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Bad To The BoneBlack Tears1990Producer
Bad To The BoneRock 'n Roll Nurse1990Producer
Billy J. KramerWalking1973Music/Lyrics
BloodstoneA Time For Reflection1974Producer
BloodstoneAre You Shape1975Producer
BloodstoneAs Time Goes By1975Producer
BloodstoneBaby Face1976Producer
BloodstoneBack In Your Box1975Producer
BloodstoneBo Diddley/Diddley Daddy1973Producer
BloodstoneCheek To Cheek1976Producer
BloodstoneCloser Together1974Producer
BloodstoneDo You Wanna Do A Thing1976Producer
BloodstoneEverybody Needs Love1973Producer
BloodstoneFive Foot Two, Eyes Of Blue (Has Anybody Seen My Gal)1976Producer
BloodstoneFor The First Time1974Producer
BloodstoneFunky Park1974Producer
BloodstoneGet Up1974Producer
BloodstoneGirl (You Look So Fine)1972Producer
BloodstoneGive Me Your Heart1975Producer
BloodstoneGo To Sleep1975Producer
BloodstoneHooray For Romance1975Producer
BloodstoneI Believe You Now1974Producer
BloodstoneI Found A Million Dollar Baby1976Producer
BloodstoneI Guess I'll Get The Papers And Go Home1976Producer
BloodstoneI Just Learned To Walk1974Producer
BloodstoneI Love The Old Songs1975Producer
BloodstoneI Need Time1974Producer
BloodstoneI Need Your Love1973Producer
BloodstoneIf You Wanna Be My Baby1976Producer
BloodstoneI'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Myself A Letter1976Producer
BloodstoneI'm In Shape1975Producer
BloodstoneJudy, Judy1972Producer
BloodstoneJust Like The Movies1976Producer
BloodstoneKeep Your Own Thing Together1973Producer
BloodstoneLet Me Ride1973Producer
BloodstoneLet's Do It1976Producer
BloodstoneLittle Linda1974Producer
BloodstoneLoving You Is Just A Pastime1974Producer
BloodstoneLullaby Of Broadway1976Producer
BloodstoneMoney (That's What I Want)1975Producer
BloodstoneMoulded Oldies: Hound Dog/Searchin'/So Fine1973Producer
BloodstoneMy Little Lady1974Producer
BloodstoneNatural High1973Producer
BloodstoneNever Let You Go1973Producer
BloodstoneNobody But You1974Producer
BloodstoneOn The Street Where You Live1976Producer
BloodstoneOut Of My Life1974Producer
BloodstoneOutside Woman1973Producer
BloodstonePeter's Jones1973Producer
BloodstonePlay It Again, Sam1975Producer
BloodstonePrisoner Of Love1976Producer
BloodstoneRan It In The Ground1973Producer
BloodstoneRock 'N' Roll Choo Choo1975Producer
BloodstoneSave Me1974Producer
BloodstoneShake The Building1976Producer
BloodstoneSign For Me, Dad1974Producer
BloodstoneSomething's Missing1974Producer
BloodstoneStand Up, Let's Party1976Producer
BloodstoneTell It To My Face1973Producer
BloodstoneThat's Not How It Goes1974Producer
BloodstoneThat's The Way We Make Our Music1973Producer
BloodstoneThe Traffic Cop (Dance)1973Producer
BloodstoneThis Is It1976Producer
BloodstoneThis Thing Is Heavy1973Producer
BloodstoneThis World Is Funky1974Producer
BloodstoneToot, Toot, Tootsie! (Goodbye)1975Producer
BloodstoneTrain Ride1975Producer
BloodstoneValentine Song1975Producer
BloodstoneWasted Time1974Producer
BloodstoneWe Did It1974Producer
BloodstoneWhat Did You Do To Me (Part 1)1973Producer
BloodstoneWhat Did You Do To Me (Part 2)1973Producer
BloodstoneWhat Do I Have To Do1975Producer
BloodstoneWhen We're Doin' It1976Producer
BloodstoneWhere Is Everybody1975Producer
BloodstoneWho Has The Last Laugh Now1973Producer
BloodstoneYakety Yak1975Producer
BloodstoneYou Know We've Learned1973Producer
BloodstoneYoung Times, Old Times1974Producer
Bukka White(Brand New) Decoration Day1969Producer
Bukka WhiteAberdeen Mississippi Blues1940Producer
Bukka WhiteBaby Please Don't Go1963Producer
Bukka WhiteBed Spring Blues1969Producer
Bukka WhiteDrifting Blues1969Producer
Bukka WhiteGibson Town1969Producer
Bukka WhiteGive Me An Old, Old Lady1969Producer
Bukka WhiteGot Sick And Tired1969Producer
Bukka WhiteOld Man Tom1969Producer
Bukka WhiteSchool Learning1969Producer
Bukka WhiteWorld Boogie1964Producer
CarmelRue St. Denis1983Producer
Champion Jack DupreeBaby Let Me Lay It On You1967Producer
Champion Jack DupreeBarrelhouse Woman1967Producer
Champion Jack DupreeCaldedonia1967Producer
Champion Jack DupreeCome Back Baby1967Producer
Champion Jack DupreeCut Down On My Overheads1967Producer
Champion Jack DupreeGarbage Man1967Producer
Champion Jack DupreeGeorgiana1967Producer
Champion Jack DupreeI Feel Like A Millionaire1967Producer
Champion Jack DupreeLouise1967Producer
Champion Jack DupreeOne Dirty Woman1967Producer
Champion Jack DupreeRight Now1967Producer
Champion Jack DupreeShake, Baby, Shake1953Producer
Champion Jack DupreeTee-Nah-Nah1967Producer
Champion Jack DupreeTroubles1967Producer
Champion Jack DupreeUnder Your Hood1967Producer
Champion Jack DupreeWhen Things Go Wrong1960Producer
Chicken ShackA Woman Is The Blues1969Producer
Chicken ShackAndalucian Blues1970Producer
Chicken ShackAnji1969Producer
Chicken ShackApple Tart1970Producer
Chicken ShackBaby's Got My Crying1969Producer
Chicken ShackCrazy 'Bout You Baby1969Producer
Chicken ShackDiary Of Your Life1970Producer
Chicken ShackEvelyn1969Producer
Chicken ShackFirst Time I Met The Blues1968Producer
Chicken ShackFishing In Your River1969Producer
Chicken ShackGet Like You Used To Be1969Producer
Chicken ShackGoing Round1970Producer
Chicken ShackHorse And Cart1969Producer
Chicken ShackI Wanna See My Baby1969Producer
Chicken ShackI'd Rather Go Blind1969Producer
Chicken ShackI'm On My Way1969Producer
Chicken ShackI'm Too Far Gone (To Turn Around)1969Producer
Chicken ShackKing Of The World1968Producer
Chicken ShackLet Me Go (Leave Me Alone)1969Producer
Chicken ShackLonesome Whistle Blues1968Producer
Chicken ShackLook Ma, I'm Cryin'1969Producer
Chicken ShackMaudie1970Producer
Chicken ShackMean Old World1969Producer
Chicken ShackMidnight Hour1969Producer
Chicken ShackNever Ever1970Producer
Chicken ShackNight Life1969Producer
Chicken ShackPocket1970Producer
Chicken ShackPony And Trap1969Producer
Chicken ShackReconsider Baby1969Producer
