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Pseudonyms / Alternative spellings: Paul H. Williams, Paul Hamilton Williams
Aileen QuinnI'm Going To Go Back There Someday1982Music/Lyrics
Al MartinoI Won't Last A Day Without You1973Music/Lyrics
Al WilsonI Won't Last A Day Without You/Let Me Be The One1974Music/Lyrics
Amanda LearLove Boat2001Music/Lyrics
Andy WilliamsAn Old Fashioned Love Song1972Music/Lyrics
Andy WilliamsClose Enough For Love1986Music/Lyrics
Andy WilliamsI Won't Last A Day Without You1974Music/Lyrics
Andy WilliamsRainy Days And Mondays1971Music/Lyrics
Andy WilliamsWe've Only Just Begun1971Music/Lyrics
Angie StoneYou Don't Love Me2004Music/Lyrics
Anne MurrayLet Me Be The One1971Music/Lyrics
Anne MurrayTalk It Over In The Morning1971Music/Lyrics
Australian CrawlUnpublished Critics1981Music/Lyrics
B.J. ThomasHello Love1970Music/Lyrics
B.J. ThomasThat's What Friends Are For1972Music/Lyrics
Barbara StrombergerFreundschaft1975Music/Lyrics
Barbra StreisandAnswer Me1977Music/Lyrics
Barbra StreisandEverything1976Music/Lyrics
Barbra StreisandI Never Had It So Good1975Music/Lyrics
Barbra StreisandLove Dance2009Music/Lyrics
Barbra StreisandLove Theme From "A Star Is Born" (Evergreen)1976Music/Lyrics
Barbra StreisandThe Woman In The Moon1976Music/Lyrics
Barbra StreisandWith One More Look At You1977Music/Lyrics
Barbra StreisandWith One More Look At You / Watch Closely Now1976Music/Lyrics
Barbra Streisand with BabyfaceEvergreen2014Music/Lyrics
Barry BiggsThat's What Friends Are For1977Music/Lyrics
Barry ManilowWe've Only Just Begun2010Music/Lyrics
Biff RoseI'll Walk Away1970Music/Lyrics
Billy EckstineWe've Only Just Begun Music/Lyrics
Bing CrosbyWe've Only Just Begun1976Music/Lyrics
Bitty McLeanWe've Only Just Begun1995Music/Lyrics
Bobby ShermanCried Like A Baby1970Music/Lyrics
Bobby ShortEvergreen1982Music/Lyrics
Bobby WomackWe've Only Just Begun1976Music/Lyrics
Carol Grimes & The London Boogie BandLet's Do It Again1974Music/Lyrics
CarolaWatch Closely Now2011Music/Lyrics
CarpentersHits Medley '762001Music/Lyrics
CarpentersI Kept On Loving You1970Music/Lyrics
CarpentersI Won't Last A Day Without You1972Music/Lyrics
CarpentersLet Me Be The One1971Music/Lyrics
CarpentersOrdinary Fool1983Music/Lyrics
CarpentersRainy Days And Mondays1971Music/Lyrics
CarpentersThe Rainbow Connection1999Music/Lyrics
CarpentersWe've Only Just Begun1970Music/Lyrics
Cathy CarlsonLet Me Be The One1971Music/Lyrics
Charles BrimmerWe've Only Just Begun1975Music/Lyrics
Charlie McCoyLove Theme From A Star Is Born1977Music/Lyrics
ChaseSo Many People1971Music/Lyrics
Chet AtkinsAn Old Fashioned Love Song1972Music/Lyrics
Christopher John and His OrchestraA Star Is Born Music/Lyrics
Cliff RichardA Brand New Song1972Music/Lyrics
Clodagh RodgersLet Me Be The One1971Music/Lyrics
CrackerRainy Days And Mondays1994Music/Lyrics
Creative SourceLet Me Be The One1974Music/Lyrics
Daft PunkBeyond2013Music/Lyrics
Daft Punk feat. Paul WilliamsTouch2013Music/Lyrics
Dana ValeryI Never Had It So Good1975Music/Lyrics
Daryl SomersThe Rainbow Connection2005Music/Lyrics
Dave BerryBaby It's You1964Music/Lyrics
Demis RoussosEmotions And Memories2016Music/Lyrics
Demis RoussosTime And Tide1977Music/Lyrics
Diamond RioYou're Gone1998Music/Lyrics
