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Albert WestRoses Are Red1973Music/Lyrics
Albert WestWhen1973Music/Lyrics
André BrasseurWhen1973Music/Lyrics
Andy & CoWenn1973Music/Lyrics
Andy AndresHallo, hier ist Moni (Der Anruf-Beantworter Song)1979Music/Lyrics
Barbara StrombergerDer Mann, der mir so imponiert1973Music/Lyrics
Bata IllicSweet, Sweet Linda1971Music/Lyrics
Bernd SpierA Million To One1965Music/Lyrics
Berry SarluisRock Bottom / Da Doo Ron Ron / When1977Music/Lyrics
Billy VaughnRoses Are Red1962Music/Lyrics
Bob LumanI'm In This Town For Good1969Music/Lyrics
Bobby BareRoses Are Red (My Love)1972Music/Lyrics
Bobby GoldsboroRoses Are Red1964Music/Lyrics
Bobby VintonLife Goes On1964Music/Lyrics
Bobby VintonRosen sind rot....1962Music/Lyrics
Bobby VintonRoses Are Red (My Love)1962Music/Lyrics
Brian Poole And The TremeloesBreaking Up Is Hard To Do / Devil Woman / Roses Are Red (My Love) / Halfway To Paradise1962Music/Lyrics
Caterina ValenteRosen sind rot1962Music/Lyrics
Chad & JeremyYou Know What1964Music/Lyrics
Cliff Richard & The ShadowsI Gotta Know1959Music/Lyrics
Danyel GérardViens1958Music/Lyrics
Dario MorenoViens1958Music/Lyrics
Dickey LeeRoses Are Red1962Music/Lyrics
Die James Brothers / Orchester Werner ScharfenbergerWenn1958Music/Lyrics
Die Jolly BrothersWenn1958Music/Lyrics
Don Jordan(My Love For You Is) An Ocean1960Music/Lyrics
Eddy MitchellC'est à nous1962Music/Lyrics
Elvis PresleyBlue River1966Music/Lyrics
Elvis PresleyI Gotta Know1960Music/Lyrics
Elvis PresleySomething Blue1962Music/Lyrics
Elvis PresleyThe Next Step Is Love1970Music/Lyrics
Francis LinelWhen (Viens rêver)1958Music/Lyrics
Freddie StarrI Gotta Know1978Music/Lyrics
Freddy FenderRoses Are Red1974Music/Lyrics
George MorganRoses Are Red (My Love)1966Music/Lyrics
Gerd BöttcherGeld wie Heu1962Music/Lyrics
Gerd BöttcherLorelei1964Music/Lyrics
Gitti GoetzEs war der letzte Tanz1992Music/Lyrics
Hartmut Eichler und das Hemmann-Quintett / Tanzorchester des Berliner RundfunksWenn...1959Music/Lyrics
Helen ShapiroNo Trespassing1963Music/Lyrics
Helen ShapiroWhen You Hurt Me I Cry1963Music/Lyrics
Howard CarpendaleDie längste Nacht1978Music/Lyrics
Jim Edward BrownToo Good To Be True1967Music/Lyrics
Jim ReevesRoses Are Red1964Music/Lyrics
Jive Bunny And The MastermixersThat Sounds Good To Me1990Music/Lyrics
Jo VallyRozen zijn rood2013Music/Lyrics
John KincadeWhen1974Music/Lyrics
Johnny HallydaySi tout change1966Music/Lyrics
Johnny TillotsonChristmas Country Style1966Music/Lyrics
Johnny TillotsonI Never Loved You Anyway1965Music/Lyrics
Johnny TillotsonI've Seen Better Days1965Music/Lyrics
Johnny TillotsonJust As Long1965Music/Lyrics
Johnny TillotsonOh eine tolle Frau1964Music/Lyrics
Johnny TillotsonOne Red Rose1965Music/Lyrics
Johnny TillotsonOur World1965Music/Lyrics
Johnny TillotsonOur World [Japanese Version]1966Music/Lyrics
Johnny TillotsonRound In Circles (Song Of Joy)1967Music/Lyrics