Chicken ShackRemington Ride1969Producer
Chicken ShackSad Clown1969Producer
Chicken ShackSan-Ho-Zay1968Producer
Chicken ShackSee See Baby1968Producer
Chicken ShackShe Didn't Use Her Loaf1970Producer
Chicken ShackSome Other Time1970Producer
Chicken ShackStill Worried About My Woman1969Producer
Chicken ShackSweet Sixteen1969Producer
Chicken ShackTears In The Wind1969Producer
Chicken ShackTell Me1969Producer
Chicken ShackTelling Your Fortune1970Producer
Chicken ShackThe Letter1968Producer
Chicken ShackThe Right Way Is My Way1969Producer
Chicken ShackThe Road Of Love1969Producer
Chicken ShackThe Things You Put Me Through1969Producer
Chicken ShackThe Way It Is1969Producer
Chicken ShackTired Eyes1970Producer
Chicken ShackWebbed Feet1968Producer
Chicken ShackWeekend Love1969Producer
Chicken ShackWhat You Did Last Night1968Producer
Chicken ShackWhen The Train Comes Back1968Producer
Chicken ShackWhen You Say1969Producer
Chicken ShackYou Ain't No Good1968Producer
Chicken ShackYou Knew You Did You Did1970Producer
Chris Farlowe And The ThunderbirdsAin't Got No Money1986Producer
Chris Farlowe And The ThunderbirdsEnd Of The Line1986Producer
Chris Farlowe And The ThunderbirdsI Stayed Away Too Long1986Producer
Chris Farlowe And The ThunderbirdsI'm Yours1986Producer
Chris Farlowe And The ThunderbirdsInto The Night1986Producer
Chris Farlowe And The ThunderbirdsI've Been Born Again1986Producer
Chris Farlowe And The ThunderbirdsLiving Ain't Easy Without You1986Producer
Chris Farlowe And The ThunderbirdsLonely Eyes1986Producer
Chris Farlowe And The ThunderbirdsNever Too Old1986Producer
Chris Farlowe And The ThunderbirdsOne Night Stand1986Producer
Chris Farlowe And The ThunderbirdsStarting All Over Again1986Producer
Christine McVieClose To Me1976Producer
Christine PerfectAnd That's Saying A Lot1969Producer
Christine PerfectClose To Me1970Producer
Christine PerfectCrazy 'bout You Baby1983Producer
Christine PerfectFor You1970Producer
Christine PerfectI Want You1970Producer
Christine PerfectI'd Rather Go Blind1983Producer
Christine PerfectI'm On My Way1983Producer
Christine PerfectI'm Too Far Gone (To Turn Around)1970Producer
Christine PerfectLet Me Go (Leave Me Alone)1983Producer
Christine PerfectNo Road Is The Right Road1969Producer
Christine PerfectWait And See1970Producer
Curtis JonesAlley Bound Blues1938Producer
Curtis JonesCurtis Jones Boogie1963Producer
Curtis JonesDust My Broom1963Producer
Curtis JonesGood Woman Blues1963Producer
Curtis JonesLonesome Bedroom Blues1937Producer
Curtis JonesPlease Send Me Someone To Love1963Producer
Curtis JonesRed River Blues1963Producer
Curtis JonesShake It Baby1963Producer
Curtis JonesSkid Row1963Producer
Curtis JonesSyl-Vous Play Blues1963Producer
Curtis JonesThe Honeydripper1963Producer
Curtis JonesYoung Generation Blues1963Producer
Dana GillespieA Man Size Job1991Producer
Dana GillespieUp Your Sleeve1991Producer
David BowieCome And Buy My Toys1966Producer
David BowieJoin The Gang1966Producer
David BowieLittle Bombardier1966Producer
David BowieLove You Till Tuesday1967Producer
David BowieMaid Of Bond Street1966Producer
David BowiePlease Mr. Gravedigger1966Producer
David BowieRubber Band1966Producer
David BowieSell Me A Coat1966Producer
David BowieShe's Got Medals1966Producer
David BowieSilly Boy Blue1966Producer
David BowieThere Is A Happy Land1966Producer
David BowieUncle Arthur1966Producer
David BowieWe Are Hungry Men1966Producer
David BowieWhen I Live My Dream1966Producer
Davie Jones with The King BeesLiza Jane1964Producer
Derroll Adams900 Miles From Home1967Producer
Derroll AdamsCurtains Of Night1967Producer
Derroll AdamsI Wish I Was A Rock1967Producer
Derroll AdamsLittle Birdie1967Producer
Derroll AdamsMule Skinner Blues1967Producer
Derroll AdamsPlain Common Bill1967Producer
Derroll AdamsPortland Town1967Producer
Derroll AdamsPretty Little Miss1967Producer
Derroll AdamsRoll On Babe1967Producer
Derroll AdamsShip On The Ocean1967Producer
Dharma Blues BandDealing With The Devil1968Producer
Dharma Blues BandRoll 'Em Pete1968Producer
Dr. FeelgoodBend Your Ear1979Producer
Dr. FeelgoodClose But No Cigar1984Producer
Dr. FeelgoodDrop Everything And Run1979Music/Lyrics
Dr. FeelgoodFeels Good1979Producer
Dr. FeelgoodHit Git And Split1984Producer
Dr. FeelgoodHong Kong Money1979Producer
Dr. FeelgoodI Can't Be Satisfied1984Producer
Dr. FeelgoodI Don't Worry About A Thing1984Producer
Dr. FeelgoodJava Blue1979Producer
Dr. FeelgoodKeeka Smeeka1979Producer
Dr. FeelgoodMy Way1984Producer
Dr. FeelgoodNeighbour, Neighbour1984Producer
Dr. FeelgoodPretty Face1979Producer
Dr. FeelgoodPut Him Out Of Your Mind1979Music/Lyrics
Dr. FeelgoodRiding On The L&N1979Producer
Dr. FeelgoodShotgun1979Producer
Dr. FeelgoodYou Don't Love Me1984Producer
Duster BennettJumpin' For Joy1969Producer
Duster BennettRaining In My Heart1969Producer
Earl Vince & The ValiantsSomebody's Gonna Get Their Head Kicked In Tonite1969Producer
Eddie Boyd And His Blues Band feat. Peter GreenAin't Doin' Too Bad1967Producer
Eddie Boyd And His Blues Band feat. Peter GreenBlue Coat Man1967Producer
Eddie Boyd And His Blues Band feat. Peter GreenDust My Broom1967Producer
Eddie Boyd And His Blues Band feat. Peter GreenKey To The Highway1967Producer
Eddie Boyd And His Blues Band feat. Peter GreenLetter Missin' Blues1967Producer
Eddie Boyd And His Blues Band feat. Peter GreenNight Time Is The Right Time1967Producer
Eddie Boyd And His Blues Band feat. Peter GreenPinetop's Boogie Woogie1967Producer
Eddie Boyd And His Blues Band feat. Peter GreenRack 'Em Back1967Producer
Eddie Boyd And His Blues Band feat. Peter GreenSave Her Doctor1967Producer
Eddie Boyd And His Blues Band feat. Peter GreenSteak House Rock1967Producer
Eddie Boyd And His Blues Band feat. Peter GreenThe Big Bell1967Producer
Eddie Boyd And His Blues Band feat. Peter GreenThe Train is Coming1967Producer
Eddie Boyd And His Blues Band feat. Peter GreenToo Bad1967Producer