Diana RossI Won't Last A Day Without You1973Music/Lyrics
Diana RossLet Me Be The One1973Music/Lyrics
Diane Schuur feat. Caribbean Jazz ProjectClose Enough For Love2005Music/Lyrics
Diego Luna & Gustavo SantaolallaI Love You Too Much2014Music/Lyrics
Diego Luna & Gustavo SantaolallaSi puedes perdonar2014Music/Lyrics
Diego Luna & Gustavo SantaolallaTe amo y ms2014Music/Lyrics
Diego Luna & Gustavo SantaolallaThe Apology Song2014Music/Lyrics
Dionne WarwickWe've Only Just Begun1970Music/Lyrics
Dobie GrayI Never Had It So Good1973Music/Lyrics
Dobie GrayRose1973Music/Lyrics
Eddie CalvertWe've Only Just Begun1972Music/Lyrics
El ChicanoWe've Only Just Begun1973Music/Lyrics
Elvis PresleyWhere Do I Go From Here1973Music/Lyrics
EngelbertSomebody Waiting1973Music/Lyrics
EngelbertTravelin' Boy1979Music/Lyrics
Ferrante & TeicherLove Theme From "A Star Is Born" (Evergreen)1977Music/Lyrics
Ferrante & TeicherRainy Days And Mondays1971Music/Lyrics
FoghatGotta Get To Know You1972Music/Lyrics
Frank SinatraDream Away1973Music/Lyrics
Freda PayneI Won't Last A Day Without You1973Music/Lyrics
Freda PayneLook What I Found1975Music/Lyrics
Freda PayneRainy Days And Mondays1973Music/Lyrics
Freddie AllenWe've Only Just Begun1970Music/Lyrics
GarfunkelTraveling Boy1973Music/Lyrics
Gary PuckettDo You Really Have A Heart1971Music/Lyrics
Gene PitneyWaking Up Alone1975Music/Lyrics
George BensonLove Dance1980Music/Lyrics
Gladys Knight & The PipsPerfect Love1973Music/Lyrics
Gladys Knight & The PipsThe One And Only1978Music/Lyrics
Gladys Knight & The PipsYou And Me Against The World1975Music/Lyrics
Grace KennedyWith One More Look At You1979Music/Lyrics
Grant Lee BuffaloWe've Only Just Begun1994Music/Lyrics
Gwen StefaniThe Rainbow Connection2015Music/Lyrics
Hagood HardyI Won't Last A Day Without You1975Music/Lyrics
Hagood HardyYou And Me Against The World1975Music/Lyrics
Hammond & WestLoving You, Loving Me1986Music/Lyrics
Hammond & WestYou're My Lady1986Music/Lyrics
Hanny-DThe Hucklebuck2013Music/Lyrics
Harpers BizarreThe Drifter1968Music/Lyrics
Hazell DeanEvergreen1983Music/Lyrics
Heart [US II]Someday Man1972Music/Lyrics
Heidi BrhlThe Drifter1968Music/Lyrics
Helen ReddyWhat Would They Say1972Music/Lyrics
Helen ReddyYou And Me Against The World1974Music/Lyrics
Henry ManciniEvergreen1977Music/Lyrics
Herb Alpert with Symphony and ChoirThe Christmas Wish2017Music/Lyrics
Herbie MannI Won't A Last Day Without You1975Music/Lyrics
Hot TunaBeen So Long1971Producer
Hot TunaCandy Man1971Producer
Hot TunaCome Back Baby1971Producer
Hot TunaJohn's Order1971Producer
Hot TunaKeep Your Lamps Trimmed And Burning1971Producer
Hot TunaNever Happened No More1971Producer
Hot TunaWant To Know1971Producer
Howard KeelI Won't Last A Day Without You1988Music/Lyrics
Ivory [70S]Life Goes On1973Music/Lyrics
Jack JonesDoesn't Anybody Know1972Music/Lyrics
Jack JonesEvergreen1979Music/Lyrics
Jack JonesI Never Had Is So Good1974Music/Lyrics
Jack JonesI Won't A Last Day Without You1973Music/Lyrics
Jack JonesLet Me Be The One1971Music/Lyrics
Jack JonesLittle Girl1973Music/Lyrics
Jack JonesLove Boat Theme1977Music/Lyrics
Jack JonesLove Looks So Good On You1972Music/Lyrics
Jack JonesTalk It Over In The Morning 1971Music/Lyrics
