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Anika Noni RoseAlmost There2009Producer
Bill Ramsey, Roger Cicero und Cassandra SteenWenn ich Mensch bin2009Producer
Blonde RedheadSilently2007Producer
Blonde RedheadTop Ranking2007Producer
Bonnie RaittHear Me Lord2002Producer
Bonnie RaittI Can't Help You Now2002Producer
Bonnie RaittLover's Will1998Producer
Bonnie RaittOne Belief Away1998Producer
Bonnie RaittSilver Lining2002Producer
Bonnie RaittSpit Of Love1998Producer
Bonnie RaittTime Of Our Lives2002Producer
Cassandra SteenGanz nah dran2009Producer
Cassandra SteenIn New Orleans2009Producer
Cassandra SteenWnsch dir was2009Producer
China MosesAu bout du rve2009Producer
Chris ThompsonMissing1986Music/Lyrics
Cibo MattoSugar Water1997Producer
Crowded HouseAll I Ask1991Producer
Crowded HouseAnyone Can Tell1989Producer
Crowded HouseAs Sure As I Am1991Producer
Crowded HouseBetter Be Home Soon1988Producer
Crowded HouseCan't Carry On1986Producer
Crowded HouseChocolate Cake1991Producer
Crowded HouseDon't Dream It's Over1986Producer
Crowded HouseEverything Is Good For You1996Producer
Crowded HouseFall At Your Feet1991Producer
Crowded HouseFame Is1991Producer
Crowded HouseFour Seasons In One Day1991Producer
Crowded HouseHole In The River1986Producer
Crowded HouseHow Will You Go1991Producer
Crowded HouseI Feel Possessed1989Producer
Crowded HouseI Walk Away1986Producer
Crowded HouseIn The Lowlands1988Producer
Crowded HouseInstinct1996Producer
Crowded HouseInto Temptation1988Producer
Crowded HouseItalian Plastic1991Producer
Crowded HouseIt's Only Natural1991Producer
Crowded HouseKill Eye1988Producer
Crowded HouseLove This Life1988Producer
Crowded HouseLove You 'Til The Day I Die1986Producer
Crowded HouseMansion In The Slums1988Producer
Crowded HouseMean To Me1986Producer
Crowded HouseNever Be The Same1988Producer
Crowded HouseNot The Girl You Think You Are1996Producer
Crowded HouseNow We're Getting Somewhere1986Producer
Crowded HouseSacred Cow1990Producer
Crowded HouseShe Goes On1991Producer
Crowded HouseSister Madly1988Producer
Crowded HouseSomething So Strong1986Producer
Crowded HouseTall Trees1991Producer
Crowded HouseThat's What I Call Love1986Producer
Crowded HouseThere Goes God1991Producer
Crowded HouseTombstone1986Producer
Crowded HouseWeather With You1991Producer
Crowded HouseWhen You Come1988Producer
Crowded HouseWhispers And Moans1991Producer
Crowded HouseWorld Where You Live1986Producer
Daniel PowterBad Day2004Producer
Daniel PowterFree Loop2005Producer
Daniel PowterGive Me Life2005Producer
Daniel PowterHollywood2005Producer
Daniel PowterJimmy Gets High2005Producer
Daniel PowterLie To Me2005Producer
Daniel PowterLost On The Stoop2005Producer
Daniel PowterLove You Lately2006Producer
Daniel PowterSong 62005Producer
Daniel PowterStupid Like This2005Producer
Daniel PowterStyrofoam2005Producer
Daniel PowterSuspect2005Producer
Dr. JohnDown In New Orleans2009Producer
Eddie MoneyClub Michelle1983Music/Lyrics
Elvis Costello13 Steps Lead Down1994Producer
Elvis Costello20% Amnesia1994Producer
Elvis CostelloAfter The Fall1991Producer
Elvis CostelloAll Grown Up1991Producer
Elvis CostelloAll The Rage1994Producer
Elvis CostelloBroken1991Producer
Elvis CostelloClown Strike1994Producer
Elvis CostelloCouldn't Call It Unexpected No. 41991Producer