Eddie Boyd And His Blues Band feat. Peter GreenUnfair Lovers1967Producer
Eddie Boyd And His Blues Band feat. Peter GreenVacation From The Blues1967Producer
Eddie Boyd with Peter Green's Fleetwood MacBackslap1968Producer
Eddie Boyd with Peter Green's Fleetwood MacBe Careful1968Producer
Eddie Boyd with Peter Green's Fleetwood MacI'll Never Stop (I Can't Stop Loving You)1968Producer
Eddie Boyd with Peter Green's Fleetwood MacJust The Blues1968Producer
Eddie Boyd with Peter Green's Fleetwood MacSent For You Yesterday1968Producer
Eddie Boyd with Peter Green's Fleetwood MacShe Is Real1968Producer
Eddie Boyd with Peter Green's Fleetwood MacShe's Gone1968Producer
Eddie Boyd with Peter Green's Fleetwood MacTen To One1968Producer
Eddie Boyd with Peter Green's Fleetwood MacThank You Baby1968Producer
Eddie Boyd with Peter Green's Fleetwood MacThe Big Boat1968Producer
Eddie Boyd with Peter Green's Fleetwood MacThe Blues Is Here To Stay1968Producer
Eddie Boyd with Peter Green's Fleetwood MacThird Degree1968Producer
Eddie Boyd with Peter Green's Fleetwood MacYou Are My Love1968Producer
Eddie Boyd with Peter Green's Fleetwood MacYou Got To Reap1968Producer
Edwin StarrAccident1976Producer
Edwin StarrAfternoon Sunshine1977Producer
Edwin StarrEdge Of Insanity1977Producer
Edwin StarrEverybody Needs Love1977Producer
Edwin StarrEvesdropper1976Producer
Edwin StarrI Just Wanna Do My Thing1977Producer
Edwin StarrMr. Davenport And Mr. James1977Producer
Edwin StarrNot Having You1977Producer
Edwin StarrPretty Girl1977Producer
Edwin StarrRuby Begonia1977Producer
EllisAll Before1973Producer
EllisFuture Passed1973Producer
EllisGoodbye Boredom1973Producer
EllisLeaving In The Morning1973Producer
EllisLoud And Lazy Love Songs1973Producer
EllisMighty Mystic Lady1973Producer
EllisOpen Road1973Producer
EllisOpus 17 3/41973Producer
EllisWe Need The Money Too1973Producer
Eric Clapton & Jimmy PageChoker1966Producer
Eric Clapton & Jimmy PageDraggin' My Tail1968Producer
Eric Clapton & Jimmy PageFreight Loader1968Producer
Fleetwood MacA Fool No More1968Producer
Fleetwood MacAlbatross1968Producer
Fleetwood MacAllow Me One More Show1967Producer
Fleetwood MacBlack Jack Blues1969Producer
Fleetwood MacBlack Magic Woman1968Producer
Fleetwood MacCan't Afford To Do It1968Producer
Fleetwood MacCan't Hold On1969Producer
Fleetwood MacCold Black Night1968Producer
Fleetwood MacComing Home1968Producer
Fleetwood MacDoctor Brown1968Producer
Fleetwood MacDrifting1967Producer
Fleetwood MacDust My Broom1968Producer
Fleetwood MacEvenin' Boogie1968Producer
Fleetwood MacEveryday I Have The Blues1969Producer
Fleetwood MacFirst Train Home1967Producer
Fleetwood MacFleetwood Mac1967Producer
Fleetwood MacGot To Move1968Producer
Fleetwood MacHellhound On My Trail1968Producer
Fleetwood MacHomework1969Producer
Fleetwood MacHungry Country Girl1969Producer
Fleetwood MacI Believe My Time Ain't Long1967Producer
Fleetwood MacI Can't Hold Out1969Producer
Fleetwood MacI Got The Blues1969Producer
Fleetwood MacI Held My Baby Last Night1969Producer
Fleetwood MacI Loved Another Woman1968Producer
Fleetwood MacI Need Your Love1969Producer
Fleetwood MacIf You Be My Baby1968Producer
Fleetwood MacI'm Coming Home To Stay2004Producer
Fleetwood MacI'm Worried1969Producer
Fleetwood MacI've Lost My Baby1968Producer
Fleetwood MacJigsaw Puzzle Blues1968Producer
Fleetwood MacJust The Blues1968Producer
Fleetwood MacLast Night1969Producer
Fleetwood MacLazy Poker Blues1968Producer
Fleetwood MacLeaving Town Blues1968Producer
Fleetwood MacLike It This Way1969Producer
Fleetwood MacLong Grey Mare1968Producer
Fleetwood MacLooking For Somebody1968Producer
Fleetwood MacLove That Burns1968Producer
Fleetwood MacLove That Women1968Producer
Fleetwood MacMadison Blues1969Producer
Fleetwood MacMan Of The World1969Producer
Fleetwood MacMean Old Fireman1968Producer
Fleetwood MacMerry Go Round1968Producer
Fleetwood MacMy Baby's Good To Me1968Producer
Fleetwood MacMy Heart Beats Like A Hammer1968Producer
Fleetwood MacNeed Your Love So Bad1968Producer
Fleetwood MacNeed Your Love Tonight1968Producer
Fleetwood MacNo Place To Go1968Producer
Fleetwood MacOh Baby1969Producer
Fleetwood MacOne Sunny Day1968Producer
Fleetwood MacRambling Pony1967Producer
Fleetwood MacRambling Pony No. 21968Producer
Fleetwood MacRed Hot Jam1969Producer
Fleetwood MacRockin' Boogie1969Producer
Fleetwood MacRollin' Man1968Producer
Fleetwood MacShake Your Moneymaker1968Producer
Fleetwood MacSomeday Soon Baby1969Producer
Fleetwood MacSomething Inside Of Me1968Producer
Fleetwood MacSouth Indiana1969Producer
Fleetwood MacStop Messin' Around1968Producer
Fleetwood MacSugar Mama1969Producer
Fleetwood MacTalk With You1969Producer
Fleetwood MacThe Sun Is Shining1968Producer
Fleetwood MacThe World Keep On Turning1968Producer
Fleetwood MacTrying So Hard To Forget1968Producer
Fleetwood MacWatch Out1968Producer
Fleetwood MacWithout You1968Producer
Fleetwood MacWorld's In A Tangle1969Producer
Fleetwood MacWorried Dream1968Producer
Fleetwood MacYou're So Evil2004Producer
FocusAnonymus II1972Producer
FocusAnswers? Questions! Questions? Answers!1972Producer
FocusBlack Beauty1970Producer
FocusCan't Believe My Eyes1976Producer
FocusCarnival Fugue1972Producer
FocusDelitiae Musicae1974Producer
FocusEarly Birth1974Producer
FocusElspeth Of Nottingham1972Producer
FocusEruption: a. Orfeus1971Producer
FocusEruption: b. Answer1971Producer
FocusEruption: c. Orfeus1971Producer
FocusEruption: d. Answer1971Producer
FocusEruption: e. Pupilla1971Producer
FocusEruption: g. Pupilla1971Producer
FocusEruption: h. Answer1971Producer
FocusEruption: i. The Bridge1971Producer
FocusEruption: j. Euridice1971Producer
FocusEruption: k. Dayglow1971Producer
FocusEruption: l. Endless Road1971Producer
FocusEruption: m. Answer1971Producer
FocusEruption: n. Orfeus1971Producer
FocusEruption: o. Euridice1971Producer
FocusFocus II1971Producer
