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Admiral FreebeeAll Through The Night2006Producer
Admiral FreebeeBlue Eyes2006Producer
Admiral FreebeeDevil In The Details2006Producer
Admiral FreebeeFaithful To The Night2006Producer
Admiral FreebeeI'd Much Rather Go Out With The Boys2006Producer
Admiral FreebeeLiving For The Weekend2006Producer
Admiral FreebeeNobody Knows You2006Producer
Admiral FreebeePerfect Town2006Producer
Admiral FreebeeTrying To Get Away2006Producer
Admiral FreebeeWild Dreams Of New Beginnings2006Producer
Admiral Freebee feat. Emmylou HarrisComing Of The Knight2006Producer
Better Than EzraAt The Stars1998Producer
Carrie RodriguezAbsence2008Producer
Carrie RodriguezCan't Cry Enough2008Producer
Carrie RodriguezEl Dorado2008Music/Lyrics
Carrie RodriguezEl Salvador2008Producer
Carrie RodriguezGrace2008Producer
Carrie RodriguezInfinite Night2008Producer
Carrie RodriguezLet Me In2008Producer
Carrie RodriguezMask Of Moses2008Producer
Carrie RodriguezRag Doll2008Music/Lyrics
Carrie RodriguezShe Ain't Me2008Producer
Carrie RodriguezThe Big Mistake2008Producer
De PalmasBetter Like This2013Producer
De PalmasFlying Away2013Producer
De PalmasForget Your Name2013Producer
De PalmasInnocent2013Producer
De PalmasJe me souviens de tout2013Producer
De PalmasJenny2013Producer
De PalmasL'amant d'Éloïse2013Producer
De PalmasLes mots et les gestes2013Producer
De PalmasLike Lovers2013Producer
De PalmasMarlowe2013Producer
De PalmasSerait-il?2013Producer
De PalmasShe Said2013Producer
Emmylou HarrisBang The Drum Slowly2000Producer
Emmylou HarrisBoy From Tupelo2000Producer
Emmylou HarrisCan You Hear Me Now2003Music/Lyrics
Emmylou HarrisCup Of Kindness2003Producer
Emmylou HarrisHere I Am2003Producer
Emmylou HarrisHour Of Gold2000Producer
Emmylou HarrisI Don't Wanna Talk About It Now2000Producer
Emmylou HarrisI Will Dream2003Producer
Emmylou HarrisJ'ai fait tout2000Producer
Emmylou HarrisJupiter Rising2003Producer
Emmylou HarrisLittle Bird2003Producer
Emmylou HarrisLost Unto This World2003Producer
Emmylou HarrisMichelangelo2000Producer
Emmylou HarrisMy Antonia2000Producer
Emmylou HarrisMy Baby Needs A Shepherd2000Producer
Emmylou HarrisO Evangeline2003Producer
Emmylou HarrisOne Big Love2000Producer
Emmylou HarrisPlaisir d'amour2003Producer
Emmylou HarrisRed Dirt Girl2000Producer
Emmylou HarrisStrong Hand2003Producer
Emmylou HarrisThe Pearl2000Producer
Emmylou HarrisTime In Babylon2003Producer
Emmylou HarrisTragedy2000Producer
Giant Sand1 Helvakowboy Song1994Producer
Giant SandBirdsong1994Producer
Giant SandDance Of The Cicadas1993Music/Lyrics
Giant SandFaithful1994Producer
Giant SandFrontage Road1994Producer
Giant SandGlum1994Producer
Giant SandHappenstance1994Producer
Giant SandI'm So Lonesome I Could Cry1994Producer
Giant SandLeft1994Producer
Giant SandPainted Bird1994Producer
Giant SandSantana, Castanada & You1993Music/Lyrics
Giant SandSpun1994Producer
Giant SandYer Ropes1994Producer
Iggy PopBeside You1993Producer
Iggy PopBoogie Boy1993Producer
Iggy PopCaesar1993Producer
Iggy PopCome Back Tomorrow1993Producer
Iggy PopCredit Card1993Producer
Iggy PopFuckin' Alone1993Producer
Iggy PopGirls Of N.Y.1993Producer
Iggy PopHate1993Producer
Iggy PopHighway Song1993Producer
Iggy PopIt's Our Love1993Producer
Iggy PopJealousy1993Producer
Iggy PopLouie Louie1993Producer
Iggy PopMixin' The Colors1993Producer
Iggy PopMy Angel1993Producer
Iggy PopPerforation Problems1993Producer
Iggy PopPlastic And Concrete1993Producer
Iggy PopSickness1993Producer
Iggy PopSocial Life1993Producer
Iggy PopWild America1993Producer
John MellencampBeige To Beige1993Producer
John MellencampCase 795 (The Family)1993Producer
John MellencampFrench Shoes1993Producer
John MellencampHuman Wheels1993Producer
John MellencampJunior1993Producer
John MellencampSuzanne And The Jewels1993Producer
John MellencampSweet Evening Breeze1993Producer
John MellencampTo The River1993Producer
John MellencampWhat If I Came Knocking1993Producer
John MellencampWhen Jesus Left Birmingham1993Producer
Marc CohnAlready Home1998Producer
Marc CohnEllis Island1998Producer
Marc CohnGirl Of Mysterious Sorrow1998Producer
Marc CohnHealing Hands1998Producer
Marc CohnLost You In The Canyon1998Producer
Marc CohnOlana1998Producer
Marc CohnProvidence1998Producer