Jack JonesThat's Enough For Me1973Music/Lyrics
Jack JonesThat's What Friends Are For1974Music/Lyrics
Jack JonesWe've Only Just Begun1973Music/Lyrics
Jack JonesWith One More Look At You1977Music/Lyrics
Jacques RaymondLove Boat1981Music/Lyrics
Jaye P. MorganDo You Really Have A Heart1970Music/Lyrics
Jaye P. MorganHe's Too Good To Me1970Music/Lyrics
John Denver & The MuppetsWhen The River Meets The Sea1979Music/Lyrics
John GregoryWe've Only Just Begun1973Music/Lyrics
John TravoltaWhat Would They Say1976Music/Lyrics
Johnny MathisEvergreen (Love Theme From "A Star Is Born")1977Music/Lyrics
Johnny MathisLet Me Be The One / I Won't Last A Day Without You1975Music/Lyrics
Johnny MathisNice To Be Around1975Music/Lyrics
Johnny MathisThe Rainbow Connection2005Music/Lyrics
Johnny MathisWe've Only Just Begun1971Music/Lyrics
Johnny MathisYou And Me Against The World1975Music/Lyrics
Johnny Pearson And His OrchestraLonely Hearts1977Music/Lyrics
Jos FelicianoShe's Too Good To Me1968Music/Lyrics
Joy FlemingLass mich bei dir sein1973Music/Lyrics
Joy FlemingLet Me Be The One1974Music/Lyrics
Judy CollinsThe Rainbow Connection1980Music/Lyrics
Julie Driscoll & Brian AugerI Know You1967Music/Lyrics
KamahlI Won't Last A Day Without You1975Music/Lyrics
Keith HampshireWaking Up Alone1973Music/Lyrics
Kelly MarieEvergreen2003Music/Lyrics
Kenny LogginsRainbow Connection1994Music/Lyrics
Kenny Loggins & Gladys KnightDouble Or Nothing1985Music/Lyrics
Key-HanoLove Theme From Love Boat1977Music/Lyrics
Kris KristoffersonHellacious Acres1976Music/Lyrics
Kris KristoffersonWatch Closely Now1976Music/Lyrics
Kris Kristofferson & Rita CoolidgeI Never Had It So Good1973Music/Lyrics
La Santa CeciliaThe Apology Song2014Music/Lyrics
Lani HallWe Could Be Flying1972Music/Lyrics
Le Grand Orchestre de Paul MauriatI Won't Last A Day Without You1975Music/Lyrics
Lee TowersEvergreen2012Music/Lyrics
(Paul H. Williams)
Lena HorneClose Enough For Love1988Music/Lyrics
Lena ValaitisBleib hier - bleib bei mir1977Music/Lyrics
Liesbeth ListIk ben zo gelukkig bij jou1974Music/Lyrics
Light Of The WorldI Walk The Street Alone1980Music/Lyrics
Light Of The WorldMidnight Groovin'1979Music/Lyrics
Light Of The WorldMore Or Yourself1980Music/Lyrics
Light Of The WorldSwingin'1979Music/Lyrics
Light Of The WorldThe Boys In Blue1981Music/Lyrics
Light Of The WorldVisualise Yourself (And Your Mind)1980Music/Lyrics
Lill-BabsDu und ich sind auf der Welt1976Music/Lyrics
Linda KendrickThat's What Friends Are For1973Music/Lyrics
Little Stevie WonderSunset1962Producer
Liz Damon's Orient ExpressAll In All1971Music/Lyrics
Liz Damon's Orient ExpressI Never Had It So Good1973Music/Lyrics
Luther VandrossEvergreen1994Music/Lyrics
Lynn AndersonWe've Only Just Begun1982Music/Lyrics
Maria MarkesiniThe Rainbow Connection2011Music/Lyrics
Maria NeuhausDie Lieder von damals1972Music/Lyrics
Mark KellerLet Me Be The One2000Music/Lyrics
Mark LindsayWe've Only Just Begun1970Music/Lyrics
Marti PellowEvergreen2015Music/Lyrics
Mary HopkinPerfect Love2008Music/Lyrics
Mary TraversMy Love And I1972Music/Lyrics
Mary TraversThat's Enough For Me1972Music/Lyrics
Matt MonroYou And Me Against The World1974Music/Lyrics
Matthew SweetLet Me Be The One1994Music/Lyrics
