music/Lyrics
Ohio PlayersClimax1972Music/Lyrics
Ohio PlayersCold Cold Wind1969Music/Lyrics
Ohio PlayersContradiction1976Music/Lyrics
Ohio PlayersDance (If Ya Wanta)1978Music/Lyrics
Ohio PlayersDon't Fight My Love1977Music/Lyrics
Ohio PlayersEcstasy1973Music/Lyrics
Ohio PlayersFaith1977Music/Lyrics
Ohio PlayersFar East Mississippi1975Music/Lyrics
Ohio PlayersFeel The Beat (Everybody Disco)1976Music/Lyrics
Ohio PlayersFight Me, Chase Me1977Music/Lyrics
Ohio PlayersFind Someone To Love1968Music/Lyrics
Ohio PlayersFire1974Music/Lyrics
Ohio PlayersFood Stampsy Y'all1973Music/Lyrics
Ohio PlayersFopp1975Music/Lyrics
Ohio PlayersFunk-O-Nots1978Music/Lyrics
Ohio PlayersFunky Worm1972Music/Lyrics
Ohio PlayersGlad To Know You're Mine1977Music/Lyrics
Ohio PlayersGood Luck Charm1977Music/Lyrics
Ohio PlayersHappy Holidays1975Music/Lyrics
Ohio PlayersHard To Love Your Brother1981Producer
Ohio PlayersHeaven Must Be Like This1974Music/Lyrics
Ohio PlayersHere Today And Gone Tomorrow1968Music/Lyrics
Ohio PlayersHoney1975Music/Lyrics
Ohio PlayersI Got To Hold On1968Music/Lyrics
Ohio PlayersI Wanna Hear From You1971Music/Lyrics
Ohio PlayersI Want To Be Free1974Music/Lyrics
Ohio PlayersI Want To Hear (From You)1972Music/Lyrics
Ohio PlayersIs Anybody Gonna Be Saved?1974Music/Lyrics
Ohio PlayersIt Takes A While1981Producer
Ohio PlayersIt's A Cryin' Shame1968Music/Lyrics
Ohio PlayersIt's All Over1974Music/Lyrics
Ohio PlayersIt's Your Night / Words Of Of Love1974Music/Lyrics
Ohio PlayersJass-Ay-Lay-Dee1978Music/Lyrics
Ohio PlayersJive Turkey1974Music/Lyrics
Ohio PlayersLaid It1970Music/Lyrics
Ohio PlayersLet's Love1975Music/Lyrics
Ohio PlayersLittle Lady Maria1976Music/Lyrics
Ohio PlayersLonely Street1969Music/Lyrics
Ohio PlayersLove Rollercoaster1975Music/Lyrics
Ohio PlayersMagic Trick1977Music/Lyrics
Ohio PlayersMerry-Go-Round1977Music/Lyrics
Ohio PlayersMore Than Love1978Music/Lyrics
Ohio PlayersMother-In-Law1969Music/Lyrics
Ohio PlayersMr. Mean1977Music/Lyrics
Ohio PlayersMy Ladies Run Me Crazy1976Music/Lyrics
Ohio PlayersMy Life1976Music/Lyrics
Ohio PlayersMy Neighbors1968Music/Lyrics
Ohio PlayersNever Had A Dream1971Music/Lyrics
Ohio PlayersNo So Sad And Lonely1973Music/Lyrics
Ohio PlayersNot Enough1978Music/Lyrics
Ohio PlayersO-H-I-O1977Music/Lyrics
Ohio PlayersOnly A Child Can Love1975Music/Lyrics
Ohio PlayersOur Love Has Died1972Music/Lyrics
Ohio PlayersOver The Rainbow1968Music/Lyrics
Ohio PlayersPain1971Music/Lyrics
Ohio PlayersPaint Me1972Music/Lyrics
Ohio PlayersPiano Ballad (Just Right)1995Music/Lyrics
Ohio PlayersPlayer's Balling (Player's Doin' Their Own Thing)1971Music/Lyrics
Ohio PlayersPleasure1972Music/Lyrics
Ohio PlayersPrecious Love1976Music/Lyrics
Ohio PlayersPride And Vanity1972Music/Lyrics
Ohio PlayersRunnin'1974Music/Lyrics
Ohio PlayersShady Lady1978Music/Lyrics
Ohio PlayersShort Change1973Music/Lyrics
Ohio PlayersSilly Billy1973Music/Lyrics
Ohio PlayersSinging In The Morning1971Music/Lyrics
Ohio PlayersSitting On The Dock Of The Bay1981Producer
Ohio PlayersSkin Tight1974Music/Lyrics
Ohio PlayersSkinny1981Producer
Ohio PlayersSleep Talk1973Music/Lyrics
Ohio PlayersSleepwalkin'1978Music/Lyrics
Ohio PlayersSmoke1974Music/Lyrics
Ohio PlayersSometimes I Cry1981Producer