Marc CohnSaints Preserve Us1998Producer
Marc CohnTurn On Your Radio1998Producer
Marc CohnTurn To Me1998Producer
Marc CohnValley Of The Kings1998Producer
Midnight OilBarest Degree1996Producer
Midnight OilBring On The Change1996Producer
Midnight OilCommon Ground1996Producer
Midnight OilE-Beat1996Producer
Midnight OilGravelrash1996Producer
Midnight OilIn The Rain1996Producer
Midnight OilOne Too Many Times1996Producer
Midnight OilSins Of Omission1996Producer
Midnight OilStar Of Hope1996Producer
Midnight OilSurf's Up Tonight1996Producer
Midnight OilTime To Heal1996Producer
Midnight OilUnderwater1996Producer
Midnight Oil feat. Emmylou HarrisHome1996Producer
Patti SmithAbout A Boy1996Producer
Patti SmithBeneath The Southern Cross1996Producer
Patti SmithDead To The World1996Producer
Patti SmithFarewell Reel1996Producer
Patti SmithFireflies1996Producer
Patti SmithGone Again1996Producer
Patti SmithMy Madrigal1996Producer
Patti SmithRavens1996Producer
Patti SmithSummer Cannibals1996Producer
Patti SmithWicked Messenger1996Producer
Patti SmithWing1996Producer
Rebekka BakkenAfter All2011Producer
Rebekka BakkenDriving2011Producer
Rebekka BakkenForever Young2011Producer
Rebekka BakkenGirl Next Door2011Producer
Rebekka BakkenInnocent Thief2011Producer
Rebekka BakkenLove Is Everything2011Producer
Rebekka BakkenMina's Dream2011Producer
Rebekka BakkenNever Been To Paris2011Producer
Rebekka BakkenSame Kind2011Producer
Rebekka BakkenSeptember2011Producer
Rebekka BakkenStrange Evening2011Producer
Rebekka BakkenThe Wrestler2011Producer
Shawn ColvinWhat I Get Paid For1996Producer
Stephan EicherCampari Soda1999Producer
Stephan EicherCe peu d'amour1999Producer
Stephan EicherClear My Throat1999Producer
Stephan EicherDémon1999Producer
Stephan EicherGoing Home1999Producer
Stephan EicherHell's Kitchen1999Producer
Stephan EicherLa fin du monde1999Producer
Stephan EicherLe même nez1999Producer
Stephan EicherLouanges1999Producer
Stephan EicherSi douces1999Producer
Stephan EicherVenez danser1999Producer
Stephan Eicher avec Astrid WilliamsonSans vouloir te commander1999Producer
The JayhawksEl Dorado2018Music/Lyrics
Zita Swoon50 Years In Dope Jittery1998Producer
Zita SwoonAbout The Successful Emotional Recovery Of A Gal Named Maria1998Producer
Zita SwoonMy Bond With You And Your Planet: Disco!1998Producer
Zita SwoonOne Perfect Day1998Producer
Zita SwoonOur Daily Reminders1998Producer
Zita SwoonRagdoll Blues1998Producer
Zita SwoonShe = Like Meeting Jesus1998Producer
Zita SwoonSong For A Dead Singer1998Producer
Zita SwoonStamina1998Producer
Zita SwoonStill Half My Friend?1998Producer
Zita SwoonThe French Trombone1998Producer
Zita SwoonThe Rabbit Field1998Producer
Venez danser (Stephan Eicher)95
Human Wheels (John Mellencamp)174.94
Clear My Throat (Stephan Eicher)54.8
Michelangelo (Emmylou Harris)74.71
Going Home (Stephan Eicher)54.6
Sans vouloir te commander (Stephan Eicher avec Astrid Williamson)54.6
Red Dirt Girl (Emmylou Harris)74.57
Beside You (Iggy Pop)84.5
What If I Came Knocking (John Mellencamp)64.5
The Pearl (Emmylou Harris)74.43
Le même nez (Stephan Eicher)54.4
My Baby Needs A Shepherd (Emmylou Harris)54.4
Tragedy (Emmylou Harris)54.4
Hour Of Gold (Emmylou Harris)54.4
My Antonia (Emmylou Harris)54.4
Jupiter Rising (Emmylou Harris)54.4
Bang The Drum Slowly (Emmylou Harris)84.38
Boy From Tupelo (Emmylou Harris)64.33
When Jesus Left Birmingham (John Mellencamp)74.29
Campari Soda (Stephan Eicher)344.15
Campari Soda (Stephan Eicher)344.15
Human Wheels (John Mellencamp)174.94
Wild America (Iggy Pop)153.4
Summer Cannibals (Patti Smith)124.08
Venez danser (Stephan Eicher)95
Beside You (Iggy Pop)84.5
Bang The Drum Slowly (Emmylou Harris)84.38
Michelangelo (Emmylou Harris)74.71
Red Dirt Girl (Emmylou Harris)74.57
The Pearl (Emmylou Harris)74.43
When Jesus Left Birmingham (John Mellencamp)74.29
Surf's Up Tonight (Midnight Oil)73.29
What If I Came Knocking (John Mellencamp)64.5
Boy From Tupelo (Emmylou Harris)64.33
Beneath The Southern Cross (Patti Smith)64
One Big Love (Emmylou Harris)64
Clear My Throat (Stephan Eicher)54.8
Going Home (Stephan Eicher)54.6
Sans vouloir te commander (Stephan Eicher avec Astrid Williamson)54.6
Le même nez (Stephan Eicher)54.4

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