Maureen McGovernEven Better Than I Know Myself1975Music/Lyrics
Maureen McGovernI Won't Last A Day Without You1973Music/Lyrics
Maureen McGovernNice To Be Around1973Music/Lyrics
Me First And The Gimme GimmesRainbow Connection1999Music/Lyrics
Megan McDonoughWhere Do I Go From Here1973Music/Lyrics
Mel JerseyLiebe ist...1982Music/Lyrics
Miek en RoelNooit was liefde zo goed1976Music/Lyrics
Miguel feat. Kendrick LamarHow Many Drinks?2012Music/Lyrics
Monty AlexanderWe've Only Just Begun1971Music/Lyrics
Mr. Acker BilkWe've Only Just Begun1983Music/Lyrics
Nanette [US]Let Me Be The One1970Music/Lyrics
Nick DanielsDie Geschichte von Bugsy Malone1976Music/Lyrics
Olivia Newton-JohnRainy Days And Mondays2004Music/Lyrics
Olly MursHold On2010Music/Lyrics
Pat MethenyRainy Days And Mondays2011Music/Lyrics
(Paul H. Williams)
Paul WilliamsA Little Bit Of Love1974Music/Lyrics
Paul WilliamsA Perfect Love1971Music/Lyrics
Paul WilliamsAn Old Fashioned Love Song1971Music/Lyrics
Paul WilliamsBugsy Malone1976Music/Lyrics
Paul WilliamsCalifornia Roses1974Music/Lyrics
Paul WilliamsDon't Call It Love1975Music/Lyrics
Paul WilliamsDream Away1974Music/Lyrics
Paul WilliamsEven Better Than I Know Myself1975Music/Lyrics
Paul WilliamsEvergreen2004Music/Lyrics
Paul WilliamsFlash1975Music/Lyrics
Paul WilliamsGone Forever1971Music/Lyrics
Paul WilliamsI Never Had It So Good1971Music/Lyrics
Paul WilliamsI Won't Last A Day Without You1983Music/Lyrics
Paul WilliamsIf We Could Still Be Friends1974Music/Lyrics
Paul WilliamsLet Me Be The One1971Music/Lyrics
Paul WilliamsLifeboat1975Music/Lyrics
Paul WilliamsLoneliness1974Music/Lyrics
Paul WilliamsLonely Hearts1975Music/Lyrics
Paul WilliamsLonestar1975Music/Lyrics
Paul WilliamsMargarita1974Music/Lyrics
Paul WilliamsMy Love And I1971Music/Lyrics
Paul WilliamsNice To Be Around1974Music/Lyrics
Paul WilliamsOld Souls1975Music/Lyrics
Paul WilliamsOrdinary Fool1975Music/Lyrics
Paul WilliamsOut In The Country1972Music/Lyrics
Paul WilliamsRainy Days And Mondays1974Music/Lyrics
Paul WilliamsSad Song1974Music/Lyrics
Paul WilliamsShe Sings For Free1974Music/Lyrics
Paul WilliamsSleep Warm1974Music/Lyrics
Paul WilliamsSoul Rest1975Music/Lyrics
Paul WilliamsSunday1974Music/Lyrics
Paul WilliamsThat's Enough For Me1971Music/Lyrics
Paul WilliamsThat's What Friends Are For1974Music/Lyrics
Paul WilliamsThe Family Of Man1974Music/Lyrics
Paul WilliamsThe Hell Of It2004Music/Lyrics
Paul WilliamsThen I'll Be Home1974Music/Lyrics
Paul WilliamsTime And Tide1975Music/Lyrics
Paul WilliamsTravelin' Boy1972Music/Lyrics
Paul WilliamsWaking Up Alone1971Music/Lyrics
Paul WilliamsWe've Only Just Begun1971Music/Lyrics
Paul WilliamsWhat Would They Say1974Music/Lyrics
Paul WilliamsWhen I Was All Alone1971Music/Lyrics
Paul WilliamsYou And Me Against The World1974Music/Lyrics
Peggy LeeClose Enough For Love1979Music/Lyrics
Percy Faith And His OrchestraAn Old Fashioned Love Song1972Music/Lyrics
Perry ComoWe've Only Just Begun1970Music/Lyrics
Peter NeroWe've Only Just Begun1972Music/Lyrics
Peter YarrowThat's Enough For Me1973Music/Lyrics
Preservation Hall Jazz BandThe Darker It Gets2013Music/Lyrics
PussycatA Perfect Love1979Music/Lyrics
R.E.M.Out In The Country2003Music/Lyrics
Rachael MacFarlaneLoneliness2012Music/Lyrics