Johnny TillotsonThat's When It Hurts The Most1964Music/Lyrics
Johnny TillotsonWorried Guy1964Music/Lyrics
Kevin & ManuelWenn2016Music/Lyrics
Kikki DanielssonForget Me Not1983Music/Lyrics
Leonard NimoyHere We Go 'Round Again1968Music/Lyrics
Leonard NimoyI Search For Tomorrow1969Music/Lyrics
Leroy Van DykeRoses Are Red1978Music/Lyrics
Les Chaussettes NoiresJe t'aime trop1961Music/Lyrics
Liliane Saint-PierreJoue ma fille1975Music/Lyrics
Lina CoraKom1959Music/Lyrics
Lisa del BoWhen2000Music/Lyrics
LuluLet's Pretend1967Music/Lyrics
Mary RoosRosen sind rot1962Music/Lyrics
Mary RoosWas ist denn schon dabei1978Music/Lyrics
MillieWhen I Dance With You1968Music/Lyrics
Nino Tempo & April StevensWhen1982Music/Lyrics
Paul EvansAfter The Hurricane1961Music/Lyrics
Paul EvansAlways Thinking Of The Roses1965Music/Lyrics
Paul EvansAn Angel With A Broken Wing1979Music/Lyrics
Paul EvansAt My Party1959Music/Lyrics
Paul EvansBeat Generation1959Music/Lyrics
Paul EvansBlind Boy1960Music/Lyrics
Paul EvansBound To Silence1968Music/Lyrics
Paul EvansBuild An Ark1979Music/Lyrics
Paul EvansDisneyland Daddy1979Music/Lyrics
Paul EvansEven Tan1963Music/Lyrics
Paul EvansFire In My Soul1961Music/Lyrics
Paul EvansFish In The Ocean1960Music/Lyrics
Paul EvansGilding The Lily1962Music/Lyrics
Paul EvansGood Neighbour1979Music/Lyrics
Paul EvansHalf Man - Half Music1979Music/Lyrics
Paul EvansHappy-Go-Lucky-Me1960Music/Lyrics
Paul EvansHello, This Is Joannie (The Telephone Answering Machine Song)1978Music/Lyrics
Paul EvansHushabye Little Guitar1960Music/Lyrics
Paul EvansI Think About You All The Time1958Music/Lyrics
Paul EvansI Wonder What To Do1965Music/Lyrics
Paul EvansI'll Forget About You1969Music/Lyrics
Paul EvansI'm Givin' Up My Baby1978Music/Lyrics
Paul EvansI'm Gonna Build A Girl1963Music/Lyrics
Paul EvansKing Of Broken Hearts1961Music/Lyrics
Paul EvansLong Gone1958Music/Lyrics
Paul EvansLong Live Love1961Music/Lyrics
Paul EvansLooking For A Sweetie1957Music/Lyrics
Paul EvansLullabye Tissue Paper Co.1978Music/Lyrics
Paul EvansOh! No1958Music/Lyrics
Paul EvansOne Night Led To Two1980Music/Lyrics
Paul EvansOne Red Rose1968Music/Lyrics
Paul EvansPoor Broken Heart1957Music/Lyrics
Paul EvansRosemaria1979Music/Lyrics
Paul EvansSisal Time1961Music/Lyrics
Paul EvansThe First Time I've Had Second Thoughts1979Music/Lyrics
Paul EvansTwo Different Things1963Music/Lyrics
Paul EvansWhat's A Nice Guy Like Me (Doing In A Place Like This)1978Music/Lyrics
Paul EvansWhy1961Music/Lyrics
Paul Evans And The Rocky Mount RamblersAnother Town - Another Jail1963Music/Lyrics
Paul Evans And The Rocky Mount RamblersBetty And Duprees Blues1963Music/Lyrics
Paul Evans And The Rocky Mount RamblersColumbus Stockade Blues1963Music/Lyrics
Paul Evans And The Rocky Mount RamblersJohn Hardy1963Music/Lyrics
Richard AnthonyViens1958Music/Lyrics
Rita DeneveJuanita Jones1968Music/Lyrics
Ronnie CarrollRoses Are Red (My Love)1962Music/Lyrics