FocusFocus III1972Producer
FocusFocus V1976Producer
FocusHamburger Concerto1974Producer
FocusHappy Nightmare1970Producer
FocusHarem Scarem1974Producer
FocusHocus Pocus1971Producer
FocusHocus Pocus 21972Producer
FocusHouse Of The King1970Producer
FocusLa cathedrale de Strasbourg1974Producer
FocusLe clochard1971Producer
FocusLove Remembered1972Producer
FocusMoving Waves1971Producer
FocusOut Of Vesuvius1976Producer
FocusP's March1976Producer
FocusRound Goes The Gossip1972Producer
FocusShip Of Memories1976Producer
Frankie FordA Certain Girl1984Producer
Frankie FordBoney Moronie1984Producer
Frankie FordDon't Drop It1984Producer
Frankie FordDon't You Know Yockomo1984Producer
Frankie FordFine Thang1984Music/Lyrics
Frankie FordI Wanna Walk You Home1981Producer
Frankie FordLipstick Traces1981Producer
Frankie FordRockin' Behind The Iron Curtain1984Producer
Frankie FordSick And Tired1984Producer
Frankie FordThat's Right1984Producer
Frankie FordWhiskey Heaven1984Producer
Frankie FordYours Truly1984Producer
Freddie KingAin't That I Don't Love You1975Producer
Freddie KingBoogie Bump1975Music/Lyrics
Freddie KingI Got The Same Old Blues1974Producer
Freddie KingI Had A Dream1974Producer
Freddie KingIt's Your Move1975Producer
Freddie KingLet The Good Times Roll1974Producer
Freddie KingListen Now! It's Better To Have (And Don't Need)1975Producer
Freddie KingMeet Me In The Morning1975Producer
Freddie KingMy Credit Didn't Go Through1974Producer
Freddie KingOnly Getting Second Best1974Music/Lyrics
Freddie KingPack It Up1974Producer
Freddie KingPulp Wood1974Producer
Freddie KingShake Your Booty1974Producer
Freddie KingShe's A Burglar1974Producer
Freddie KingTexas Flyer1974Music/Lyrics
Freddie KingYou Can Run But You Can't Hide1975Producer
Freddy KingHave You Ever Loved A Woman1960Producer
Goldie [UK]As Beautiful As You1978Producer
Goldie [UK]To Be Alone1978Producer
JellybreadBoogie Sandwich1970Producer
JellybreadChairman Mao's Boogaloo1970Producer
JellybreadDon't Pay Them No Mind1970Producer
JellybreadI Pity The Fool1970Producer
JellybreadI've Got To Forget You1969Producer
JellybreadNever Say No1970Producer
JellybreadNo Brag Just Fact1970Producer
JellybreadNo One Else1970Producer
JellybreadRiver's Invitation1970Producer
JellybreadRusty Blade1970Producer
Jeremy SpencerLook Down At My Woman1968Producer
Jeremy SpencerWho's Knocking1968Producer
Jimmy WitherspoonLove Is A Five Letter Word1974Producer
Jimmy WitherspoonThe Other Side Of Love1974Producer
John Mayall24011968Producer
John MayallBlood On The Night1969Producer
John MayallBrand New Start1967Producer
John MayallBroken Wings1967Producer
John MayallBrown Sugar1967Producer
John MayallCancelling Out1967Producer
John MayallCatch That Train1967Producer
John MayallChicago Line1965Producer
John MayallDon't Kick Me1967Producer
John MayallDown The Line1967Producer
John MayallHarp Man1967Producer
John MayallIt Hurts Me Too1969Producer
John MayallMarsha's Mood1967Producer
John MayallNo More Tears1967Producer
John MayallOn Top Of The World1968Producer
John MayallPicture On The Wall1968Producer
John MayallPlease Don't Tell1967Producer
John MayallReady To Ride1968Producer
John MayallSonny Boy Blow1967Producer
John MayallThe Bear1968Producer
John MayallWalking On Sunset1968Producer
John Mayall & Champion Jack DupreeThird Degree1969Producer
John Mayall & Eric ClaptonBernard Jenkins1965Producer
John Mayall & Eric ClaptonLonely Years1965Producer
John Mayall & The BluesbreakersAnother Kinda Love1967Producer
John Mayall & The BluesbreakersBare Wires1968Producer
John Mayall & The BluesbreakersCheckin' Up On My Baby1967Producer
John Mayall & The BluesbreakersDriving Sideways1967Producer
John Mayall & The BluesbreakersDust My Blues1967Producer
John Mayall & The BluesbreakersFire1968Producer
John Mayall & The BluesbreakersHartley Quits1968Producer
John Mayall & The BluesbreakersHave You Ever Loved A Woman1965Producer
John Mayall & The BluesbreakersI Can't Quit You Baby1967Producer
John Mayall & The BluesbreakersI Know You1968Producer
John Mayall & The BluesbreakersI'm A Stranger1968Producer
John Mayall & The BluesbreakersJenny1969Producer
John Mayall & The BluesbreakersKilling Time1968Producer
John Mayall & The BluesbreakersLeaping Christine1967Producer
John Mayall & The BluesbreakersLook In The Mirror1968Producer
John Mayall & The BluesbreakersMan Of Stone1967Producer
John Mayall & The BluesbreakersMe And My Woman1967Producer
John Mayall & The BluesbreakersMy Time After A While1967Producer
John Mayall & The BluesbreakersNo Reply1968Producer
John Mayall & The BluesbreakersOpen A New Door1968Producer
John Mayall & The BluesbreakersSandy1968Producer
John Mayall & The BluesbreakersShe's Too Young1968Producer
John Mayall & The BluesbreakersSitting In The Rain1966Producer
John Mayall & The BluesbreakersSnowy Wood1967Producer
John Mayall & The BluesbreakersSomeday After A While1967Producer
John Mayall & The BluesbreakersStand Back Baby1967Producer
John Mayall & The BluesbreakersStart Walking1968Producer
John Mayall & The BluesbreakersStreamline1967Producer
John Mayall & The BluesbreakersTears In My Eyes1967Producer
John Mayall & The BluesbreakersThe Death Of J.B. Lenoir1967Producer
John Mayall & The BluesbreakersThe Super-Natural1967Producer
John Mayall & The BluesbreakersThey Call It Stormy Monday1969Producer
John Mayall & The BluesbreakersWhere Did I Belong1968Producer
John Mayall & The BluesbreakersYou Don't Love Me1967Producer
John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers with Eric ClaptonAll Your Love1966Producer
John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers with Eric ClaptonAnother Man1966Producer
John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers with Eric ClaptonDouble Crossin' Time1966Producer
John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers with Eric ClaptonHave You Heard1966Producer