Ramsey LewisLove Theme From "A Star Is Born" (Evergreen)1977Music/Lyrics
Ramsey LewisWe've Only Just Begun1971Music/Lyrics
Ray CharlesA Perfect Love1972Music/Lyrics
Richard ClaydermanI Won't Last A Day Without You1993Music/Lyrics
Richard ClaydermanRainy Days And Mondays1993Music/Lyrics
Richard ClaydermanWe've Only Just Begun1993Music/Lyrics
Rita CoolidgeThat's What Friends Are For1974Music/Lyrics
Ronan KeatingI Won't Last A Day Without You2009Music/Lyrics
RumerTravelin' Boy2012Music/Lyrics
Sarah McLachlanThe Rainbow Connection2002Music/Lyrics
Sarah VaughanCourage1979Music/Lyrics
Seals & CroftsFlyin'1977Music/Lyrics
Seals & CroftsHustle1977Music/Lyrics
Seals & CroftsIt'll Be All Right1977Music/Lyrics
Seals & CroftsJanet's Theme1977Music/Lyrics
Seals & CroftsJohn Wayne1977Music/Lyrics
Seals & CroftsLove Conquers All1977Music/Lyrics
Seals & CroftsMy Fair Share1977Music/Lyrics
Seals & CroftsPicnic1977Music/Lyrics
Seals & CroftsReflections1977Music/Lyrics
Seals & CroftsThe Basketball Game1977Music/Lyrics
Seals & CroftsThe Party1977Music/Lyrics
Seals & CroftsThis Day Belongs To Me1977Music/Lyrics
Seals & CroftsTime Out1977Music/Lyrics
Shirley BasseyI Won't Last A Day Without You1973Music/Lyrics
Shirley BasseyLet Me Be The One1994Music/Lyrics
Sounds Of SunshineRainy Days And Mondays1971Music/Lyrics
Sounds OrchestralFamily Of Man1972Music/Lyrics
Steve Allen [NZ]Rainy Days And Mondays1973Music/Lyrics
Steve BrooksteinWe've Only Just Begun2005Music/Lyrics
Stuart GilliesWe've Only Just Begun1973Music/Lyrics
Swoop [BE]Love Boat2015Music/Lyrics
(Paul H. Williams)
Telly SavalasYou And Me Against The World1974Music/Lyrics
Terry SylvesterTravellin' Boy1976Music/Lyrics
Terry WilliamsIf I Could Only Change Your Mind1970Music/Lyrics
The Czech Philharmonic OrchestraBless Us All2018Music/Lyrics
The First EditionIf I Could Only Change Your Mind1968Music/Lyrics
The First EditionOnly Me1968Music/Lyrics
The Hillside SingersOld Fashioned Love Song1971Music/Lyrics
The IntrudersRainy Days And Mondays1974Music/Lyrics
The LettermenAn Old Fashioned Love Song1972Music/Lyrics
The LettermenEvergreen1981Music/Lyrics
The LettermenThat's Enough For Me1972Music/Lyrics
The MarmaladeI'll Be Home (In A Day Or So)1970Music/Lyrics
The MomentsWe've Only Just Begun1972Music/Lyrics
The MonkeesSomeday Man1969Music/Lyrics
The MoopetsRainbow Connection2011Music/Lyrics
The MuppetsAnimal... Come Back Animal1979Music/Lyrics
The MuppetsCan You Picture That1979Music/Lyrics
The MuppetsGod Bless America1979Music/Lyrics
The MuppetsI Hope That Somethin' Better Comes Along1979Music/Lyrics
The MuppetsI'm Going To Go Back There Someday1979Music/Lyrics
The MuppetsMovin' Right Along1979Music/Lyrics
The MuppetsNever Before, Never Again1979Music/Lyrics
The MuppetsThe Magic Store1979Music/Lyrics
The Muppets feat. KermitRainbow Connection1979Music/Lyrics
The New SeekersA Brand New Song1973Music/Lyrics
The New SeekersBrand New Song1973Music/Lyrics
The New SeekersInspiration1974Music/Lyrics
The New SeekersJust An Old Fashioned Love Song1972Music/Lyrics
The New SeekersPerfect Love1974Music/Lyrics
The Nite-LitersWe've Only Just Begun1971Music/Lyrics
The Salsoul OrchestraWe've Only Just Begun / Feelings1976Music/Lyrics
The SandpipersAn Old Fashioned Love Song1971Music/Lyrics