Elvis CostelloFavourite Hour1994Producer
Elvis CostelloGeorgie And Her Rival1991Producer
Elvis CostelloHarpies Bizarre1991Producer
Elvis CostelloHow To Be Dumb1991Producer
Elvis CostelloHurry Down Doomsday (The Bugs Are Taking Over)1991Producer
Elvis CostelloInvasion Hit Parade1991Producer
Elvis CostelloJust About Glad1994Producer
Elvis CostelloKinder Murder1994Producer
Elvis CostelloLondon's Brilliant Parade1994Producer
Elvis CostelloMy Science Fiction Twin1994Producer
Elvis CostelloPlayboy To A Man1991Producer
Elvis CostelloPony St.1994Producer
Elvis CostelloRocking Horse Road1994Producer
Elvis CostelloSo Like Candy1991Producer
Elvis CostelloStill Too Soon To Know1994Producer
Elvis CostelloSulky Girl1994Producer
Elvis CostelloSweet Pear1991Producer
Elvis CostelloThe Other Side Of Summer1991Producer
Elvis CostelloThis Is Hell1994Producer
Elvis CostelloYou Tripped At Every Step1994Producer
Fleetwood MacIt Takes Time2013Producer
Fleetwood MacMiss Fantasy2013Producer
Fleetwood MacSad Angel2013Producer
Fleetwood MacWithout You [2013]2013Producer
GammaCondition Yellow1982Music/Lyrics
GammaNo Way Out1982Music/Lyrics
GammaRight The First Time1982Music/Lyrics
Jacqueline GovaertBack Of My Hand2017Music/Lyrics
Jacqueline GovaertBreeze Off2014Producer
Jacqueline GovaertBy The River2017Music/Lyrics
Jacqueline GovaertCorner Of The World2017Music/Lyrics
Jacqueline GovaertFalling2017Music/Lyrics
Jacqueline GovaertFirst Sight2014Producer
Jacqueline GovaertFor All Time2017Music/Lyrics
Jacqueline GovaertGlitter, Fame And Gold2014Producer
Jacqueline GovaertGod Knows2014Producer
Jacqueline GovaertGoing Back Home2014Producer
Jacqueline GovaertHear How My Heart Beats2014Producer
Jacqueline GovaertIgnorant Fools2017Music/Lyrics
Jacqueline GovaertLet Him Go2017Music/Lyrics
Jacqueline GovaertLighthearted Years2017Music/Lyrics
Jacqueline GovaertLong To Believe You2017Music/Lyrics
Jacqueline GovaertOld Records2017Music/Lyrics
Jacqueline GovaertPast The Moon2014Producer
Jacqueline GovaertRhythm Of Your Heart2017Music/Lyrics
Jacqueline GovaertSimple Life2014Producer
Jacqueline GovaertSongs To Soothe2014Producer
Jacqueline GovaertSweet Friend2014Producer
Jacqueline GovaertYou Lost Me2014Producer
JehroHow Long2015Music/Lyrics
Jenifer Lewis feat. Pinnacle Gospel ChoirDig A Little Deeper2009Producer
Jim CummingsMa Belle Evangeline2009Producer
Jim Cummings feat. Terrance SimienGonna Take You There2009Producer
Joan OsborneAngel Face2000Producer
Joan OsborneGrand Illusion2000Producer
Joan OsborneHurricane2000Producer
Joan OsborneIf I Was Your Man2000Producer
Joan OsborneLove Is Alive2000Producer
Joan OsbornePoison Apples (Hallelujah)2000Producer
Joan OsborneRighteous Love2000Producer
Joan OsborneRunning Out Of Time2000Producer
Joan OsborneSafety In Numbers2000Producer
Kat EdmonsonAll The Way2015Producer
Kat EdmonsonAvion2015Producer
Kat EdmonsonCrying2015Producer
Kat EdmonsonDark Cloud2015Producer
Kat EdmonsonFor Two2015Producer
Kat EdmonsonOh My Love2015Producer
Kat EdmonsonRainy Day Woman2015Producer
Kat EdmonsonThe Best2015Producer
Kat EdmonsonTill We Start To Kiss2015Producer
Kat EdmonsonWho's Counting2015Producer
Kat EdmonsonYou Can't Break The Heart2015Producer
Kat EdmonsonYou Said Enough2015Music/Lyrics