John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers with Eric ClaptonHideaway1966Producer
John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers with Eric ClaptonIt Ain't Right1966Producer
John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers with Eric ClaptonKey To Love1966Producer
John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers with Eric ClaptonLittle Girl1966Producer
John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers with Eric ClaptonParchman Farm1966Producer
John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers with Eric ClaptonRamblin' On My Mind1966Producer
John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers with Eric ClaptonSteppin' Out1966Producer
John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers with Eric ClaptonWhat'd I Say1966Producer
John Mayall's Bluesbreakers feat. Mick TaylorOh Pretty Woman1967Producer
Laurence JonesAddicted To Your Love2016Producer
Laurence JonesDown & Blue2016Producer
Laurence JonesGot No Place To Go2016Producer
Laurence JonesHigher Ground2016Producer
Laurence JonesI Will2016Producer
Laurence JonesLive It Up2016Producer
Laurence JonesSomething's Changed2016Producer
Laurence JonesTake Me High2016Producer
Laurence JonesThe Price I Pay2016Producer
Laurence JonesThinking About Tomorrow2016Producer
Lazy LesterBlowin' A Rhumba1987Producer
Lazy LesterCan't Stand To See You Go1987Producer
Lazy LesterHey Mattie1987Producer
Lazy LesterI Hear You Knockin'1987Producer
Lazy LesterIrene1987Producer
Lazy LesterLester's Shuffle1987Producer
Lazy LesterNothin' But The Devil1987Producer
Lazy LesterOut On The Road1987Producer
Lazy LesterSt. Louis Blues1987Producer
Lazy LesterSugar Coated Love1958Producer
Lazy LesterThe Same Thing Could Happen To You1987Producer
Lazy LesterTravelling Days1987Producer
Level 42"43"1981Producer
Level 42Almost There1981Producer
Level 42Are You Hearing (What I Hear)?1982Producer
Level 42Beezer One1981Producer
Level 42Can't Walk You Home1983Producer
Level 42Dune Tune1981Producer
Level 42Eyes Waterfalling (The Prodigy)1982Producer
Level 42Forty Two1981Producer
Level 42Foundation And Empire1981Producer
Level 42Heathrow1981Producer
Level 42Last Chance1982Producer
Level 42Love Games1981Producer
Level 42Shapeshifter1982Producer
Level 42Starchild1981Producer
Level 42The Chinese Way1982Producer
Level 42The Pursuit Of Accidents1982Producer
Level 42The Return Of The Handsome Rugged Man1982Producer
Level 42Turn It On1981Producer
Level 42Weave Your Spell1982Producer
Level 42Why Are You Leaving?1981Producer
Level 42You Can't Blame Louis1982Producer
Livin' BluesAin't No Use Crying1973Producer
Livin' BluesDiving Duck Blues1973Producer
Livin' BluesDizzy Busy Bluesman1973Producer
Livin' BluesEmpty Glasses1973Producer
Livin' BluesEye To Eye1973Producer
Livin' BluesFool On You1973Producer
Livin' BluesGamble On1973Music/Lyrics
Livin' BluesHobo Joe1973Producer
Livin' BluesI'm Coming Home1973Producer
Livin' BluesI'm Walking1973Producer
Livin' BluesIsabella1973Producer
Livin' BluesPlease Don't Leave Me1973Producer
Livin' BluesPoinsetta Petal1973Music/Lyrics
Livin' BluesRam Jam Josey1973Producer
Livin' BluesShady Girl, Shady Girl1973Music/Lyrics
Livin' BluesSweet Suzanne1973Producer
Livin' BluesThe Great Grandfather1973Producer
Livin' BluesTongue 'N' Groove1973Producer
Livin' BluesYou're A Stranger1973Producer
Mae Mercer"G.G"1964Producer
Mae MercerBlues Around My Bed1964Producer
Mae MercerHave You Ever Had The Blues1964Producer
Mae MercerSweet Little Angel1960Producer
Mickey JuppFeel Free1982Producer
Mickey JuppJoggin'1982Producer
Mickey JuppMaybe Baby1982Producer
Mickey JuppModern Music1982Producer
Mickey JuppSo That's What It Is1982Producer
Mickey JuppSome People Can't Dance1982Producer
Mickey JuppSuperman1982Producer
Mickey JuppTaxi Driver1982Producer
Mickey JuppThe Gospel Song1982Producer
Mickey JuppVirginia Weed1982Producer
MudDrop Everything And Run1979Music/Lyrics
Oli BrownSpeechless2010Music/Lyrics
Otis SpannBloody Murder1968Producer
Otis SpannBlues For Hippies1972Producer
Otis SpannCan't Do Me No Good1968Producer
Otis SpannI Came From Clarksdale1964Producer
Otis SpannI'd Rather Be The Devil1964Producer
Otis SpannJangleboogie1964Producer
Otis SpannKeep Your Hand Out Of My Pocket1964Producer
Otis SpannLost Sheep In The Fold1964Producer
Otis SpannMeet Me In The Bottom1964Producer
Otis SpannMojo Rock And Roll1964Producer
Otis SpannNatural Days1964Producer
Otis SpannNobody Knows1964Producer
Otis SpannPretty Girls Everywhere1964Producer
Otis SpannRock Me Baby1964Producer
Otis SpannSarah Street1964Producer
Otis SpannSpann's Boogie1964Producer
Otis SpannStirs Me Up1964Producer
Otis SpannT-991964Producer
Otis SpannThe Blues Don't Like Nobody1964Producer
Otis Spann with Fleetwood MacAin't Nobody's Business1969Producer
Otis Spann with Fleetwood MacDig You1969Producer
Otis Spann with Fleetwood MacHungry Country Girl1970Producer
Otis Spann with Fleetwood MacI Need Some Air1969Producer
Otis Spann with Fleetwood MacIt Was A Big Thing1969Producer
Otis Spann with Fleetwood MacMy World Depends On You1969Producer
Otis Spann with Fleetwood MacNo More Doggin'1969Producer
Otis Spann with Fleetwood MacShe Needs Some Loving1969Producer
Otis Spann with Fleetwood MacSomeday Blues1969Producer
Otis Spann with Fleetwood MacTemperature Is Rising (98.8 Degrees F)1969Producer
Otis Spann with Fleetwood MacWalkin'1969Producer
PleaseEgo Trippin'1976Producer
PleaseFlaming Lady1976Producer
PleaseGonna Get You1976Producer
PleaseGood Stuff1976Producer
PleaseI'm Gonna Take Care Of Business1976Producer
PleaseLet 'em Do What They Wanna1976Music/Lyrics
PleasePlease Yourself1976Producer
PleaseSide By Side1976Producer
PleaseSomething New1976Music/Lyrics
PleaseSpend The Night1976Producer
PleaseYou Got The Power1976Producer
Renaud HantsonComme un océan de larmes1997Producer
Renaud HantsonEn partance1997Producer
Renaud HantsonEntre nous1997Producer