Samantha SangWhen Love Is Gone1977Music/Lyrics
Sammy SalvoJulie Doesn't Love Me Anymore1958Music/Lyrics
Sammy Turner And The TwistersThunderbolt1959Music/Lyrics
SheilaLes jolies choses1967Music/Lyrics
Shelley FabaresRoses Are Red1962Music/Lyrics
Silver StudsWay Back In The Fifties1976Music/Lyrics
Siw MalmkvistBye-Bye-Bye, biddi-biddi, bum-bum1962Music/Lyrics
SSgt Barry SadlerJigsaw Puzzle1967Music/Lyrics
Stu PhillipsJuanita Jones1968Music/Lyrics
Susan Maughan with Wally Stott And His Orchestra And ChorusHand A Handkerchief To Helen1962Music/Lyrics
The HiltonairesWhen1977Music/Lyrics
The Kalin TwinsWhen1958Music/Lyrics
The Kalin TwinsWhen (Disco Version)1979Music/Lyrics
The SandpipersLet's Pretend1967Music/Lyrics
Vince HillHere We Go Round Again1970Music/Lyrics
Wayne NewtonHow Did It Get So Late So Early1965Music/Lyrics
Webb PierceRoses Are Red (My Love)1962Music/Lyrics
WednesdayRoses Are Red1974Music/Lyrics
Will TuraTwee min één1981Music/Lyrics
Yvetta Simonová & Milan ChladilVen1959Music/Lyrics

Hello, This Is Joannie (The Telephone Answering Machine Song) (Paul Evans)17/06/19792111
The Next Step Is Love (Elvis Presley)114.82
Rosen sind rot (Caterina Valente)114.82
Something Blue (Elvis Presley)94.78
When (The Kalin Twins)374.76
Roses Are Red (Jim Reeves)64.5
I Gotta Know (Elvis Presley)184.44
Wenn (Die James Brothers / Orchester Werner Scharfenberger)124.42
Hello, This Is Joannie (The Telephone Answering Machine Song) (Paul Evans)154.4
I Gotta Know (Cliff Richard & The Shadows)54.4
When (Showaddywaddy)674.39
Blue River (Elvis Presley)74.29
Roses Are Red (My Love) (Bobby Vinton)443.93
Happy-Go-Lucky-Me (Paul Evans)103.9
Geld wie Heu (Gerd Böttcher)253.84
Let's Pretend (Lulu)113.82
When (John Kincade)303.8
Hallo, hier ist Moni (Der Anruf-Beantworter Song) (Andy Andres)173.65
Roses Are Red (My Love) (Ronnie Carroll)83.62
Bye-Bye-Bye, biddi-biddi, bum-bum (Siw Malmkvist)73.29
That Sounds Good To Me (Jive Bunny And The Mastermixers)313.26
When (Showaddywaddy)674.39
Roses Are Red (My Love) (Bobby Vinton)443.93
When (The Kalin Twins)374.76
That Sounds Good To Me (Jive Bunny And The Mastermixers)313.26
When (John Kincade)303.8
Geld wie Heu (Gerd Böttcher)253.84
I Gotta Know (Elvis Presley)184.44
Hallo, hier ist Moni (Der Anruf-Beantworter Song) (Andy Andres)173.65
Hello, This Is Joannie (The Telephone Answering Machine Song) (Paul Evans)154.4
Wenn (Die James Brothers / Orchester Werner Scharfenberger)124.42
The Next Step Is Love (Elvis Presley)114.82
Rosen sind rot (Caterina Valente)114.82
Let's Pretend (Lulu)113.82
Happy-Go-Lucky-Me (Paul Evans)103.9
Something Blue (Elvis Presley)94.78
Roses Are Red (My Love) (Ronnie Carroll)83.62
Blue River (Elvis Presley)74.29
Bye-Bye-Bye, biddi-biddi, bum-bum (Siw Malmkvist)73.29
Roses Are Red (Jim Reeves)64.5
Sweet, Sweet Linda (Bata Illic)62.33

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