Keith DavidFriends On The Other Side2009Producer
Lindsey Buckingham / Christine McVieIn My World2017Producer
Lindsey Buckingham / Christine McVieLay Down For Free2017Producer
Lindsey Buckingham / Christine McVieOn With The Show2017Producer
Los LobosCorazon1999Producer
Los LobosCumbia Raza1999Producer
Los LobosHigh Places1999Producer
Los LobosLa Bamba1987Producer
Los LobosLa playa1999Producer
Los LobosOh Yeah1999Producer
Los LobosRun Away With You1999Producer
Los LobosSome Say, Some Do1999Producer
Los LobosThis Time1999Producer
Los LobosTurn Around1999Producer
Los LobosViking1999Producer
Los LobosWhy We Wish1999Producer
Marc LavoineElle est beau comme Rimbaud2018Producer
Marianne Rosenberg und Cassandra Steen mit dem Pinnacle Gospel ChorDu musst nur tiefer in dir graben2009Producer
Michael Leon-Wooley, Bruno Campos & Anika Noni RoseWhen We're Human2009Producer
Missy HigginsPeachy2007Producer
Missy HigginsSteer2007Producer
Missy HigginsWhere I Stood2007Producer
Neil FinnWherever You Are2001Producer
Oh MercyI Feel Possessed2010Producer
Paul McCartneyDon't Be Careless Love1989Producer
Paul McCartneyMy Brave Face1989Producer
Paul McCartneyThat Day Is Done1989Producer
Paul McCartneyYou Want Her Too1989Producer
Peter CaseEcho Wars1986Producer
Peter CaseOld Blue Car1986Producer
Peter CaseSteel Strings1986Producer
Phantom PlanetCalifornia2005Producer
PretendersNever Do That1990Producer
PretendersNot A Second Time1990Producer
PretendersSense Of Purpose1990Producer
PretendersSpirit Of Life1990Producer
Randy NewmanA Few Words In Defense Of Our Country2008Producer
Randy NewmanA Piece Of The Pie2008Producer
Randy NewmanBrothers2017Producer
Randy NewmanEasy Street2008Producer
Randy NewmanFairy Tale / Going Home2009Producer
Randy NewmanFeels Like Home2008Producer
Randy NewmanHarps And Angels2008Producer
Randy NewmanI Know This Story2009Producer
Randy NewmanIt's A Jungle Out There2002Producer
Randy NewmanKorean Parents2008Producer
Randy NewmanLaugh And Be Happy2008Producer
Randy NewmanLosing You2008Producer
Randy NewmanLost Without You2017Producer
Randy NewmanMy Country1999Producer
Randy NewmanOn The Beach2017Producer
Randy NewmanOnly A Girl2008Producer
Randy NewmanPotholes2008Producer
Randy NewmanPutin2017Producer
Randy NewmanRay / Mama Odie2009Producer
Randy NewmanRay Laid Low2009Producer
Randy NewmanShe Chose Me1990Producer
Randy NewmanSonny Boy2017Producer
Randy NewmanThe Frog Hunters / Gator Down2009Producer
Randy NewmanThe Great Debate2017Producer
Randy NewmanThis Is Gonna Be Good2009Producer
Randy NewmanTiana's Bad Dream2009Producer
Randy NewmanWandering Boy2017Producer
Randy NewmanWe Belong Together2010Producer
Richard Thompson1952 Vincent Black Lightning1991Producer
Richard ThompsonA Bone Through Her Nose1986Producer
Richard ThompsonAl Bowlly's In Heaven1986Producer
Richard ThompsonAm I Wasting My Love On You?1996Producer
Richard ThompsonBaby Don't Know What To Do With Herself1996Producer
Richard ThompsonBaby Talk1986Producer
Richard ThompsonBacklash Love Affair1991Producer
Richard ThompsonBank Vault In Heaven1996Producer
Richard ThompsonBeeswing1994Producer
Richard ThompsonBurns Supper1996Producer
Richard ThompsonBusiness On You1996Producer
Richard ThompsonCan't Win1988Producer
Richard ThompsonCash Down Never Never1986Producer