Renaud HantsonFéminin singulier1997Producer
Renaud HantsonLa chanson reste la même1997Producer
Renaud HantsonLe bien le mal1997Producer
Renaud HantsonLe pire ennemi de l'homme1997Producer
Renaud HantsonParler à quelqu'un1997Producer
Renaud HantsonPuisque c'est ainsi1997Producer
Renaud HantsonQuand le mal est fait1997Producer
Renaud HantsonRevoir la lumière1997Producer
Renaud HantsonSeulement humain1997Producer
Renaud Hantson & Aurélie SaadaChasseur solitaire1997Producer
RoachfordBeautiful Morning1988Producer
RoachfordFamily Man1988Producer
RoachfordFind Me Another Love1988Producer
RoachfordGive It Up1988Producer
RoachfordLions Den1988Producer
RoachfordLying Again1988Producer
RoachfordNo Way1988Producer
Rocky Sharpe And The Replays(I'm Afraid) The Masquerade Is Over1980Producer
Rocky Sharpe And The Replays9,999,999 Tears1983Producer
Rocky Sharpe And The ReplaysA Fool In Love With You1979Producer
Rocky Sharpe And The ReplaysA Little Dab'll Do Ya1983Music/Lyrics
Rocky Sharpe And The ReplaysA Lover's Question1979Producer
Rocky Sharpe And The ReplaysA Teenager In Love1980Producer
Rocky Sharpe And The ReplaysAlright, Okay, You Win1981Producer
Rocky Sharpe And The ReplaysBaby I'm Sorry1983Producer
Rocky Sharpe And The ReplaysBuzz Buzz Buzz1980Producer
Rocky Sharpe And The ReplaysCan't Stand It Anymore1981Producer
Rocky Sharpe And The ReplaysChoo-Choo Valentine1980Music/Lyrics
Rocky Sharpe And The ReplaysChristmas Tears Will Fall1980Producer
Rocky Sharpe And The ReplaysClap Your Hands1982Producer
Rocky Sharpe And The ReplaysCome On Let's Go1981Producer
Rocky Sharpe And The ReplaysDevil Or Angel1979Producer
Rocky Sharpe And The ReplaysDonna, The Prima Donna1980Producer
Rocky Sharpe And The ReplaysDon't Hang Up1979Producer
Rocky Sharpe And The ReplaysDream Lover1980Producer
Rocky Sharpe And The ReplaysFeliz Navidad1980Producer
Rocky Sharpe And The ReplaysFirst Crush1983Producer
Rocky Sharpe And The ReplaysFools Fall In Love1979Producer
Rocky Sharpe And The ReplaysGet A Job1981Producer
Rocky Sharpe And The ReplaysGot It Made1979Music/Lyrics
Rocky Sharpe And The ReplaysHappy New Year1980Producer
Rocky Sharpe And The ReplaysHave A Good New Year1980Music/Lyrics
Rocky Sharpe And The ReplaysHeart1981Producer
Rocky Sharpe And The ReplaysHeart And Soul1983Producer
Rocky Sharpe And The ReplaysHeartaches1980Producer
Rocky Sharpe And The ReplaysHeartbeat1983Music/Lyrics
Rocky Sharpe And The ReplaysHey Hey Good Lookin'1982Music/Lyrics
Rocky Sharpe And The ReplaysI Knew From The Start1979Producer
Rocky Sharpe And The ReplaysI Really Love You1979Producer
Rocky Sharpe And The ReplaysI Will Follow Him1980Producer
Rocky Sharpe And The ReplaysIf You Know How To Rock And Roll (You'll Never Be Alone)1983Producer
Rocky Sharpe And The ReplaysIf You Wanna Be Happy1983Producer
Rocky Sharpe And The ReplaysImagination1979Producer
Rocky Sharpe And The ReplaysIt Will Stand1983Producer
Rocky Sharpe And The ReplaysLa Bamba1983Producer
Rocky Sharpe And The ReplaysLet's Twist Again1983Producer
Rocky Sharpe And The ReplaysLittle Darlin'1980Producer
Rocky Sharpe And The ReplaysLooking For An Echo1981Producer
Rocky Sharpe And The ReplaysLove Bug1980Producer
Rocky Sharpe And The ReplaysLove Will Make You Fail In School1979Producer
Rocky Sharpe And The ReplaysLove, Love, Love1981Producer
Rocky Sharpe And The ReplaysMartian Hop1979Music/Lyrics
Rocky Sharpe And The ReplaysMary (Won't You Marry Me)1982Music/Lyrics
Rocky Sharpe And The ReplaysMr. Lonely1980Producer
Rocky Sharpe And The ReplaysNever1979Producer
Rocky Sharpe And The ReplaysNever Be Anyone Else But You1981Producer
Rocky Sharpe And The ReplaysOop Doop Doop1979Music/Lyrics
Rocky Sharpe And The ReplaysParadise Lost1981Producer
Rocky Sharpe And The ReplaysPlease Don't Say Goodbye1981Music/Lyrics
Rocky Sharpe And The ReplaysQuarter To Three1983Producer
Rocky Sharpe And The ReplaysRama Lama Ding Dong1978Producer
Rocky Sharpe And The ReplaysReturn To Sender1979Producer
Rocky Sharpe And The ReplaysShe Don't Want Me Now1981Producer
Rocky Sharpe And The ReplaysShout Shout1981Producer
Rocky Sharpe And The ReplaysSince I Don't Have You1979Producer
Rocky Sharpe And The ReplaysStop! Please Stop!1983Music/Lyrics
Rocky Sharpe And The ReplaysTake My Hand1984Music/Lyrics
Rocky Sharpe And The ReplaysThe Dynamo Twist1983Music/Lyrics
Rocky Sharpe And The ReplaysThe Only One1980Music/Lyrics
Rocky Sharpe And The ReplaysTick Tock1981Producer
Rocky Sharpe And The ReplaysTonight (Could Be The Night)1979Producer
Rocky Sharpe And The ReplaysToo Much Monkey Business1981Producer
Rocky Sharpe And The ReplaysTwenty-Four Hours1982Producer
Rocky Sharpe And The ReplaysWhen The Chips Are Down1978Music/Lyrics
Rocky Sharpe And The ReplaysWhite Christmas1980Producer
Rocky Sharpe And The ReplaysWhole Lotta Loving1981Producer
Rocky Sharpe And The ReplaysYou Were Made For Me1981Producer
Rocky Sharpe And The ReplaysYou're The One1980Producer
Sanne [DK]Where Blue Begins1991Music/Lyrics
Sari SchorrAin't Got No Money2018Producer
Sari SchorrAunt Hazel2018Producer
Sari SchorrBlack Betty2016Producer
Sari SchorrCat And Mouse2018Music/Lyrics
Sari SchorrDamn The Reason2018Producer
Sari SchorrDemolition Man2018Producer
Sari SchorrKiss Me2018Producer
Sari SchorrLetting Go2018Music/Lyrics
Sari SchorrOklahoma2018Music/Lyrics
Sari SchorrOrdinary Life2018Producer
Sari SchorrStop! In The Name Of Love2018Producer
Sari SchorrWork No More2018Producer
Savoy BrownAin't Superstitious1967Producer
Savoy BrownBig City Lights1968Producer
Savoy BrownBlack Night1967Producer
Savoy BrownDon't Turn Me From Your Door1969Producer
Savoy BrownFlood In Houston1968Producer
Savoy BrownGetting To The Point1968Producer
Savoy BrownGive Me A Penny1968Producer
Savoy BrownGrits Ain't Groceries (All Around The World)1969Producer
Savoy BrownHigh Rise1967Producer
Savoy BrownHoney Bee1968Producer
Savoy BrownI Smell Trouble1967Producer