Ohio PlayersSpeak Easy1977Music/Lyrics
Ohio PlayersSpinning1970Music/Lyrics
Ohio PlayersStop Lyin' To Yourself1969Music/Lyrics
Ohio PlayersStreakin' Cheek To Cheek1974Music/Lyrics
Ohio PlayersStreet Party1969Music/Lyrics
Ohio PlayersSummertime1969Music/Lyrics
Ohio PlayersSweet Sticky Thing1975Music/Lyrics
Ohio PlayersTell Me Why1968Music/Lyrics
Ohio PlayersTell The Truth1976Music/Lyrics
Ohio PlayersThe Big Score1977Music/Lyrics
Ohio PlayersThe Controller's Mind1977Music/Lyrics
Ohio PlayersThe Man And I Am1969Music/Lyrics
Ohio PlayersThe Reds1971Music/Lyrics
Ohio PlayersThere Is It1995Music/Lyrics
Ohio PlayersTime Slips Away1978Music/Lyrics
Ohio PlayersTogether1974Music/Lyrics
Ohio PlayersTogether Feelings1974Music/Lyrics
Ohio PlayersTrespassin'1967Music/Lyrics
Ohio PlayersTry A Little Tenderness1981Producer
Ohio PlayersTry To Be A Man1981Music/Lyrics
Ohio PlayersVarreis Love1972Music/Lyrics
Ohio PlayersWalk Away From You1972Music/Lyrics
Ohio PlayersWalt's First Trip1972Music/Lyrics
Ohio PlayersWhat The The Hell1974Music/Lyrics
Ohio PlayersWho'd She Coo?1976Music/Lyrics
Ohio PlayersWonderful1978Music/Lyrics
Ohio PlayersYou And Me1973Music/Lyrics
Ohio PlayersYou Don't Mean It1967Music/Lyrics
Red Hot Chili PeppersLove Rollercoaster1996Music/Lyrics
Rick Ross feat. Ne-YoSuper High2010Music/Lyrics
Sly + RobbieFire1987Music/Lyrics
Snoop DoggDP Gangsta1998Music/Lyrics
Snoop DoggPromise I2004Music/Lyrics
The Brothers [1970s]Fire1975Music/Lyrics
The Roots feat. Maimouna YoussefDon't Feel Right2006Music/Lyrics
The SoftonesSilly Billy1978Music/Lyrics
The WorldwarsEcstasy1973Music/Lyrics
Van McCoy & The Soul City SymphonyFire1975Music/Lyrics
Fire (Mother's Finest)64.83
Brooklyns Finest (Jay-Z feat. Notorious B.I.G.)84.75
Who'd She Coo? (Ohio Players)114.64
Funky Worm (Ohio Players)104.6
Skin Tight (Ohio Players)124.58
Jive Turkey (Ohio Players)74.43
Jump (Jedward)54.4
Fopp (Ohio Players)84.38
Love Rollercoaster (Red Hot Chili Peppers)304.27
Gangsta Gangsta (N.W.A.)154.27
Don't Feel Right (The Roots feat. Maimouna Youssef)144.14
I Want To Be Free (Ohio Players)84
My Struggles (Missy Elliott feat. Mary J Blige & Grand Puba)74
Sweet Sticky Thing (Ohio Players)64
Love Rollercoaster (Ohio Players)253.92
Fire (Ohio Players)293.9
Push Your Tush (Jessica Simpson)63.5
Promise I (Snoop Dogg)73.43
Talk Up (Drake feat. Jay-Z)113
Super High (Rick Ross feat. Ne-Yo)93
Jump Jump (DJ Tomekk kommt) (DJ Tomekk feat. Fler intr. G-Hot)1232.13
Love Rollercoaster (Red Hot Chili Peppers)304.27
Fire (Ohio Players)293.9
Love Rollercoaster (Ohio Players)253.92
Gangsta Gangsta (N.W.A.)154.27
Don't Feel Right (The Roots feat. Maimouna Youssef)144.14
Skin Tight (Ohio Players)124.58
Who'd She Coo? (Ohio Players)114.64
Talk Up (Drake feat. Jay-Z)113
Funky Worm (Ohio Players)104.6
Super High (Rick Ross feat. Ne-Yo)93
Brooklyns Finest (Jay-Z feat. Notorious B.I.G.)84.75
Fopp (Ohio Players)84.38
I Want To Be Free (Ohio Players)84
Jive Turkey (Ohio Players)74.43
My Struggles (Missy Elliott feat. Mary J Blige & Grand Puba)74
Promise I (Snoop Dogg)73.43
Fire (Mother's Finest)64.83
Sweet Sticky Thing (Ohio Players)64
Push Your Tush (Jessica Simpson)63.5

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