Richard ThompsonCold Kisses1996Producer
Richard ThompsonDark Hand Over My Heart1996Producer
Richard ThompsonDead Man's Handle1986Producer
Richard ThompsonDon't Sit On My Jimmy Shands1991Producer
Richard ThompsonDon't Tempt Me1988Producer
Richard ThompsonEasy There, Steady Now1994Producer
Richard ThompsonFast Food1994Producer
Richard ThompsonFor The Sake Of Mary1994Producer
Richard ThompsonGod Loves A Drunk1991Producer
Richard ThompsonGrey Walls1991Producer
Richard ThompsonGypsy Love Songs1988Producer
Richard ThompsonHide It Away1996Producer
Richard ThompsonHow Will I Ever Be Simple Again1986Producer
Richard ThompsonI Can't Wake Up To Save My Life1994Producer
Richard ThompsonI Feel So Good1991Producer
Richard ThompsonI Misunderstood1991Producer
Richard ThompsonI Ride In Your Slipstream1994Producer
Richard ThompsonI Still Dream1988Producer
Richard ThompsonJennie1986Producer
Richard ThompsonJerusalem On The Juke Box1988Producer
Richard ThompsonKeep Your Distance1991Producer
Richard ThompsonKing Of Bohemia1994Producer
Richard ThompsonLong Dead Love1986Producer
Richard ThompsonLover's Lane1986Producer
Richard ThompsonMascara Tears1994Producer
Richard ThompsonMGB-GT1994Producer
Richard ThompsonMingus Eyes1994Producer
Richard ThompsonMissie How You Let Me Down1986Producer
Richard ThompsonMother Knows Best1991Producer
Richard ThompsonMystery Wind1991Producer
Richard ThompsonNearly In Love1986Producer
Richard ThompsonNo's Not A Word1996Producer
Richard ThompsonPharoah1988Producer
Richard ThompsonPsycho Street1991Producer
Richard ThompsonPut It There Pal1996Producer
Richard ThompsonRazor Dance1996Producer
Richard ThompsonRead About Love1991Producer
Richard ThompsonReckless Kind1988Producer
Richard ThompsonSam Jones1996Producer
Richard ThompsonShane And Dixie1994Producer
Richard ThompsonShe Cut Off Her Long Silken Hair1996Producer
Richard ThompsonShe Steers By Lightning1996Producer
Richard ThompsonTaking My Business Elsewhere1994Producer
Richard ThompsonThe Ghost Of You Walks1996Producer
Richard ThompsonThe Way That It Shows1994Producer
Richard ThompsonTrain Don't Leave1996Producer
Richard ThompsonTurning Of The Tide1988Producer
Richard ThompsonValerie1986Producer
Richard ThompsonWaltzing's For Dreamers1988Producer
Richard ThompsonWhy Must I Plead1991Producer
Richard ThompsonWoods Of Darney1996Producer
Richard ThompsonYankee, Go Home1988Producer
Richard ThompsonYou Dream Too Much1991Producer
Robert MisslerIch lieb' dich, Evangeline!2009Producer
Robert MisslerWir nehmen euch jetzt mit2009Producer
Roger CiceroIn New Orleans2009Producer
Ron SexsmithAll In Good Time2006Producer
Ron SexsmithAnd Now The Day Is Done2006Producer
Ron SexsmithApril After All1997Producer
Ron SexsmithAt Different Times1997Producer
Ron SexsmithAverage Joe1997Producer
Ron SexsmithBack Of My Hand2013Producer
Ron SexsmithBeautiful View1999Producer
Ron SexsmithBlind Eye2013Producer
Ron SexsmithChild Star1997Producer
Ron SexsmithClown In Broad Daylight1997Producer
Ron SexsmithCold Hearted Wind2006Producer
Ron SexsmithDeepens With Time2013Producer
Ron SexsmithDoomed1999Producer
Ron SexsmithEvery Passing Day1999Producer
Ron SexsmithFeel For You1999Producer
Ron SexsmithFirst Chance I Get1995Producer
Ron SexsmithFrom A Few Streets Over1995Producer