Savoy BrownI'm Tired1969Producer
Savoy BrownIt Hurts Me Too1969Producer
Savoy BrownIt's All My Fault1967Producer
Savoy BrownIt's My Own Fault1967Producer
Savoy BrownLet Me Love You, Baby1967Producer
Savoy BrownLife's One Act Play1969Producer
Savoy BrownLittle Girl1967Producer
Savoy BrownLouisiana Blues1969Producer
Savoy BrownMade Up My Mind1969Producer
Savoy BrownMay Be Wrong1969Producer
Savoy BrownMr. Downchild1968Producer
Savoy BrownOh, Pretty Woman1967Producer
Savoy BrownRock Me Baby1967Producer
Savoy BrownSavoy Brown Boogie1969Producer
Savoy BrownShake 'Em On Down1967Producer
Savoy BrownShe's Got a Ring in His Nose and a Ring on Her Hand1969Producer
Savoy BrownStay With Me Baby1968Producer
Savoy BrownThe Doormouse Rides The Rails1967Producer
Savoy BrownThe Incredible Gnome Meets Jaxman1968Producer
Savoy BrownTolling Bells1968Producer
Savoy BrownTrain To Nowhere1968Producer
Savoy BrownVicksburg Blues1968Producer
Savoy BrownWaiting In The Bamboo Grove1969Producer
Savoy BrownWalking By Myself1968Producer
Savoy BrownWhere Am I1969Producer
Savoy BrownYou Need Love1968Producer
Savoy Brown Blues BandCan't Quit You Baby1966Producer
Savoy Brown Blues BandI Tried1966Producer
Savoy Brown Blues BandSomeday People1967Producer
Savoy Brown Blues BandTaste And Try, Before You Buy1967Producer
Savoy Brown Blues BandTrue Blue1968Producer
Sherman RobertsonAm I Losing You?1993Producer
Sherman RobertsonHelping Hand1993Producer
Sherman RobertsonHome Of The Blues1993Producer
Sherman RobertsonI'm Your Man1993Music/Lyrics
Sherman RobertsonLinda Lou1993Producer
Sherman RobertsonMake It Rain1993Producer
Sherman RobertsonOur Good Thing Is Through1993Producer
Sherman RobertsonOut Of Sight Out Of Mind1993Producer
Sherman RobertsonSomebody's Messin'1993Producer
Sherman RobertsonSpecial Kind Of Loving1993Music/Lyrics
Sherman RobertsonTake A Message1993Producer
Sherman RobertsonVacating The Blues1993Music/Lyrics
Six Was NineDrop Dead Beautiful1994Producer
Soul On DeliveryCrescent Boogie1975Music/Lyrics
Soul On DeliveryHustle (Dance Of The Day)1975Music/Lyrics
SunchariotYou're Lovely1972Producer
T.S. McPheeSomeone To Love Me1968Producer
T.S. McPheeWhen You Got A Good Friend1968Producer
Ten Years AfterA Sad Song1969Producer
Ten Years AfterAdventures Of A Young Organ1967Producer
Ten Years AfterAt The Woodchopper's Ball1968Producer
Ten Years AfterBoogie On1972Producer
Ten Years AfterDon't Want You Woman1967Producer
Ten Years AfterFaro1969Producer
Ten Years AfterFeel It For Me1967Producer
Ten Years AfterGoing To Try1969Producer
Ten Years AfterHear Me Calling1968Producer
Ten Years AfterHelp Me1967Producer
Ten Years AfterHold Me Tight1968Producer
Ten Years AfterI Can't Keep From Crying, Sometimes1967Producer
Ten Years AfterI Can't Live Without Lydia1969Producer
Ten Years AfterI May Be Wrong, But I Won't Be Wrong Always1968Producer
Ten Years AfterI Want To Know1967Producer
Ten Years AfterI'm Going Home (Live '68)1968Producer
Ten Years AfterLosing The Dogs1967Producer
Ten Years AfterLove Until I Die1967Producer
Ten Years AfterNo Title1968Producer
Ten Years AfterPortable People1968Producer
Ten Years AfterRock Your Mama1968Producer
Ten Years AfterShantung Cabbage1968Producer
Ten Years AfterSkoobly-Oobly-Doobob1969Producer
Ten Years AfterSpeed Kills1968Music/Lyrics
Ten Years AfterSpider In My Web1968Producer
Ten Years AfterSpoonful1967Producer
Ten Years AfterSummertime1968Producer
Ten Years AfterThe Sounds1968Producer
Ten Years AfterThree Blind Mice1969Producer
Ten Years AfterWoman Trouble1969Producer
The ArtwoodsA Taste Of Honey1966Producer
The ArtwoodsAl's Party1966Producer
The ArtwoodsBe My Lady1966Producer
The ArtwoodsBrother Can You Spare A Dime1966Producer
The ArtwoodsCan You Hear Me1966Producer
The ArtwoodsDon't Cry No More1966Producer
The ArtwoodsDown In The Valley1966Producer
The ArtwoodsGoodbye Sisters1966Producer
The ArtwoodsI Feel Good1966Producer
The ArtwoodsI Keep Forgettin'1966Producer
The ArtwoodsI Take What I Want1966Producer
The ArtwoodsIf I Ever Get My Hands On You1966Producer
The ArtwoodsIf You Gotta Make A Fool Of Somebody1966Producer
The ArtwoodsIn The Deep End1966Producer
The ArtwoodsKeep Lookin'1966Producer
The ArtwoodsOne More Heartache1966Producer
The ArtwoodsOur Man Flint1966Producer
The ArtwoodsRoutine1966Producer
The ArtwoodsShe Knows What To Do1966Producer
The ArtwoodsStop And Think It Over1966Producer
The ArtwoodsSweet Mary1966Producer
The ArtwoodsThese Boots Are Made For Walkin'1966Producer
The ArtwoodsThings Get Better1966Producer
The ArtwoodsWalk On The Wild Side1966Producer
The ArtwoodsWhat Shall I Do1966Producer
The ArtwoodsWork, Work, Work1966Producer
The Aynsley Dunbar RetaliationCobwebs1967Producer
The Aynsley Dunbar RetaliationWarning1967Producer
The Everly BrothersMore Than I Can Handle1984Music/Lyrics
The Graham Bond OrganisationStrut Around1964Producer
The HoaxDon't Bust A Valve1994Producer
The HoaxDriving Blind1994Producer
The HoaxHead Neck1994Producer
The HoaxHeadless Chicken1994Producer
The HoaxLizard Like Me1994Producer
The HoaxMuch Too Much1994Producer
The HoaxScaramouche1994Producer
The HoaxSwallow My Pride1994Producer
The HoaxTake The Money And Run1994Producer
The HoaxTwenty Ton Weight1994Producer
The HoaxWake Me Up1994Producer
The Love AffairSatisfaction Guaranteed1967Producer
The Love AffairShe Smiled Sweetly1967Producer
The Olympic Runners(C'mon) Just A Little Lick1977Music/Lyrics
The Olympic Runners(There's A) Freeze On Funk1975Music/Lyrics
The Olympic Runners130 Beats A Minute1979Music/Lyrics
The Olympic RunnersBack On The Track1976Music/Lyrics
The Olympic RunnersBahama Mama1977Music/Lyrics
The Olympic RunnersBe My Main Squeeze1974Producer
The Olympic RunnersBetcha Can't Dance1979Music/Lyrics
The Olympic RunnersBoogie Line1978Music/Lyrics
The Olympic RunnersBreakout1978Music/Lyrics
The Olympic RunnersCloser To Paradise1979Music/Lyrics
The Olympic RunnersCoucou 'N' Flying Fish1975Music/Lyrics