The SandpipersTo Put Up With You1968Music/Lyrics
The TempreesLet Me Be The One1973Music/Lyrics
The TempreesWe've Only Just Begun1972Music/Lyrics
The VenturesRainy Days And Mondays1974Music/Lyrics
The VenturesWe've Only Just Begun1974Music/Lyrics
Three Dog NightAn Old Fashioned Love Song1971Music/Lyrics
Three Dog NightOut In The Country1970Music/Lyrics
Three Dog NightThe Family Of Man1971Music/Lyrics
Tiny TimFill Your Heart1968Music/Lyrics
Tony BennettClose Enough For Love2004Music/Lyrics
Tony BlackburnSomeday Man1972Music/Lyrics
Tony ChristieWe've Only Just Begun2006Music/Lyrics
Toots ThielemansI Won't Last A Day Without You1978Music/Lyrics
Top Of The PoppersRainy Days And Mondays1974Music/Lyrics
Top Of The PoppersWe've Only Just Begun1974Music/Lyrics
Trijntje OosterhuisWe've Only Just Begun2011Music/Lyrics
Van McCoyLove Theme From A Star Is Born / Theme From Mahogany (Do You Know Where You're Going To)1977Music/Lyrics
Vanessa RubinClose Enough For Love1995Music/Lyrics
Vikki CarrHave You Heard The News1973Music/Lyrics
Vikki CarrLet Me Be The One1974Music/Lyrics
Vince HillEvergreen1982Music/Lyrics
Vince HillStruggling Singers1975Music/Lyrics
Vonda ShepardI Know Him By Heart1999Music/Lyrics
Willeke AlbertiJij en ik zijn samen n1977Music/Lyrics
(Paul Hamilton Williams)

Love Theme From "A Star Is Born" (Evergreen) (Barbra Streisand)10/04/1977321
Rainbow Connection (The Muppets feat. Kermit)16/12/1979297
We've Only Just Begun (Bitty McLean)13/08/1995393
The Drifter (Heidi Brhl)65
We've Only Just Begun (Carpenters)614.85
Rainy Days And Mondays (Carpenters)544.78
Love Theme From "A Star Is Born" (Evergreen) (Barbra Streisand)514.76
Out In The Country (Three Dog Night)114.73
Traveling Boy (Garfunkel)74.71
I Won't Last A Day Without You (Ronan Keating)64.67
An Old Fashioned Love Song (Three Dog Night)154.6
I Won't Last A Day Without You (Carpenters)404.42
Evergreen (Hazell Dean)194.42
Evergreen (Barbra Streisand with Babyface)54.4
Love Dance (Barbra Streisand)54.4
Rainy Days And Mondays (Olivia Newton-John)54.4
You And Me Against The World (Helen Reddy)54.4
Baby It's You (Dave Berry)74.29
Let Me Be The One (Carpenters)94.22
Touch (Daft Punk feat. Paul Williams)284.21
Love Boat (Jacques Raymond)54.2
The Family Of Man (Three Dog Night)54.2
Rainbow Connection (The Muppets feat. Kermit)114.18
We've Only Just Begun (Carpenters)614.85
Rainy Days And Mondays (Carpenters)544.78
Love Theme From "A Star Is Born" (Evergreen) (Barbra Streisand)514.76
I Won't Last A Day Without You (Carpenters)404.42
Touch (Daft Punk feat. Paul Williams)284.21
Beyond (Daft Punk)234.13
Evergreen (Hazell Dean)194.42
An Old Fashioned Love Song (Three Dog Night)154.6
How Many Drinks? (Miguel feat. Kendrick Lamar)133.54
Double Or Nothing (Kenny Loggins & Gladys Knight)123.92
Out In The Country (Three Dog Night)114.73
Rainbow Connection (The Muppets feat. Kermit)114.18
I Kept On Loving You (Carpenters)104
Let Me Be The One (Carpenters)94.22
Cried Like A Baby (Bobby Sherman)93.78
Someday Man (The Monkees)83.62
Traveling Boy (Garfunkel)74.71
Baby It's You (Dave Berry)74.29
The One And Only (Gladys Knight & The Pips)74.14
Love Boat (Amanda Lear)73.43

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