Ron SexsmithGalbraith Street1995Producer
Ron SexsmithHands Of Time2006Producer
Ron SexsmithHeart With No Companion1995Producer
Ron SexsmithHonest Mistake1997Producer
Ron SexsmithI Think We're Lost2006Producer
Ron SexsmithIf Only Avenue2013Producer
Ron SexsmithIn A Flash1999Producer
Ron SexsmithIn Place Of You1995Producer
Ron SexsmithIt Never Fails1997Producer
Ron SexsmithJazz At The Bookstore2006Producer
Ron SexsmithLebanon, Tennessee1995Producer
Ron SexsmithLost In Thought2013Producer
Ron SexsmithMe Myself And Wine2013Producer
Ron SexsmithMust Have Heard It Wrong1999Producer
Ron SexsmithNever Give Up2006Producer
Ron SexsmithNothing Good1997Producer
Ron SexsmithNowhere Is2013Producer
Ron SexsmithNowhere To Go2013Producer
Ron SexsmithOne Grey Morning1999Producer
Ron SexsmithPretty Little Cemetery1997Producer
Ron SexsmithReason For Our Love2006Producer
Ron SexsmithRight About Now1999Producer
Ron SexsmithRiverbed1999Producer
Ron SexsmithSecret Heart1995Producer
Ron SexsmithSeem To Recall1999Producer
Ron SexsmithSeveral Miles1995Producer
Ron SexsmithShe Does My Heart Good2013Producer
Ron SexsmithShip Of Fools2006Producer
Ron SexsmithSnake Road2013Producer
Ron SexsmithSneak Out The Back Door2013Producer
Ron SexsmithSnow Angel2006Producer
Ron SexsmithSo Young1997Producer
Ron SexsmithSome Dusty Things2006Producer
Ron SexsmithSpeaking With The Angel1995Producer
Ron SexsmithStill Time1999Producer
Ron SexsmithStrawberry Blonde1997Producer
Ron SexsmithSummer Blowin'Town1995Producer
Ron SexsmithThe Grim Trucker2006Producer
Ron SexsmithThe Idiot Boy1999Producer
Ron SexsmithThe Morning Light2013Producer
Ron SexsmithThere's A Rhythm1995Producer
Ron SexsmithThinking Out Loud1997Producer
Ron SexsmithThinly Veiled Disguise1997Producer
Ron SexsmithWastin' Time1995Producer
Ron SexsmithWhile You're Waiting1997Producer
Ron SexsmithWords We Never Use1995Producer
Sandrine van HandenhovenBij ons in New Orleans (finale)2017Producer
Sandrine van HandenhovenZo dichtbij2017Producer
SantanaWritten In Sand1985Music/Lyrics
Sheryl CrowTomorrow Never Dies1997Music/Lyrics
Stan RidgwayBing Can't Walk2002Producer
Stan RidgwayPick It Up (And Put It In Your Pocket)1985Producer
Stanley BurlesonVrienden aan de overzij2015Producer
Susanna HoffsAll I Need2012Producer
Susanna HoffsAlways Enough2012Producer
Susanna HoffsHolding My Breath2012Producer
Susanna HoffsNovember Sun2012Producer
Susanna HoffsOne Day2012Producer
Susanna HoffsPicture Me2012Producer
Susanna HoffsRaining2012Producer
Susanna HoffsRegret2012Producer
Susanna HoffsThis Is The Place2012Producer
Susanna HoffsTrue2012Producer
Suzanne Vega(If You Were) In My Movie1992Producer
Suzanne Vega99.9 F1992Producer
Suzanne VegaAs A Child1992Producer
Suzanne VegaAs Girls Go1992Producer
Suzanne VegaBad Wisdom1992Producer
Suzanne VegaBirth-Day (Love Made Real)1996Producer
Suzanne VegaBlood Makes Noise1992Producer
Suzanne VegaBlood Sings1992Producer
Suzanne VegaCaramel1996Producer
Suzanne VegaCasual Match1996Music/Lyrics
Suzanne VegaFat Man & Dancing Girl1992Music/Lyrics
Suzanne VegaHeadshots1996Music/Lyrics
Suzanne VegaHoneymoon Suite1996Producer
Suzanne VegaIn Liverpool1992Producer
Suzanne VegaLolita1996Music/Lyrics
Suzanne VegaMy Favorite Plum1996Producer
Suzanne VegaNo Cheap Thrill1996Producer