The Olympic RunnersCrazy Talk1979Music/Lyrics
The Olympic RunnersCrossword1978Music/Lyrics
The Olympic RunnersDisco Smash1979Music/Lyrics
The Olympic RunnersDo It Over1974Producer
The Olympic RunnersDon't Let Up1976Music/Lyrics
The Olympic RunnersDown To The Bone1978Music/Lyrics
The Olympic RunnersDrag It Over Here1975Music/Lyrics
The Olympic RunnersDump The Bump1975Music/Lyrics
The Olympic RunnersEnergy Beam1978Music/Lyrics
The Olympic RunnersEv'ry One A Winner1974Producer
The Olympic RunnersExit City1975Music/Lyrics
The Olympic RunnersGet it While You Can1978Music/Lyrics
The Olympic RunnersGet This Thing Down1975Music/Lyrics
The Olympic RunnersGo No Further1975Music/Lyrics
The Olympic RunnersGod Bless You1978Music/Lyrics
The Olympic RunnersGrab It1974Producer
The Olympic RunnersGuacamole Getdown1978Music/Lyrics
The Olympic RunnersHash Browns1978Music/Lyrics
The Olympic RunnersIn The Can1976Music/Lyrics
The Olympic RunnersInterference Free1978Music/Lyrics
The Olympic RunnersJust Enough (To Blow My Mind)1977Music/Lyrics
The Olympic RunnersJust Funkin' Around1977Music/Lyrics
The Olympic RunnersJust Once Is Enough1974Producer
The Olympic RunnersKeep It Up1977Music/Lyrics
The Olympic RunnersLet Your Fingers Do The Talkin'1974Producer
The Olympic RunnersLove On My Mind1977Music/Lyrics
The Olympic RunnersMac B. Coolie1974Producer
The Olympic RunnersMake It Happen1979Music/Lyrics
The Olympic RunnersMaking It Better1979Music/Lyrics
The Olympic RunnersOn Ya1978Music/Lyrics
The Olympic RunnersOne Step At A Time1977Music/Lyrics
The Olympic RunnersOut Of The Ground1976Music/Lyrics
The Olympic RunnersOut To Lunch1975Music/Lyrics
The Olympic RunnersPaca-Paco-Wa-Wa (Theme From Nos Hit)1976Music/Lyrics
The Olympic RunnersPanic Button1975Music/Lyrics
The Olympic RunnersParty Time Is Here To Stay1976Music/Lyrics
The Olympic RunnersPersonal Thang1977Music/Lyrics
The Olympic RunnersPut The Music Where Your Mouth Is1974Producer
The Olympic RunnersSay What You Wanna But It Sure Is Funky1977Music/Lyrics
The Olympic RunnersSir Dancealot1978Music/Lyrics
The Olympic RunnersSolar Heat1978Music/Lyrics
The Olympic RunnersSproutin' Out1974Producer
The Olympic RunnersStraight St. Strut1977Music/Lyrics
The Olympic RunnersSwamp Lizard1978Music/Lyrics
The Olympic RunnersTaco Toes1974Producer
The Olympic RunnersThe Bitch1979Producer
The Olympic RunnersThe Cool Gent1977Music/Lyrics
The Olympic RunnersThe Kool Gent1976Music/Lyrics
The Olympic RunnersThe Runners File1976Music/Lyrics
The Olympic Runners'Till The Sun Comes Up1975Music/Lyrics
The Olympic RunnersWhatever It Takes1978Music/Lyrics
The Olympic RunnersWhen You're Dancing1978Music/Lyrics
The Olympic RunnersWooden Head1978Music/Lyrics
The Olympic RunnersWorld Record1977Music/Lyrics
The ScabsAll You Ever Do1993Producer
The ScabsAnyway1993Producer
The ScabsFortune Tellers1993Producer
The ScabsFour Aces1993Producer
The ScabsGovernment Rules1993Producer
The ScabsHold The Thief1993Producer
The ScabsLet Him Whine1993Producer
The ScabsMama Is It Normal1993Producer
The ScabsShe's A Shark1993Producer
The ScabsShe's Jivin'1993Producer
The ScabsThe Party's Over1993Producer
The ScabsTotal Stranger1993Producer
The WebMonday To Friday1969Producer
The Web with John L. WatsonBaby Won't You Leave Me Alone1968Producer
The Web with John L. WatsonMcVernon Street1969Producer
The YardbirdsBaby What's Wrong1963Producer
The YardbirdsBoom Boom1963Producer
The YardbirdsHoney In Your Hips1963Producer
Warren Phillips And The RocketsBe-Bop-A-Lula1969Producer
Warren Phillips And The RocketsBlue Jean Baby1969Producer
Warren Phillips And The RocketsBlue Suede Shoes1969Producer
Warren Phillips And The RocketsHigh School Confidential1969Producer
Warren Phillips And The RocketsHoney Don't1969Producer
Warren Phillips And The RocketsKeep-A-Knockin'1969Producer
Warren Phillips And The RocketsLinda Lou1969Producer
Warren Phillips And The RocketsMatchbox1969Producer
Warren Phillips And The RocketsMean Woman Blues1969Producer
Warren Phillips And The RocketsMoney Honey1969Producer
Warren Phillips And The RocketsShake, Rattle And Roll1969Producer
Warren Phillips And The RocketsSweet Little Lucy1969Producer
Warren Phillips And The RocketsWhole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On1969Producer
Drop Everything And Run (Dr. Feelgood)75.29
Boogie On (Ten Years After)75.29
The Super-Natural (John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers)85.12
Sylvia (Focus)505.04
House Of The King (Focus)325.03
I'm Going Home (Live '68) (Ten Years After)305
Hong Kong Money (Dr. Feelgood)105
Focus (Focus)75
Focus II (Focus)65
Black Beauty (Focus)65
Mean Old World (Chicken Shack)55
Help Me (Ten Years After)124.92
Hocus Pocus (Focus)844.88
Homework (Fleetwood Mac)84.88
Spoonful (Ten Years After)84.88
Hideaway (John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers with Eric Clapton)154.87
Portable People (Ten Years After)74.86
My Heart Beats Like A Hammer (Fleetwood Mac)134.85
Albatross (Fleetwood Mac)1584.84
I'd Rather Go Blind (Chicken Shack)544.83
Albatross (Fleetwood Mac)1584.84
Rama Lama Ding Dong (Rocky Sharpe And The Replays)1054.64
Hocus Pocus (Focus)844.88
Man Of The World (Fleetwood Mac)704.61
Drop Dead Beautiful (Six Was Nine)674.16
Black Magic Woman (Fleetwood Mac)594.39
Need Your Love So Bad (Fleetwood Mac)584.48
I'd Rather Go Blind (Chicken Shack)544.83
Love Games (Level 42)514.37
Sylvia (Focus)505.04
House Of The King (Focus)325.03
I'm Going Home (Live '68) (Ten Years After)305
Starchild (Level 42)284.25
Imagination (Rocky Sharpe And The Replays)234.7
Turn It On (Level 42)234.04
The Chinese Way (Level 42)223.91
Stop Messin' Around (Fleetwood Mac)194.37
Love You Till Tuesday (David Bowie)193.79
Shout Shout (Rocky Sharpe And The Replays)184.61
I Believe My Time Ain't Long (Fleetwood Mac)184.39

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