Suzanne VegaPrivate Goes Public1992Producer
Suzanne VegaRock In This Pocket (Song Of David)1992Producer
Suzanne VegaSong Of Sand1992Producer
Suzanne VegaStockings1996Producer
Suzanne VegaThin Man1996Producer
Suzanne VegaTombstone1996Producer
Suzanne VegaWhen Heroes Go Down1992Producer
Suzanne VegaWorld Before Columbus1996Producer
Tasmin ArcherAfter Hell1996Producer
Tasmin ArcherBreaking My Back1996Producer
Tasmin ArcherGive In With Grave1996Producer
Tasmin ArcherI Like It So1996Producer
Tasmin ArcherI Would Love To Be Right1996Producer
Tasmin ArcherIn Your Garden1996Producer
Tasmin ArcherMemory1996Producer
Tasmin ArcherOne More Good Night With The Boys1996Producer
Tasmin ArcherRain Falling1996Producer
Tasmin ArcherSweet Little Truth1996Producer
Tasmin ArcherYou Made A Fool Of Me1996Producer
The CorrsAt Your Side2000Producer
The CorrsBlack Is The Colour2005Producer
The CorrsBrid og ni mhaille2005Producer
The CorrsBuachaill On Eirne2005Producer
The CorrsDimming Of The Day2005Producer
The CorrsErin Shore1995Producer
The CorrsEverybody Hurts1999Producer
The CorrsHaste To The Wedding2005Producer
The CorrsHeart Like A Wheel2005Producer
The CorrsHurt Before2000Producer
The CorrsLittle Wing1997Producer
The CorrsMoorlough Shore2005Producer
The CorrsMy Lagan Love2005Producer
The CorrsNo Frontiers1999Producer
The CorrsOld Hag2005Producer
The CorrsOld Town1999Producer
The CorrsOnly When I Sleep1997Producer
The CorrsPeggy Gordon2005Producer
The CorrsQueen Of Hollywood1997Producer
The CorrsRunaway1995Producer
The CorrsSay2000Producer
The CorrsSo Young1997Producer
The CorrsSpancill Hill2005Producer
The CorrsToss The Feathers1995Producer
The CorrsWhat Can I Do1997Producer
The Corrs feat. BonoWhen The Stars Go Blue2006Producer
The Corrs feat. Ronnie WoodRuby Tuesday2006Producer
The Del FuegosCoupe Deville1985Producer
The Del FuegosDon't Run Wild1985Producer
The Del FuegosFade To Blue1985Producer
The Del FuegosHand In Hand1985Producer
The Del FuegosHold Us Down1985Producer
The Del FuegosI Can't Take This Place1987Music/Lyrics
The Del FuegosI Still Want You1985Producer
The Del FuegosI'll Sleep With You (Cha Cha D'Amour)1987Producer
The Del FuegosIt's Alright1985Producer
The Del FuegosNight On The Town1985Producer
The Del FuegosShame1985Producer
The Del FuegosSound Of Our Town1985Producer
The PretendersCriminal1990Producer
The PretendersDowntown (Akron)1990Producer
The PretendersHold A Candle To This1990Producer
The PretendersHow Do I Miss You1990Producer
The PretendersLet's Make A Pact1990Producer
The PretendersMay This Be Love1990Producer
The PretendersMillionaires1990Producer
The PretendersNo Guarantee1990Producer
The PretendersWhen Will I See You1990Producer
Tim FinnBeen There Done That1989Producer
Tim FinnBirds Swim Fish Fly1989Producer
Tim FinnCrescendo1989Producer
Tim FinnCruel Black Crow1989Music/Lyrics
Tim FinnHow'm I Gonna Sleep1989Producer
Tim FinnNot Even Close1989Producer
Tim FinnParihaka1989Producer
Tim FinnShow A Little Mercy1989Producer
Tim FinnSuicide On Downing St.1989Producer
Tim FinnTears Inside1989Producer
Tim FinnYoung Mountain1989Music/Lyrics
Tommy AmperFreunde im Schattenreich2009Producer
TriggerfingerBring Me Back A Live Wild One2017Producer
TriggerfingerCandy Killer2017Producer
TriggerfingerFlesh Tight2017Producer
TriggerfingerSteady Me2017Producer
TriggerfingerThat'll Be The Day2017Producer
TriggerfingerUpstairs Box2017Producer
TriggerfingerWollensak Walk2017Producer
Vonda Shepard100 Tears Away1998Producer
Vonda ShepardAnother January2008Producer
Vonda ShepardConfetti1999Producer
Vonda ShepardDowntown (Dirtytown)2008Producer
Vonda ShepardEcstatic2008Producer
Vonda ShepardFinally Home2008Producer
Vonda ShepardFrom The Sun2008Producer
Vonda ShepardGet It Back2008Producer
Vonda ShepardI Know Better2008Producer
Vonda ShepardRead Your Mind1999Music/Lyrics
Vonda ShepardRoll In The Dirt2008Producer
Vonda ShepardThe Rocky Water2008Producer
Vonda ShepardThis Is Crazy Now1999Producer
Vonda ShepardWhere I Belong2008Producer
Vonda ShepardYou And Me1999Producer
Vonda Shepard & Emily SaliersBaby, Don't You Break My Heart Slow1999Producer

Don't Dream It's Over (Crowded House)08/03/1987120
Something So Strong (Crowded House)24/05/1987312
La Bamba (Los Lobos)23/08/1987116
Now We're Getting Somewhere (Crowded House)20/09/1987333
Better Be Home Soon (Crowded House)24/07/1988214
Sister Madly (Crowded House)22/01/1989264
Into Temptation (Crowded House)12/03/1989383
How'm I Gonna Sleep (Tim Finn)16/04/1989211
Chocolate Cake (Crowded House)23/06/1991711
Fall At Your Feet (Crowded House)25/08/1991247
It's Only Natural (Crowded House)08/12/1991316
Weather With You (Crowded House)29/03/199299
Four Seasons In One Day (Crowded House)12/07/1992333
Blood Makes Noise (Suzanne Vega)11/10/1992424
Runaway (The Corrs)17/03/1996483
Instinct (Crowded House)30/06/1996174
Not The Girl You Think You Are (Crowded House)06/10/1996411
Bad Day (Daniel Powter)22/08/2005723
Free Loop (Daniel Powter)13/02/20063214
Don't Dream It's Over (Crowded House)1645.32
Toss The Feathers (The Corrs)345.09
Old Hag (The Corrs)134.92
Erin Shore (The Corrs)254.88
Better Be Home Soon (Crowded House)594.86
On With The Show (Lindsey Buckingham / Christine McVie)74.86
Old Town (The Corrs)504.84
Into Temptation (Crowded House)334.82
Fall At Your Feet (Crowded House)604.82
Four Seasons In One Day (Crowded House)504.8
13 Steps Lead Down (Elvis Costello)54.8
I Feel So Good (Richard Thompson)54.8
Lover's Will (Bonnie Raitt)54.8
Weather With You (Crowded House)1494.79
Haste To The Wedding (The Corrs)184.78
Heart Like A Wheel (The Corrs)294.76
When The Stars Go Blue (The Corrs feat. Bono)164.69
Never Do That (Pretenders)94.67
Losing You (Randy Newman)64.67
Baby, Don't You Break My Heart Slow (Vonda Shepard & Emily Saliers)64.67
Bad Day (Daniel Powter)2824.3
California (Phantom Planet)1804.29
Don't Dream It's Over (Crowded House)1645.32
La Bamba (Los Lobos)1524.38
Weather With You (Crowded House)1494.79
What Can I Do (The Corrs)904.61
Free Loop (Daniel Powter)894.25
Tomorrow Never Dies (Sheryl Crow)804.14
Jimmy Gets High (Daniel Powter)793.9
Runaway (The Corrs)744.66
Fall At Your Feet (Crowded House)604.82
Better Be Home Soon (Crowded House)594.86
Something So Strong (Crowded House)524.63
Only When I Sleep (The Corrs)524.54
My Brave Face (Paul McCartney)524.21
Old Town (The Corrs)504.84
Four Seasons In One Day (Crowded House)504.8
So Young (The Corrs)504.52
It's Only Natural (Crowded House)484.5
Toss The Feathers (The Corrs)345.09

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